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#19 Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals News Wire
Bengals Starting Lineup:


Going into the season the Bengals starting lineup is as follows:

QB Sam Bradford
HB Melvin Gordon (Rookie)
FB Jason Hopkins (Acquired via Free Agency)
WR Zaraki Kenpachi
WR Brandon Hudson (Acquired via Free Agency)
TE Jerry Massey
LT Ereck Flowers (Rookie)
LG Shaun Gross
C Casper Teague (Acquired via Trade)
RG Rob Mack
RT Mike Adams

RE Nick Perry
DT Julius Scott
LE Chandler Jones
ROLB Joey Bright
ILB Najee Good
MLB Telvin Smith (Acquired via Free Agency)
LOLB Heath Farwell
CB Tim Jefferson
CB D.J. Hayden
FS B.B. Holloman
SS D.J. Swearinger (Acquired via Trade)
Forum Discussion (by Tex Kansas on 10/16/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1633
Bengals Introduce 1st Round Picks


The Cincinnati Bengals new General Manager, Greg Davis, AKA "Tex Kansas" and Head Coach, Marvin Lewis announced 1st Round Picks today at the players introductory news conference.

Melvin Gordon selected 1.8
expected to lead the
Bengals ground attack.

Ereck Flowers selected 1.29
expected to start at
Left Tackle and anchor
the Bengals line for many
years to come.

The Bengals GM stated today, that the team is extremely happy, and anxious to start the new season.

So far this offseason the Bengals have made moves to bring in the following players:

C Casper Teague, Age 29, OVR 80 - Acquired via Trade
WR Davante Adams, Age 25, OVR 74 - Acquired via Trade
HB Sleepy Sindle, Age 26, OVR 85 - Acquired via Free Agency
FB Jason Hopkins, Age 26, OVR 82 - Acquired via Free Agency
C T J Johnson, Age 27, OVR 27 - Acquired via Free Agency

MLB Shawn Loiseau, Age 28, OVR 76 - Acquired via Trade
FS Marqueston Huff, Age 23, OVR 78 - Acquired via Trade
SS D J Swearinger, Age 26, OVR 88 - Acquired via Trade
MLB Telvin Smith, Age 24, OVR 76 - Acquired via Free Agency

With these acquisitions the Bengals get younger and begins the rebuilding process.

GM, Tex Kansas had this to say, "We feel good about the changes we've made so far...not sure how it will translate on the field...our #1 focus is to get younger. We have 3 picks in the 3rd round and 4 picks in the 4th...we feel those 7 picks will be our future."
Forum Discussion (by Tex Kansas on 10/06/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1686
Bengals lose battle of Ohio, go to 0-4, Fire Coach
The Bengals have tried everything this season, the last joke was trading for HB Smelly and then watch him fumble away the game against the Browns as one was taken back for a TD. Coach Pigskin, addressed the media after the game, and told them he was let go after the game. Pigskin doesnt have the answers for the team as it seems everytime he makes a move to give the team a step forward , it finds a way to take two steps back. Maybe another coach can take the team and turn them around.

