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PSAFL Game of the Week


Chiefs VS Chargers

This game may decide the winner of this division.  Already? Game one you say? Determine the winner? Why's that?
Because these two reams are simply the most talented in their division, both on the field and possibly on the sidelines.
Eric Lindner can win games. We've seen it in the other league, the PAFL. He wins regularly and he has built a stable of talent.  Doug Crandall, the PSAFL commissioner, is one of the best Action PC Football coaches around and his Chiefs are one of the most talented teams in the PSAFL. The difference between these two coaches? Well, Doug likes to run the ball and his team is built to do so. In my opinion, Eric prefers a balanced offense that leans toward the pass and he has that ability with Quarterback, Herbert and WRs Allen and Jones. Throw in Tightend Fant, and you have a powerful passing attack. Bosa anchors the defense line on this capable defense.

So, for the prediction.
You might think I will pick the Chiefs to win this one on the arm of Patrick Mahomes. You'd be wrong!
Oh, I think the Chiefs will win, but not because of Mahomes. In fact, I believe Herbert will have more passing yards. It will be the running game that hands the victory to the Chiefs. Errors by the Chargers in both play-calling and turnovers will give the Chiefs the win by a wide margin.
Chiefs win - 34-17



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