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#15 Cleveland Browns
Browns News Wire
Brown's first winning season !
The Browns had to fight a tough Jets team and fight thru adversity to gain a win and gain the first winning season for the Brown's organization and the fan base in a long time. The game was a defensive struggle the first half, with the second half being as intense as a game could be with the Browns scoring with about 15 seconds left to gain the win. The Jets played tough defense all game long, basically shutting down the passing game and knocking out Browns QB Manziel toward the end of the 3rd quarter, till he returned to lead the Browns on their final winning drive. There were two significant plays that helped bring about the win for the Browns, one play being where the backup QB C.J.Taylor hit TE Wilson down the middle on a 3rd and long to set up a score to take the lead midway thru the 4th quarter 13-10. But the Jets came charging back and converting a 4th down situation along the way to drive deep into Browns territory before being held to a field goal , but using up a lot time to tie the score at 13 - 13. With less than two minutes left in the game the Browns didn't have much confidence in their backup quarterback, to pull a win out, so decided to be conservative and maybe get to overtime and see what would happen. So after a run on first down, and a short gain, into the game came QB Manziel, with his right ankle heavily taped. On second and long the Browns figured to go to the pass and see what would happen, as Manziel dropped back and the rush pressuring him, he goes long to WR Patterson for a 41 yrd gain putting the Browns in business in the Jets territory. After a run by HB Gurley and another run by HB Johnson and a pass in the flat to WR Benjamin the Browns find themselves at the Jets 6 yrd line. With the clock ticking down the Browns still have one time out left. After a short run of 3 yrds by FB Stabler the ball rests on the 3 yard line with 26 seconds left. The Browns turn to HB Gurley one more time and as he breaks a tackle at the 1 and falls into the end zone the Browns have taken the lead. With the score at 20 - 13 the Browns kickoff holding their breaths that there isn't a return for a td by the Jets. The Jets have enough time for a couple of plays, and after their last incomplete deep pass that gives the Browns their win the game disconnects. The score was 20 - 13. Like i said this was a very intense game, with the Jets being very tough in all aspects of the game, making it a lot of fun to play. I'm pretty sure if Manziel hadn't came back for the last drive, that the end result may have been very different. The Dog Pound were celebrating late into the night after the game.
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GM Pigskin
Head Coach Hue Jackson
Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams
Special Teams Chris Tabor
Salary $161.95M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $1.05M


AFC North
#1 Steelers Steelers 14-2-0 0.875 4-2
#15 Browns Browns 9-7-0 0.563 2-4
#10 Ravens Ravens 9-7-0 0.563 2-4
#17 Bengals Bengals 8-8-0 0.500 4-2

1 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #2
Lost 34-38
2 Sun at Ravens Ravens #10
Won 26-13
3 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #32
Won 26-14
4 Sun at Texans Texans #29
Won 24-20
6 Sun at Eagles Eagles #26
Lost 20-23
7 Sun at Steelers Steelers #1
Won 30-21
8 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #17
Lost 14-26
9 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #10
Lost 6-20
10 Sun at Bengals Bengals #17
Lost 24-27
11 Sun at Colts Colts #7
Lost 14-19
12 Sun vs Titans Titans #21
Won 21-20
13 Sun at Redskins Redskins #28
Won 24-17
14 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #31
Won 17-10
15 Sat vs Steelers Steelers #1
Lost 27-31
16 Sat vs Giants Giants #9
Won 23-10
17 Sat at Jets Jets #14
Won 20-13