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#24 Cleveland Browns
Browns News Wire
Brown's first winning season !
The Browns had to fight a tough Jets team and fight thru adversity to gain a win and gain the first winning season for the Brown's organization and the fan base in a long time. The game was a defensive struggle the first half, with the second half being as intense as a game could be with the Browns scoring with about 15 seconds left to gain the win. The Jets played tough defense all game long, basically shutting down the passing game and knocking out Browns QB Manziel toward the end of the 3rd quarter, till he returned to lead the Browns on their final winning drive. There were two significant plays that helped bring about the win for the Browns, one play being where the backup QB C.J.Taylor hit TE Wilson down the middle on a 3rd and long to set up a score to take the lead midway thru the 4th quarter 13-10. But the Jets came charging back and converting a 4th down situation along the way to drive deep into Browns territory before being held to a field goal , but using up a lot time to tie the score at 13 - 13. With less than two minutes left in the game the Browns didn't have much confidence in their backup quarterback, to pull a win out, so decided to be conservative and maybe get to overtime and see what would happen. So after a run on first down, and a short gain, into the game came QB Manziel, with his right ankle heavily taped. On second and long the Browns figured to go to the pass and see what would happen, as Manziel dropped back and the rush pressuring him, he goes long to WR Patterson for a 41 yrd gain putting the Browns in business in the Jets territory. After a run by HB Gurley and another run by HB Johnson and a pass in the flat to WR Benjamin the Browns find themselves at the Jets 6 yrd line. With the clock ticking down the Browns still have one time out left. After a short run of 3 yrds by FB Stabler the ball rests on the 3 yard line with 26 seconds left. The Browns turn to HB Gurley one more time and as he breaks a tackle at the 1 and falls into the end zone the Browns have taken the lead. With the score at 20 - 13 the Browns kickoff holding their breaths that there isn't a return for a td by the Jets. The Jets have enough time for a couple of plays, and after their last incomplete deep pass that gives the Browns their win the game disconnects. The score was 20 - 13. Like i said this was a very intense game, with the Jets being very tough in all aspects of the game, making it a lot of fun to play. I'm pretty sure if Manziel hadn't came back for the last drive, that the end result may have been very different. The Dog Pound were celebrating late into the night after the game.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 09/28/2017) Replies - 3 :: Views - 220
Brown's mid-season
As the Brown's finished half their schedule, coach Pigskin has yet to figure out what kind of team he has. The Browns can look like a contender at times, and then turn around and look so bad that coach Pigskin has labeled them as the most fickle team he has coached. "I believe injuries to our starting CB and FS has had some effect on our team, but that is not the major problem" Pigskin said. He believes, that it is as he thought coming to Cleveland, that it is going to take some work. The program has been losing for so long, it just seems the players get frustrated when things go wrong, that they just kinda give up. Coach Pigskin said, that players constantly get out of position on defense, and on offense we just make too many mistakes and have way too many turnovers in close games. The coach stated that he still has to bring some players in from the draft and possible trades and free agency to put his mark on the team. Coach Pigskin just asks that the fans be patient. " We are still striving to have a winning season, first and foremost." Late note, Browns lost #1 WR Josh Gordan due to injury for at least 3 weeks . Seems the injury bug has bitten hard in the last three weeks.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 08/06/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 231
Browns prepare for New Coach, New Program, New Start
The Browns in the off season hired Coach Pigskin, after Coach Bcreek, decided to take some well deserved time off from coaching. Coach Pigskin, has always wanted to be the coach of the Browns but there were always circumstances which kept the Browns and Coach Pigskin from coming together as a program. "Now that i'm here finally, i'm looking forward to turning the page in Brown's history and installing the winning tradition the Browns were known for from the 50's thru the early 80's. " said Coach Pigskin. The new Brown's coach has brought in a whole new coaching staff, and a program that he used while coach of the Bengals and Lions. "We will start with the defense first, because i'm a firm believer in the fact that a solid defense will propel the rest of the team into contention and hopefully into the playoffs," continued the new coach. Looking at the past the, Browns have not had a winning season for a long time, and the new coach said, that was at the top of his list of accomplishments, to post a winning season and show the players and the town of Cleveland that the Browns can and will compete not only in the AFC North but in the PFL as a whole. Ask by the press if coach thought he had a solid team to start with, Pigskin replied, that the Browns had some talent, but a lot of big contracts, that played a big part in how the organization had to approach this season and to prepare for up coming seasons for the new cap money rules that will be in affect starting with this season. Coach Pigskin said he felt they did very well in the draft and in free agency, not only bringing in some nice talent but finding that talent that worked well within the tighter cap rules. The main thing Coach Pigskin wanted to speak about was the fact, he was looking forward to competing against all teams in the PFL, but his main goal was to change the Browns from being in the cellar of the division to rising to the top. "We know we have a big challenge ahead of us, with the Steelers being the dominate team in the AFC north, but there are the Bengals, and Ravens who have very talented teams and coaches as well," Pigskin pointed out. The coach said he would continued to get settled in and has been busy preparing for the teams upcoming game with the Cowboys, to kick off the season. In the near future he would prepare and and release a statement concerning the draft , free agency and the new direction the team is headed . Stay tuned!
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 05/28/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 283
#1 Browns Draft Pick
It is with great pleasure that we announce the top pick in this years draft.
The Browns front office made the decision to move up from the 3rd overall to 1st over all to take what we believe is a once in a lifetime player.

