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PFL Career Passing Leader - Matthew Hunter
QB Matthew Hunter drafted 2.6 in 2009. Matthew started as a rookie leading his team to the playoffs. With 41,308 passing yards and 289 TD's. Nine times this quaterback has over 3000 yards and 20 TD's. The savy QB appears to make a strong playoff run.

One and One in Superbowl appearances and the 2019 Coach voted AFC Player of the year is locking in on might be a final run at a Super Bowl Championship.

One of the most consistent QB's, Is he the best QB the PFL has ever seen? Time will tell..
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/31/2018) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1026
PFL Bills Off-season and up to Week 2
After an exciting divisional round game with the Colts. Bills GM Kdee at the end of the season has to take a position going in to next season. Question was, " Is it time to blow it up or reload because we still have the tools to make a run at it ".

We decided that having a good defense and TOP 2 offense that we should reload and make another run. Top concerns for the Bills were the age at receiver and Cornerback

At the start of the draft the Bills had 1.27 and after that were not due to draft their next player until the 4th round. Scouting told us that there would not be a receiver or corner they would be able to get without reaching for it. GM and scouting team made the decision that trading for a WR or Corner would be the best option.
Corners Sherman and Trufant top the market as the TOP corners to get.
Evaluating the talent either corner would get the job done but it was going to be a 2 year rental and that something we couldn't except. So after some talks with fellow GM around the league the first Wideout we brought in was Charles Johnson. After back and forth talks with the Bucs we were also able to bring in Sammy Watkins for the 1st rd. pick. Despite Watkins age he is still young in years played.. entering the PRIME of his career in year 5 of season's played.
Bringing in CB Cyrus Jones and drafting CB Anthony Van Dyke to match up with Rollins is where we have to go because we could not bring in a veteran or a younger stud. These players will grow in this system OTA's have been promising.

Off-season was full but not that exciting trying to keep the Bills cap number where we need it to be bring in talent to keep us competitive is the challenge.

QB- Matthew Hunter has been holding it down his entire career and we expect big things from the Franchise Quarterback. After a down year we have added weapons. Excited to see what he can do with the speed and size the Bills have on offense

HBs Led by HB Karlos Williams we expect a strong running attack and with HB Knowshon Cooper getting to the end of his carreer. We feel like the combo attack is enough to make us dangerous in the running game.

WRs What can we say we are fast, deep, and have a lot of size. You really cant ask for more. Just have to get the ball to the guy who is hot and let them do their thing. Expecting WR Sammy Watkins and Justin Blackmon to hold it down. Charles Johnson and Stephen Hills not to be out done will move around as needed in the offense.

TEs Led by all world Tight End Julius Thomas the Bills leading receiver. Adding TE Dunsmore and 1st year player TE Baby Gronkowski the Bills had speed and versatility at the position

Oline More than solid upfront we have road graders as guards and a monster RT. LT is mobile and a Pro Bowl caliber player. Center is solid and sets the tone for the rest. We are pretty and the Bills foundation is set.

DLine Two Solid DTs we have a speed guy that strong a strong guy that quick. Both great against the run. RE Armstead is a physical beast and LE Ryder coming off a 17 sack season looks to make the same impact in 2019

LBs 1st year player OLB Cravens and come in and stabilized the LB Corps. OLB Barr is solid on the other end and Bills made a move to bring in another vet to hold the middle down in Darrell Lloyd and has leadership to the position.

CBs CB Rollins is leading a group of veterans and Rookies like Anthony Van Dyke to maintain. There is a needs here that ownership is aware of but not sacrificing the team future on veteran talent.

Safetys FS Thompson and SS Dowling provide the overall coverage of the team. Keeping everything in front of them. These young and Fast receivers coming of the draft will make that a challenge this season.

Just finishing week 2 game and we started faster than we did the previous year. We are struggling on defense and will make some adjustments to hopefully compensate but only time will tell. Go Bills
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 06/08/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1422
PFL Bills 2018 Draft Picks
PFL Bills coming into this draft felt like we have several needs. Even though we didn't fill them all we felt like the team will be competitive and feel like that HB Karlos Williams will lead the Bills rush attack. GM Kdee explained, that he knows we can shake things of a bit. Time to get to work.

