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The Year that was 2020
Oh the humanity...


by the football geek

It has been a long year and as I look back on the year that was 2020, I can't help but second guess many things that were done.
Firstly, the NFL preseason was scrapped. This was a huge mistake, as we'll see later. The loss of Portland, Chicago and Seattle was a tragedy and we are still reeling over the defunding of the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears. But with no stadiums to play in, both being burned to the ground by peaceful protesters, and no other city willing to take the chance on bringing the Rage infected fans to their own home turf, the two NFL clubs were defunded and disbanded.  With Seattle nothing more than a burned out crater where the city used to be, all computer improvements and manufacturing came to an abrupt halt. This set the NFL back, leaving the remaining NFL clubs to draw up their plays in the dirt. Well, the clubs that were left, that is.
---Since Florida was seeing peaks in the virus, Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay were excluded from the 2020 season in fear of further spread.
---The Washington Redtails were once again attacked by young, unemployed, white people, claiming disrespect to the WW2 black pilots. This led team owner, Daniel Snyder to lose his mind and poison his entire team at a training camp luncheon. He then committed suicide by hanging himself from the rafters of FedEx field. He softly swings in the breeze there still. No one cares enough to remove his crow-picked body.
---The Patriots and their fans grew depressed over the loss of Tom Brady and just stopped caring. This caused the Patriots organization to go bankrupt.
---The NY Jets were banned from the NFL on the general principal know...sucking.
---The entire NFC south was lost to Hurricane 'Bitch' Brenda.
---There was a mutiny in Las Vegas and the Raiders were tossed overboard.
---Over-saturation of football in LA, a city that never supported an NFL team anyway, caused the collapse of both teams and the city was sucked into a microscopic black hole.
---The Eagles?...well, sadly, their own fans murdered the entire team after they lost the opening game.
---With no preseason games, most of the league's players were not in game day, physical condition. Twelve teams lost so many players to injury, they could no longer field a team.
---There were also sixty-two player deaths, mostly from cardiac know, no preseason.

In the end, only two teams made it through enough of the season to even qualify for a trip to the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, Febraury 14th, the 2021 Super Bowl was played in Anchorage Alaska in an Empty Sled Dog competition arena. It was between the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts. Contact was forbidden and anyone who engaged in an altercation that might spread the Corona virus was shot and fed to zombie Eskimos.
The final score was, Dallas 265 Indianapolis 262
The plane carrying both teams crashed during its return into the Canadian Rockies. Everyone survived except, Jerry Jones, who was eaten so the others could survive until rescue.

NFL player Corona virus deaths in 2020 = 0
NFL player deaths due to insufficient conditioning = 62



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