MADDEN NFL 20: What to Expect

For those of you who are new to the Paydirt Football league (PFL), We've been around since the year 2000. Our main goal is to give our members a pleasant atmosphere to play and the most realistic gameplay possible. With that said, This was our first year using 2019 and of course there were growing pains.
So, what's next?
Well, another season using Madden 19 before the new game comes out in August. This upcoming season will see changes to the slider settings and global player rating adjustments to give us what we think, will be more realistic gameplay. You may think that the PFL admin does not see what you see as perceived flaws with the game. But rest assured, they do, and have been working behind the scenes to do the math to make corrections to the game that EA Sports failed to do. Expect improvements across the board for next season.

Madden 20
Of course, Madden 20 is on the way and we will in turn move to it after next season. So here are some of the improvements coming our way with the latest version of Madden NFL Football.

EA Sports has reportedly spent more time with the 2020 version of Madden than any other, tweaking game play, coach mode and franchise mode. Improvements in gameplay should give us a better starting point to tweak the mechanics. We will have a couple months to test settings and ratings before beginning the season.

Roster restarts?
Not likely. Word is, 'Football Idiots' has designed a way to export the rosters from Madden into a spreadsheet where they can be imported back into the game. So, unless something changes, we will be able to continue with our rosters, meaning you do not have to lose what you've spent seasons building.

Coach Mode
Rumors are that Madden 20 will have true coach mode. No more suspicions that your opponent is taking control of his players after the snap. Sit back and enjoy the game with confidence that you are not being ripped apart by a 14 year old who has no scrupples.

Better AI
Yep, that too. Now, that doesn't really help or hurt us since our teams are always human controlled.

Franchise Upgrades
Yes, they're doing that too and this is important to us. Hopefully, this will give us more options as owners and the Commissioner more control over the league in general.

So, that's it for now. We will keep you informed as we learn more. Maybe EA Sports has finally listened to the leagues out here and older, more mature players who have graduated from puberty to give us a better, more realistic gaming experience. Beware Thumb Jockeys! We might just be getting what we've been wanting for a while....we'll see.


Just found out....
Madden 20 player ratings will be vastly different. Star players will still have high overalls, However, There will be big differences in the overalls of players from talent level to talent level. IE: While your star WR might have an overall of 95, your 2nd WR, someone like WR Sammy Watkins may only have a 75 OVR. Teams will have players with an overall in the 60s in the starting lineup. There will also be a noticable difference in the performance between a 90 OVR player and an 89 OVR player. This is EA's new way of rating players and a new spacing between top tier players, 2nd and 3rd stringers and bench players. New coding allows for a greater difference between a player in the 80's and a player in the 90s, etc... So we want to be ready for this with our next build. The good news is it will likely deliver more realistic gameplay and the changes will be equal across the league.