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WEEK 11 is HERE..... GOOD LUCK and have fun !!!
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#30 Arizona Cardinals
Cardinals News Wire
here comes the ,,Boom*without photos*
1.2 WR Quincy Enunwa Cardinals
1.23 MLB Fred Woodson Giants
2.2 WR Adam Humphries Cardinals
2.27 MLB Luther Carpenter Bills
3.2 DT Destiny Vaeao Cardinals
4.5 FB Quayvon Hicks Chargers
4.26 ROLB D'Wayne Warner Falcons
5.2 CB Nevin Lawson Cardinals
5.14 CB Brock Pearson Titans

Ha Ham how you like us now.......
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 05/19/2017) Replies - 1 :: Views - 417
here comes the ,,Boom
WR Quincy Enunwa 1.2

MLB Fred Woodson 1.23

WR Adam Humphries 2.2

MLB Luther Carpenter 2.27

DT Destiny Vaeao 3.2
FB Quayvon Hicks 4.5
ROLB D'Wayne Warner 4,26

CB Nevin Lawson 5.5

CB Brock Pearson5.15

UFA1 signings
ROLB K. Borthers 69 OVR-Age 24
WR Cole Beasley 81 ovr 27 years old
RE Kory Field 25 yrs 74 ovr
QB Luke Langoon Age 25 ovr 80
DT Vincent Wagner Ovr 73 Age 25

HA HA How you like Us now ...
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 05/19/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 442
Cardinals update week2
Game wrap up:
Jets came in with two great HBs and our defense came in with the plan to control the backs and push the Jets to pass. The game was a battle of HBs that the Cardinals done just barely enough to get a win, the win came down to the last drive where QB Dynamite threw a
Interception (MLB Mayes caught that interception)

The two names picked up in week Two are:
Wr Duane Dwight - picked up for the remainder of the season.After our success with Romberg in practice and week one we look to add another reciever who would normally be overlooked due to his height. Based apon what is in the UFA pool we feel this is a worthwhile receiver who caught 23 receptions with 0 drops for the Rams. looking over his 9 years in the league he has a low percentage of dropped balls, we are hoping this continues for the year.

HB Jeremy Gore- Gore will be the 2nd rookie Hb brought into the fold. Gore brings in good speed and a decent ability to break tackles. We believe with the right training in a few seasons Jeremy is looking at a chance of becoming a starter.

We believe there's room for Perkins to become a important role to us , but local doctor reports show he has a bit of a asthmatic issue, it will be interesting to see how bad Perkins wants to be on this team as the 2nd hb.

Wr Roberrt Woods
Robert comes from the Titans who traded for TE Hewitt and 5th round pick.
Woods will serve as the slot , his history includes 96 receptions and 26 drops
The trade helps us at wr , gives us a late round pick at the cost of a te at which we had a surplus.

Wr Donaldson will be the 4rth reciever who still is young enough to get better.
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 12/23/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 404
Arizona Address Draft
Arizona went through hardships this past season with their newly acquired QB Johnson throwing 21 interceptions in a single season. their goal this draft was 2 fold.

1. Draft a Qb of the future and develop him this season.

A. We drafted Jared Goff who has a nice Awareness of the game and an arm to throw a deep ball. Jared will stay on the sidelines until the season is to the point of knowing there is no post season and perhaps longer if we have a good season.

B. Johnson still has 2 seasons before he starts regressing. Goff can use these 2 seasons to gain 4 more points in throw accuracy and Awareness in tc and, to be honest, we could use the next 2 drafts to obtain a Solid WR core.

2. We need to rebuild our defensive line

A We have spent the last 3-4 seasons obtaining our Offensive line and not a lick on our defensive line.

B. Cardinals draft DT Chris Jones...
( insert from a interview Ed Reed had to introduce Jones to the NFL)
Chris Jones
for his size he is uniquely gifted..... um :pause: he is a former basketball player..

You can see his passion in the locker room and out on the field. Warning a man his size should never wear spandex

When moving around you can see his athleticism and you say to yourself "My God this guy is Huge"

We feel honored to get him in the third round. We would have grabbed him at 2.9 if Goff would of been taken before we got there.:..:::

He is well diverted in many positions.: we could move him to DE if we ever move to the 3_4..

DT Andrew Billings
Andrew will be converted to a De .He comes to Arizona needing to work on upper body strength but has enough athletic prowness to be dangerous. What we saw in him is his high agility and speed at point of impact.
more to come as we move into ufa round 2
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 11/26/2016) Replies - 5 :: Views - 1305
Cardinals press confrence
We the Cardinals had a awful year but the bright side is by actually stopping and listening to others we started doing better at the end of the season where we won the last 4-5 games.

Reporter" What made a diffrence to make you start winning

Jones " We stopped stressing out for one, and just started having fun again. We were having a really rough stresed out season where nothing was going right, the further into the season it got the more frustrated and angry we got, eventually all we focused on was the losing. fighting began with the locker room and we just could not go into a game without feeling like we were going to lose again. We lost all the confidence we had. "

Reporter" What got you back into it"
Jones" first we just had to clear all the negativity from the team, then we started listening to other coaches about depth changes and gameplans."

Reporter" what is in store for the future?
Jones" Learning to take it one game at a time, we got a lot of one year contracts so this offseason will be a cleansing of attitude, personel, and discarding old gameplans that just don't work, "

Reporter" is there anything you woulld like to say to the other coaches?"

