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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 15 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Broncos @ Panthers
Frob and his Pony's keep pace in their division. Broncos run over the Panthers.
Broncos 27 Panthers 14

Bengals @ Steelers
So the Steelers are not invincible! After losing two in a row, is there some doubt creeping into Mike's Steelers. The Steelers will be looking for revenge and a tune up against the Bengals for the loss two weeks ago. The Bengals will have that "nothing to lose" attitude, which makes them dangerous to try anything at anytime. The Steelers are getting dead serious now.
Steelers 21 Bengals 17

Vikings @ Bucs
Vikings have gone into a slump while the Bucs never got out of one. Vikes need this one.
Vikings 27 Bucs 17

Saints @ Falcons
The Saints keep marching . After burning the Chiefs for over 500 passing yards last week, the Saints rookie QB leads the league. Thats the bad news for the Falcons. The good news for the Falcons, is the Saints gave up over 400 passing yrds last week. Not enough good news for the Falcons.
Saints 40 Falcons 21

Bears @ Packers
The Bears are in deep hibernation, while the Packers are just asking what happened this season?
Bears 17 Packers 16

Bills @ Jets
The Bills beat the Dolphins ,then lost to the Patriots, so the verdict is still out on the Bills new coach. The Jets seem to be flying with only one engine now.
Bills 20 Jets 17

Redskins @ Eagles
Redskins lose again!
Eagles 21 Redskins 10

Ravens @ Browns
Ravens and Browns play for second place in their division.
Browns 27 Ravens 20

Jags @ Lions
Glen has his lions in the driver's seat. Which cat has the biggest bite?
Lions 28 Jags 17

Dolphins @ Cardinals
This could be a preview of the Super Bowl. The Dolphins are trying to keep pace with Wigs Patriots while the Cards have taken over their division out west. This is a BIG,BIG GAME! Lets look at the numbers of the past. Dolphins lost to the Niners, Cards beat the Niners, so------
Cardinals 21 Dolphins 20

Texans @ Chargers
Texans need this win, while the Chargers need some help.
Texans 24 Chargers 14

Rams @ Seahawks
This is all about the cellar dwellers in this game. Who crawls out?
Rams 17 Seahawks 14

Patriots @ 49ers
This game parallels the Dolphin, Cardinal game. The Niners have been there before, the Patriots have not.
49ers 28 Patriots 21

Chiefs @ Raiders
Has Hogs indians run out of fire water? Will the Raiders play the spoiler?
Chiefs 28 Raiders 14

Giants @ Cowboys
The Giants have fallen and cant get up, while they are down, Len's boys will hog tie them.
Cowboys 21 Giants 17

Colts @ Titans
The AFC South is tight but the Colts will gallop over the Titans in this one.
Colts 20 Titans 17

Lets be careful out there and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles