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PFL Bills Off-season and up to Week 2
After an exciting divisional round game with the Colts. Bills GM Kdee at the end of the season has to take a position going in to next season. Question was, " Is it time to blow it up or reload because we still have the tools to make a run at it ".

We decided that having a good defense and TOP 2 offense that we should reload and make another run. Top concerns for the Bills were the age at receiver and Cornerback

At the start of the draft the Bills had 1.27 and after that were not due to draft their next player until the 4th round. Scouting told us that there would not be a receiver or corner they would be able to get without reaching for it. GM and scouting team made the decision that trading for a WR or Corner would be the best option.
Corners Sherman and Trufant top the market as the TOP corners to get.
Evaluating the talent either corner would get the job done but it was going to be a 2 year rental and that something we couldn't except. So after some talks with fellow GM around the league the first Wideout we brought in was Charles Johnson. After back and forth talks with the Bucs we were also able to bring in Sammy Watkins for the 1st rd. pick. Despite Watkins age he is still young in years played.. entering the PRIME of his career in year 5 of season's played.
Bringing in CB Cyrus Jones and drafting CB Anthony Van Dyke to match up with Rollins is where we have to go because we could not bring in a veteran or a younger stud. These players will grow in this system OTA's have been promising.

Off-season was full but not that exciting trying to keep the Bills cap number where we need it to be bring in talent to keep us competitive is the challenge.

QB- Matthew Hunter has been holding it down his entire career and we expect big things from the Franchise Quarterback. After a down year we have added weapons. Excited to see what he can do with the speed and size the Bills have on offense

HBs Led by HB Karlos Williams we expect a strong running attack and with HB Knowshon Cooper getting to the end of his carreer. We feel like the combo attack is enough to make us dangerous in the running game.

WRs What can we say we are fast, deep, and have a lot of size. You really cant ask for more. Just have to get the ball to the guy who is hot and let them do their thing. Expecting WR Sammy Watkins and Justin Blackmon to hold it down. Charles Johnson and Stephen Hills not to be out done will move around as needed in the offense.

TEs Led by all world Tight End Julius Thomas the Bills leading receiver. Adding TE Dunsmore and 1st year player TE Baby Gronkowski the Bills had speed and versatility at the position

Oline More than solid upfront we have road graders as guards and a monster RT. LT is mobile and a Pro Bowl caliber player. Center is solid and sets the tone for the rest. We are pretty and the Bills foundation is set.

DLine Two Solid DTs we have a speed guy that strong a strong guy that quick. Both great against the run. RE Armstead is a physical beast and LE Ryder coming off a 17 sack season looks to make the same impact in 2019

LBs 1st year player OLB Cravens and come in and stabilized the LB Corps. OLB Barr is solid on the other end and Bills made a move to bring in another vet to hold the middle down in Darrell Lloyd and has leadership to the position.

CBs CB Rollins is leading a group of veterans and Rookies like Anthony Van Dyke to maintain. There is a needs here that ownership is aware of but not sacrificing the team future on veteran talent.

Safetys FS Thompson and SS Dowling provide the overall coverage of the team. Keeping everything in front of them. These young and Fast receivers coming of the draft will make that a challenge this season.

Just finishing week 2 game and we started faster than we did the previous year. We are struggling on defense and will make some adjustments to hopefully compensate but only time will tell. Go Bills
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 06/08/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 797

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GM K-Dee
Head Coach S.McDermott
Offensive Coordinator T.Haley
Defensive Coordinator D.Pederson
Special Teams K.Gilbride
Salary $151.79M
Cap Penalty $11.9M
Cap Room $-690K

Bills Quinten Rollins CB 85 2 weeks

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#14 Jets Jets 9-7-0 0.563 2-4
#18 Bills Bills 8-8-0 0.500 4-2
#23 Patriots Patriots 7-9-0 0.438 3-3

1 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Won 27-21
2 Sun at Chargers Chargers #32
Won 50-27
3 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #4
Won 31-6
4 Sun at 49ers 49ers #12
Lost 7-29
5 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Won 46-6
6 Sun at Jets Jets #14
Won 42-35
7 Mon at Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 23-33
8 Sun vs Rams Rams #24
Lost 31-35
9 Sun at Colts Colts #7
Lost 17-38
11 Sun vs Jets Jets #14
Won 52-31
12 Sun vs Raiders Raiders #27
Won 23-6
13 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #17
Lost 13-26
14 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 14-16
15 Sun at Broncos Broncos #11
Lost 23-45
16 Sat vs Cardinals Cardinals #30
Won 38-32
17 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #20
Lost 24-28