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WEEK 11 is HERE..... GOOD LUCK and have fun !!!
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#15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Buccaneers News Wire
First win in Tampa
The stage was set for Gm Derek Ferrara to make his PFL debut . As game time rolled around You could hear the excitement from the bucs locker room . As Ferrara gave his first ever speech to the players he was about to lead out on to the field for the very first time . Focus and determination was on the face of every Buccaneers player as they entered the tunnel . As the players ran out on to the field Tampa bay fans exploded with joy to finally have something to cheer about . With the hiring of Ferrara the Buccaneers organization has become a contender. Going against a great coach like Mr. Brick , Ferrara had his work cut out for him . You could see how the players rallied around Ferrara and followed his direction. As the game went on the atmosphere at the Raymond James stadium was electric with every inch the buccaneers gained . And finally Zach Mettenberger was able to find a wide open Derrick Robinson in the corner of the endzone , To put the Buccaneers in front of the visiting New England Patriots. It was a great defensive battle . But Tampa was able to edge the visitors and secure a victory with time management.
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At A Glance
GM Captain Comeback
Head Coach D.Koetter
Offensive Coordinator H.Edwards
Defensive Coordinator R.Crennel
Special Teams G.Blache
Salary $131.11M
Cap Penalty $15.66M
Cap Room $6.23M

Buccaneers Anthony Kent QB 87 Out for season
Buccaneers Zach Mettenberger QB 94 7 weeks
Buccaneers Derrick Robinson WR 74 3 weeks

NFC South
#6 Falcons Falcons 7-3-0 0.700 1-0
#10 Panthers Panthers 6-4-0 0.600 2-1
#15 Buccaneers Buccaneers 6-4-0 0.600 1-1
#20 Saints Saints 3-6-0 0.333 0-2

1 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 30-16
2 Sun vs Bears Bears #8
Lost 17-21
3 Sun at Vikings Vikings #11
Won 20-14
4 Sun vs Giants Giants #17
Lost 14-28
5 Thu vs Patriots Patriots #25
Won 19-13
6 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #31
Won 30-24
7 Sun at Bills Bills #5
Lost 21-22
8 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 13-35
9 Sun at Saints Saints #20
Won 31-26
10 Sun vs Jets Jets #18
Won 31-28
12 Sun at Falcons Falcons #6 N/P
13 Sun at Packers Packers #14 N/P
14 Sun vs Lions Lions #32 N/P
15 Mon vs Falcons Falcons #6 N/P
16 Sun at Panthers Panthers #10 N/P
17 Sun vs Saints Saints #20 N/P