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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 17 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Packers @ Lions
Lions need this win, nothing more can be said about that. Lions claw and scratch out the win in a close one.
Lions 20 Packers 17

Bears @ Panthers
Just an animal fight here, nothing else. Panthers take the win.
Panthers 17 Bears 13

Dolphins @ Patriots
One big game! The Dolphins seemed to have beached themselves in the last few weeks. The Patriots look to be the favorite coming out of the AFC as they have hit their stride of late. Wiggy's Pats will win this in over time.
Patriots 27 Dophins 24

Bills @ Rams
These two teams looking forward to next season. The win goes to the Bills just because a buffalo slightly larger than a ram.
Bills 20 Rams 10

Titans @ Vikings
The Vikings need to win this game in the worst way. Jim's Titans can play the spoiler. This game will be determined by which HB has the biggest game, Johnson or Peterson. The edge goes to the Vikes
Vikings 28 Titans 17

Eagles @ Bengals
The Bengals upset the Cowboys last week throwing the NFC East in the quakmire between the Boys and the Birds. Can the Bengals do it two weeks in a row. Sorry Len, Bengals played out their butt last week. :(
Eagles 20 Bengals 17

Falcons @ Bucs
The Bucs upset the Saints last week, and after the Saints owner was over heard trying to set a bounty on Bucs players off the field, the League officials were notified and presented proof by an undercover federal agent , resulting in the removal of said Saints owner. The Bucs come back this week and take care of the Falcons.
Falcons 20 Bucs 14

Colts @ Texans
Another big game for the divisional title, as the Colts have won five straight and the Texans have won their last four games. The Colts will stampede the Texans.
Colts 30 Texans 21

Chargers @ Jets
The Jets beat the Dolphins for the second straight time this season last week, the Chargers have run out of juice for the season. Jets go out on a winning note.
Jets 21 Chargers 13

49ers @ Seahawks
Niners take care of business against Seahawks
49ers 30 Seahawks 17

Broncos @ Raiders
Im not sure but i think the Broncos may need alot of help to get in as a wildcard, but they will finish off the black and silver for the season.
Broncos 27 Raiders 20

Steelers @ Ravens
There was some news coming out of Pittsburgh this week that Coach Mike made his team practice with the field sprinklers turned on all week just in case of rain this week in Baltimore. Steelers will beat the Ravens rain or shine.
Steelers 28 Ravens 13

Giants @ Saints
The G men will be going up against the Saints who will have either a new coach or and interim coach. Booey wont let up regardless.
Giants 28 Saints 20

Browns @ Redskins
Whats worse than 1-14 , its 1-15 for the Skins
Browns 14 Redskins 10

Cardinals @ Cowboys
The Redbirds going into Dallas on a mission and leave the Cowboys seeing red.
Cardinals 30 Cowboys 17

Jags @ Chiefs
The Jags desperately need this win against the Chiefs, because of the total kaos in the AFC South. Can the Jags pull it off? Or will the Chiefs hunt down the spotted cats? If Hoggie rests his starters the Jags will win , if not the Jags will have to wait till next season. Na the Hog is not that easy.
Chiefs 27 Jags 20.

Ok, everyone have fun and for the playoff teams continued good luck, and for the less fortunate, lets get ready for the off season!
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Paydirt Football League Articles