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Erased from History


by paydirt
In these times, there are certain words that just aren’t allowed in the company of others, television, radio or in print. That’s the F word, the N word and the R word.
The “R” word is the latest to be added.

Movies like Blazing Saddles and Gone with the Wind have been edited or banned. Statues are being ripped from their pedestals, even those of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington. Cities are being set fire and police forces defunded. Violent crimes in those cities has quadrupled. Plague has ravaged our economy and killed over a million people worldwide. Entire sections of some cities have been taken over by the mobs. Cities are burning.

Yet, here we are dominating the sports headlines with the “R” word. No, wait, that word, that name, has been vanquished. Erased from history, never to be spoken of again. Sports writers on sites like and ESPN go to great lengths to avoid its use. Titles like, “Washington’s sports NFL football team accused of sexual abuse.” And “The Washington (insert name here), defend position on refusal to change name,” dominate the sports news cycle.

In spite of the polls that show a large majority of Native Americans do not find the name offensive and the logo was actually designed by a Native American, the mob wins out, most of which are white, jobless youngsters with no real direction in life.
I’ve spoken to, Dare I say, “Redskin” fans, White, Black and Native American, and they all see that name as a symbol of pride, perseverance, integrity and power. Perhaps it is the ones who see it as the opposite who are the problem, the ones who see it as something bad. They want to eliminate and erase the individualism of peoples, tribes and races., heritages long revered and fondly remembered. Those people prefer a melting pot without diversity. A population of one-mind and without discussion of differing opinion. A Marxist mindset.
And they’re winning…

The Redskins, Braves, Chiefs, Indians, Blackhawks, Redstorm, Hawkeyes, Illini, Chippewas, the Tribe, Seahawks, Aztecs, Seminoles, Utes and Warriors are just a few of the many team names considered to be, “Offensive.” Believe me, it is a long list.
And did you know, there are actually teams in Native American communities named, "Redskins?" Do we demand they change their name, too? How long before they are all erased? How long before, like the mob, we stop seeing those names as a symbol of pride and honor? Team names are after all, chosen to reflect those attributes. How often do you see a team called the Shitheads or Dumbasses? We don't.

History is being rewritten, folks, and not for the better.
When you erase history, you are doomed to repeat its worst offenses.
Peace out!



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