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#15 Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals Starting Lineup:


Going into the season the Bengals starting lineup is as follows:

QB Sam Bradford
HB Melvin Gordon (Rookie)
FB Jason Hopkins (Acquired via Free Agency)
WR Zaraki Kenpachi
WR Brandon Hudson (Acquired via Free Agency)
TE Jerry Massey
LT Ereck Flowers (Rookie)
LG Shaun Gross
C Casper Teague (Acquired via Trade)
RG Rob Mack
RT Mike Adams

RE Nick Perry
DT Julius Scott
LE Chandler Jones
ROLB Joey Bright
ILB Najee Good
MLB Telvin Smith (Acquired via Free Agency)
LOLB Heath Farwell
CB Tim Jefferson
CB D.J. Hayden
FS B.B. Holloman
SS D.J. Swearinger (Acquired via Trade)
Forum Discussion (by Tex Kansas on 10/16/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1498
Bengals Introduce 1st Round Picks


The Cincinnati Bengals new General Manager, Greg Davis, AKA "Tex Kansas" and Head Coach, Marvin Lewis announced 1st Round Picks today at the players introductory news conference.

Melvin Gordon selected 1.8
expected to lead the
Bengals ground attack.

Ereck Flowers selected 1.29
expected to start at
Left Tackle and anchor
the Bengals line for many
years to come.

The Bengals GM stated today, that the team is extremely happy, and anxious to start the new season.

So far this offseason the Bengals have made moves to bring in the following players:

C Casper Teague, Age 29, OVR 80 - Acquired via Trade
WR Davante Adams, Age 25, OVR 74 - Acquired via Trade
HB Sleepy Sindle, Age 26, OVR 85 - Acquired via Free Agency
FB Jason Hopkins, Age 26, OVR 82 - Acquired via Free Agency
C T J Johnson, Age 27, OVR 27 - Acquired via Free Agency

MLB Shawn Loiseau, Age 28, OVR 76 - Acquired via Trade
FS Marqueston Huff, Age 23, OVR 78 - Acquired via Trade
SS D J Swearinger, Age 26, OVR 88 - Acquired via Trade
MLB Telvin Smith, Age 24, OVR 76 - Acquired via Free Agency

With these acquisitions the Bengals get younger and begins the rebuilding process.

GM, Tex Kansas had this to say, "We feel good about the changes we've made so far...not sure how it will translate on the field...our #1 focus is to get younger. We have 3 picks in the 3rd round and 4 picks in the 4th...we feel those 7 picks will be our future."
Forum Discussion (by Tex Kansas on 10/06/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1532
Bengals lose battle of Ohio, go to 0-4, Fire Coach
The Bengals have tried everything this season, the last joke was trading for HB Smelly and then watch him fumble away the game against the Browns as one was taken back for a TD. Coach Pigskin, addressed the media after the game, and told them he was let go after the game. Pigskin doesnt have the answers for the team as it seems everytime he makes a move to give the team a step forward , it finds a way to take two steps back. Maybe another coach can take the team and turn them around.

