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PFL Career Passing Leader - Matthew Hunter
QB Matthew Hunter drafted 2.6 in 2009. Matthew started as a rookie leading his team to the playoffs. With 41,308 passing yards and 289 TD's. Nine times this quaterback has over 3000 yards and 20 TD's. The savy QB appears to make a strong playoff run.

One and One in Superbowl appearances and the 2019 Coach voted AFC Player of the year is locking in on might be a final run at a Super Bowl Championship.

One of the most consistent QB's, Is he the best QB the PFL has ever seen? Time will tell..
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/31/2018) Replies - 3 :: Views - 789
PFL Bills Off-season and up to Week 2
After an exciting divisional round game with the Colts. Bills GM Kdee at the end of the season has to take a position going in to next season. Question was, " Is it time to blow it up or reload because we still have the tools to make a run at it ".

We decided that having a good defense and TOP 2 offense that we should reload and make another run. Top concerns for the Bills were the age at receiver and Cornerback

At the start of the draft the Bills had 1.27 and after that were not due to draft their next player until the 4th round. Scouting told us that there would not be a receiver or corner they would be able to get without reaching for it. GM and scouting team made the decision that trading for a WR or Corner would be the best option.
Corners Sherman and Trufant top the market as the TOP corners to get.
Evaluating the talent either corner would get the job done but it was going to be a 2 year rental and that something we couldn't except. So after some talks with fellow GM around the league the first Wideout we brought in was Charles Johnson. After back and forth talks with the Bucs we were also able to bring in Sammy Watkins for the 1st rd. pick. Despite Watkins age he is still young in years played.. entering the PRIME of his career in year 5 of season's played.
Bringing in CB Cyrus Jones and drafting CB Anthony Van Dyke to match up with Rollins is where we have to go because we could not bring in a veteran or a younger stud. These players will grow in this system OTA's have been promising.

Off-season was full but not that exciting trying to keep the Bills cap number where we need it to be bring in talent to keep us competitive is the challenge.

QB- Matthew Hunter has been holding it down his entire career and we expect big things from the Franchise Quarterback. After a down year we have added weapons. Excited to see what he can do with the speed and size the Bills have on offense

HBís Ė Led by HB Karlos Williams we expect a strong running attack and with HB Knowshon Cooper getting to the end of his carreer. We feel like the combo attack is enough to make us dangerous in the running game.

WRís Ė What can we say we are fast, deep, and have a lot of size. You really canít ask for more. Just have to get the ball to the guy who is hot and let them do their thing. Expecting WR Sammy Watkins and Justin Blackmon to hold it down. Charles Johnson and Stephen Hills not to be out done will move around as needed in the offense.

TEís Ė Led by all world Tight End Julius Thomas the Bills leading receiver. Adding TE Dunsmore and 1st year player TE Baby Gronkowski the Bills had speed and versatility at the position

Oline Ė More than solid upfront we have road graders as guards and a monster RT. LT is mobile and a Pro Bowl caliber player. Center is solid and sets the tone for the rest. We are pretty and the Bills foundation is set.

DLine Ė Two Solid DTís we have a speed guy that strong a strong guy that quick. Both great against the run. RE Armstead is a physical beast and LE Ryder coming off a 17 sack season looks to make the same impact in 2019

LBís Ė 1st year player OLB Cravens and come in and stabilized the LB Corps. OLB Barr is solid on the other end and Bills made a move to bring in another vet to hold the middle down in Darrell Lloyd and has leadership to the position.

CBís Ė CB Rollins is leading a group of veterans and Rookies like Anthony Van Dyke to maintain. There is a needs here that ownership is aware of but not sacrificing the team future on veteran talent.

Safetyís Ė FS Thompson and SS Dowling provide the overall coverage of the team. Keeping everything in front of them. These young and Fast receivers coming of the draft will make that a challenge this season.

Just finishing week 2 game and we started faster than we did the previous year. We are struggling on defense and will make some adjustments to hopefully compensate but only time will tell. Go Bills
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 06/08/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1223
PFL Bills 2018 Draft Picks
PFL Bills coming into this draft felt like we have several needs. Even though we didn't fill them all we felt like the team will be competitive and feel like that HB Karlos Williams will lead the Bills rush attack. GM Kdee explained, that he knows we can shake things of a bit. Time to get to work.

Draft Pick 1.28

RG Germain Ifedi Height: 6'6" Weight: 324lbs Age: 22 College: Texas A&M
Best Lineman in the draft, day 1 starter that will grind the run and protect a passer.

Draft Pick 1.31

FS Darian Thompson Height: 6'2" Weight: 208lbs Age: 23 College: Boise State
Darian Thompson is fast and has size and can cover a WR, shows ability to tackle running back and complete FS. Day one starter

Draft Pick 2.14

ROLB Su'a Cravens Height: 6'1" Weight: 226lbs Age: 21 College: USC
Suía was brought in to compliment Anthony Barr and to cover TEís expect him to start and it may be a bit of a rough season

Draft Pick 3.31

WR Pharoh Cooper Height: 5'11" Weight: 203lbs Age: 21 College: S. Carolina
Fast receiver with kick return skills the ability to stretch the field

Draft Pick 4.17

FB Glenn Gronkowski Height: 6'2" Weight: 239lbs Age: 23 College: Kansas State
Baby gronk is a mobile guy that will be made TE to use his versatility

Draft Pick 4.19

LOLB De'Vondre Campbell Height: 6'4" Weight: 232lbs Age: 22 College: Minnesota
Guys has to potential but needs TC for a few years to develop.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 12/02/2016) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1936
PFL Post draft
Walking out of the draft the Bills can't help but feel excited about the upcoming season. Last season was a great season but looking at the Bills you felt like if they don't get it done it will be rebuilding time as age at key positions.
The Bills we able to make deals with several teams across the league and turned 1st rd pick in three and another three in the second round.

Draft Picks:

14th overall pick - Q Rollins out of Maimi who is an experienced CB and in the OTA that he has been a part of is showing that not only he is a PFL CB. He may be one of the best as his skill set is suited for the scheme he is in.

25th overall Pick - T. Ambrose out of Fuman, the Bills have never had a combination of speed and size and power in a DT. This DTackle has a high motor the Bills expect great things. together with DT Sindle expecting to keep the middle maintained

26th overall Pick - M. Hunt out of Ball State, the last of the TOP tier CB's in the draft the Bills felt an obligation to go out and get him. With one of the older CB teams in the league we not seem to have the Youngest starting duo.

After seeing the best RG go off the board and the best LG already gone the Bills started looking at what was needed to fill some deficiencies in the interior line. Adding the best LT in the draft in Collins with the intent to move him to RG. Our original plan was to pick up RT Lewis Duncan with the 12th overall, but the Bears spoiled that

2.2 - With this pick we received LT L. Collins an he has so much ability we plan to move him inside to RG. Expecting BIG things from this player. adding him was very important in a revamping of the run attack

2.12 - FS Terry Crawford as we felt he is the #2 FS on our board was sitting the for the picking. He is will fight for a starting position. With good size and speed we feel he will become a Bills core players.

2.22 - HB Karlos Williams - When i looked at this guy I see so much potential and the fact is he is 21 years old and can contribute. sky could be the limit for the potential running back.

Post draft I am filling like we have added 5 new starters. all on the defense. Looking forward we need to add a wideout or 2 before the start of the season.

Feeling Good about being a Bill!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/28/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1479
Frustration running throughout the Bills
the Leagues MVP, sucked. Offense non existent.

Defense held up as well as u thought they could but after 5 INT's on the wrong side of the field.

Putting Mo Blair back in the starting line-up! Mistake, he had a horrible game.


Time to get to work.!!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 02/24/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1762
PFL Bills Mid-Season Assessment
PFL Bills Headquarters Ė Owner/GM/Coach Kdee sits down to do some evaluation of his team. It is difficult to gauge what is next for this franchise. I feel like these are K-deeís Bills but we have yet to punch a ticket to a Championship. With that being said, we feel like we match up well with the TOP teams that the league has to offer. We will have some tough decisions to make this off-season. Play contracts are coming up and decisions will need to made that is going to keep this franchise among the best the PFL has to offer. On that note, lets evaluate each position.

QBís Ė Matthew Hunter is the face of the franchise, the Bills clear undisputed leader and field general. This season has been a great one so far. His number are up across the board and his competition percentage us up +6 percentage points. He is leading the league in yards and TDís and is in the TOP 5 for rating. The Bills are feel like we have two viable candidates for the future.

