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Season XXII Week 14 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Wow! Last week was upset week in the PFL. The Crystal ball didnt see it coming. The Bolts shocked the Chiefs, the Bengals clawed the Steelers and the Bills stampeded over the Dolphins last week. The bottom feeders had their big week! Now this weeks picks.

Vikings @ Colts
The Vikings pulled out a win last week and the Colts laid waste to the Jags. This game will be a shoot out, with the Vikings winning by a field goal.
Vikings 33 Colts 30

Chargers @ Bengals
Now that that these two teams have had their "Glory" day with upsetting two of the top teams in the league last week. Its now time for these two cellar dwellars to butt heads. Does the Bengals have any claws left and does the Bolts have any spark left after last week? Jerry forgot to charge his Bolts this week, so the Bengals will take a bite out of them.
Bengals 20 Chargers 17

Broncos @ Bucs
The Broncos beat upon the lowly Raiders last week, while the Bucs continued their losing ways. Frob should be licking his lips , getting another piece of cake this week.
Broncos 28 Bucs 10

Dolphins @ Rams
Has Jim lost his touch of late? The fish have lost two in a row, and the Rams are looking to get back on the winning way. Jim will have the Phins ready this week.
Dolphins 21 Rams 10

Saints @ Chiefs
This will be a big game this week. The Saints slipped by the Panthers in a close one last week and the Chiefs got handled by the Chargers. Its been rumoured that Duper has been on the phone to Jerry for tips. This is a hard one to call, so it will take a flip of the coin. Its "heads" Chiefs won the toss.
Chiefs 21 Saints 17

Bills @ Patriots
Hey AFC East there is a new sheriff in town and its not cake walk Walsh jr. Jim's Dolphins felt the wrath of the buffalo last week. This week its Wiggy's turn. Patriots slip on all the buffalo chips the Bills throw at them.
Bills 27 Patriots 17

Jags @ Packers
The Jags are tied with three other teams for first place in their division Shocked. The Packers are stinking like limburger cheese. The Jags take a slice of the Packers.
Jags 20 Packers 10

Raiders @ Falcons
The Birds are flying high in Atlanta after winning three in a row, and the Raiders are looking to grab the first pick in the draft. Falcons keep the Raiders in the run for that draft pick.
Falcons 17 Raiders 7

Eagles @ Giants
The Eagles lost the war of the birds last week as they were seeing red after the Cards beat them. The Giants are looking mighty small this season. Eagles quarterback Brees, has the better game.
Eagles 27 Giants 20

Browns @ Steelers
The Browns are in second place behind the Steelers, but not close enough to matter. Will the Steelers rebound after the shocking loss to the Bengals last week? Mike has worked his team hard this week. In another rival game the Brownies dont have enough pixie dust to make it two upsets in a row against the Steel Curtain.
Steelers 30 Browns 21

Seahawks @ Redskins
The Hawks have a new coach this week and Hank and the Skins welcome Bill to the league with a the gift of a win.
Seahawks 20 Redskins 10

Bears @ Lions
The Lions are holding on by their claws in their division for first place. The Bears are looking to play the spoiler role in the division. They come close but not close enough.
Lions 17 Bears 14

Ravens @ Cowboys
The Boys from Texas have lost two in a row. Is Len feeling the pressure? Can he keep the Cowboys focused. The Ravens will flock into Dallas and pull the upset!
Ravens 21 Cowboys 17

Texans @ Titans
This is a big divisional game for first place. Both teams won last week. The Titans will call down the thunder in the form of Chris Johnson in this one.
Titans 27 Texans 21

Panthers @ Cardinals
Usually i give the advantage to a cat over a bird anytime, but not in this case.
Cardinals 28 Panthers 14

Jets @ 49ers
The Jets had one upset this season against the Dolphins, and one is all they get per season.
49ers 31 Jets 20

Hey lets all have fun out there!
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