RB out of Georgia Todd Gurley

Welcome to Cleveland Mr Gurley!!!!
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 10/03/2015) Replies - 5 :: Views - 1704
Running out of DBs
Is it just us or is everyone seeing an increase in DB injuries?
I know that I signed 3 DBs this season due to injuries and theres been weeks that i had extra safeties or I would have to have signed another and this week vs the Bears it seemed like every play one of his or ours was getting hurt .. and both of us walked away with 1 more guy injured... I'll be glad when Joe Haden gets back...without him we have been terrible on D.
It's great to see TJ Ward back and it helps alot .... if we can stay healthy for a week or 2 we can still finish the season strong
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 07/25/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1607
Trent Murphy
I like Trent Murphy so much that I drafted him last year as a DE and this year as a LOLB...LOL
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 03/28/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1061
Pictures worth a thousand words
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 10/08/2014) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1592
Browns top pick
Word from Cleveland is that they have almost finalized negotiations and will be announcing their selection soon.
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 03/24/2014) Replies - 0 :: Views - 932
Browns get their first win!!
In a 5 quarter game that was full of turnovers and big plays the Browns win on a Mike Nugent FG with 45 seconds to go in overtime.
This was a great game and Coach Mac and he played a great game as always, I dont recall a single PA pass, but it seemed his QB Matt Ryan was doomed 7 INTs are hard to overcome, even with the Browns giving up 174 yards rushing to HB Smelley.
We still have alot of work to do but we are finally heading in the right direction.
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 12/07/2013) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1388
Browns finalize contract decisions
Browns have been in contract talks with DT Star Lotulelei, ROLB Dion Jordan and CB Dee Milliner but today after much thought and negotiations the Browns have decided to go another direction with the top draft pick.
Both DT Star Lotulelei, ROLB Dion Jordan were heavily considered and would fill needs and CB Millner should be a consensus #1 pick but we are extremely happy with our current CBs.
The Player we have decided to draft will start immediately opposite TY Hilton and will give one of the best pair of your WRs in the league.
Browns welcome this years top draft pick WR Cordarrelle Patterson and look forward to a long and sucessfull relationship together.
Forum Discussion (by Bcreek on 10/02/2013) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1381

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At A Glance
GM Pigskin
Head Coach Hue Jackson
Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams
Special Teams Chris Tabor
Salary $131.97M
Cap Penalty $12.31M
Cap Room $8.72M

Browns Johnny Manziel QB 96 Out for season
Browns Jaquan McNamara SS 65 Out for season
Browns Marqise Lee WR 75 Out for season

AFC North
#3 Steelers Steelers 6-3-0 0.667 3-0
#23 Ravens Ravens 3-6-0 0.333 0-3
#21 Bengals Bengals 3-7-0 0.300 2-1
#24 Browns Browns 3-7-0 0.300 1-2

1 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #3
Lost 10-17
2 Sun at Ravens Ravens #23
Won 16-3
3 Sun at Colts Colts #1
Lost 10-24
4 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #21
Lost 24-34
5 Sun vs Jets Jets #18
Lost 20-31
6 Sun at Texans Texans #13
Won 9-7
7 Sun vs Titans Titans #19
Lost 14-41
8 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #11
Lost 13-23
10 Sun at Lions Lions #32
Won 28-17
11 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #12
Lost 17-28
12 Sun at Bengals Bengals #21 N/P
13 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16 N/P
14 Sun vs Packers Packers #14 N/P
15 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #23 N/P
16 Sun at Bears Bears #8 N/P
17 Sun at Steelers Steelers #3 N/P