HBís Ė Knowshon Cooper is off to a slow start but he seem to be getting the job down. John Fisher doesnít offer a change of pace but a change of style. Still a work in progress. Running game needs to be the priority. In order to have a balance offense you need balance. Still looking for that change of pace HB, but will find that this offseason.

WRís Ė Stephen Hill has been a beast since acquired by trade from the Rams. He had 13 TDís his first season and has 8 and we are not at the mid-point of the season yet. Mo Blair and Track sensation Usain Bolt have contributed. The biggest disappointment is WR Don Tucker, who amid trade rumors has played every game. He has just been painfully inconsistent. Look for some off-season activity if things donít change.

TEís - Julian Thomas walked in the door asking for the ball. Off to a slow start, he is slowly beginning to show the Bills why he was worth the draft pick was given up for him. TE Austin Jenk, seem to be finding his mojo in the #2 Tightend spot, his blocking has been invaluable. Gary Barnage has been spot filling for the Bills when needed.

OLine Ė LT Kymer has been the pleasant surprise after losing him early last season and has the LT position on lock down.LT Kymer, LG Danielson and C Chuck Law proving how well that 2014 draft was for the Bills. Added to that fact there were 2 other players who started as rookies. We brought in RG Asamoah to provide that veteran experience. RT Darryl Duncan who maybe one of the best athletics on the team is still learning technique.

DLine Ė Daquan Bowers has brought the pass-rush back to the PFL Bills and along with Vin Rider who is leading the team in sacks. The Defensive line has been good against the run and the pass rush has been affecting the QB. DT Sindle and DT Cody have made their presence felt in the middle. Adding some young depth at this position to develop.

LB Ė The veteran LBís on the squad MB Wilson leads the team in tackles. He also cover TEís, despite the price tag he is Mr. Everything. Bruce Carter and Anthony Barr are playing solid. Carter is having a great second season with Bills. We have some veteran LB for depth.

DBís Ė CBís are playing solid, CB Tony Wallace has been added to the starting line-up. Expect that he has moved into the #2 CB spot for the rest of the season. CB#3 Ben Hendricks and the speed to hang with any slot WR and has exceled in his new role.

Even though we are sitting one three losses already, the PFL Bills seem to be on a hot streak after a Big Win over the Texans this week. Offense and Defense are in the TOP 5 and the new additions are starting to assist with opening up the offense. We have start to infuse some youth and it seem to be paying off. Game by game as they say, keep the ship steady and now getting prepared for what we feel is the toughest team in the AFC East the PFL Jets. No disrespect the Patriots as we know he is in transition.

Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 12/09/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1595
PFL Bills move on the AFC Championship
PFL Bills have moved passed the PFL Dolphins in pretty dominate style. Coach Kdee wanted to share this: I wanted big brother to know who was the actual big brother is. Excuses which you will make when you read this, will just leave sitting where I put you at home.

Now on to the game at hand, we will have our hands full with the best running back in the league..

I'm looking forward to the Challenge that the PFL Jags present
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 08/31/2015) Replies - 8 :: Views - 4240
State of the Franchise: PFL Bills mid-season report
After coming off a great off-season trades, free agency that saw me bring in a number great veteran players and the 2015 PFL Draft. Where I was able to find 4 starters that are playing well. I was hoping I would be able to turn this talent into a team. I feel like we are on our way, but not quite there yet. Feeling a little battle tested we head into the second half of the season with a heavy duty part of our schedule.

Via trade the Bills have brought in WR Stephen Hill (5 TD's) and WR Mo Blair (34 cats for 523 yrds) via Free Agency. WR Don Tucker (432 yrds and 3 TD's) has also been added that is providing that legit deep threat. HB CJ Thomas has bought in some excellent playing skills and seems to making a great fit in the HB2 spot. One BIG change/move or whatever you want to call it was moving FB Harkey to TE, he has one catch this season but he has not progressed as expected. Expect that Austin Jenks will be pushing to get to get into the TE2 spot.

On defense we feel like we have done an Outstanding job, although we are in the later half of teams against the pass. We fee like because we have been ahead in most games that the result of that is teams passing a lot to get back in the game. adding CB Morris Claibourne (5 INT's) and FS Norton (3 INT's) and SS Eric Berry has taken our defense to new heights. Adding OLB Bruce Carter to the LB Corp has made the Bills one of the TOP defense against the rush. finally but certainly not least add DT Terrance Cody in the middle has made everyone more active.

One thing I will say about this team is they have been consistent and being led by one of the TOP QB's in the league. HB Knowshon Cooper (#2 in rushing)has been running well behind a tough young FB with a good offensive of line that are 25 and younger except RG Jason Peters.
I guess this is all meant to say that we are happy the direction we are going in, but we have a lot to make up for. We have a long tough road ahead, excited to see what the PFL Bills will do next.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 06/05/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1840
State of the Franchise: PFL Bills - Post Draft Edition
GM Kdee has come out of the draft with all draftees looking at starting. "We are excited to have all these guys in". Looking at the Bills at the end of the off-season, you wouldn't recongize them now.

Kdee and management feels this is their team now and not the previous regime. Time to get this started.

1.29 DT Fred Sindle - Run stuffer with pass rushing abilty
2.10 C Chuck Law - day 1 start that can be dominate
2.11 RT Marcus Danielson - looking at LG for the rookie to take over
2.14 FB Jamel Hicks - Day 1 starter, we have a beast to lead the beast
3.10 LT J.J Kymer - possible day 1 starter happy to see him there

On Offense: QB Hunter is a great QB, he has a nice arm and has alot of confidence. We want him to continue to be himself and not force him to throw. Looking at HB we have HB Cooper who is coming off the best season he has had as a pro and HB Tucker should have a bigger role. Wideouts have change as we have added WR Stephen Hill via trade and Mo Blair through Free Agency and WR Tucker via trade with the Titans. Adding 3 6'4 WR's in one off-season doesn't happen. WR Tate and WR Wall will be in the mix also. rebuilding the offensive of line has been a bit of a project. But we are very happy we found a starter in th e 3rd round of the 2015 draft.

On Defense: Defense we felt the need to be improved as the AFC has a collection of great WR's so adding a lock down CB and a BIG DT to the Bills was key. Adding CB Claiborne and Rookie DT Fred Sindle, on the Rookie we felt he was the best solution for what we do on defense. then we had the opportunity to bring a Championship calibar LB in with Bruce Carter and a FS who has a title with FS Norton. These moves with the peices we already have feel make our defense one to deal with.

Global change was the name of this Bills project this season. we have gotten younger, bigger and faster. Putting it all together will be the key. Bills brass feel like we are on track to stabilty. We have age in the receiver spot that will need to be address but we have depth and will be using it. Injuries slowed us at the end of last season. TE, MLB , and OL were postion of need for depth. after Free Agency will be ready to go.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/30/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2707
State of the Franchise PFL Bills - Pre-draft
After a disappointing season it appears that the Bills needed an influx of playmakers. Often feeling stagnate, Bills GM Kdee has made it a focus to pick it up this off-season and make something things happen. Bills feel like we have holes everywhere and we need to find the best players at each position that we could.
We have added 3 new WR's through trades and Free Agency. We have added a Top notch Safety and CB. Although we still have work to do ware happy with the veteran group of receivers that we have and the size of the 3... We think there will be match up problems that we can take advantage of. First thing first, we went 0-6 in our division, that canít happen again. Real change in strategy is taking is shape. Time to get to work.
Going into the draft we feel like it is a best player option, rather than need. I feel like all the great veterans out there, we will use them.
Stay tuned post draft!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 03/23/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2329
PFL Bills: State of the Franchise
Coming in the season is a new GM and coach, first off I want to say that the PFL Bills is a fantastic franchise. I am so excited to be back in the home franchise and I thank the Bronco's franchise for the excitement they provided the last 2 seasons. PFL Bills is home (Favorite NFL Franchise) They have been in the playoffs the last 3 season and won a Super bowl. We do not want a drop off.

First thing, we came in an accessed the situation on all 3 sides of the ball. Found that we needed to get younger, bigger and faster.

