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Season XXII Week 13 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Its getting down to crunch time for alot of teams, and for others its just "ho hum" another week. Lets look into the crystal ball for this week!

Bucs @ Falcons
This could be called Skull Duggery, or Flight of the Phoenix, to see who stays out of the cellar of the division.
Falcons 12 Bucs 10

Jets @ Patriots
The Jets pulled off the upset of the Dolphins last week, while the Patriots shot down the Rams. The Jets are an emotional team, up one week, down the next. This week the Jets are looking up, but its at the Patriots.
Patriots 21 Jets 17

Lions @ Texans
The Lions growled loudly last week versus the Vikings and the Texans dropped their third straight. The boys from Houston are "Thrown to the Lions" as they go down four straight.
Lions 28 Texans 14

Bears @ Redskins
These two could just sit around the camp fire and smoke a peace pipe or whatever they decide to smoke. Who cares?
Redskins 3 Bears 2

Dolphins @ Bills
With a new coach at the controls the Bills got a big win last week, but then again it was against Jerry's Chargers. The Dolphins lost to the Jets last week in an upset. The last time a fish was this mad it was called "Jaws". The Bills should stay out of the water, or in this case the stadium.
Dolphins 34 Bills 17

Vikings @ Packers
Scotty's Vikings have been playing like his internet connection, here today, gone tomorrow. The Packers can just about pack the cheese away till next season. If Scotty's connection stays up, so will his Vikings.
Vikings 20 Packers 10

Jags @ Colts
This is a big divisional game, with only a cat hair seperating all the teams in the division. Brady is back for the Jags, as this should be a good game with two good quarterbacks. But Jags make it two in a row over the Pony's.
Jags 21 Colts 17

Browns @ Giants
Hey Booey, where has that Giants team been that showed up against the Niners last week? The "G" men are on a roll, as they roll over the Browns in this one.
Giants 28 Browns 10

Cardinals @ Eagles
The Cards have won eight straight, to take the lead in their division, while the Eagles are still in the hunt against the Cowboys. There is alot of bird seed at risk in this one. After all the feathers settle, its the red birds who will claim this bird bath.
Cardinals 27 Eagles 21

Steelers @ Bengals
The Bengals will welcome the boys from the burg to the jungle. These two teams absolutely dont like each other. But the Steelers have ruled over the Bengals of late. Will the law of average catch up to the Steelers or will they once again yank the stripes off the cats? The Bengals scratch and claw their way thru the game, but the Steelers leave the jungle with the win, and the Bengals chalk up loss # 10.
Steelers 21 Bengals 17

Cowboys @ 49ers
The Cowboys have to travel to San Fran after taking it on the chin last week against the Steelers. So just how good are Len's Boys this season, well for the second week in a row, we will find out. The Niners lost to the the Giants last week, and that has left Doc very bitter. The Cowboys will find no gold in Niner land.
49ers 30 Cowboys 20

Chiefs @ Chargers
Hey Jerry remember the beat down from a couple weeks ago? Sorry my friend , same thing this week. Chiefs keeping on the war path straight into the playoffs.
Chiefs 31 Chargers 14

Panthers @ Saints
How could the golden Saints lose to the Broncos last week? Can you say "INTERCEPTIONS". Duper usually lives by the pass and dies by it. Last week his rookie quarterback died four times. This is another big game this week. A couple weeks ago, the Panthers won in over time. This game will go down to the wire again. Will Dupers quarterback live or die in this one? The crystal ball says, Saints quarterback's arm is very tired, Panthers take advantage.
Panthers 28 Saints 27

Seahawks @ Rams
Seahawks have fluttered this season and the Rams have been too inconsistant to mount much of a charge this season. The Seahawks get by on a wing and prayer in this one.
Seahawks 13 Rams 10

Ravens @ Titans
The Ravens played the Chiefs tough last week, losing a close one. Jim's Titans are still in the playoff race in their division. The Ravens just spent too much energy on the Chiefs last week to beat the Titans this week. Titans bag the birds.
Titans 20 Ravens 13

Raiders @ Broncos
Frob and his horses got a big win last week against the Saints. The Raiders are still trying to figure it out. Broncos make it four in a row.
Broncos 28 Raiders 10

As always, good luck to all and have fun!
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