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If the Stadiums Close
this is a warning from the emergency broadcast system


by the football geek
Do you remember when the biggest problem with the NFL was keeping footballs inflated to the proper poundage, or why defenses were being penalized for a fingertip swiped across a quarterback's helmet? How about how the league has changed, ignoring the importance of a good running game and controlling the line of scrimmage in favor of an all out style of offensive play? The ever changing rules ...and so on and so on...
My how things have changed.

This year, the last year in the history of the world, we face the possibility of difficulties far greater than any the world has ever faced. What you ask?
A 7 mile wide meteor? (bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs).
A gamma ray burst?
Mega solar flare?
Nope... wait for it...

The Cancellation of the 2020 NFL Season!

I know, it's hard to imagine. Do you have the needed supplies in your pantry to get through? How about an underground shelter able to sustain you for the next 6 months? You'll need food, water, and girly mags. Don't wait. Don't gather the family. This won't affect them. They are immune. But you, the hardcore fan, you will become infected. Symptoms include...
beer in the fridge going past it's "use by" date.
Clean gutters.
Weight loss.
Lack of conversation topics with buddies.
Stimulating conversations with your spouse.
Regret over the XFL cancellation, yet again.
and an increasing crave for soccer, church and woodworking projects.

If you begin experiencing any of these symptoms, find shelter immediately. Before it's too late. Before you actually finish those home improvement projects.





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