Seriously its not any fun for me anymore, its not the losing as much as it is watching how the team plays and injuries dont help. I have had a blast guys, but the league needs some one younger than this 60 yr old man to guide the Bengals. I leave having made alot of friends and will miss all of them. The PFL had been , and will continue to be the best league ever. I wish all owners luck and alot fun. I will get on with other things in my life, taking care of my parents and watching my son's continue on their journey in life. My youngest will be getting married in November, and my oldest and his wife just blessed us with twins back in November, to go along with our 2 yr old granddaughter, so i will keep busy. Thanks for the ride its been great, and hope all will keep in touch.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 05/04/2015) Replies - 15 :: Views - 6363
Bengals drop to 0-3
With the Bears coming to town, the Bengals knew it was going to be a fight to the end. With the first quarter being a defensive battle, like last week, it was 6-3 at the end of one. Then at the end of the half it was the Bears 13 -6. The Bengals made a game of it in the 3rd quarter moving the ball on the ground and in the air, to tie it up after 3 quarters 13-13. Thinking things were looking up for the offense, starting the 4th quarter, on the Bengals 2nd possession QB Bradford went down again for the 2nd time in three games, never to return. With putting pressure on 2nd year QB Thomas it just wasnt meant to be. The Bears controlled the 4th quarter to get the win 23-13. The Bengals staff cant figure out why QB Bradford keeps getting hurt. He started that crap at the end of last season and its continuing on this season. As an owner im tired of it, and his ass will ride the pine for the rest of the season. If there are any teams out there who want him send your offers to the front office, which is what i believe Bradford wants anyway.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/28/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2134
Bengals fall to Lions
In a defensive slugfest, the Bengals finally succumbed to a last second field goal by the Lions to loose 6-3 and to go 0-2 for the start of the season. Not much to report about this game only the defenses ruled, with both teams offense being unable to get anything consistently going. The Lions kicker out dueled the Bengals kicker by making 2 of 2 kicks while the Bengals problem kicker missed his first attempt wide right. Its back to the drawing board for the Bengals to try and figure out why the offense didnt show up. The Bengals hope their defense plays well again next week against the Bears who are tied at 2-0 with the Lions at the top of the NFC North Division.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/24/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2142
Seems a Bengal never changes its stripes!
The Bengals had to travel to Miami and take on the Dolphins one of the teams in last season's Super Bowl. Knowing it was going to be a task the Bengals would have to meet head on in the first game of the season. Knowing both teams would be a little rusty after the off season, the Bengals coaching staff, thought if they could keep the turnovers down and keep a handle on the Phins HB Hyde they might have a chance if the score is close going into the 4th quarter. Well things were working for the Bengals as they were keeping HB Hyde in check limiting him to 3.3 yrds a carry and forcing the Dolphins into 4 turnovers , while limiting themselves to just 1. After forcing the Dolphins starting QB Yates out of the game, the Bengals was looking good in the second half. As the 4th quarter gets under way, the Bengals were leading 13-10. With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter the Bengals had pushed their lead to 20-10. Thinking that maybe all the changes in the off season was going to payoff and it looked as if the defense was going to be better, then it happened, the bottom just fell out beneath the Bengals, as the Dolphins caught fire and backup Dolphin QB Scott got hot and that was all she wrote. It didnt make any difference what defense was called, the Phins receivers found the holes and Scott got the ball to them. Even tho the Bengals intercepted QB Scott twice, his touchdown toss with 1:48 left in the game, was the dagger to the heart of the Bengals. Now it was the Bengals turn to see what they could do. Is it possible that QB Bradford could lead the Bengals down the field and maybe pull out a victory with a td toss of his own. Just as if everyone, was looking at a replay of last season's games, QB Bradford goes down on his first pass play, and limps off the field to take a seat on the bench, as the rain pours down , putting on a rain coat with hood up. This was a scene the Bengals seen alot of last season. So off the bench into the game backup QB Thomas has to see what he can do. His first pass is a 23 yrd gain to HB Hillman as he steps out of bounds at the 48 yrd line. 1:02 left. QB Thomas steps back fires a pass out to TE Massey who is open for a 15 yrd gain, and the leading receiver for the Bengals on this day, drops the ball after taking a step. 50 ticks of the clock left. A 2nd down draw play is next with the hope of catching the Phins in outside pass rush, only nets 3 yrds. Bengals calls a timeout. With 45 secs left, the Bengals QB Thomas drops back fires a pass out to WR Kenpachi who is out in the left flat, and even tho the ball is a little low, the normally sure handed WR drops the ball. 4TH down, Bengals QB throws over the middle to WR Jones and the ball never reaches its target, game, set , match. Looking at the stats, the one that stands out the most is the Dolphins third down conversion was 71%, which is totally unacceptable. Nice game by the Dolphins coach as he, seemed at times to be frustrated, but held in there until the Bengals opened the door for his Phins. Some Bengals went down with minor injuries during the game, but hopefully everyone will be ready to take on the always tough Lions next week. Going into the black and blue division to take on the Lions, there is a good chance the Bengals stripes will change next week to black and blue.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/15/2015) Replies - 9 :: Views - 5356
New season for Bengals
