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PSAFL Interviews

Andy Kirkwood
Q: Your WFT has the highest salary of all the teams in the league. Was this planned? what kind of team did you have in mind when drafting?

A: No, this wasn't planned, lol. I was looking to try and get good players that could help the team do well in the first season of the league.
I wanted to get a team together that could hopefully be competitive enough in games to entertain fans and give us a shot of doing well in our division.

Q: If I had to pick a weak spot on your team I think it would be QB and TE. I just don't have too much faith in Bridgewater. Also, how far can this team go?

A: I just need Teddy to keep us competitive. I am hoping our front 4 defensively, can help put pressure on the opposition offences and give us a chance to win games. Hopefully, Logan Thomas can help on offence along with Terry Mclaurin and help us move the ball down the field. I think we can be competitive and hopefully spring a few surprises on the league.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live...personal life?

A: I live in Scotland, have two amazing kids that I spend as much time with as I possibly can, especially since I lost my mum, sister and dad all in the past 9 months. Been a Washington fan since '87 and currently still trying to play football or soccer, as you would call it, lol the age of 45. Looking forward to the league and hopefully have a competitive Washington team.


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