Defense: With a good Defensive Ends and weak middle, the D-line had to be addressed. The LB's and DB's were aging and a few starters had lost a step. With the picks team had after a great season we didn't feel that we would be able to replace the DB's needed so we went after proving veterans. We have added CB Murphy and CB Wright from the Rams and SS Taylor Mays from Washington. We feel like we now have time to resolve the DB's issues coming in the future and to deal with the Dolphins receiving corps.. We have strengthen the middle by adding DT Ta'amu and picking up the former Bronco DT Still. We feel comfortable with the depth and size we now have the position.

Offense: We let the prize veteran Wide out go to think of the future. Management added talent at the WR position to help the QB as the franchise makes moves to pre-pare for the future. we have added a RG Long from the Dolphins, although a controversal decision RG Long will propel the Bills Oline into the future. The Bills have let also traded Spiller which also was a move to start the future success of the franchise. After OTA's and mini camp the we feel comfortable with the runners we have and can't wait to show the talent coming outta Buffalo.

Excited about a new season and this team, Week 1 is coming and we are ready. Go Bills..
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 10/26/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1765
Superbowl Songs
I would like to dedicate this song to my dear friend, Mr. Jim Hatzis....


That's me performing under my stage name, Bryan Ferry.
Forum Discussion (by Mojo Beaux on 03/20/2014) Replies - 10 :: Views - 4793
Bills stepping down
Hey guys its been fun but I gotta go for undisclosed reason, everything is fine just cant go into detail. Thanks for the chance to play in a great league
Forum Discussion (by The Guy on 11/03/2013) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2606
The Bills put a exclamation point on a great season today when it took the upstart Jags to school in todays game. The Jags played a great game in the first half and they run a tight ship down there, but the Bills Starters insisted on playing the game through as they wanted to finish the season strong and on a good note going into the playoffs. Great Game Mr K, you will have those guys smokin hot next season.

The Bills didnt have any major injuries in this game and is the #1 Seed in the AFC and the PFL, now if we can win 3 games in a row in the next coming weeks the Bills will have done the unthinkable since they were not in any playoff or superbowl contention talks at the beginning of the season.

I have truly enjoyed this league and all it brings, i look forward to the playoffs and next season, as i take over my favorite team the Carolina Panthers and try to bring them to the promise land.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 08/30/2012) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1308
The Bills came into this contest wanting to send a message to the league that it is for real and it did just that, the Bills defense came to play, they put the clamps on reggie bush and forced the Saints to play to there strength which is defending the pass, the Saints use alot of playaction to get behind the defense and we were aware of that from getting tips from other coaches in the league, so we played the deep ball and were successful up until Devery Henderson somehow got wide open for a long TD.

Overall the Bills were clicking on both sides of the ball and it was pounding the rock down the middle of the Saints defense all game. Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi was killing the Saints Defense, he finished with 9cths for 111yds. RB CJ Spiller ran hard all game he finished with 87yds rushing and 3TD's. Rookie QB Matthew Hunter was sharp as he finished with 191yds, 70%com, 2TD's and a QB rating of 122. The Bills are strongly considering sitting its starters for the next game against the Jags, though the Jags talk alot of trash, the Bills feel confident they can win with its Second String :P lol.

This is truly a Outstanding Year for the Bills they have came up from bottom of the pile now to stand at the TOP of it, BILLS BOII
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 08/24/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1204
The Buffalo Bills have really turned things around in the AFC East this season, with a new coach a new system and some new talent the Bills have done the unthinkable according to their past and early season predictions by Clinching its first division title and its first AFC #1 seed going into the playoffs. The Bills have two games left against the Saints and the Jags and are hopeing for no significant injuries in those games, its most likely that the starters will play the Saints game, but will sit out the Jags game as it has no effect on the Bills playoff position. The Bills fans are very excited for the playoffs and they are hopeing for hardware on top of a miracle season.

There are talks brewing that the Bills Coach has been offered more money and the chance to coach his favorite team the Carolina Panthers next season, will he take the job and try to bring the same spark to the Carolina's, what do you think :wink:
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 08/19/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 968
The Jets came into todays game and played outstanding defense and had a very smart offensive plan, they were sound and forced the Bills into many mistakes which would led to the Bills demise in this one, there wasnt eye popping stats in this one, all that the Bills can say is, Very Good Game to Magic and the Jets they came in and put the clamps on the Bills Offense and made the plays when they needed to. Well the Bills have fallen from the Ranks of being Undefeated and actually that is a load off of their shoulders, now we can just play football and hopefully we can pull out some victories over the next few weeks and win the #1 Seed in the AFC, but standing in their way are some very hungry playoff seeking teams and its not going to be a Cake Walk as we saw with their lost today.

Next week the Bills take on the surging Bengals and their super coach, Mr Pigskin in what looks like to be a very good game, the Bills will hit monday morning hard as they look to add a few more plays to the arsenal to open up their gameplan a little bit more, cya next week Mr. Pigskin.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 07/21/2012) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1907
The Bills came into todays Division showdown looking to Sweep its Division Rival Patriots and to move to 10 - 0 in the PFL, all season the Bills Defense has been it Catalyst, it bends a bit, but it doesnt break, many games this season the Bills have only allowed FG's and this game would be no different. The Bills Defense ManHandled the Pats Offense for the entire game only giving up 142yds of total offense. Rookie QB David Johnson was Tortured by the Bills all game, he finished with 88yds passing and one INT, he was also sacked 6 times througout the game. The Bills D also held the Pats rushing attack to 80yds. Great game as always Mr. Tibbs.

The Bills Offense would put up 335yds of Total Offense, but the Patriots also boast one of the better defenses in the league and they kept it close the entire game, the Bills had chances to add FG's to the score, but they gambled a few times and lost points on the board.

WR Lee Evans would lead all recievers with 6cth for 101yds and 1td. RB CJ Spiller ran hard and tough against a stout Pats front 7 as he gained 78yds on the ground. Rookie QB Matthew Hunter, who has turned into quite the game manager finished with 235yds and a TD/INT. Rookie FS Santana Carey who leads the league in Sacks added 3 Sacks and 3 Tackles in the game.

Next week the Bills face a very tough Jets team in another Division Rivalry game, the Bills know the Jets Defense always comes to play and they are itching to get another shot at the Bills since their first meeting this year, it will be a hard fought game and who knows what will happen.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 07/20/2012) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1346
Finally, after 9 games the Ruff Buff Bills can take a breather and get some much deserved rest during next weeks Bye as they have now moved to 9-0 in the PFL. Coach Daniels is very pleased with the effort and poise this team has displayed and he knows that its that poise that will put them over the top in hopefully all the games they have left, its a very tough road, the Patriots, Jets, Bengals, Dolphins,Colts, Saints and Jaguars are all great teams with great coaches and there is no way that the Bills can imagine going undefeated with that class of coaches standing in its way, oh we will battle, most definately, but we plan on getting even better by using those games as momentum builders and hopefully it propels us into the playoffs.

Season starts Week 11 vs my Division Rival Patriots, its going to be a tough one and I know he's focused, wouldnt want it any other way 8)
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 07/03/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 799
Todays showdown was between two teams who were both looking for a stranglehold on the division, this game was very important for both sides and as well as other teams in the AFC EAST. Here's how it all went down.

The first quarter was a defensive stalmate with both teams defense putting up heavy resistance.

Second quarter saw Rookie QB Matthew Hunter overthrow Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi, luckily for the Dolphins FS Robert Sands was playing the deep pass well and he snagged the INT for a huge turnover. After more stingy defense from both teams, SS Donte Whitner stepped in front of a Nicholas Hatzis pass and was one defender away from taking it to the house, he would be stopped around the Dolphins 30yard line, the Bills managed to get their running game going towards the last 5 minutes of the 2nd Qtr and RB CJ Spiller pounced into the endzone and gave the Bills a 7-0 led. Quickly the Dolphins offense was on the attack, a few bigs runs here a few 1st downs there and inside the Redzone where the Bills defense prides itself on stops, the Dolphins led by QB Nicholas Hatzis hit TE Bruce Murphy for a 7yard TD pass in between two defenders, the Bills defense was deflated, but after a huge pep talk from Coach Daniels, the Bills defense quickly shrugged it off and got focused on the rest of the game.

