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Do you really wanna see some Sacks?
By Anonymous
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Here's the latest article delivered to me by The Football Geek.
By the football geek
Mike Ryan told his players he wanted to see some sacks. To Mike’s glee, James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley obliged him by dropping their pants. Woodley won the contest with a whopping 23 inche--I mean sacks on the year at the halfway point. So far he is in the lead for Michael’s “Ultimate Sack Contest” and the prize promised by the coach, a can of bag balm and experienced hands to apply it.

But the rest of the league finds no pleasure in Ryan’s “Bag Balm contest.” At this rate, Woodley will have over 50 sacks by season’s end, a stat that makes a mockery of Paydirt’s claim to realistic gameplay.
So the question you ask is, how is he doing it? The answer is simple. He shifts his line to the weak side, then moves his linebackers over so that the outside linebacker is over that tackle as well. This leaves the linebacker a free path into the backfield with only a running back to block him. Madden ‘the game’ does not perform like football in real life. You cannot gang-tackle, or gang-block. Both Woodley and Harrison are tops when it comes to linebacker strength. They simply run over the blocking back.

So how can you stop it? There’s really not a lot you can do. By using this tactic, Ryan limits your playbook to only a few plays. Once he figures out the few plays you are using you’re screwed.

But from what I am hearing, plans are in effect to stop this kind of …Ummm…game style. I mean really. How can owners expect to play a game that realistically portrays the NFL and their team’s chances to win if the blocking AI of the game is being abused? They can’t and over time, morale will drop due to this oversight.
But in the meantime, there are actions that can be taken outside Paydirt admin. Every concerned citizen can respond to this article with their ideas, opinions, and strategies to defeat this Ummm…game style.
So please, feel free to chime in with hints and an open dialogue on this pressing matter that threatens world order. Do so now by replying to this important public announcement.
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Paydirt Football League Articles