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PFL Gameplay Settings

Changing your settings is illegal and can result in you being expelled from the league. 3rd party programmers are working on reading a game's settings from the results inside the file. It is recommended you follow the guidelines of NOT changing what the Commissioner has set as 'official league settings' or you could be reported to the list of unscrupulous gamers on and lose your PFL membership and franchise.





This is a long-established online league using Madden NFL Football. We strive for the best realism possible and we are constantly improving. Currently, we are using the 2019 version. It is a coach-mode league which means you cannot, at any time, control players after the snap.  The league is run fairly and professionally, with an equal opportunity for all attitude. We've been around for a while and have seen it all. So if you are looking for stability, fairness and professionalism in an online football league, look no further. Welcome to Paydirt!  Apply for a team


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