After last season which was completely disastrous, for the Bengals, there needed to be some changes. The front office decided to retain Coach Pigskin, but replaced the defensive coordinator and couple other assistants, including the wide receiver coach and the offensive line coach. After some trades from last year did not pan out as the front office had planned, an assistant of player personnel was also let go. As the Bengals only had a 1st rd, and 5th rd pick in the draft, they decided to dip deep into free agency to get some special team players, some good backups and a couple players for the future. In free agency, the Bengals picked up LT Bowens, who will be a good back up and according to how starting LT Mack does, could get alot of playing time as a starter. Bengals also picked a young TE in Escobar who could be a player for the future to replace TE Gresham in the next year or two. The Bengals decided to pick up an experienced receiver in WR Garcon who with his catching ability and knowledge for the game will be a great help from the slot receiver position. To bolster the offensive line in the middle the Bengals picked up C Niswanger as the new offensive line coach decided part time starter C Sullivan did not show enough promise to hold down the starting job this season. Still on the offensive side , the Bengals picked up three HB's thru free agency, looking for youth, power and descent speed with good acceleration. The Bengals released both HB Dwyer and HB Spiller in the off season saving the team some cap money. HB Polk averaged 3.6 yrds a carry with the 49ers, and hopes to be the starter for the Bengals. HB Stacy played for the Eagles last season and has descent speed with good break tackle ability. HB Hobbs had played a couple seasons ago, for the Steelers and averaged 3.6 yrds a carry, and had been working a construction job the last couple of years, before being approached by the Bengals for a tryout. All the HB's will have a chance to start or split time as its a long season, and starting HB Hillman was hurt twice last season missing several games. The Bengals also picked up a good, young and very "big" fullback in FB Young who is 22 yrs old and stands 6'3" and weighs in at 273 lbs with good blocking skills and good acceleration for a big man. On the defensive side of the ball, where the Bengals couldnt stop their own grandmother last season, picked up ROLB Glass , MLB Good, SS Mitchell, who will be good special team players with experience. CB Jones was picked up off of free agency to help the secondary, he was a 2nd rd pick for the Redskins back in 2011 and brings experience and descent speed with excellent acceleration and tackling ability. The Bengals spent their 1st rd pick in this seasons draft on DT J. Scott, who was the best defensive tackle in the draft and will fit into the Bengals defensive scheme, with a very good pass rush ability, because of his strength and acceleration and knowledge for such a young player. With their 5th rd pick the Bengals selected HB Lake who will work with the special teams to gain experience. Since the new season schedule has come out, the Bengals sure didnt get any sympathy from the schedule makers after their poor past season, as they will open with the Dolphins, then get the Lions next to start the season off. Shocked
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/13/2015) Replies - 10 :: Views - 5570
Bengals finish disappointing season
In the past off season the Bengals front office thought they had made some good moves to better their team. But the team and coaching was a total flop this season, given to what will happen next with regards to the teams roster and coaching staff. The front office will take a few days, to look over things and decide what their next move will be. After the game, the Bengals coach said he was totally drained after this season. He too will take a few days to go over the past season, and decide if he wants to continue to coach or retire. Sometimes you have to know when its time, he continued, i have been in the league a long time, and maybe my time has come and gone, and the Bengals need some new blood to turn the team around.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/16/2015) Replies - 9 :: Views - 5053
Bengals play Chargers get a shocking amount of injuries.
During the game, the Bengals incurred alot of injuries. Seemed everyone had the injury bug. Seemed almost after every play there was an injury. After the dust had cleared, the Bengals lost a starting CB, OLB, C. These starters joined a starting HB already on the list from 2 weeks ago, making his 2nd visit to the list this season. Shocked
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 01/09/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2118
Bengal's report on the off season.
The Bengals have gone thru the off season and hopefully have improved their team and are ready for the up coming regular season to begin. The Bengals were forced to make alot of moves during free agency, and with trades, since they didnt see alot talent in the draft with their draft position being the 24th pick overall.The front office thought there wasnt sufficient talent in the draft once you got past the first round into the middle of the second round. The Bengals went shopping via the free agency for some back up talent for the o-line and also brought in a new fullback and also picked up a young talented HB in Ronnie Hillman, along with TE Charlie Gantt. The one player who may have a future with Bengals coming out of the draft, was their 2nd round pick of QB Logan Thomas, at 6'6" 248 lbs and a cannon for a arm, he may be the future replacement for veteran Bradford in a season or two. In the 3rd round the Bengals picked up LE Brent Urban, who will be a back up and a roster filler for this season. In the 4th round the Bengals tooK FB Fred Trapiano, a player who had some nice attributes, but didnt have the intelligence enough to learn the playbook, so he was cut during training camp. In the 5th round the Bengals selected a backup o-lineman in Jack Mewhort. During the trading period, the Bengals went after some much needed players. First they sent their first round pick to the Bills for WR Zaraki Kenpachi. After watching Kenpachi on film, they had to see if he was available. The coaching staff was amazed at his route running and jumping ability to snatch passes out of the air and away from defenders. He will complement WR Julio Jones, who sees double coverage alot during the season. Then the Bengals traded a future 4th rd pick for WR Robert Woods, who is a young player who should have a nice future as a slot receiver with a 53 run block attribute that the coaches liked. After entering trade talks with the Giants, both GM's finally settled on a trade which sent Bengals CB Ghee to the Giants for monster DT Terrence Cody who stands 6'4" and tips the scales at 354 lbs with 94 strength. The Bengals hope to firm up the middle of their defense while having a couple good pass rushing defensive ends. The last trade the Bengals made involved the Bills once again. The Bengals were looking for more speed and agility with pass catching abilities coming out of the backfield. So they worked out a deal with the Bills to bring HB C.J. Spiller to the Bengals, giving them another weapon for QB Bradford and also a break away threat running the ball and as a kickoff returner. The Bengals are looking forward to the up coming season, and would like to wish everyone good luck and alot of fun.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 10/26/2014) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2327

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GM Tex Kansas
Head Coach M.Lewis
Offensive Coordinator G.Williams
Defensive Coordinator T.Brady
Special Teams D.Crossman
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