Second Half saw the Bills give Rookie QB Matthew Hunter the green light as they wanted to start out big, well he hit Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi on the 1st play of the second half for 24yards which put the Bills across midfield into Dolphin territory. HB CJ Spiller would have a few nice gains before he sustained a game ending elbow injury, the offense still wouldnt miss a beat, Rookie RB Vinnie Spikes would take over the reigns and he would pound the ball all the way down to the Endzone, dragging and bullying defenders like his life depended on it, Vinnie doesnt get huge YPC, but he is a Collosal between the tackles. The Dolphins would come out swinging and would hit their Star Rookie WR Dylan Hatzis for a 55yard bomb where he caught it in between two defenders. The Bills D would flex like they had all season and would hold the Phins to a FG. Almost the rest of the 3rd Qtr would be a defensive battle, Hunter threw a costly INT in the endzone to ROLB Gary Guyton, but the Bills defensive would stay strong and hold the Phins again, it wasnt until the Bills got a break from a RB Mark Ingram fumble which would put the Bills in FG position, shortly after, QB Matthew Hunter would roll out and find a streaking Lee Evans who got behind CB Davon House for a 27yard TD, which would put the Bills up 21-10.

Fourth Quarter saw a very determined Vinnie Spikes, grind out yard after yard as he was hell bent on carrying the Bills offense down to the endzone, a big 3rd Down pass from Hunter to TE Joe Klopfenstein would put the Bills in Phins territory and yet again Vinnie Spikes continued to grind and blast his way down to the endzone where he capped off a bruising TD with a Serious and Thundering Spike which seemed to suck the life out of Sun Life stadium as Spikes Yelled in the air. RB Mark Ingram would have another costly fumble, but he would also ramble into the endzone to pull the Dolphins to within 11 points. The Bills Offense would run out the clock on a few kneel downs and Buffalo Bills would exhale in victory as they are now 7-0 and have a 3 game cushion on the rest of the AFC East.

As always Mr. Hatzis is a very good and modest sport, as he congratulated me on my win, he was the victim of two fumbles in crucial situations where he could have scored, Jim just simply said, it happens, great game and i'll be ready for ya the next time, I for one hope he's not ready lol, his team is scary and he's an Awesome Coach, Thanks for a great game Mr. Hatzis.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 06/22/2012) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1870
The Bills Offense enjoyed a Big Day today with a 31-23 win over the visiting Titans today. Their were a few Big Performances in this game and a few firsts by Bills players.

First: Rookie QB Mathew Hunter had his first 300+ game of the season as he was very accurate for majority of the game. Hunter finished with 364yds, 2TD's and a QB rating of 109.7

First: Veteran WR Lee Evans enjoyed his first 200+ yard receiving game, Evans twinkled toed around the Titans CB's as he finished with 4rec for 220yds and 1td, Evans averaged 55 yards per catch in his best game as a Bill. Bills fans gave Evans a standing Ovation as Lee Evans waived in appreciation for the support the Bills fans have giving the Organization this season. Gilette Stadium is currently sold out for the rest of the season.

First: RB CJ Spiller took the first hand off on the first play of the game 66yds for a TD as CJ initiated the spark that keep the Bills ahead for the rest of the game. CJ finished with 110yds, 1TD and a average of 6.11ypc. CJ is running stronger each game as he is trying to eclipse the 1000yrd mark which eluded him his first two seasons, bearing any unfortunate injuries, he is well on a pace to exceed that and more.

Titans played a great game and were lead by steller RB Chris Johnson (133yds rushing) and K Rob Bironas (5/5 FG's) who kept the game close throughout the game.

Bills Defense didnt allow an Offensive touchdown all game, its the 3rd time this season that the defense clamped down in the Red Zone and held opposing teams to FG's. Game Ball goes to the Bills Defense as WR Lee Evans handed it over to the Group who has been the backbone of this teams success this season.

Next week the Bills clash with its division rivals the Miami Dolphins, which will be a very important game to both coaches, the Bills are looking to prove they belong and the Dolphins are looking to prove, not on my watch, it should be a very intense game for both Coachs.
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Ruff Buff came into todays game focused on last years AFC East Division Champs the New England Patriots, last season the Bills were embarresed and outcoached by the Pats and Bills Fans questioned if their Bills would ever be able to stand at the top of the AFC EAST?!?! Well here's your answer! The Bills Offense and Defense started out very slow against the Pats in the first quarter, the Offense couldnt move the ball well and the defense gave up big haymaker plays even with two defenders there to make the play, it was very frustrating at first, but what have the Bills done all season which seems to be the Forte of their defense? Redzone means Shutdown. The Bills managed to keep the Pats out of the Endzone up until the 4th quarter, Wes Welker somehow managed to come down with a pass thrown in between 3 defenders and held on to ball even after taking a big hit.

The Bills D gave up a total of 409yds of offense, the most against them this season, but against the Pats its expected, we dont mind giving up that many yards as long as drives end in FG's and there's no Redzone TD's.

Rookie QB Matthew Hunter seems to improve with each game as he finished with 13cmps on 24atts for 206yds and 1TD with 0INT's.

RB CJ Spiller was held in check by the Pats D on the ground, but he managed to get it done in other areas as well. CJ finished with 14atts for 46 yards and 1TD, he also added a Big Time 67yard reception and hurdle over a defender for a TD as well, Spillers reception sparked the Bills Offense in the 2nd Quarter and gave them the lead for good throughout the game.

Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi continues to make the big tough catches over the middle and we asked him to do just that in this game, we knew the Patriots like alot of Cover 2 and zones, so we were looking to get him the ball on quick in routes and slants, he had many key receptions that moved the chains on 3rd down. Kenpachi finished with 5recs for 55yds.

The Bills Defense forced 3 crucial turnovers which would be the difference in this game, though we were clearly beat in total offense and T.O.P, the Bills continue to mirror their phrase, its not how many yards you put up during the game, its how many points you put up at the end of the game, with that said the Ruff Buff Bills are now 5-0 and sit atop the AFC EAST, hows that answer Bills Fans.

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Bills fans finally caught a break as they finally witnessed their team going offensive as the Bills reeled in 440yards of total offense in Sundays game against the visiting Chargers team. Rookie QB Matthew Hunter had his best game so far this season as he finished with 13cmp on 22atmps for 299yards and 2TD's with a QB rating of 114.8. Matthew also turned the ball over twice, one on a costly INT which led to a chargers TD and another on a sack fumble.

WR Lee Evans is off to a fast start this year, which makes sense because he happens to be one of the fastest WR's in the PFL, Evans finished the game with 4rec for 103yds and 1TD. TE Joe Klopfenstein had his best day this season as he finished with 3recs for 93yds and 1TD. Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi who was called out by his WR's coach on being too soft over the middle of the field made some excellent grabs in between the hashes as he finished with 4rec for 75yds and no drops, actually all recievers finished with no drops for the game.

RB CJ Spiller enjoyed his first 100yard game of this season as he led all RB's with 21att for 103yds and a 4.86YPC, CJ is right up top with the best RB's in the PFL as he looks to have a career season. Rookie RB Vinnie Spikes, who's rushing yards and YPC doesnt look impressive on paper, but in terms of moving the chains he has done just that, he is Mr. Reliable to the Bills Fans and is running stronger and stronger each game, Vinnie finished with 53yds and 2TD's.

LT Deshawn Ballard is off to a solid start as he has amassed 32 pcks, ten of those in todays game and hasnt allowed a sack thru 4 games this season, the Bills Offensive Line is playing very sound and im pleased with their protecion and run blocking so far this season.

Defensively the Bills D have been very solid all year, they are a tough nosed bunch who has bought into a new scheme and they have been playing their hearts out like every game is their last, what more can a coach ask for.

Quick Note: DT Pat Sims who has been asked to play more at the LE position with the departure of Shaun Ellis has responded tremendously, Sims comes in when the Bills switch to their hybrid 3-4 defense and his job is to Bull Rush RT's and TE's all the way to the white's of scary little QB's eye's. Sims was picked up via UFA this offseason and is proving to be a high value addition to the Bills defense, Sims currently is leading the PFL with 4 sacks, and has atleast 1 sack in each of the last 3 games.

Next week the Bills have a Monster of a Game as it takes on its division rival The Patriots in next weeks division showdown, the Bills defense will get a huge test and the offense will look to provide much needed offense if the Bills are to dethrone last years AFC EAST Division Champs.
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Bills Defense comes up Big Again
Today the Bills rolled up into Bank of America Stadium looking to contain the Panthers 3 headed monster of RB J. Stew, D'Will and Rookie Biff Walker. The Bills got absolutely torched by the Texans in week 1, which caused them to move to a hybrid 3-4 / 4-3 defense, the Bills put their new defense to the test last week and the run defense performed alot better then in Week 1. This week the Bills run defense played well enough to keep the Panthers rushing attack from churning out long gains, The pass defense was on point yet again not allowing the Panthers much of anything, and what really gets the Coach excited is that the Bills defense hasnt allowed an Offensive TD in two straight games.