Seriously its not any fun for me anymore, its not the losing as much as it is watching how the team plays and injuries dont help. I have had a blast guys, but the league needs some one younger than this 60 yr old man to guide the Bengals. I leave having made alot of friends and will miss all of them. The PFL had been , and will continue to be the best league ever. I wish all owners luck and alot fun. I will get on with other things in my life, taking care of my parents and watching my son's continue on their journey in life. My youngest will be getting married in November, and my oldest and his wife just blessed us with twins back in November, to go along with our 2 yr old granddaughter, so i will keep busy. Thanks for the ride its been great, and hope all will keep in touch.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 05/04/2015) Replies - 15 :: Views - 5948
Bengals drop to 0-3
With the Bears coming to town, the Bengals knew it was going to be a fight to the end. With the first quarter being a defensive battle, like last week, it was 6-3 at the end of one. Then at the end of the half it was the Bears 13 -6. The Bengals made a game of it in the 3rd quarter moving the ball on the ground and in the air, to tie it up after 3 quarters 13-13. Thinking things were looking up for the offense, starting the 4th quarter, on the Bengals 2nd possession QB Bradford went down again for the 2nd time in three games, never to return. With putting pressure on 2nd year QB Thomas it just wasnt meant to be. The Bears controlled the 4th quarter to get the win 23-13. The Bengals staff cant figure out why QB Bradford keeps getting hurt. He started that crap at the end of last season and its continuing on this season. As an owner im tired of it, and his ass will ride the pine for the rest of the season. If there are any teams out there who want him send your offers to the front office, which is what i believe Bradford wants anyway.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/28/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1965
Bengals fall to Lions
In a defensive slugfest, the Bengals finally succumbed to a last second field goal by the Lions to loose 6-3 and to go 0-2 for the start of the season. Not much to report about this game only the defenses ruled, with both teams offense being unable to get anything consistently going. The Lions kicker out dueled the Bengals kicker by making 2 of 2 kicks while the Bengals problem kicker missed his first attempt wide right. Its back to the drawing board for the Bengals to try and figure out why the offense didnt show up. The Bengals hope their defense plays well again next week against the Bears who are tied at 2-0 with the Lions at the top of the NFC North Division.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/24/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1963
Seems a Bengal never changes its stripes!
The Bengals had to travel to Miami and take on the Dolphins one of the teams in last season's Super Bowl. Knowing it was going to be a task the Bengals would have to meet head on in the first game of the season. Knowing both teams would be a little rusty after the off season, the Bengals coaching staff, thought if they could keep the turnovers down and keep a handle on the Phins HB Hyde they might have a chance if the score is close going into the 4th quarter. Well things were working for the Bengals as they were keeping HB Hyde in check limiting him to 3.3 yrds a carry and forcing the Dolphins into 4 turnovers , while limiting themselves to just 1. After forcing the Dolphins starting QB Yates out of the game, the Bengals was looking good in the second half. As the 4th quarter gets under way, the Bengals were leading 13-10. With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter the Bengals had pushed their lead to 20-10. Thinking that maybe all the changes in the off season was going to payoff and it looked as if the defense was going to be better, then it happened, the bottom just fell out beneath the Bengals, as the Dolphins caught fire and backup Dolphin QB Scott got hot and that was all she wrote. It didnt make any difference what defense was called, the Phins receivers found the holes and Scott got the ball to them. Even tho the Bengals intercepted QB Scott twice, his touchdown toss with 1:48 left in the game, was the dagger to the heart of the Bengals. Now it was the Bengals turn to see what they could do. Is it possible that QB Bradford could lead the Bengals down the field and maybe pull out a victory with a td toss of his own. Just as if everyone, was looking at a replay of last season's games, QB Bradford goes down on his first pass play, and limps off the field to take a seat on the bench, as the rain pours down , putting on a rain coat with hood up. This was a scene the Bengals seen alot of last season. So off the bench into the game backup QB Thomas has to see what he can do. His first pass is a 23 yrd gain to HB Hillman as he steps out of bounds at the 48 yrd line. 1:02 left. QB Thomas steps back fires a pass out to TE Massey who is open for a 15 yrd gain, and the leading receiver for the Bengals on this day, drops the ball after taking a step. 50 ticks of the clock left. A 2nd down draw play is next with the hope of catching the Phins in outside pass rush, only nets 3 yrds. Bengals calls a timeout. With 45 secs left, the Bengals QB Thomas drops back fires a pass out to WR Kenpachi who is out in the left flat, and even tho the ball is a little low, the normally sure handed WR drops the ball. 4TH down, Bengals QB throws over the middle to WR Jones and the ball never reaches its target, game, set , match. Looking at the stats, the one that stands out the most is the Dolphins third down conversion was 71%, which is totally unacceptable. Nice game by the Dolphins coach as he, seemed at times to be frustrated, but held in there until the Bengals opened the door for his Phins. Some Bengals went down with minor injuries during the game, but hopefully everyone will be ready to take on the always tough Lions next week. Going into the black and blue division to take on the Lions, there is a good chance the Bengals stripes will change next week to black and blue.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/15/2015) Replies - 9 :: Views - 4988
New season for Bengals
After last season which was completely disastrous, for the Bengals, there needed to be some changes. The front office decided to retain Coach Pigskin, but replaced the defensive coordinator and couple other assistants, including the wide receiver coach and the offensive line coach. After some trades from last year did not pan out as the front office had planned, an assistant of player personnel was also let go. As the Bengals only had a 1st rd, and 5th rd pick in the draft, they decided to dip deep into free agency to get some special team players, some good backups and a couple players for the future. In free agency, the Bengals picked up LT Bowens, who will be a good back up and according to how starting LT Mack does, could get alot of playing time as a starter. Bengals also picked a young TE in Escobar who could be a player for the future to replace TE Gresham in the next year or two. The Bengals decided to pick up an experienced receiver in WR Garcon who with his catching ability and knowledge for the game will be a great help from the slot receiver position. To bolster the offensive line in the middle the Bengals picked up C Niswanger as the new offensive line coach decided part time starter C Sullivan did not show enough promise to hold down the starting job this season. Still on the offensive side , the Bengals picked up three HB's thru free agency, looking for youth, power and descent speed with good acceleration. The Bengals released both HB Dwyer and HB Spiller in the off season saving the team some cap money. HB Polk averaged 3.6 yrds a carry with the 49ers, and hopes to be the starter for the Bengals. HB Stacy played for the Eagles last season and has descent speed with good break tackle ability. HB Hobbs had played a couple seasons ago, for the Steelers and averaged 3.6 yrds a carry, and had been working a construction job the last couple of years, before being approached by the Bengals for a tryout. All the HB's will have a chance to start or split time as its a long season, and starting HB Hillman was hurt twice last season missing several games. The Bengals also picked up a good, young and very "big" fullback in FB Young who is 22 yrs old and stands 6'3" and weighs in at 273 lbs with good blocking skills and good acceleration for a big man. On the defensive side of the ball, where the Bengals couldnt stop their own grandmother last season, picked up ROLB Glass , MLB Good, SS Mitchell, who will be good special team players with experience. CB Jones was picked up off of free agency to help the secondary, he was a 2nd rd pick for the Redskins back in 2011 and brings experience and descent speed with excellent acceleration and tackling ability. The Bengals spent their 1st rd pick in this seasons draft on DT J. Scott, who was the best defensive tackle in the draft and will fit into the Bengals defensive scheme, with a very good pass rush ability, because of his strength and acceleration and knowledge for such a young player. With their 5th rd pick the Bengals selected HB Lake who will work with the special teams to gain experience. Since the new season schedule has come out, the Bengals sure didnt get any sympathy from the schedule makers after their poor past season, as they will open with the Dolphins, then get the Lions next to start the season off. Shocked
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 04/13/2015) Replies - 10 :: Views - 5177
Bengals finish disappointing season
In the past off season the Bengals front office thought they had made some good moves to better their team. But the team and coaching was a total flop this season, given to what will happen next with regards to the teams roster and coaching staff. The front office will take a few days, to look over things and decide what their next move will be. After the game, the Bengals coach said he was totally drained after this season. He too will take a few days to go over the past season, and decide if he wants to continue to coach or retire. Sometimes you have to know when its time, he continued, i have been in the league a long time, and maybe my time has come and gone, and the Bengals need some new blood to turn the team around.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/16/2015) Replies - 9 :: Views - 4640
Bengals play Chargers get a shocking amount of injuries.
During the game, the Bengals incurred alot of injuries. Seemed everyone had the injury bug. Seemed almost after every play there was an injury. After the dust had cleared, the Bengals lost a starting CB, OLB, C. These starters joined a starting HB already on the list from 2 weeks ago, making his 2nd visit to the list this season. Shocked
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 01/09/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1952
Bengal's report on the off season.
The Bengals have gone thru the off season and hopefully have improved their team and are ready for the up coming regular season to begin. The Bengals were forced to make alot of moves during free agency, and with trades, since they didnt see alot talent in the draft with their draft position being the 24th pick overall.The front office thought there wasnt sufficient talent in the draft once you got past the first round into the middle of the second round. The Bengals went shopping via the free agency for some back up talent for the o-line and also brought in a new fullback and also picked up a young talented HB in Ronnie Hillman, along with TE Charlie Gantt. The one player who may have a future with Bengals coming out of the draft, was their 2nd round pick of QB Logan Thomas, at 6'6" 248 lbs and a cannon for a arm, he may be the future replacement for veteran Bradford in a season or two. In the 3rd round the Bengals picked up LE Brent Urban, who will be a back up and a roster filler for this season. In the 4th round the Bengals tooK FB Fred Trapiano, a player who had some nice attributes, but didnt have the intelligence enough to learn the playbook, so he was cut during training camp. In the 5th round the Bengals selected a backup o-lineman in Jack Mewhort. During the trading period, the Bengals went after some much needed players. First they sent their first round pick to the Bills for WR Zaraki Kenpachi. After watching Kenpachi on film, they had to see if he was available. The coaching staff was amazed at his route running and jumping ability to snatch passes out of the air and away from defenders. He will complement WR Julio Jones, who sees double coverage alot during the season. Then the Bengals traded a future 4th rd pick for WR Robert Woods, who is a young player who should have a nice future as a slot receiver with a 53 run block attribute that the coaches liked. After entering trade talks with the Giants, both GM's finally settled on a trade which sent Bengals CB Ghee to the Giants for monster DT Terrence Cody who stands 6'4" and tips the scales at 354 lbs with 94 strength. The Bengals hope to firm up the middle of their defense while having a couple good pass rushing defensive ends. The last trade the Bengals made involved the Bills once again. The Bengals were looking for more speed and agility with pass catching abilities coming out of the backfield. So they worked out a deal with the Bills to bring HB C.J. Spiller to the Bengals, giving them another weapon for QB Bradford and also a break away threat running the ball and as a kickoff returner. The Bengals are looking forward to the up coming season, and would like to wish everyone good luck and alot of fun.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 10/26/2014) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2165
Bengals wraps up the season.
With another playoff loss in the first round of the playoffs, the Bengals management has decided to rid themselves of some players that are growing way too complacent with their play. Two of these players are QB S. Bradford and WR J. Jones. The front office and the fans alike have grown tired of these two players antics, and their dont care attitudes. Maybe a new team for both players may help them and the Bengals both. Seriously tho, im a firm believer that you have to change up your teams roster from time to time in Madden. It seems if you keep the same players for an extended period of time, they just begin to not play up to their ability or overalls. I started changing out players last season and it helped some, but now i need to clean up more of the roster and get some new blood. The Bengals have listed some players that will be available, but the entire trade block will also be available in the GM part of the website. Contact me thru ICQ or private message me if you want to deal.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 08/27/2014) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1029
Bengals down
Internet is down,tech coming Thursday. Will keep in for me if
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 07/09/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1103
What tha????
The Bengals cornerback D.J. Hayden just came off the injury list 2 games ago and was injured in this weeks game against 49ers and is now out for the season. Whats up with that? During the game Bengals were going down like dominoes and along with Hayden RG Asamoah was also placed on the injury list, as the total of Bengals on the list stands at 3 now as DE Perry has been on the list since week 2 and shows 2 weeks left , but as we all know that will actually be 4 weeks at least. Thanks Madden you fat bastard! Evil or Very Mad
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 06/06/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1191
Bengals get the stripes beat off them!
With sub coach JimQB at the helm of the Jags, by way of Jags owner bringing in the Super Bowl winning legend. This was no game from the start, a total waste of time for the Bengals. I just sat back and watched as the Jags ran over and around the Bengals, and completed passes as if it was just a simple game of ring toss. And that wasnt the worse of it. On defense the Bengals O-line couldnt open a hole , sustain a block or move out of their own way. And the Bengals quarterback, what can i say about a 96 overall player who throws 4 interceptions, while completing only 5 of 15 attempts for a 10.3% rating. I learned two important lessons from this game. (1) Wiggy knows how to protect his ass when absent from the league. (2) I will plan my vacation around the next time the Bengals are scheduled to play the Jags, so i can get JimQB to sub for me for the proverbial payback.

