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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 10 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Titans @ Jags
The Bears took a bite out of Jim's Titans last week, and the Jags beat up on the Bison boys. This week Jags win a close one.
Jags 17 Ttans 14

Cardinals @ Jets
Got some bad news for Magic's Jets , the Cards beat the Niners last week.The Birds take down the Jets this week.
Cardinals 28 Jets 14

Panthers @ Lions
The Panthers clawed their way over the Saints last week, that sent shock waves thru the league for days. The Lions were kinda upset by the Pack in their last game. The litter box wont be big enough for these two kitty's.
Panthers 30 Lions 20

Colts @ Steelers
The Steelers just keep squeaking out wins, and the Colts put up a struggle last week against the Fins. But home field advantage goes to the Steelers.
Steelers 21 Colts 17

Bears @ Bucs
The Bears got a taste of blood last week taking a win from the Titans. This week they make a dinner of the Bucs.
Bears 20 Bucs 10

Packers @ Saints
The Pack got a good win last week, but the Saints will be out for revenge for last weeks loss to the Panthers.
Saints 40 Packers 21

Cowboys @ Browns
The Boys are going into Cleveland hooping and hollering, but the Browns wont be as easy as the Redskins were last week. The Browns beat a good Jets team last week. This will be a close one. The Boys pull it out.
Cowboys 21 Browns 20

Bengals @ Patriots
The Bengals have all kinds of problems this season and may not win another game, while the Patriots are still in the hunt in their division.
Patriots 21 Bengals 10

Giants @ Ravens
Neither of these two teams have found their confort zone this season. Both are struggling at 3-5. Giants take this one.
Giants 17 Ravens 10

Seahawks @ Dolphins
Not much fun for the Hawks this week.
Dolphins 30 Seahawks 17

Falcons @ Broncos
Two more struggling teams this season. Both good coaches, but havent got it done so far. Frob squeaks by Mac.
Broncos 28 Falcons 27

Eagles @ 49ers
The Eagles are chasing the Cowboys in their division, but the Niners will keep them from catching them soon.
49ers 21 Eagles 10

Bills @ Raiders
The Raiders beat Jerry's Chargers last week in an explosion of offense's(yeah right Laughing ) And the Bills lost again. But will this be the week that Walsh's Bills get that first big win? Naaa !
Raiders 17 Bills 14

Chargers @ Chiefs
Jerry just doesnt have his Chargers going this season. And that could spell M-A-S-S-A-C-R-E.
Chiefs 41 Chargers 20

Everyone play nice, and good luck!
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