Draft Pick 1.28

RG Germain Ifedi Height: 6'6" Weight: 324lbs Age: 22 College: Texas A&M
Best Lineman in the draft, day 1 starter that will grind the run and protect a passer.

Draft Pick 1.31

FS Darian Thompson Height: 6'2" Weight: 208lbs Age: 23 College: Boise State
Darian Thompson is fast and has size and can cover a WR, shows ability to tackle running back and complete FS. Day one starter

Draft Pick 2.14

ROLB Su'a Cravens Height: 6'1" Weight: 226lbs Age: 21 College: USC
Sua was brought in to compliment Anthony Barr and to cover TEs expect him to start and it may be a bit of a rough season

Draft Pick 3.31

WR Pharoh Cooper Height: 5'11" Weight: 203lbs Age: 21 College: S. Carolina
Fast receiver with kick return skills the ability to stretch the field

Draft Pick 4.17

FB Glenn Gronkowski Height: 6'2" Weight: 239lbs Age: 23 College: Kansas State
Baby gronk is a mobile guy that will be made TE to use his versatility

Draft Pick 4.19

LOLB De'Vondre Campbell Height: 6'4" Weight: 232lbs Age: 22 College: Minnesota
Guys has to potential but needs TC for a few years to develop.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 12/02/2016) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2158
PFL Post draft
Walking out of the draft the Bills can't help but feel excited about the upcoming season. Last season was a great season but looking at the Bills you felt like if they don't get it done it will be rebuilding time as age at key positions.
The Bills we able to make deals with several teams across the league and turned 1st rd pick in three and another three in the second round.

Draft Picks:

14th overall pick - Q Rollins out of Maimi who is an experienced CB and in the OTA that he has been a part of is showing that not only he is a PFL CB. He may be one of the best as his skill set is suited for the scheme he is in.

25th overall Pick - T. Ambrose out of Fuman, the Bills have never had a combination of speed and size and power in a DT. This DTackle has a high motor the Bills expect great things. together with DT Sindle expecting to keep the middle maintained

26th overall Pick - M. Hunt out of Ball State, the last of the TOP tier CB's in the draft the Bills felt an obligation to go out and get him. With one of the older CB teams in the league we not seem to have the Youngest starting duo.

After seeing the best RG go off the board and the best LG already gone the Bills started looking at what was needed to fill some deficiencies in the interior line. Adding the best LT in the draft in Collins with the intent to move him to RG. Our original plan was to pick up RT Lewis Duncan with the 12th overall, but the Bears spoiled that

2.2 - With this pick we received LT L. Collins an he has so much ability we plan to move him inside to RG. Expecting BIG things from this player. adding him was very important in a revamping of the run attack

2.12 - FS Terry Crawford as we felt he is the #2 FS on our board was sitting the for the picking. He is will fight for a starting position. With good size and speed we feel he will become a Bills core players.

2.22 - HB Karlos Williams - When i looked at this guy I see so much potential and the fact is he is 21 years old and can contribute. sky could be the limit for the potential running back.

Post draft I am filling like we have added 5 new starters. all on the defense. Looking forward we need to add a wideout or 2 before the start of the season.

Feeling Good about being a Bill!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/28/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1629
Frustration running throughout the Bills
the Leagues MVP, sucked. Offense non existent.

Defense held up as well as u thought they could but after 5 INT's on the wrong side of the field.

Putting Mo Blair back in the starting line-up! Mistake, he had a horrible game.


Time to get to work.!!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 02/24/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1930
PFL Bills Mid-Season Assessment
PFL Bills Headquarters Owner/GM/Coach Kdee sits down to do some evaluation of his team. It is difficult to gauge what is next for this franchise. I feel like these are K-dees Bills but we have yet to punch a ticket to a Championship. With that being said, we feel like we match up well with the TOP teams that the league has to offer. We will have some tough decisions to make this off-season. Play contracts are coming up and decisions will need to made that is going to keep this franchise among the best the PFL has to offer. On that note, lets evaluate each position.