On the downside the Bills passing offense hasnt been all that great. QB Matthew Hunter struggles mightly with his decision making, but he seems to make a few plays here and there to keep us in the game. If we are to continue to pull out wins, our offense needs to be more consistent, hopefully we can find a niche in practice this week and hopefully implement it in Week 4.
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For the 2nd straight week the Bills are beaten in terms of total offense and T.O.P, yet again the Bills defense Rears up and put the clamps on its opponents offense and keeps them out of the endzone.

Gameball goes to the Bills defense for not allowing the Jets to score one passing or rushing TD. KR Joe McKnight added the Jets lone TD on a dynamic kick return.

There werent many highlights in this game as it was a defensive battle, the Jets bolster one of, if not the best defense in the league, they are extremely tough to pass against.

On one note: QB Jamarcus Russell entered the game late in the 4th for an ineffective Matthew Hunter and completed a 47yard bomb to WR Zaraki Kenpachi, which led to Russells 1yard QB Sneak which would be the eventual game winning score. Russell has played well in spot duty and his big arm has come up big in both games, we will look at that as we prepare for Ryan Mallet and the surgning Panthers next week.
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The Buffalo Bills came into this game already X'd out by sports commentators, and one could only believe it was going to happen, the Texans have an awesome run game led by RB Arian Foster and a great QB in Matt Schaub, but the Bills have this year what they didnt have at the beginning of last season, a new coach who has brought a certain toughness to the organization. The Bills were outplayed in terms of total offense in this game, but as we know its not how many total yards you put up in a game, its how many total points you put up before the clock hits Zeroes and thats exactly what the Bills did, they made two key defensive stops when they mattered the most, inside the 5yard line, goal line stand, kneel down, game.

Rookie QB Matthew Hunter came in as calm as they come and he was playing like he's been there before, but he was knocked out of the game twice and for the rest of the game, he did manage to throw a TD pass to fellow Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi before he exited, fans were looking for that connection all game and it finally happened late in the 3rd Qtr. After Hunter was knocked out, Jamarcus Russell entered and continued where Hunter left off, he made key throws to keep the chains moving at times we needed him, including a few big plays that led us to TD's later in the drive.

HB CJ Spiller ran hard all game and dove in for what was to be the game winning TD, he finished with 14att for 85yds, 5.93ypc and 1TD. WR Lee Evans led all WR's with 5recs for 132yds receiving. Rookie WR Zaraki Kenpachi added 5recs for 49yds and 1TD. TE John Madsen led the TE's with 1rec for 13yds and 1TD from Jamarcus Russell.

CB Sean Smith made an instant impact in his first game as a BIll as he finished with 5tkls, 1int and 1dfl. CB Jalil Brown had 8tkl, 2tklfl as he did his best to help the run defense as they were getting torched by the Texans RB's. ROLB Aaron Maybin led the LB's with 5tkls and 1INT around the goal line which keep a driving Texans team off the board late in the game.

Tex Kansas played a great game as always, this isnt the first time we have battled, we duked it out many times in other leagues. Great Game again bro and good luck the rest of the way. Next week the Bills come home to face CB Darrell Revis and the Gangreen, division games are always tough and this one will not be easy, our preparation begins now, we are focused and determined to make a statement this season, next week would do just that.
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The Bills front office early this offseason made some Questionable trades that had the Fans like WTF, first they traded a Fan Favorite in WR AJ Green to the Falcons for pick 1.12, then they traded pick 1.12 to the 49ers for pick 1.24 and 1.25. Fans again were like WTF, but got a little happy when the Bills traded 1.24 to the dolphins for CB Sean Smith. Bills fans thought the trading was over and they were expecting the Bills to take a Super Talent at pick 1.6, but out of the blue the Bills organization decides to trade its 1.6 to a division rival (Miami Dolphins), and the Fans were Livid, Extreme Tweets and Hate Mail flooded Inboxs and Mailboxes, and chants of new management rang through the local bars and pubs. Well at a press conference Coach Daniels divulged that they could pick up 3 skilled players at pick 1.21, 1.24 and 1.25, their analysis of the 1st Rd had their #1 player (WR Chris Burke) going earlier than 1.6 and they figured if we cant get him, then we might as well get 3 skilled players in the 1st Rd.

Draft day emerges and like the Bills Coach said earlier, WR Chris Burke wasnt available at 1.6, which made the fans dirty chants die down a bit, 15 more picks passed by and it was finally the Bills Organization chance to show the fans that hey we could have took these guys with earlier picks, but we traded back and got great value for them at these. With the 21 pick in round one, the Buffalo Bills selected WR Todd London out of Boston College, the fans erupted as many of them considered London to be the Top WR in class, though some would not because of his low CTH rating of 72, but one cant ignore his Top Speed of 94, and at 6'4'' with a 94 JMP. Ok Bills fans were getting a little excited and they knew that they had 2 more picks ahead of them before the Bills were to select players at 1.24 and 1.25, when pick 1.24 arrived the the Commish announced that the Bills would be takeing LOLB Deron Wilson, who happens to be the Younger brother of starting Bills MLB Martez Wilson. Deron is 6'3" 248lbs of solid LB, he is a bit Raw in his terms of AWR (60), but hey that can improve with TC and experience, and also he boasts 86SPD and 88ACC with a 69CTH rating, he will be a Day 1 starter along side his Big Bro and they will reek havoc for Bills Fans for many years together.

Next up is pick 1.25, Bills fans were very happy with how its run defense faired under the new regime, but they were concerned about the age of CB Terrance McGee and the lack of turnovers created by the secondary, so as stated earlier, the Bills pursued the 6'4" CB Sean Smith and they already had 6'1 CB Jalil Brown who has played very well for the Bills, now with pick 1.25 the Buffalo Bills selected CB Gary Roberts out of Miss. State. Gary is tall at 6'2" im thinking that the new coach in Buffalo values height in his LB core, WR core and Secondary core, Gary also has 92SPD, 93ACC and very nice JMP (96), this pretty much marks the end to veteran CB Terrance McGee who is hangin on because he would incur a huge cap hit if the Bills would cut him before next season, McGee will be the 5th CB in Quarter Defensive Sets. Overall the Bills Org is pleased and the fans are pleased with thier teams selections on Day 1. Next up, what will Day 2 bring?????????
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Article I would like to do sometimes Next Season
Next season I will start my articles beginning after week 3, I wont be able to do these every single week as they take awhile to do, but i can fit them in like every 3 weeks or if im not busy a few weeks in a row, here's are two of Articles from my UFL days, hope this kind of article doesnt offend anyone.



The Jets and Patriots both enjoyed wins this week, while the Bills and Dolphins came up short. The Jets put the Big Shutdown on the visiting Titans by a perfect FG day by kicker Nick Folk, Mark Sanchez continues to be a lame duck in the Jets Offense who will have to improve on their QB play if they are to make any serious contention with the Bills and Pats.

The Pats must have practiced their pick pocket techniques as they stole 2 critical fumbles from Ronnie Brown in pivotal moments Sunday, though Brown did add 128 rushing yards, his inability to hold on to the ball was the deciding factor, Rookie QB Blaine Gabbert threw his first TD pass on his bright UFL career in limited action, there was nothing special about the patriots offense, but who needs offense when your defense is playing so well.

The Bills felt the sting of the Red Hot Texans who are still suffering from Tabasco Fever as they continue their domination of T.O.P, Veteran QB Matt Schaub is quite the technician and has not turned over the ball yet this season, RB Steve Slaton has found a fountain of youth over the past couple of games as he has 23 rushes for 168yards and a colossal 7.78YPC, could the Texans be heading for an undefeated season?

The Dolphins are frequent visitors at Salís Pub as they are discussing their offense over a tray of Bacardi 151 shots, though the liquor proof is high, the Dolphins donít seem to be high on QB Andy Apatow who has been mediocre in two games this season only passing for one touchdown and 3 INTS. WR Brandon Marshall continues to be an ineffective freak of nature as he has only amassed 7recs for 75yards and one score this season.


The Chargers Chargers Chargers, so much talent, but thatís changing because they canít keep their stars on the field, last week they lost LB Shaun Phillips for 7weeks and now they lose stellar 2nd year RB Ryan Matthews for the whole season, the Chargers answer, a Heavy Dose of Phillip Rivers, but wait, HB Deshawn Wynn turned in 85yards after Matthews went down, so has a new star emerged from the shadows, we will revisit this in weeks to come.

The Chiefs are still the Chiefs; they suffered their 2nd straight loss of the season by falling to the division champ Chargers. The Chiefs are in their darkest hour, but whatís this, there's a light seeping through the darkness, is that a train, no thatís RB Marcus Meir who turned in a eye popping 24attmps, for 260yards, 2 TD's and a Super 10.83YPC, this is a start and if the Chiefs can get the anemic Matt Cassel to produce some solid throws, they can stop paying fans to come to Chefs games.

The Broncos edged out the Ravens in an AFC showdown Sunday, QB Kyle Orton has looked average in his first two games, but was saved by RB Knowshawn Moreno's 100yard effort, the Ravens canít feel good after dominating in Total Offense and T.O.P, and as there was no turn overs, its head scratching to why they didnít pull out the win.

The Raiders havenít played and nobody cares.


The Cool Cats are back, Carson Palmer ripped his offense a new one last week and demanded he call his own calls from here on out, the Bengals obviously put their hearts in Carsonís Hands as he went 10 for 17 with 251yards and 3TDs and a QB rating of 142. WR's Jordan Shipley (3recs for 111yards and 1TD) and Andre Caldwell (4recs 82yards and 2TD's) played tip drills with the tiny db's of the Vikings, just imagine what will happen when the Cats get their running game going

The Paper Bags were brought down to earth from their great win last week as they were visited by Da NFC North leading Chicago Bears, newly acquired QB Matthew Stafford quickly showed why he was kicked out of Detroit by throwing some very questionable INTS to Bears defenders, word was they allowed Stafford to take chances which proved to be the wrong freakin answer, didnít they watch the tape when he was in Detroit RB Montero Hardesty turned in a Whopping 34 yards as the Browns look to get back on track next week when they visit the Detroit Lions in the Dome.

The Ravens dropped their game to the broncos in a game that has GM Forrester saying, what happened, what we did we do wrong, you think.

The Steelers failed to play their game, against the Raiders, but again no one cares.


The Colts and Jags hooked up in what appeared to be a classic contest, though the Jags lost; they did prove to the Colts that they are very much on that ass for the division title. The Colts were efficient as always with Peyton sustaining the long drives and taking time off the clock, HB Joseph Addai just managed over 50yards and needs to step it up as Peyton is getting too old to carry the team all season. Quick Hit, Rookie Patrick Peterson and recent #1 draft pick, has 7tkls, no INT's , no DFT's, and 9 catches allowed hasnít yet shown that he is the shutdown corner from college, if the Jags are to over throw the Colts, Peterson needs to lock down his side of the field and take a few of Peytonís passes to the house.

The Red Hot Texans won again this week by edging the tough as nails Charlie Whitehurst and the Buffalo Bills, though there werenít any eye popping statistics during the game, a W at the end of the day is always sweet, if this is a letdown day for the Texans against a great team like the Bills, than what happens when they are Sparking

The Titans were shutout, nuff said.


Yes this is an I Told You, the Dang Cowboys are the team to beat still in the the NFC Beast, the talk of the Eagles cementing themselves at the top of the division since the trade of Super bowl MVP QB Tony Romo, had critics writing off newly acquired QB Colt McCoy, Surprise MF'ers, Colt is a leader and he's leaving stitches on his opponents asses to prove his point, Colt "The Fall Guy" McCoy in two games has thrown for 456yards on 33 pass attempts, 3TD's, 1INT, 66% passing and a QB rating of 100.8, how do you like them stiches b*tches .

The Eagles plain and simple need Michael Vick to play better if they are to knock off the Surging Cowboys. RB LeSean McCoy turned in a 116yard performance, but he canít do it alone, maybe the Eagles will look to another QB via trade if Vick continues to be just average.

The Aints are 0-2 as they are struggling mightily to keep pace in the NFC Beast. QB Eli Manning turned in an Epic Pitiful Performance by throwing for 53yards on 20attempts and 1INT, for a Wonderful QB rating of 22

The Skins, Welllllllll, Romo, Wellllllllll, thereís always next week . No seriously, Romo is Pitiful he has thrown for 280yards and 4INTS with no TD's in two games, but he is 58% in passing, hmmmm, maybe a major tweak in the offensive play calling is the key, because if the skins donít get it together, next season, they wonít be together.


Like I said earlier this season, QB Alex Smith or not, the 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC West <---Yeh, Period goes here. A great Defense and run game can take you to the promise land, and the 9ers are hoping they can prove just that, newly acquired QB Byron Leftwich was brought in to manage the game and he displayed that greatly by throwing for 108yards, 2TDs and most importantly, no INT's as they defeated the winless Packers.

The Rams and Cardinals continued their losing ways by dropping to 0-2 for the season, and judging by their schedules, doesnít look like many more good times to come, but hey, I could be wrong and this is the UFL.

The Seahawks turned in a Huge Win as they knocked off the stunned Lions in the Dome. The Lions dominated the game hands down with 335yards of offense. QB Chad Henne turned in just 81 yards on 22 attempts, but they had an amazing INT return for a TD by their best Cover Corner Marcus Trufant which ultimately was the difference in this game, the Seahawks defense picked off Tim Tebow 3 times and caused 4 total turnovers in their win.


Who is wrecking shop in the North, No, not the Packers, Noooo not the Lions, and NOoOoO not the Vikings, itís the division leading 2-0 Chicago Bears. Whatís the reason for this dominating emergence, you damn right he is, referring to QB Alex Smith who was acquired from the 49ers in their salary shuffle. QB Alex Smith has been Flaming Hot like Chester Cheetos, he has amassed 497yards, 5TD's, 2INTS and a QB rating of 94, considering the Bears were dealing with the sporadic play of QB Rhett Bomar last season, this game manager in Alex Smith is what the doctor ordered and with a smart veteran QB to open the playbook up with, the Bears are quickly one of the NFC's favorites, who's believing now

Well the Lions, could of, would of, should of been 2-0, but they got greedy, they put too much pressure on Tim Tebow in the closing minutes of the game by giving him some tough throws to make, that was definitely on the coaching staff, who has said that they will run Jahvid Best to a pulp before they will put that much responsibility on Tebows hands. When asked if he wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line Tim Tebow stated, Iím the QB here, and I call the audibles based upon what I see, Iím learning, Iím going to make mistakes, but I wonít sit back and think soft.

The Packers are struggling, some said the coach was mad at the team for their lax efforts in practice, "Practice, we talking about practice, we aint talking about the game, but we talking about practice" is what came out of QB Aaron Rodgers mouth in a joking way as he doesnít seem to concerned with the 0-2 start, if thereís anyone that can come back strong from an 0-2 start, the Frozen Tundra can.

The Vikingís just happened to come across a Very Pissed Off Carlson Palmer as the Vikings played a great game and just came up short, the Vikings are much improved in my eyes and has a great chance to put themselves in the hunt for a playoff spot, some fine tuning this week should be the trick as they visit the proverbial Easy Win St Louis Rams.


Yeh BOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thatís what Panther fans are saying up in Charlotte, they donít care about blow out games, they donít care about hype, all they care about is a W and Super Bowl win, the Panthers Defense is playing super, they only allow 198 yards per game which is only second to the Ravens 192yards of total offense allowed per game. QB Matt Moore definitely doesnít have eye popping numbers, but he's taking care of the ball and the panthers are winning in T.O.P in their 2-0 start, the Panthers are picked to win the South this year, but face Very Much Resistance from the scary Bucs team.

The Bucs are serious, and HB Ryan Grant turned in some serious numbers this week by rushing for 216yards and 2TD's as the Bucs improve to 2-0 in the NFC South. Stellar Rookie WR AJ Green is having a solid year as he has racked up 8recs for 178yards and 2TD's and only one drop.

Who Dat turned out another win in a close one, as they made QB Tony Romo their lackey as they improve to 2-0 with the Bucs and Panthers, for a 3 way division lead, Iím really looking forward to the head to head games in the NFC South this season, Two can go to the playoffs, but never 3.

The Dirty Birds get a spark and much needed win courtesy of WR Miles Austin who turned in 4recs for 121yards and a score to keep pace with the Bucs, Saints and Panthers, the Birds still have a chance to improve and they will have to prove they arenít the PiŮata of the division.



The Pats and Phins both enjoyed wins this week, while the Bills came up a FG short and the Jets were dominated by the AFC SOUTH leading Texans. The Pats came out swinging in the first 2 quarters of Sundayís game by scoring 10 in the first quarter and 14 in the second, but the Broncos defense would put the door stop on the Pats for the rest of the game as they mounted a dramatical comeback, in the end they came up a FG short, that sucks. Rookie QB Blaine Gabbert went 16-33 for 196yds 0Tds and more importantly 0INTS, he finished at 53% passing which bodes well for in season progression hopes. HB Bam Bryant pounded in two TDS and Cedric Benson added 83yards rushing as the Pats are turning it up with a 2 game win streak, next week the pats travel to Indianapolis to add a page to a heated rivalry with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

The Dolphins quickly shut up sports analyst, ala me, by blanking a very tough Saints team by 23 points this Sunday, 2nd year QB Andy Apatow said he would play better and that he would get the ball early and often to star WR Brandon Marshall who has been criticized for his weak play, Apatow went 12-20 for 161yds and a TD, for a his season best 60% passing and a QB rating of 100. Brandon Marshall finished with 6recs for 116yds 1TD and a Brandon Marshall like 19.83 yards per reception average. HB Ronnie Brown finished with a tough 95yards, could this be spark that the Tuna was looking for, tune in next week as the Phins take on the NFC South Division leading Panthers.

The Bills were hurt by usually stellar QB Charlie Whitehurstís 0TD, 3INT performance on Sunday, CB Dunta Robinson made an easy TD pick in what he commented as ďWhitehurst has a nasty habit of staring down his receivers, we were asked to play off of his receivers at the snap, then close quickly and sure as shit, Iím prime timing it to the end zoneĒ. HB CJ Spiller has never lived up to the hype coming out of Clemson and we are wondering if trade rumors will be echoed throughout the locker room in weeks to come. WR Raven Bender finished with 3recs 77yds and 25 yards per reception in the loss.

In the past two seasons Gangrene has had more Upís and Downís then the average Porn Star, LOL, hmm, excuse me. After blanking the Titans last week and their tough on paper defense finally showing its worth, their before mentioned defense gets bombarded by Matt Schaub and the Texans, itís a no brainer that Schaub will come out blasting and yet, it didnít matter, the Jets defense were embarrassed yet again, and the locker room is getting restless, I guess Bart Scott really ďCanít WaitĒ till change takes place. QB Mark Sanchez continues to disappoint (12-32, 133yds, 1TD, 3INTís and a QB rating of freakin 22.0) Jets fans who are known to be the greatest fans in football, but how much longer till they start the chant of, what!, whatís this!, youíre kidding me right, Kellen Clemons, ďStale FaceĒ.


Holy Sh*t, the Chiefs done what, this is amazing, truly amazing, fans are crying, their Kansas City Chiefs have finally won a game, but wait, huh, they played who, the Raiders, ha-ha, figures. Anyways the Chiefs pulled out the victory and their lone bright spot RB Marcus Meir added 120yds rushing as the Chiefs won their first game in 10 games spanning from last season, if the Chiefs can win next week, then I will be a bit nicer, but I havenít been nice to the Chefs ever, so they usually donít let me down. Quick Hit and this is also unbelievable, the Chiefs were the only AFC WEST team to win this week, and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

We have always thought that any GM could come in an win with the Chargers, well this year that isnít the case, a new GM is at the helm of the Chargers and he has managed to win but just one game, though he would say that he played just one of those games, ummm, yeh thatís probably the problem, anyways the Chargers have dropped two straight and seem to be spiraling down the AFC West backside, what lies beneath, ďGet Your TP ReadyĒ, LOL.

Orton to Royal was clicking often and early as Orton enjoyed his best game of the year by going 25-42 for 254yds and 2TDís, his Scope was affixed on WR Eddie Royal who finished with a monster 14recs for 173yds and a TD, but in the end, the run game was probably what cost the broncos a few drives as RB Knowshon Moreno only managed a measly 36yds rushing on 12att. K Matt Prater also missed a costly FG that would have tied the game and sent the game into overtime.

The Raiders finally played on time, but lost and as usual, no one cares.


This is the first ďI told you soĒ, from last week, we discussed the fact that the Bengals veteran QB Carson Palmer stated that he will call his own plays and audibles in an effort to get the Tiggers assís in gear, and for the 2nd straight week, WHOAAAAAAA!!!, Carson Palmer has killed it. Carson Palmer was on Torch the whole game as he finished 15-19 for 300yds, 78.95% passing, 15.9ypa, and 4TDís for a perfect QB rating of 158.3. You think thatís Insane, Carson over the past two games has 25comp on 36att, an avg of 69.87% passing, 551yds passing with 7TDís and an avg QB rating of 140.9, if those arenít MVP numbers then Iím Koo Koo for Sh*t pellets, LMAO, Ladies and Gentlemen, Carson ďThe Human TorchĒ. WR Andre Caldwell added 7recs, 172yds and 3TDS, for a two game avg of 11recs, 254yds and 5TDís, Heís HoTTTTT.

The Browns came out in their No Huddle, 5WR sets this week as they snuck by the Lions this week. The Browns offense was stagnant, until they revealed their 5WR no huddle sets, QB Matthew Stafford wasnít asked to do much as they Browns know his reputation for giving up the game on INTís, so they relied on mismatches and schemes to fool the opposing defense so that Montero Hardesty could run his favorite stretch play to the strong side, well it worked and with the help of a kickoff return earlier in the game when the browns were back on their heels, they pulled it out. Hardesty finished with 136yds and 3TDS. Matthew Stafford finished with a 97yards passing on basically him throwing screen passes trying to catch the defense without the right number of DBís on the field, he did throw for 54% passing which will help him in progression for the season, he had no TDís. The Browns face a very tough Bengal team who now has the word out on the Browns mystery offense.

Joe Flacco had his best game of the year by throwing 19-24, 222yds, 79.17%, 2TDís, 1INT and a QB rating of 115.6. Whatís hurting the Ravens is that their ground game has been anemic, Ray Rice has been plain leftover rice and of course few like leftover dry rice. If the Ravens are to keep in contention with the rest of the AFC NORTH, they better get some sort of running game going forward.

The Steelers got a Geyser stomped in their asses as they got demolished by Carson ďThe Human TorchĒ Palmer this past Sunday. Is there anything STEEL about Pittsburgh the past two seasons?!?!?


The Colts, Texans and Jags all won their games this week, while the Titans were on their bye week. The Indianapolis Colts galloped into San Diego in what was supposed to be a shoot-out between MVP QB Phillip Rivers and the many record breaking QB Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning didnít disappoint in any way, he stepped up to the challenge and early and often hit WR Pierre Garcon on critical passing downs during the game, Garcon finished with 6recs, 172yds, 28.67ypr, and 1TD. Peyton cruised with 11-22, 244yds passing, 3TDís and a QB rating of 110.6, though Peyton is old in age, he still can administer a good old lesson to the youngins in the UFL, now if only he could help out his brother Eli, WTF.

The Sizzling Texans put the Whip Whop on the visiting Jets of New York. QB Matt Schaub was his usual self finishing with 12-27, 304yds, 3TDís and 1INT for a QB rating of 107.6. The Texans win was quickly overshadowed by a critical injury to an up and coming star in the UFL, this just in, HB Ben Tate has suffered a season ending leg injury and will be placed on injured reserve for the remainder of the season and possibly the playoffs. Trainers said Ben was optimistic about returning next year; as he is due to have surgery tomorrow by a well-known surgeon. WR Andre Johnson was the recipient of Matt Schaubs pinpoint accuracy as he hauled in 5recs, 187yds and 2TDís on the day, Andre has improved greatly this year with the GM change and is on Pro Bowl pace.