Footnote: ( Never trust a guy with the name Wiggy)
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 05/23/2014) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1492
Bad Weather nearing!
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 03/01/2014) Replies - 6 :: Views - 2643
Bengals screwed the pooch this season.
The Bengals just havent played up to their potential this season , so they will be watching the playoffs on tv, after losing to the Panthers. In a game where the Bengals led in categories that you would expect a team to come away with the victory, as in alot of games this season, there were such a big let down in certain areas that it looked as if the team just quit playing at times. The Bengals led in total offense , almost doubled the time of possession 30 min to 17 min , passing yrds and completion percentage of 60.5%, 3rd down conversions 10 of 18 and leading the game in score 23-13 going into the 4th quarter. Then in the final quarter the defense totally quit, and watching from the sidelines, it seems the d-line couldnt get off blocks as the Panthers constantly ran thru big holes on the Bengals left side, and then after holding the Panthers quarterback Carson Palmer in check for three quarters, it seemed the Bengals defensive secondary, went to the concession stand for the 4th quarter and watched the game from there. Quarterback Palmer was 8 for 21 passing but in the 4th quarter hit two big td passes to help the Panthers score 17 pts to win the game. With the Bengals defensive coordinator telling the defensive backs to play off the line, in order to cover the Panthers receivers, it was unbelievable to see time and time again as the Panthers receivers were running behind the Bengals secondary who were suppose to play deep zone coverages with linebacker help. The defensive line has been a big disappointment this season as they couldnt put pressure on anyones grandmother. And of course Bengals kicker J. Davidson continued to miss field goals, as the coaching staff still hasnt figured out how a 94 overall 92 accurate kicker can slip from a 93% kicker last season to a 73% kicker this season. The Bengals also had -12 in turnovers during the season. So with the Bengals having one more game left with division leading Steelers, the coaching staff has decided to empty the bench and start alot of back ups in order to see who might be a keeper for next season. According to the coaches there will be a big shake up in the roster in the off season, as the front office wants to see alot of new faces for next season. And according to one coach, there will be some big names on the trade block this off season, and that includes players from both sides of the ball. The front office seems to think the team has just become so complacent and the locker room so stagnant that just replacing a player or two, just wont do. It seems since the word was leaked out last week, that the Bengals were looking to deal some big names , that they have received some nice interest from other teams around the league, and will continue to have open talks with any other teams owners about anyone on the Bengals roster in the coming off season.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/17/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1045
Bengals to have major off season shake up!
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/12/2014) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1206
Bengals enter into negotiations with corporate law firm.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/01/2014) Replies - 7 :: Views - 2685
Bengals season ends, Coach to retire.
After a game in which it very hard fought by both teams, and to have the game end the way it did, was a total, damn shame. Now its not sour grapes, but the fact that im so tired of the Madden bull shit that happens. I just resigned from two other leagues in total retirement from them because of the same ol shit. In this game , i played a coach who played very well and played a fair game. With the Bills scoring to take the lead by 4 pts the Bengals had to score a td with less than 4 min left in the game. Taking over the Bengals drove down using up the clock and scoring to take the lead with 28 secs left in the game. Playing a dime deep coverage with 3 down lineman and a LB rushing the passer, the Bengals allowed two short passes out to the 50 yrd line,there somewhere, then on the next down,Bengals sack the Bills QB . Bills call time out. WITH 5 secs left in the game, the Bills just send streaks and hail mary, and wouldnt you believe it the WR catches the ball with two defensive backs running right beside him at the 10 yrd line and into the endzone for the winning score. Guys i have had enough of Madden 08, so im retiring till another version comes out that has some common sense about it. If there is never a new one i will stay retired. It's just isnt fun anymore when i have resulted to throwing my controller like some 3 yr old. I played this game for fun and to relax, but it has become just the opposite for me. I want to thank everyone especially Len for giving me the opportunity to be part of the PFL, to Baba Booey, Bcreek , Jerry, Mike K, to name a few, and all the other coaches for making it fun, for so long. I wish the league continued success. It's been a blast guys. Good luck and good health to you all. Paul
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 09/05/2013) Replies - 18 :: Views - 5163
Bengals season ends.
Dont know why it posted twice
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 09/05/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1026
A Thriller in the Jungle!
The Bears visited the confines of the "Jungle" in Cincy to take on the Bengals. In a game that was mostly a defensive slugfest for each team, it was also a game of "firsts" for the Bengals. This game saw Bengals QB S. Bradford throw a touchdown pass on the first play of the game to his TE Massey and also on the last play of the game for his offense. The first half was a defensive game, as both teams were shutting down the run and limiting the completions of the quarterbacks. The Bengals would miss a field goal from the 37 yrd line and the Bears would return the favor, later, as the half came to an end with the score 17-13 , the Bears. In the second half it was about the same, with each team mounting small drives but having to punt after running out of downs. The Bengals did mount a drive to the Bears 36 yrd line in the fourth quarter only to see HB K. Hunter fumble the ball. (Hunter was waived after the game.) With the Bears taking over, they mounted a drive of their own late in the fourth quarter as QB C. McCoy started finding his WR M. Williams who was out jumping the defensive backs and making some nice catches in traffic. But the Bengals defense stiffened and the Bears settled for a field goal 20-13. The Bengals took the kickoff and drove to the Bears 32 yrd line behind the running of HB B. Wells who the Bengals went to more in the second half, after HB Dwyer couldnt find any running room in the first half. After a field goal Bears led 20-16. With the Bengals having no time outs the Bears took over with the intention of running the clock down as far as possible then trusting their defense, which had played very well the whole game. With the clock at 3:20 , the Bengals had only the 2 minute warning to stop the clock for them, the Bears kept the ball on the ground. After the two minute warning , the Bears had 3rd and 7. The Bears did something then that may have cost them the game. After the 2 minute warning, instead of running a play , maybe thinking , not chancing a fumble, instead they did a QB kneel , with the clock ticking down to 1:27 they punted the ball back to the Bengals. With the ball being fair caught at the 19 yrd line, the Bengals had a long way to go and a short time to do it. The coaching staff of the Bengals looked up and the clock had 1:19 left in the game. With QB S. Bradford kneeling in the huddle he called the plays for the 2 minute offense. With everyone hustling to the line of scrimmage after each play the Bengals started to march down the field with each pass Bradford threw, finding its mark. WR's J. Jones, R. Meachum making side line catches and TE J. Massey hauling in a couple over the middle the Bengals found themselves at their 48 yrd line with 45 seconds left. Once again Bradford barked out the audibles as he then found WR N. Toon across the middle for a gain to the Bears 40 yrd line. Knowing a field goal would do them no good, QB Bradford hurried his offense to the line and called the next play there. With the Bears defense dropping back into a deep zone , Bradford from the shotgun looked to his right WR J. Jones was covered , he then looked over the middle and TE Massey had a linebacker on him,while WR Meachum had gone to the post and drawn both the CB and FS to him. With the clock ticking down , Bradford then looked to his left and there was HB B. Wells running open in the flat. Lofting a perfect pass that Wells caught in stride he stiffed arm a linebacker who was coming from the inside and then rumbled toward the CB who was coming back from his coverage of Meachum , and as he approach Wells to make the tackle, Beanie simply leaps over the defensive back at the 7 yrd line and goes into the endzone with with 22 ticks of the clock left. The Bengals had taken the lead 23-20. The Bears were unable to move the ball after the kickoff and the game ended as the last ditch effort for a hail mary simply fell to the ground.
The Bengal sideline erupted and players were leaping about.
"That was one tough game, and i have alot of respect for the Bears and their coach". said Coach Pigskin. " I guess lady luck helped us out for a change in this one too." the coach said has he entered the locker room.

GG Bill
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 05/14/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1132
Bengals to restructure.
Shoppers get ready! The Bengals are going to have alot of top players available for trade in the off season. As the front office wants to start re-building for the future. Defense will be completely overhauled in the off season. Some notable starters that will be on the trading block will include a DT, OLB, CB, DE, and possibly MLB. The offense will also have some top players leaving. As of right now a starting WR, HB, C, and possibly LT. So if you might want to get an early start on this blue light special in Cincy, hit me up and ill give you the names that will be available for trade.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 03/14/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1377
Bengals stumble against Titans
After the previous weeks big win against divisional rival Steelers, the Bengals stumbled and bumbled their way against the Titans in a losing effort. The Bengals knew going in they had to stop Titans HB Johnson. Even tho Johnson had 100 yrds rushing his yard per carry wasnt that effective. The problem with the Bengals is they couldnt score touchdowns in the redzone. After visiting the redzone 4 times they came away with 3 fieldgoals and a turnover on downs, which in the minds of the Bengals coaches HB Dwyer had the first down by a good yard or better , but even after the challenge the officials wouldnt concede the thinking of the coaches. The Bengals coaching staff gave credit where credit was due, with the Titans had put together a good defensive plan and they executed it perfectly. Even tho the Bengals moved the ball up and down the field they couldnt get the td,s when they needed them in the redzone. On top of that Bengals QB Bradford made a couple bad decisions on his reads to receivers, and was picked off twice once inside their own 35 yrd line. A turnover in your own end is never good. CB Pacman Jones made the Bengals pay for releasing him last season as he picked off one of the passes. "We went into the game against two CB's who had only one interception between them and they came away looking like all pro's against us, very disturbing " commented Coach Pigskin.
With the loss the Bengals give up their short lived top spot in their division and will get ready for the game against the Eagles next week.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 02/07/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1302
Bengals , Cowboys in a defensive battle.
This was one ugly game. A good defensive battle. But both offenses looked like they had never seen a football. The Bengals killed themselves with penalties killing drives. Bengals CB J. Miller high stepping with an interception, only to have the ball stripped at the goal line for a touch back. The Cowboys receivers couldnt catch a cold in the red zone.Cowboys TE Witten with 5 drops. And the ugliest of all was both quarterbacks. QB Bradford with a stinking 21% passer rating , and not to be out done was QB Romo with a 0% rating. I had to just sit back and laugh at some of this crap. Madden gives you this once in a while it seems. Bengals were lucky, that the Cowboys played a little worse then they did.

Instead of GG, how about UGG game Len Laughing
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 01/17/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1054
Bengals hold off Redskins
With the Bengals playing host to those wigwam boys from Washington, the striped cats from the queen city found they had their hands full.
With Hank's Skins playing tough the whole game, the Bengals took advantage of a couple turnovers and some dropped passes by the Skin's wide receivers to secure a hard fought win. The Redskin's defense kept the league's top rated passer QB Bradford in check , intercepting him twice during the game. The Redskins took the lead 14-10 in the 4th quarter with 10:50 left in the game. After the Bengals took the kickoff, and only picked up one first down, punted the ball with 7:42 left. After the punt went out on the Skin's 22 yrd line, Hanks offense took the field. After a run by HB Richardson for no gain, on second down Skin's QB Heyward took to the air, completing a pass over the middle, but the completion was to the Bengal's MLB Posluszny who returned it to the Redskin's 15 yrd line. After two running plays the Bengals found themselves at the 3 yrd line. Bengals run off right tackle on 3rd down but are stuffed by Hank's tribe at the 2 yrd line. With a 4th down facing the Bengals and the game on the line, they had to go for it. With HB Dwyer taking the hand off on a counter play to the left a blitzing linebacker for the Redskins grabs Dwyer by the jersey, but he shakes him lose and picks up a block and scampers into the endzone for the td. Bengals take the lead 17-14 with 3:30 left in the game. The Redskins take over after the kickoff and after three passes of which two are imcomplete, with one being a crucial drop, the Skins decide to punt the ball from their 27, and play defense with all three time outs. The Bengals take the ball with 2:40 left in the game. After two runs and the Skins calling their timeouts the Bengals have a 3rd and 4 facing them. With QB Bradford taking the snap and rolling to his right, he finds TE Massey for a 7 yrd gain, and a first down. After two more runs, the Redskins are out of timeouts and the Bengals come out in the victory formation and kneel the ball as time runs out.

Coach Pigskin had this to say after the game:

I dont know how Hank and his team has remained winless, they played us as tough as anyone we have played. I'm very glad we dont have to face his defense every week. Our defense played well, but the offense made some mistakes and bad decisions which resulted in some turnovers that cost us. We need to get to work this week, and get ready for the Cowboys next week, concluded Pigskin.

GG Hank
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Battle in Pittsburgh
Summary of another battle between division rivals Bengals and Steelers.

What would be a back and forth battle, with each team taking the lead before half, the half time score showed both teams deadlocked at 13. After the half, the Bengals struck first with a pass from Bradford to Jones 20-13. On the very next play for the Steelers after the kickoff, they also go for the long ball and with the completion to Shorts III the score was tied once again at 20. Even tho, the Bengals were in a dime defense expecting Steelers coach Ryan to match the long ball of the Bengals, the Bengals safety didnt get over to help cornerback Joseph on Shorts. In the forth quarter, the Steelers came away with the lead 27-20 with less than 4 mins in the game. The Bengals put together a do or die drive which resulted with a td pass to TE Gresham to knot the score at 27 with 1:29 left in game. On the kickoff, the Steelers kick returner had a good return, and with a face mask penalty against the Bengals, it moved the ball out close to midfield for the Steelers. With the Steelers sticking to the run and the Bengals playing more for the pass, it only took the Steelers three plays to be in field goal range. The Bengals were very dejected after the game, but will continue on to face the Redskins next. " We did alot of good things against the Steelers " commented Coach Pigskin. "We ran the ball very well against them and through three quarters shut their running game down." he continued. "But in the end, we made some mental mistakes you cant make against a good team and expect to win!" The Bengals look to keep pace with the Steelers till their next game, but the Bengals schedule looks brutal as they have to take on the likes of the Titans, Eagles and Giants to name some teams.

GG Mike
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Bengals , Ravens open the Flood Gates!
The game between the Bengals and Ravens started out just all the others in the past, a defensive battle. But that would change in the second half. But in the first half the Bengals were scoring on offense , while the Ravens were using their tough defense to score. The Bengals took the lead on their second possession by HB Dwyer smashing in from the 3 yrd line. After a punt from the Ravens , the Bengals took to the air on the second play of their third possession and QB Bradford throws a pick six to Raven's SS H. Nakamura. After some three and outs by both teams, the Bengals put together a drive, with it ending with a TD pass from Bradford to WR J. Jones, Bengals go up 14-7. The Ravens take the ensuing kickoff and pick up only one first down before sending in the punter S. Koch, who puts a wedge shot any golfer would be proud of, dead at the 1 yrd line. After two runs to get some breathing room at the 4 yrd line, QB Bradford drops to pass and sees TE Massey open across the middle , but before he can fire the ball to him Bengals center D. Baas knocks down Ravens DT T. Cody who rolls into Bradford who falls resulting in a safety for the Ravens. The score goes to 14-9. After a field goal for the Ravens, at halftime the score stands at 14-12 in favor of the Bengals. As boring as the first half was, the second half was just as exciting as some unknown force opens up the flood gates as the lead changes hands four times in the last six minutes of the game , forcing it into overtime. With the Bengals scoring, with a pass from QB Bradford to WR R. Cobb, putting the Bengals up by nine points 24-15 with 5:45 left in the game, the Bengals coaching staff started to breath a little easier. " If its something i have learned over the seasons, its never relax or feel at ease during a game." Coachh Pigskin said. After the Bengals kicked off to the Ravens, on the first play QB Flacco hits WR C. Bailey with a 58 yrd bomb as CB B. Gee and FS R. Nelson jumping for the ball with Bailey pulling it down at the Bengals 20 yrd line. One play later the Ravens score with a pass from Flacco to WR Bailey in the corner for the score 24-22 Bengals with 4:32 left on the clock. The Bengals couldnt believe their eyes that fast , two plays and the Ravens have closed the gap to two points. After the kickoff the Bengals were unable to pick up a first down and with 2:58 left on the clock they punt the ball. With the Ravens taking over, the Bengals are looking for the pass and the Ravens coach Blitz crosses them up with two straight runs with HB K. Smith picking up some big yards ,moving the Ravens into Bengals territory. After a two pass completions to the Bengals 12 yrd line, QB Flacco hits TE T. Heap over the middle for the td. After the point after the Ravens have taken the lead for the first time in the game 29-24. The Bengals take the kickoff and KR/WR R. Cobb gets a good return out to the 38 yrd line. After a pass out into the flat to HB B. Wells who rumbles for 13 yrds and then gets out of bounds. Clock reads 2:16. On the next play Bengals QB Bradford hands off to HB Dwyer who picks up 6 yrds and as the Bengals rush to the line, Bradford barks out an audible sending WR Meachum and WR Jones deep with WR Cobb cutting across the middle, and keeping both HB Wells and TE Massey in to block. With LOLB Adibi blitzing and SS Nakumura being occupied with Bengals WR Cobb running a post across the middle , it put Ravens CB A. Williams one on one with Bengals WR J. Jones. With Jones gaining a couple steps on Williams , QB Bradford lays the ball out perfectly and WR Jones hauls in the ball in stride and tumbles into the endzone for the td. Bengals decide to go for two and are successful. Score Bengals 32 Ravens 29. The Bengals coaching staff looks up and "damn" there is still 1:20 left on the clock. With the Ravens KR Best returning the ball out to the 42 yrd line, the Ravens have the short field and a chance. Coach Blitz goes to the run again and with the Bengals playing a dime with three and four pass rushers, Ravens HB Jones, finds some big holes for a couple nice runs and after a completion of 15 yrds to the Bengals 15 yrd line the Ravens rush to the line to spike the ball with 8 seconds left on the clock. There was some controversy concerning what happened next. The Bengals called time out. Afterwards Coach Pigskin was ask about that timeout. "Well i didnt know they didnt have any timeouts left, but their quaterback was at the line getting ready to spike the ball anyway". The Ravens kick field goal sending the game into overtime. Score 32-32. After winning the toss , the Ravens take the ball and on the first play HB Jones picks up 4 yrds, and on the second play, the Bengals show blitz but drop eight into coverage, and with Ravens QB Flacco throwing over the middle for TE T. Heap, Bengals MLB P. Posluszny picks off the pass and returns it to the 37 yrd line of the Ravens. After two runs by HB's Dwyer and Wells the Bengals send in K. J. Davidson for a field goal from the 23 yrd line. The kick is up and good, Bengals win in overtime 35-32.

Very good and exciting game by Coach Blitz and the Ravens
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Two Heavyweights stand toe to toe and slug it out.
The game between the visiting Chiefs and the host Bengals, became a slug fest as the whistle blew to begin the game. There was some jawing remarks made by players of both teams during warm ups before the game. You could see these two teams have no love for each other. It was also evident among the head coaches as well. Standing at midfield watching their prospective teams warm up, neither coach acknowledged the other as they stood with their backs to each other. In most cases before games you can find the coaches talking with opposing teams coaches, or at least a jesture or a hello. But not in this instance, as these two coaches have come to know each other very well and have had many battles between them. After what many would suggest was a more wide open displays of offense from both of these defensive minded teams showed in the first quarter, as both teams came out throwing the ball more than their conservative running first styles they are known for. After the first quarter ended, the Bengals held a lead 17-10. After the first quarter, it seemed both teams settled to more of their game plan schemes as they both tried to establish a running game, with the Chiefs being more successful and HB Charles found several holes in the Bengals defense picking up big gains, sustaining some time consuming drives by the Chiefs. But with the Bengals defense playing tough in the redzone, two drives right before halftime ended in field goals for the Chiefs, leaving the score at 17-16 at halftime.
In the second half, these two heavyweights, stood toe to toe and slugged it out , with both playing tough on defense. Just when one team looked to be breaking out of the defensive crasp of the other , there would be a turnover, a penalty or a dropped pass or a sack ending drives. Then on the Chiefs final drive beginning with 6:28 left in the 4th quarter, coach Hog, decided to make a change at quarterback. The Bengals had been harassing and basically shutting down the Chiefs starting signal caller QB DaHog who had accumulated a rating of 34.9% hitting on only 28% of his passes while being sacked 3 times and throwing 2 intercepts with only 1 td so far in the game. With the Chiefs entering Bengals territory , Chiefs brain trust sends in QB Schaub. Coming off the bench Schaub only threw 3 passes but all were completions and all were big play passes. Two of those passes were on big 3rd down plays of more than 10 yrds for a first down. The nail in the coffin for the Bengals came on a completion over the middle to WR Bowe one of two passes he had been limited to all game. But this was a big reception as QB Shaub threaded the ball between Bengals CB Joseph and OLB Rivers to Bowe for a 1st down at the 3 yrd line. Two plays later HB Charles took it in for the score. The Bengals were able to stop the two point conversion leaving the Chiefs in the lead 25-20 with 2:35 left in the game. With the game on the line, the Bengals took the kick off and on the first play the Bengals get a holding penalty backing them up, next play QB Bradford doesnt step up in the pocked and gets sacked by Chiefs LE Taylor. Faced with a 3rd and 23 the Bengals run a delay run play to try and get some type of positive yardage to have a shot on 4th down to pick up a 1st down. With the Bengals coming out in shotgun formation, with 5 wideouts, they send three receivers deep with one deep sideline and WR Cobb cutting deep across the middle. At the snap the Chiefs dont bring pressure so QB Bradford has time and as he looks down field all receivers are covered deep except for the crossing WR Cobb. Bradford fires a strike to Cobb cutting across just past the first down maker with Chiefs CB Arenas trailing behind him. With the coaching staff looking on in anticipation of picking up the first down with still enough time to have a chance for a comeback score, WR Cobb running in stride is hit in the hands and drops the ball. As Cobb drops to his knees with hands on his head, the Bengals undefeated season comes to a halt. With 1:52 left on the clock and the Bengals with no time outs. The Chiefs come out in their victory formation. After kneeing down for three downs to run out the clock, the Chiefs come out on 4th down with 20 secs left on the clock in field goal formation! "What the hell!" you could hear Coach Pigskin exclaim. As the clock ticked to 1 sec the Chiefs attempt the field goal from the Bengals 2 8 yrd line, but the ball sails wide right. As the two teams leave the field there are a couple shoving matches that are broken up among the players, and as the coaches leave without a handshake, you could hear coach Pigskin annoucing to a couple of his coaches and players, that he would not forget that cheap shot. Just more fuel for the fire for the next meeting between these two teams, which may come soon if both teams reach the playoffs.

Bengals coaches and players were contacted after the game for comments but refused to say anything.

Outstanding players for the Chiefs were HB J. Charles with 22 carries for 122 yrds , WR B. Shields 3 recepts for 109 yrds , 1td.

Fot the Bengals, QB S. Bradford 9-21-241-2td-1int, WR R. Cobb 2 recepts 96 yrds , 1td.