QBs Matthew Hunter is the face of the franchise, the Bills clear undisputed leader and field general. This season has been a great one so far. His number are up across the board and his competition percentage us up +6 percentage points. He is leading the league in yards and TDs and is in the TOP 5 for rating. The Bills are feel like we have two viable candidates for the future.

HBs Knowshon Cooper is off to a slow start but he seem to be getting the job down. John Fisher doesnt offer a change of pace but a change of style. Still a work in progress. Running game needs to be the priority. In order to have a balance offense you need balance. Still looking for that change of pace HB, but will find that this offseason.

WRs Stephen Hill has been a beast since acquired by trade from the Rams. He had 13 TDs his first season and has 8 and we are not at the mid-point of the season yet. Mo Blair and Track sensation Usain Bolt have contributed. The biggest disappointment is WR Don Tucker, who amid trade rumors has played every game. He has just been painfully inconsistent. Look for some off-season activity if things dont change.

TEs - Julian Thomas walked in the door asking for the ball. Off to a slow start, he is slowly beginning to show the Bills why he was worth the draft pick was given up for him. TE Austin Jenk, seem to be finding his mojo in the #2 Tightend spot, his blocking has been invaluable. Gary Barnage has been spot filling for the Bills when needed.

OLine LT Kymer has been the pleasant surprise after losing him early last season and has the LT position on lock down.LT Kymer, LG Danielson and C Chuck Law proving how well that 2014 draft was for the Bills. Added to that fact there were 2 other players who started as rookies. We brought in RG Asamoah to provide that veteran experience. RT Darryl Duncan who maybe one of the best athletics on the team is still learning technique.

DLine Daquan Bowers has brought the pass-rush back to the PFL Bills and along with Vin Rider who is leading the team in sacks. The Defensive line has been good against the run and the pass rush has been affecting the QB. DT Sindle and DT Cody have made their presence felt in the middle. Adding some young depth at this position to develop.

LB The veteran LBs on the squad MB Wilson leads the team in tackles. He also cover TEs, despite the price tag he is Mr. Everything. Bruce Carter and Anthony Barr are playing solid. Carter is having a great second season with Bills. We have some veteran LB for depth.

DBs CBs are playing solid, CB Tony Wallace has been added to the starting line-up. Expect that he has moved into the #2 CB spot for the rest of the season. CB#3 Ben Hendricks and the speed to hang with any slot WR and has exceled in his new role.

Even though we are sitting one three losses already, the PFL Bills seem to be on a hot streak after a Big Win over the Texans this week. Offense and Defense are in the TOP 5 and the new additions are starting to assist with opening up the offense. We have start to infuse some youth and it seem to be paying off. Game by game as they say, keep the ship steady and now getting prepared for what we feel is the toughest team in the AFC East the PFL Jets. No disrespect the Patriots as we know he is in transition.

Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 12/09/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1752
PFL Bills move on the AFC Championship
PFL Bills have moved passed the PFL Dolphins in pretty dominate style. Coach Kdee wanted to share this: I wanted big brother to know who was the actual big brother is. Excuses which you will make when you read this, will just leave sitting where I put you at home.

Now on to the game at hand, we will have our hands full with the best running back in the league..

I'm looking forward to the Challenge that the PFL Jags present
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 08/31/2015) Replies - 8 :: Views - 4586
State of the Franchise: PFL Bills mid-season report
After coming off a great off-season trades, free agency that saw me bring in a number great veteran players and the 2015 PFL Draft. Where I was able to find 4 starters that are playing well. I was hoping I would be able to turn this talent into a team. I feel like we are on our way, but not quite there yet. Feeling a little battle tested we head into the second half of the season with a heavy duty part of our schedule.

