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Season XXII Week 8 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

My Crystal Ball has been put into the shop for some up grades and an oil change. So this weeks picks will be short and sweet.

Browns @ Jets
The Browns lost to the Titans last week and the Jets lost to the Titans the week before. But this week the Browns lose to the Jets
Jets 27 Browns 21

Chiefs @ Dolphins
This will be a hard fought game, but the Phins pull it out.
Dolphins 28 Chiefs 24

Panthers @ Packers
Panthers pound the Pack.
Panthers 21 Packers 10

Chargers @ Saints
As Keith Jackson would say, "Whoa Nellie", i cant bare to watch this one.
Saints 38 Chargers 17

Texans @ Bengals
Texans are tied for their divison lead, the Bengals are tied for the cellar dweller in their division. No change here.
Texans 28 Bengals 17

Vikings @ Jags
Jags got a taste of blood last game against Texans. But Jags cant catch Vike's Peterson.
Vikings 20 Jags 17

Eagles @ Bucs
Eagles are hurting after losing to the Cowboys, but not enough to lose to the Bucs.
Eagles 30 Bucs 20

Giants @ Cardinals
I just cant tell what the Giants are going to do, from week to week. The Cards have won 3 in a row. Make that 4.
Cardinals 27 Giants 21

Patriots @ Seahawks
Wiggy swears he will never get pounded like his Pats did against the Chiefs last week. One thing for sure the Seahawks are not the Chiefs.
Patriots 30 Seahawks 17

Broncos @ Steelers
Frob has to take his Ponies into Steel City. It won't be pretty after its over.
Steelers 21 Broncos 10

Ravens @ Bills
Will this be the week the Bills break out with a win? Sorry Walsh jr. not this week.
Ravens 17 Bills 10

Redskins @ Falcons
zzzzzz, Yawn zzzzzzz :|
Redskins 14 Falcons 13

Lions @ Bears
These two animals never play well together.
Lions 21 Bears 10

Rams @ CowboyS
Here is what Len and the Cowboys have been waiting to hear, "RESPECT"
Cowboys 21 Rams 20

Everyone play nice!
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