GG Hoggie til next time!
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Bengals looking forward to bye week .
The Bengals just came off a grueling road trip, where they played their first five games away. After coming from behind several times against the always tough Ravens, the Bengals won the game on a field goal with no time remaining in the game. Afterwards the only comment by the players was they were glad to be going home for a while. After their bye week the Bengals will go against their old foe the Browns in the friendly confines of "The Jungle."
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Bengals season report.
The Bengals didnt acheive their goal of getting into the playoffs this season even tho they had a 10-6 record. But the Bengals improved alot over last seasons record of 6-10. The Defense improved the most. The offensive line improved with a couple additions in the post season and the quarterback sack total went down from 35 last season to a total for both quarterbacks of 20. This resulted in QB S. Bradford having the top rating in the league of 101.2 %. In acheiving this rating Bradford completed 56% of his passes for 2,911 yrds 19 td's 10 intercepts. On the completion end of his passes, WR J. Jones had 46 recepts for 1107 yrds , 6 td's. TE J. Massey had a break out year after his rookie season, by hauling in 26 passes for 590 yrds , 5 td's. Holding down the offensive line , it was LT A. Whitworth, once again producing 98 pancakes. Running behind a much better offensive line, HB B. Scott had 840 yrds a 4.49 yrd a carry, while HB T. Gearhart pounded out 746 yrs for 3.41 yrds per carry. Bengals kicker J. Davidson made the pro bowl by making good on 39 of 45 field goal attempts , 86.67%.
On the defensive side of the ball, MLB P. Posluszny led tackles with 114, and 3 forced fumbles, plus 4 intercepts. LOLB R. Maualuga had the most sacks with 8. CB J. Joseph led the defense with 7 interceptions. Newly acquired kick returner WR R. Cobb had a kick return average of 23.95 yrds , with 1 return for a td.
Coach Pigskin said he was very pleased with the turn around of his team, and said the players played hard all season. "We had to over come alot of long term injuries from some of our starters, particular HB B. Wells who only played 3 quarters of football for us all season." "Its was just a bummer that we didnt make the playoffs while a team with a 7-9 season did" As the coach walked away from the reporters, you could hear him mumble to himself, " so damn hard to understand sometimes".
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Bengals beat rival Steelers, hope for playoff birth.
The Bengals knew if they had any chance at all to make the playoffs the road would go thru Pittsburg. With that in mind, the coaching staff and players worked hard all week on making sure they knew their assignments. "One of our main concerns, was to try and shut down or at least limit the Steelers fine WR Cecil Shorts III receptions."commented coach Pigskin. The Bengals were able to limit Short to no receptions. "Our next point of concern was HB Mendenhall, we wanted to keep him in check or at least limit the damage he has done to us in the past." continued Pigskin. Mendenhall had some good gains and had 100 yrds rushing, but the Bengals kept him in check within the redzone. "The third point of concern going into the game was our toughness. In previous games we always seemed to be out muscled" coach Pigskin added. Ask if the Bengals had any concern about QB Roethisberger?"Well we just figured that their quarterback will get his completions, and we have never been able to get to him with a pass rush, so we only brought pressure a couple of times, we decided to play coverage and try to out muscle their receivers and put some hits on them to cause them to hear footsteps" answered the coach. On offense the Bengals offensive line did a good job protecting QB Bradford, who was picking away at the Steelers secondary all day. The Bengals seemed to have installed some different pass plays, that seemed to have short patterns and patterns that offset alot of the Steeler's blitzes. The Bengals also took advantage of the Steelers defensive pressure by overloading to the side of the blitz and getting some big gains by HB Gearhart. Coach Pigskin commented on this," Yeah we got lucky few times, by rolling the dice , figuring when the blitz was coming and calling a running play to neutralize the blitz." "Its hard to blitz out of a 3-4 against a two tight end formation when a run is called"he continued.
The Steelers did make a good come back, after being down 14-0 in the first quarter, to make it 14-10 at half. Defensive coordinator Zimmer was ask about the last touch down pass that tied the game with 15 seconds left in the game, to send it into overtime. "Well, thats typical of the Steelers and their quarterback, and the coaching staff, they will adjust to the defenses you throw at them, and it just happened at a bad time for us" commented Zimmer. "The Steelers are a well coached team", he interjected.
On another note, one reporter ask coach Pigskin, about the comment of the Steelers coach about why the Steelers WR's were dropping so many balls, and even talking about how maybe the Bengals may have something to do with it , as far as greasing the palms of the WR's. "Hmm, well first i hadnt heard about his comment, but if he is suggesting the Bengals had anything to do with any type of payoff, or using any type of substance during the game, he is just grasping for excuses." "Its just plain an simple, we were sticking like glue to the recievers, and timing and delivering hits as the ball arrived to the receivers." "I mean look, their quarterback threw 41 passes and completed 53% of them. We just jarred some of them lose. We even hit TE Miller so hard a couple of times, he had to be helped off the field at one time." replied Pigskin
Another reporter mentioned that the Steelers coach said that the Bengals WR's was catching so well, that it looked a couple of times like the ball was going through his defensive backs. " Thats funny, he has said that before in other games, i think he may need glasses ". coach Pigskin pointing at his glasses atop his head and walking off.

The big play in overtime other than the run by HB Gearhart was the pass to WR Jones who after the catch stepped out of bounds at the 22 yrd line. Offensive coordinator commented on that play. "Well we were out of timeouts, having used them while the Steelers had the ball in their second possession of the over time period, seems they were playing for a tie, so we kept stopping the clock, he continued., but back to the receptions by WR Jones, that was a play called by QB Bradford himself. It was a roll out to the right, with WR Jones running a deep out pattern and it worked out for us as he got out of bounds with 24 seconds left."

It will be interesting if the Bengals make the playoffs and have to take on the Steelers again, the rivalry will intensify, even more im sure.
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Bengals drop another one!
The Bengals just had their stripes handed to them in this one, plain and simple. No offense, some defense, nothing else. Bills dominated on both sides of the ball. Bengals coach had no comment after the game. Bengals now have their back against the wall as far as getting close to the playoffs. Next week its division rival the Browns. Bills 23 Bengals 6.
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Bengals lose again, kicker the scapegoat!
The Bengals lost their 2nd game in a row, to a good Bears team. The kicking game has gone south lately for the Bengals , as kicker Davidson cant seem to convert field goals like he was earlier in the season. Its been a major thorn in the Bengals side of late as its possibly cost them the last two games. "You cant miss field goals against good teams, in close games and expect to win" commented coach Pigskin. In a game against the Bears , that could have went either way it seems, the Bears converted their field goals , that was the margin of victory for them. While Bengals kicker Davidson had an opportunity to tie the game and send it into overtime with 27 seconds left on the clock, and missed the kick wide left. There were alot of dejected Bengal players as they left the field. MLB Paul Posluszny said "Its really hard to take the last two defeats ,as we were in the game to the end." The Bengals were still without WR Meachum and CB Miller as it seems even tho their weeks were up as far as their injuries were listed, they have still not been cleared to play as of this article. The dejected Bengals will take on the Bills next week, in a game that could be a disaster if they cant have a good week at practice. "It will be hard to get this team up again for the game against the Bills after the last two weeks " said Pigksin. "Hell, im as dejected as the players at this time" he added.