This is an article edit as I forgot about the exciting Jaguars, apologies. Jaguar Nation is livid over the respect its Jaguars have been shown this season, dont worry fans, the Jags are punishing all haters and critics by taking it out on the rest of the UFL, and this week wasnt any different. QB Darren Camerote's Inferno was unleashed on the Ravens stout defense this week as the Jags cruised to a 14 point victory over the Ravens. QB Darren Camerote blistered the Ravens by going 14-21, 243yds, 66% passing and 3TDs, for a career best 145.4 QB rating. WR Mike Sims Walker had his best game of the season by soaring for 5recs for 111yds and a TD. CB Derek Cox two stepped in front of a Joe Flacco pass attempt and moon walked into the endzone for an interception return as the Jags defense has been super solid this season. Rookie Watch: CB Patrick Peterson still hasnt recorded a INT this season, he did manage a Fumble Recovery and 3 tackles. Next week the Jags are home against Gangrene in what I think will be a blowout, reason being, Darren Camerote said he guarenteed it, "Damnnnnnnnnnn Gangrene, your being labeled as a 1+1 math problem, as a 1st grade reading level, as a Easy bake oven even, LMAO, you better man up and hurt that youngin.

The Titans were on a bye week.


OH YEAH, THIS IS A BIG FAT ďI TOLD YOU MíFERS SO!!!. The Dallas Cowboys are for FíN real, do you believe, is your vision 20/20, are you seeing this sh*t, of course you are and you canít say nothing, there was talk earlier this season that the Cowboys will struggle period and that they wonít win the NFC East and that they canít possibly do it with a short weak armed inaccurate QB name Colt McCoy, well seeing is always believing and proving is equivalent to shut the F up when it comes to critics. Colt McCoy is a winner  Period usually goes here, but we will keep talking about this, he is one if not the most efficient QB in the UFL, and he is Insanely in Love with WR Dez Bryant and that combination is known, but obviously canít be stopped, poor Cleveland, you had a GEM, but you sold it. Colt ďThe Fall GuyĒ McCoy gave the derailed Giants a sinister beat down in East Rutherford this Sunday, Colt engineered 10-21, 237yds and 2TDís for a QB rating of 120.6 and of course he did, hit his favorite WR Dez Bryant who snagged 5recs, 171 and 2TD for a Sweltering 34.20ypr, and just to think RB Felix Jones is now heating up by adding 154yds rushing a TD. Dallas defense held the Giants to 7 lil ol points as Eli Manning was horrid once again, I mean WTF Eli, donít your brother hold QB camps every year for the kids, LOL, attend young grasshoppa, before Giants fans start throwing bottles of Sh*t on the field.

Last week I took a few shots at QB Mike Vicks passing game and said that the Eagles should basically look to trade him, Mike Vick shrugged it off and stated, ďHow much does he make to hate on meĒ, damn Mike I was just Joking Homeyyy, (Dick), anyways Vick Responded by being a very efficient passer (Bout Time), by throwing 10-17, 203yds, 58.82% passing and 1TD for his best game of the season, well Iím a believer in good things come in 3ís and if Vick can continue to pass like this, then I say a 3 game win streak is in store for the Eagís, by the way they leveled a very sound and hungry Tampa Bay Bucs team

The Skins were on a much needed bye week, we are looking for some serious improvement next week from Tony Romo and company.


Global Warming Hot QB Alex Smith returned to Candlestick to take on his former San Fran 49ers, he wouldnít disappoint. Mr. Smith picked apart his former team by cruising with 16-30, 257yds, 53% passing, and 3TDís for a QB rating of 115.6. After the game we asked Mr. Smith his thoughts on the game and he said, ďSalary Cap my ass, bleep bleep bleep bleep (Kiss My Ass, MíFers, You just didnít believe), whoís believing now, Duhhh, the Da Bears. The 49ers suffered their worst loss of the season by a total of 27 points. HB Frank Gore was the bright light at the end of the ass kicking tunnel as he added 154yds rushing.

The Cardinals administered a surprising blow out as they Trucked over the Frozen Tundra in route to a 34-10 win. HB Beanie Wells carried the team on his shoulders with a 131yds 1TD showing, WR Larry Fitzgerald enjoyed his best game of the season by leaping up and grabbing 5recs, 109yds and 2TDís. WR Derizieal Syfodias added 5recs, 99yds receiving.

Woe is me says the Rams, who played a great game against the Vikings on Sunday. The highlights of the Rams games brought to you by Camera man M. Jett showed the Rams much improved play calling as they were driving for the win in the closing minutes of the game, but two costly fumbles by an exciting young RB Eugene Lyons would be the difference. Eugene was determined to put a W on the board, he ran tough and he even broke a 50yd TD reception to the sideline to spark the Rams early, normally I would be hard on the Rams, but after what I saw, I foresee good things about to happen in the near future, donít prove me wrong St Louie.

The Seahawks were on a bye week.


This is the second ďI TOLD YOU SO MíFERSĒ. The Bears waltzed into 49ers country and dominated period. It was never close, is was an easy out, it was an hop, skip and a jump, it was an extremely drunk girl at your local bar, not saying that that isnít a good thing, ahmmm, anyways what Iím getting at is that Da Bears are making it look easy this season and not even a great defensive team like the 49ers can do much to stop them, talk in the streets are that the Bears can go undefeated, will you believe, Bears fan say Sh*t Yeh. Last but not least Alex Smith finished with 16-30, 257yds, and 3TDís for a QB rating of 115.6. Da Bears defense who have been solid in every game this year picked off Byron Leftwich 3 times in what made Leftwich look like his old self from yester years. The Bears are cruising at top of the NFC North and are increasing their division lead on the usual suspect Lions and Packers.

The Lions fell victim to the shenanigans of the Cleveland Browns mystery offense, as they have now dropped two in a row and are quickly following behind the Exciting Bears and the tough as nails Vikings. QB Tim Tebow is coming along, but still has to improve on his INTís, he is getting the ball out well, but his inaccuracy sometimes is causing tipped passes off of the receiverís hands. Tebow finished the game with 13-21, 350yds, 61.9% passing, 2TD and 3INTís for a QB rating of 97.9, Tebow will look to improve on this past game as he travels to PA to take on the reeling Steelers. HB Jahvid Best was held to 62yds rushing this week; Best isnít too worried about that, as he comes on late in the season. WR Calvin Johnson transformed to take 5recs for 169yds and a TD. WR Demetrious Byrd flew in to grab 3recs for 117yds and a TD. The Lions CBís still have failed to record an INT this season; Detroit will continue to struggle on closing out games if its defense doesnít start to make plays.

The Packers are still struggling and we donít know what to say about how this season is going, to sum it up, Just Awful.

The Vikingís got a big day from All Day Adrian Peterson as they edged the determined Rams at home this past Sunday. AP was in a zone as he juked and stiff armed Rams defenders to 189yds on 19att and added 2TDís for a Fire Crackin 9.95ypc, AP is heating it up as of late, and we know when AP gets hot, the Vikings rob MíFers of Wins. QB Kevin Kolb was dismal with 9-25, 126yds and a QB rating of 53, but when AP is running rabid like this week, you can QB kneel it and punt all game.


The Division Leading Cardiac Cats are on a Bye Week.

The Saints got blanked, when you get blanked, your players donít get mentioned, thatís my pet peeve.

The Bucs were brought back down to earth this week as they got dirty rugged by the Eagles. Josh Freeman must had left his throwing arm in cloud country as he was throwing Pillows all day as he went 7-21, 95yards, 33% passing, 4.52YPA, and 2INTís for a penny candy total QB rating of 9, nine, nine, nine nine nine nine nine, their I said it.

The Dirty Birds are the only NFC SOUTH team to win this week, as the Panthers were on a Bye. Who are these Dirty Birds; they are keeping pace with the rest of the NFC SOUTH and just happen to beat a very good Bills team. The Falcons arenít very flashy, but they are very sound of offense and defense and they know what it takes to close out games, with a New GM at the helm this season, the Falcons canít be classified as an easy win anymore, take them lightly and you get B*tch Slapped mighty, this is one of my favorite teams now to write about as, there hasnít been any clear cut star on the team, they are doing it as one, and coaches love to see that out of their players. The Falcons Defense enjoyed a 3 course INT meal courtesy of Charlie Whitehurst INT Buffet this week as the Falcons Defense gave up 283yds of offense, but didnít give up at the end of the game, by CB Dunta Robinson taking a Whitehurst pass to the house which seems to be the difference in this contest, the Dirty Birds are flying high in the ATL, and are building up steam in what to me is now considered the best division in the UFL.
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