Via trade the Bills have brought in WR Stephen Hill (5 TD's) and WR Mo Blair (34 cats for 523 yrds) via Free Agency. WR Don Tucker (432 yrds and 3 TD's) has also been added that is providing that legit deep threat. HB CJ Thomas has bought in some excellent playing skills and seems to making a great fit in the HB2 spot. One BIG change/move or whatever you want to call it was moving FB Harkey to TE, he has one catch this season but he has not progressed as expected. Expect that Austin Jenks will be pushing to get to get into the TE2 spot.

On defense we feel like we have done an Outstanding job, although we are in the later half of teams against the pass. We fee like because we have been ahead in most games that the result of that is teams passing a lot to get back in the game. adding CB Morris Claibourne (5 INT's) and FS Norton (3 INT's) and SS Eric Berry has taken our defense to new heights. Adding OLB Bruce Carter to the LB Corp has made the Bills one of the TOP defense against the rush. finally but certainly not least add DT Terrance Cody in the middle has made everyone more active.

One thing I will say about this team is they have been consistent and being led by one of the TOP QB's in the league. HB Knowshon Cooper (#2 in rushing)has been running well behind a tough young FB with a good offensive of line that are 25 and younger except RG Jason Peters.
I guess this is all meant to say that we are happy the direction we are going in, but we have a lot to make up for. We have a long tough road ahead, excited to see what the PFL Bills will do next.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 06/05/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 2009
State of the Franchise: PFL Bills - Post Draft Edition
GM Kdee has come out of the draft with all draftees looking at starting. "We are excited to have all these guys in". Looking at the Bills at the end of the off-season, you wouldn't recongize them now.

Kdee and management feels this is their team now and not the previous regime. Time to get this started.

1.29 DT Fred Sindle - Run stuffer with pass rushing abilty
2.10 C Chuck Law - day 1 start that can be dominate
2.11 RT Marcus Danielson - looking at LG for the rookie to take over
2.14 FB Jamel Hicks - Day 1 starter, we have a beast to lead the beast
3.10 LT J.J Kymer - possible day 1 starter happy to see him there

On Offense: QB Hunter is a great QB, he has a nice arm and has alot of confidence. We want him to continue to be himself and not force him to throw. Looking at HB we have HB Cooper who is coming off the best season he has had as a pro and HB Tucker should have a bigger role. Wideouts have change as we have added WR Stephen Hill via trade and Mo Blair through Free Agency and WR Tucker via trade with the Titans. Adding 3 6'4 WR's in one off-season doesn't happen. WR Tate and WR Wall will be in the mix also. rebuilding the offensive of line has been a bit of a project. But we are very happy we found a starter in th e 3rd round of the 2015 draft.

On Defense: Defense we felt the need to be improved as the AFC has a collection of great WR's so adding a lock down CB and a BIG DT to the Bills was key. Adding CB Claiborne and Rookie DT Fred Sindle, on the Rookie we felt he was the best solution for what we do on defense. then we had the opportunity to bring a Championship calibar LB in with Bruce Carter and a FS who has a title with FS Norton. These moves with the peices we already have feel make our defense one to deal with.

Global change was the name of this Bills project this season. we have gotten younger, bigger and faster. Putting it all together will be the key. Bills brass feel like we are on track to stabilty. We have age in the receiver spot that will need to be address but we have depth and will be using it. Injuries slowed us at the end of last season. TE, MLB , and OL were postion of need for depth. after Free Agency will be ready to go.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/30/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2899
State of the Franchise PFL Bills - Pre-draft
After a disappointing season it appears that the Bills needed an influx of playmakers. Often feeling stagnate, Bills GM Kdee has made it a focus to pick it up this off-season and make something things happen. Bills feel like we have holes everywhere and we need to find the best players at each position that we could.
We have added 3 new WR's through trades and Free Agency. We have added a Top notch Safety and CB. Although we still have work to do ware happy with the veteran group of receivers that we have and the size of the 3... We think there will be match up problems that we can take advantage of. First thing first, we went 0-6 in our division, that cant happen again. Real change in strategy is taking is shape. Time to get to work.
Going into the draft we feel like it is a best player option, rather than need. I feel like all the great veterans out there, we will use them.
Stay tuned post draft!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/23/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2529

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