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#23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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New era for Buccaneers
Today the Bucs introduce general manager Pat Johnson(billwalshjr) as their headcoach and gm. Johnson has a history in the PFL that dated years back and is now back to shake things up. We will be aggressive as we have always been. We will play hard defense and run the ball at will. Its really about trying to starting an aggressive no none sense bully mentality. We are starting off on a 4-5 record but firmly believe playoffs are possible.

Forum Discussion (by Bill Walsh Jr. on 02/21/2017) Replies - 5 :: Views - 684
Bucs Can't Overcome Turnovers
You knew it would be bad when the Bucs stop the Lions on their first drive, then drive it all the way down the field, only to fumble on the Lions goal line after the WR Sparks looked like he was going in. It was downhill from there. Another fumble by a WR, this time on my end of the field late in the first half, resulted in 14 Lions points and that was the difference. 4 Bucs turnovers to 0 for the Lions. Oh well, look ahead to next week.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 01/21/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 521
Bucs Focused on Today
The Bucs got past a tough Seattle team in week 4 by the score of 34-27. It was a tough fought battle and the Bucs were a little disappointed in their defense. The defense played well from a turnover perspective, but gave up too many yards and too many points.

The focus now turns to an undefeated Bengals team, currently ranked #1 on the power grid. What do the Bucs think about a game like that?

"We can't worry about records or rankings. Everyone is beatable. We also can't play games before they arrive. By that I mean that you have to stay focused on the NEXT opponent, the one right in front of you. I look ahead at our schedule and I see a tough road, but today is tough enough, so I keep my focus right there."

The Bucs would like to be undefeated, but 3-1 is not a bad start. They hope to keep it going next week against Cincy.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 11/11/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 877
Bucs Bounce Back
After a division loss to the Carolina Panthers in week 2, the Bucs needed a bounce back win against division rival Atlanta. They got just that with a tremendous performance by 2nd year quarterback Zach Mettenberger. Mettenberger was 17-22 (77%) for 239 and 3 TD's with 0 interceptions. Sammy Watkins hauled in two scores, Marcus Sparks averaged 30 yards per catch, and rookie Jaelen Strong continues to play well. The running game of Bell and Lattimore combined for 110 yards. The defense was in bend but don't break mode, surrendering 269 yards but only 13 points.

The Bucs face Seattle next week.

Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 11/06/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 763
Bucs inconsistent on offense but get the win
The Bears played some really good defense. The Bucs started off strong on offense and then took about a quarter and a half off. When they needed a final drive they got it, though. Mettenberger hit rookie Jaelen Strong (who started off strong) with his second TD hookup of the day (both to Strong). Tampa held on and take a 20-10 week 1 win on the road.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 10/20/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 717
Buccaneers Look to Bounce Back
The Bucs won a division title in Coach Caldwell's first season. They suffered a major end of season slide to miss out in season #2. The Bucs are ready for Caldwell's season 3 and hoping to make some noise in the upcoming year.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 10/19/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 906
Bucs come up short and start to slide
The Bucs were trailing 17-0 when they decided to pull the rookie QB and go with Fisher. With less than 1:40 to go in the game they had a 21-20 lead and had to punt. As the Jets had done all game long, they got key first downs on 3rd downs and nailed a 39 yard FG to win the game with 0 on the clock. Tough loss for the Bucs.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 06/30/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 764
Bucs drop one to the Rams
In what felt like a combination of rust (2 weeks off) and turnovers (I think 5 of them), the Bucs could not overcome a very good Rams offensive approach. I struggled to stop them all day. I was successful a few times, coming back from a 10 point deficit to take a 14-10 halftime lead, but in the end the rookie QB interceptions did me in. Congrats to the Rams, and the Bucs will look to recover next week.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 06/23/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1211
Too Tough
The Bucs battled the Bills for half the game without it getting away from us. It was clear from the beginning that we were going to have a hard time stopping Cooper (RB) and Bishop (WR), but we held him to FG's. The problem is that we could not move the ball and so eventually he wore us down. Buffalo is a very good team and I'm still developing a rookie QB. At one point in the 2nd half it looked like I had a chance to climb back into it a bit, but Mettenberger threw a back breaking pick inside his 20. One of the three interceptions on the day. It sealed the deal and Buffalo ended up winning going away.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 06/08/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1015
Bucs outlast Falcons
It was a good tough contest. The Bucs defense was the difference. Waiting to see what happens with game 2 of the gauntlet. Held the Falcons to 94 yards.
Forum Discussion (by Scoresmore on 06/01/2015) Replies - 0 :: Views - 645

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GM Bill Walsh Jr.
Head Coach D.Koetter
Offensive Coordinator H.Edwards
Defensive Coordinator R.Crennel
Special Teams G.Blache
Salary $122.55M
Cap Penalty $15.66M
Cap Room $14.79M


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