Finals Bears 27 Bengals 24.
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Bengals lose a close defensive battle.
" We moved the ball against a good Steeler defense every where on the field except where we needed to, inside the 10 yrd line." commented Coach Pigskin. The Bengals moved the ball with the running game and passing game up and down the field but just couldnt get that 1 yrd when they needed it for a td. QB S. Bradford said he was very disappointed , "we should have won that game, but we just didnt push it in." Twice the Bengals were inside the 5 yrd line , once at the 1 yrd line with a first down and couldnt shove it in. As coach Pigskin remarked, "there is just no excuse for that." And in the first half, kicker J. Davidson missed a field goal from the 29 yrd line, dont know if it was the wind or what, but it looked like a knuckle ball as it fell short. Davidson started off the season very consistant ,but the last couple ball games, he has missed some short field goals. Coach Pigskin said, " The Steelers played excellant goal line defense, to get the win." Going into the game, the Bengals coaching staff felt good about a win if they could hold the Steelers under 20 pts. , but they forgot you got to score td's when you have the opportunity. Steelers 13 Bengals 6. The Bengals take on the Bears next week. WR Meachum and CB Miller should be back off the injury list and ready to go against the Bears.
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Bandaged Bengals limp to another win!
Even tho Madden doesnt give the Bengals a break other than a collarbone here and there, lady luck stepped in and helped out the banged up Bengals escape with a win. The Raiders came in to Cincy and immediatley drove to a td on their first possession. After a field goal and a td pass from QB Bradford to TE Massey, the Bengals were up 10 - 7 after the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Raiders went to air McNabb and at the end of the first half the Raiders held a 14-13 lead. In the third quarter the Bengals put some offense together. QB Bradford was on fire as he was tossing the pigskin around to several receivers. One pass found its target deep as WR J. Jones had got behind the defense for a td. After kicker Davidson added two more field goals the Bengals had grabbed the lead 26-17. " The defense played very well in the third quarter to help us get the lead" commented coach Pigskin.
To begin the fourth quarter the Raiders was forced to punt with punter Lechler pinning the Bengals inside the 10 yrd line. After a incomplete pass out in the flat to TE Pope it was second down. On the next play HB Scott took the toss to the left and with RG Asamoah pulling and leading the way, Scott cuts inside his block on the end and breaks the tackle of linebacker Wimbley sprints 90 yrds for the td. Bengals increased lead to 33 - 17. With the Raiders staying with their air game tossing the ball a total of fifty times, the Bengals were forced out of their normal 4-3 defenses . With extra defensive backs on the field, Raiders McNabb continued to toss the ball to receivers Berrian , Mickens and Ford. Twice the Bengals picked off a couple of the tosses to stop threats in the redzone. But one of the McNabb missles did penetrate the Bengals defense to WR Ford to close the gap to 33 - 24. After the Bengals received the kickoff, the second play of their series HB Scott is stopped at the line of scrimmage and then strippped of the ball and the Raiders have recoverd a fumble at the Bengals thirty yd line. With 7 min remaining in the game, the Raiders are in business. But the Bengals defense stiffens and after a sack of QB McNabb by Bengals DT Peko, on third down the Raiders are forced to settle for a field goal, 33 - 27. With only 5:25 remaining on the clock the Bengals know they have to try and control the clock and pick up some first downs in order to escape with a win. After a run up the middle by HB Gerhart the Bengals are looking at 2nd and 7. Coach Pigskin commented in the post game news conference about the next play. " I cut into the conversation with the offensive coordinator and told him to call a roll out pass , cause we needed to pick up a first down". So the play called was 84 flat X corner Z post. With QB Bradford faking a handoff and rolling to his right he finds TE Gresham for a 12 yrd pick up for a big first down. This puts the ball on the Bengals 45 yrd line. After a couple runs up the middle for 6 and 1 yrds the Bengals are 3rd and 3 with 3:54 left in the game. Coming out in the shotgun, QB Bradford calls an audible and quickly hits WR Murphy across the middle on a slant pattern for a 17 yrd pick up. The Raiders call a time out. With the ball touching the 34 yrd line the Bengals figure to run the ball to set up a field goal to put the game out of reach for the Raiders. After three runs the Bengals manage to only move the ball to the 32 yrd line. With kicker Davidson trotting out on to the field the crowd stands quietly to see the Bengals put the game away. The snap the placement and as Davidson approaches the ball his plant foot slips on the wet surface, as there has been a light drizzle of rain in the second half , and the ball comes up just inches short, No Good. After another time out by the Raiders earlier , there is now 1:52 left in the game. On first down QB McNapp, finds WR Mickens down the side line for a 35 yrd pick up. The Raiders are in business. After a draw play to HB McFadden and another pass to WR Berrian the Raiders are at the Bengals 38 yrd line, 46 seconds left, rushing to the line McNabb barks out audibles and the ball is snapped, McNabb finds TE Miller cutting across the middle and the Raiders are at the 27 yrd line, 31 seconds left. In the hurry up McNabb calls the play at the line and the ball is snapped, McNabb is forced out of the pocket and runs to his right tossing the ball to the right corner of the endzone, incomplete. With the incompletion there is 12 seconds left. With the Raiders going to the huddle with the clock stopped, this gave the Bengals a chance to catch their breath and to call a defensive package for the final play. With the Raiders breaking the huddle the Bengals have come out in a Nickle Prowl defense, with linebackers dropping underneath and the defensive backs all playing parts of the endzone, there is only three defensive lineman rushing. McNabb takes the snap and drops back and looks as he has time , then DE Geathers breaks lose from his block forcing McNabb to step to his left and throw to the left corner of the endzone, as the view is blocked by the fans and news media in the endzone area, everyone is holding their breath as the players jump for the ball, then as they fall to the ground, everyone is straining their eyes to see what the result is, and the referee waves his arms and points the other way CB B. Ghee has come away with his second interception of the game 2 secs left on the clock. After the game, Coach Pigskin praised the play of his backups once again, as they keep making the big plays to keep the Bengals going. Back ups like HB Scott, who has been averaging over 5 yrds a carry, back up CB Ghee, with two interceptions in this game. And just acquired off waivers WR Murphy who had the critical catch late in the 4th quarter. And of course, cant forget lady luck's helping hand. The Bengals will go up against division rival Steelers next week.
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Bengals needs M.A.S.H. unit
Dont know how much longer the patched up Bengals can keep going as they keep losing players to injuries. On injury list not playing now are: Starting CB Miller, HB Wells, WR Meachum. Last week QB Bradford went down three times in three consecutive drives. This week while battling the Lions, Bengals lost CB Ghee for the game, LT Whitworth went down in the 4th quarter didnt return, so did TE Gresham. QB Bradford went down in the 3rd quarter but returned a series later. Then on the last play of the game HB Scott went down. On top of that the Bengals had 6 penalties for 60 yrds, one of the penalties was at the end of the first half as the Bengals had a field goal called back because of it. Dont know what is going on with Madden but hope he finds another team to wreck havac with and get off of the Bengals for a while.
I did notice that the Lions had a couple players go down during the game, one with a broken collar bone, and didnt return.
One thing for sure, all the injuries keep an owner from establishing any kind of rythm in the game and makes the game long and not much fun with the stoppages.
The Bengals squeaked by the Lions in over time 32-26
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Bengals beat the Pack and a QB controversy has been created.
With the Bengals win over the Packers, there has been a quarterback controversy created in Cincy. Coach Pigskin, said that the team has really stepped up after the injury bug hit the Bengals hard in week two. Back up quarterback Dan Lefevour has did an outstanding job running the offense in the absence of Sam Bradford. Coach Pigskin praised his offensive line and running backs Scott and Gearhart. Scott had a very good game against the Packers racking up 92 yrds rushing while Gearhart chipped in 79 yrds. " Our backs have been running really hard the last two games." Coach Pigskin said.
Offensive coordinator Lewis Bombthrow mentioned how well the wide receivers have helped out Lefevour making his job alot easier as far as coming back for the ball when the quarterback has to leave the pocket.
At the post game news conference, coach Pigskin was asked if there would be a quarterback controversy now that backup Lefevour had led the team to two wins and had a better rating than stater Bradford. "We will evaluate everything when Sam comes back , we have a bye next week so we will have a couple of weeks to prepare and look at the situation for our game against the Vikings." said Pigskin. " The most important thing is to make sure Sam can go and there is no lingering problems from his injury." When ask if Lefevour's completion percentage of 60.8%, and rating of 83.8% would be a major consideration for deciding on a starter in two weeks, Coach Pigskin got up and left , like he didnt even hear the question.
It will be interesting to watch what unfolds in the Queen City in the coming weeks.
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Bengals Season
After finishing strong at season's end, the Bengals played like mangagement had expected them to play all season. But it seem to take most of the season to iron out attitudes and mistakes that lead to alot of losses. The Bengals were in alot of games up till the end, only to come out on the losing end by a mistake or a major breakdown in execution.
Midway thru the season, coach Pigskin was ask " what he thought of the execution of his team?" Pigskin replied with tongue in cheek, " Im all for it!".
After some attitude adjustments and more work on execution and several changes in the offensive scheme. The Bengals were able to finish strong and have some high hopes for next season. Looking back at the past season there were some bright spots for the Bengals. Some players came thru and had a good season.

On the Defensive side of the ball:

MLB P. Posluszny, who was obtained in a trade with Tampa Bay, had a very good year and was probably the top player on defense as he led the team in tackles with 100 TAK, 24 TFL, 2 SACKS, 6 FF, 2 INT.

CB J. Joseph , led the defensive backs, 68 TAK, 3 TFL, 1 FR, 7 INT, 2TD.

DT A. Montgomery was the top defensive lineman, acquired thru free agency two seasons ago, 30 TAK, 4 TFL, 4 SACKS, 2 FF, 2 FR, voted ( PRO BOWL).

On the Offensive side of the ball:

WR J. Jones, drafted #1 in draft two seasons ago, show cased his talents this season, with 58 REC, 1035 YRDS, 4 TD, only 9 drops.

HB C. Benson, his best season rushing to date, 252 ATT, 1079 YRDS, 4.28 YRD AVR.

TE J. Massey, drafted #1 in this years draft. After a rocky few games, Massey came on strong due to the learning process for a rookie. After Massey got the hang of the offense he started to show why the Bengals drafted him with their first pick. 10 REC, 210 YRDS, 4 TD, 38 PANCAKES.

LT A. Whitworth, led the offensive line, 109 PANCAKES, only 3 SACKS.

WR M. Bradley, acquired thru free agency two seasons ago, for the third receiver slot, 45 REC, 577 YRDS, 2 TD.

QB S. Bradford, obtained in a trade with the 49ers, Bradford struggled learning the new offensive system of the Bengals in the beginning. After grasping the concept of the scheme, Bradford played steady in the later part of the season, finishing completing little over 50% of his passes for, 3085 YRDS, 15 TD, 14 INT, 75.7 QB Rating.

