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PSAFL Game of the Week


Dallas 8-1 vs  Kansas City 9-0

Best game of the week so far this season.
Offense: The Chiefs have it here at #1 They are 10th on the ground but a #1 passing. Mahomes is clicking on all cylinders. Dallas may not be able to contain this passing attack and don't really have anyone on defense that can stop the Chiefs. Their best efforts should be put into slowing this game down.

Defense: Here is where these teams are close. Kansas City is #1 vs the run while Dallas is #2. This will result is Dallas passing much more than they run, not something they like to do. Dallas prefers to grind the game out and win in the end.

Players to watch: Tightend Kelse. He is Mahomes' favorite target and Dallas will be hard-pressed to take him out of the game.  KC's 3rd down conversion percentage will keep their offense on the field.

Dallas' opportunities:  Not many.  Zeke, Zeke, Zeke. Slow things down. Play close to the vest but take a shot from time to time.

Prediction: Chiefs win, 42-27



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