K J. Davidson, drafted in this seasons draft, showed why the Bengals drafted him early in the draft. 41 FGA, 35 FGM, 85.3 %. 28-28 EX. PTS

The Bengals are looking forward to the off season to get ready for the draft, and to prepare for resigning and trading players. On offense the Bengals will be looking to obtain offensive lineman and on defense, they will be looking at the defensive end position and defensive backs.
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Bengals finish season strong.
After a disappointing first part of the season with some losses being very close games, the Bengals finished the season by winning five of their last seven games, including wins against top teams like the Steelers, Cowboys, and Eagles. "Something to build on for next season" said coach Pigskin.
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Bengals at Jags, Battle of the Cats
Tough game, Bengals fought to the end, with game ending with an intercept in the endzone by QB Bradford, one of 3 in the game. Coach Pigskin was ask why he went for the touchdown instead of playing for the field goal to send it into overtime, and his reply was "Have you seen our record!" This game was marred by alot of penalties, the Bengals committing 5 holding penalties.
Good game by Jags coach.
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Bengals finally win!
"Its been a long drought" said Coach Pigskin. But in this game , both the offense and defense showed up to play." We were very happy to see we had only one turnover" , Pigskin continued. After the game the game ball was presented to DT Anthony Montgomery, who had two sacks and a forced fumble. On the forced fumble he also recovered it. On offense HB C. Benson rushed 21 times for 150 yrds and WR J. Jones had 5 catches for 123 yrds to lead the receivers. The defense applied pressure on the Titans quarterback through out the game. The Titans signal caller was sacked 6 times and threw 2 interceptions one resulting in a pick six.
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Bengals coach makes post game remarks.
" I havent got a clue!" was Coach Pigskins answer to the media's question as to what are the Bengals problems this season. "All i know about this game with the Patriots is, you cant commit 4 turnovers and beat a team of the Patriots caliber."
In response to the turnovers , the Coach expanded on the seriousness of turnovers against good teams.
"We had two very good drives deep into the Patriots redzone on two occasions in the first half, and all we had to show for it , was a pick six, and a fumble."" Then on the ensuing kickoff after the fumble, our kick returner fumbled the ball away again." As the Coach pointed out you cannot win games ,no matter how well your playing if your going to constantly turn the ball over. In the second half the Bengals kick returner fumbled once more resulting in another Patriot field goal. The Bengals will have a new kick returner next week for sure.
The Bengals defense played well, giving up only one offensive touchdown to the Patriots, with the other points coming on five field goals and a pick six. The Bengals offense looked good both running and throwing the ball as the o-line was opening up holes and allowed only 3 sacks which mostly came at the end of the game, as they were forced to go to the pass more.
On Defense, the Bengals continued to play tough, holding the Patriots HB Mahoney in check and the pass rush constantly harassed QB Gilbbert and collected 3 sacks of their own. Needless to say there will be a few changes in the coming weeks, as the Bengals will look at alot of younger players which will play into how many changes will be made in the off season.
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Bengals , Ravens battle
The Bengals and Ravens battled back and forth for 4 quarters, with the Ravens making the most mistakes with a couple of interceptions which resulted in the Bengals having a 16-10 lead with 1:56 left in the game. So the brain trust of the Bengals pulled a bummer of a play call which resulted in the Ravens taking advantage of it. After two running plays netting only 3 yrds and the Ravens calling two time outs the Bengals decided to throw what the coaching brain trust considered a safe pass. But instead of QB Bradford hitting a wide open TE Pope , he throws the ball behind Pope and into the arms of Linebacker J. Johnson who with blazing 72 spd was trailing behind Pope at least 2 yrds or more. The Coaches couldnt believe their eyes. After that, everything went south, defense couldnt stop their grandmother at that point as the momentum went on the side of the Ravens. Coach Pigskin, said he will kick his own ass for that play call for a long time. Hats off to Ravens coach for keeping the game close , then taking advantage of the turnover to win the game.
Coach Pigskin commented after the game, "that his team needs to start getting touchdowns instead of field goals in the red zone."
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Bengals face off against their rival in Cleveland
The Bengals went into the hostile enviroment of Cleveland stadium to take on the Ohio rival , the Browns.
This was a tough fought game by both teams to the bitter overtime end. The Bengals were able to pull out the win in overtime, behind the arm of of their newly acquired quarterback S. Bradford. Bradford brought the Bengals back several times in the game, with his clutch passing. " The Browns were dropping alot of people back in coverage to cover the deep patterns so we decided to start going short with hooks and also running hb Benson on some quick runs off tackle catching the Browns running back in coverage, and gaining some good yards on them", said Coach Pigskin. The Bengals defense didnt play very well in their first contest of the season, as QB Cutler seemed to have their number until he went down with an injury. The Browns have a good team and a very active defense that flys around making alot of plays.
As the two coaches met at mid field after the game, all the Browns coach would say was "see you in two weeks", as these two rivals will square off again.

Looking at the play of the Bengals, we saw QB Bradford have a good day , as well as the old veteran WR C. Jonnson. HB Benson ran well hitting the holes fast and hard. Rookie TE Massey, didnt show alot as he dropped all 3 passes thrown to him. Rookie kicker J. Davidson showed why the Bengals drafted him in the 3rd rd by connecting on 4 of 5 field goals , one of 53 yrds to help the effort.
On defense newly acquired MLB Posluszny led all tacklers with 8 tackles 1 for a loss and 1 forced fumble. DE Odom had the only sack of the game for the Bengals. There were several injuries , but nothing major as this was a very hard hitting contest.
The Bengals will get ready to take on the Ravens next week.
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Bengals draft picks
For their first selection the Bengals selected Jerry Massey the huge Tight End out of Middle Tennesee State. The 21 yr old will fit right in the plans of the Bengals . The Bengals were impressed at the combine with Massey's speed and his jumping ability not to mention his strength. He will join the Bengals other tightends, Jermain Gresham and Leonard Pope thus having one of the best tightend combinations in the league.
Quarterback Sam Bradford offered up his opinion after hearing of the selection, " What a target!"
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Trade me or im Retiring!
"Trade me or im Retiring", where have we heard that before? Yep, QB C. Palmer, wanted traded so the Bengals gave him his wish, shipping him off to the Vikings. With the Bengals bringing in QB S. Bradford, the Super Bowl winning quarterback from the SF Niners, Palmer decided it was time to get out of Cincy, while he was of some value. In a statement owner Pigskin stated that , "the Bengals wish Carson well, and we thank him for his years spent as a Bengal."
The Bengals also picked up HB T. Gearhard from the Vikes along with their 1st rd pick. The Bengals were looking for a power runner and think that Gearhart will be a nice fit.
In other news , the Bengals went looking for a MLB in the off season, a position they needed to fill if they could before the draft. In negoiations with the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Bengals traded back up DE C. Dunlap, a promising young player to the Bucs for MLB P. Posluszny. We are looking forward to having Posluszny on our team , he brings an attitude that we need at the MLB spot, one of "search out, and destroy" said owner Pigskin.
Stay tuned for further news on the up coming draft from Bengal land.
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Bengal Land News
Reports coming out of the "Queen City" is that the Bengals have been in negoiations for another quarterback. Could Carson Palmers career be over in Bengal land ? Could Palmer be headed to the west coast like in the real NFL? Stay tuned for further details.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance
GM Tex Kansas
Head Coach M.Lewis
Offensive Coordinator G.Williams
Defensive Coordinator T.Brady
Special Teams D.Crossman
Salary $135.61M
Cap Penalty $7.34M
Cap Room $50K


AFC North
#2 Steelers Steelers 13-3-0 0.813 5-1
#7 Browns Browns 12-4-0 0.750 5-1
#15 Bengals Bengals 7-9-0 0.438 1-5
#27 Ravens Ravens 4-12-0 0.250 1-5

1 Mon vs Browns Browns #7
Lost 25-35
2 Sun at Raiders Raiders #21
Lost 20-24
3 Sun at Vikings Vikings #26
Lost 28-40
4 Sun at Steelers Steelers #2
Lost 24-27
5 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #19
Won 41-14
6 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #6
Lost 6-23
7 Sun at Ravens Ravens #27
Won 38-20
9 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #30
Lost 24-27
10 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #11
Won 33-21
11 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #2
Lost 28-42
12 Thu at Lions Lions #32
Won 35-7
13 Sun vs Bears Bears #12
Won 20-14
14 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #20
Won 17-6
15 Sat at Browns Browns #7
Lost 12-14
16 Sat vs Ravens Ravens #27
Lost 10-17
17 Sun vs Packers Packers #16
Won 24-17