Jones" i would like to appologize for my actions while i was stressed out. I was really fustrated and took my actions out on other people. It's not until i just talked to my good friend Wiggy that he got me to calm down and see the error of my ways, i never knew i could care so much about winning and loosing that it became a obsticle for success, so thank you Wiggy and he also pointed out some players i had as backups that should be starting such as HB Johnson."

Reporter" Will you be staying in the league?"
Jones " i will if other people can forgive my actions and they allow me to stay in"
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 09/04/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 760
Back Luck Cards
Cardnals have lost 3/4 games by the matter of 10 or less points. There just slipping in at the 4rth quarter and beating us. Very disappointing..
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 05/17/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 887
Cards week 2.. QB Johnson improves
QB Johnson improved his game today as the Cardinals took on the Rams under the Trick plays playbook.

WR Sammie Coates showed good things before he got hurt for three weeks in the 2nd quarter.
Hb Fisher showed good things as he drew the attention of the defense, catching it once for a TD.

Rams showed trickery as he kept showing pass and ran with it, Carter is really one tough son of a Bannana , hard to bring down.He caught defense sleeping several times ..

overall the game had a lot of injuries and stil not sure of all the players that will be out.
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 04/27/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1035
Cards week 1..Breaking in QB Johnson
With Cardinals GM Jones trading for QB Johnson ,adjustments need to be made, what's worse is after trade coach Jones goes into the hospital which made getting practice difficult.
` We are having to treat the first few weeks of the season to figure out what works ,or doesn't for Johnson and fisher`

Depth included rookie tes and wrs trying to find the favorable match up that Johnson likes, after this game we are still hunting,also need to find the right playbook.

Week one Depth included
QB Johnson

Wr Aaron Anderson. Came in 3rd quarter and was set as #2,
Caught seahawks asleep with a play action and nailed him for 6

Wr Vince Mayles- 1St year Veteran caught 5 passes as #1 receiver

Te Ryan Hewitt
Started him in first quarter as a run blocker which proved ineffective.
Te D Carrier
Started him also as a run block which was also ineffective.
Te Paul and Harley came in third quarter and they both were ignored by Johnson.

Run game
Despite having run block tes in (and rbk wrs ), the run game was dismal. Fisher was stopped to 2 ypc..

Playbook used was patriots..next week who knows...
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 04/22/2016) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1074
Cardinals Performance check
Mark Tate RT
Mark sat out most of offseason due to off the field issues, Cardinals draft C Erving and move C Monroe to RT. They will continue to move foward and release Tate.

Luke Joeckel
We don't see Luke going anywhere any time soon. Coach SM care to comment ?"You Bet we are resigning him, he is one of our best lineman and we hope it stays this way for a long time."

S Robert Sands
Sands worked out great for the Cardinals last season, however scouts say he is showing a little slower around the practice field so he may not stick around.

Gino Littman
Littman to Safety to take over in Sands departure...perhaps but Littman is still good of a player to let go at where position the cards put him
Matt Dodge
Punter Dodge is returning .. its a punter no real news here..
Ryan Riley RE
Riley will be moving on , he's just getting too old

Ty Bailey HB
Just couldn't fiqure him out through out his contract, he will be let go of
Calvin Dawson HB
Same thing, he had a season to prove himself and he didn't live up to what we wanted.
Brittan Golden WR
Dropped a large amount of passes, he got out played by 2 late round draft picks (Coats and Mayle)
Derek Littman C
he is a back up that never showed he was ready to step up, we drafted Erving and he's played like a beast.
Matt Conrath
Conrath will be resigned

( i just don't have the creative mind i use to have for stories..sorry)
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 03/13/2016) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1362
Let's Talk Contracts: The Cardinals
The Cardinals look to enter the offseason with quite a bit of cap space and could have a bunch more with a few swipes of the pen. The Cardinals cap for this upcoming season will be well over the (?) million mark, they stand at (?) million in space. However, that's before they make any decisions that could give them more cap space.

The One Years
Cardinals will have 13 1 year Players ( some of these are RFA)

Hb Bailey- Came in as a draft Hb whos career never took off- Gone
HB Dawson- Vetran leadership that never took root - Gone
FB Karl Williams- we are not sure about , they have a rookie FB with better blocks but he doesn't have the speed Williams has
WR Britian Golden - even under new name shown his lackluster that 2 rookies whos skill level is 1/3 his grade has shown to be better - Gone

LT Joekel- Hes not going anywhere
C Littman - hes a backup and will be cut (especially since you cant sign all your 1 years)
RT Mark Tate- back up who will also be let go

RE Ryan Riley- Competition battle here between him and Albright. will be interesting to see what they do here
DT Matt Conrath - They will sign him back
MLB Lamin Burrow- at the end of the season cardinal started looking at the 3-4 . they may keep burrow...
CB Donate Johnson- Cardinals told us they may look at cbs in the draft to up there speed making johnson a cut
SS Robert Sands- He has a impact for the team and will be kept
P- Matt Dodge- we are undecided . (punters are normally easy to replace but not sure about this in this league)

They could also come to a decision on QB Matt Ryan, who will be in the last year of his deal. If they cut him, they would create almost $5 million in space right away. Then again, He could retire. but if they cut Ryan , they will find it hard to replace him. They signed Bridgewater against the advisement of the fans*, and from what we seen could just sit some more.

All in all, the Cardinals have a lot of decisions looming, but they won't be without the resources to handle anything that should come their way. The Cardinals can be as big a player in free agency as they want to be though it's unlikely they will overpay unless given good reason to.

(*Last season Cardinals traded for Bridgewater as a possible replacement for Ryan when he retired, many coaches told me not to but i was stubborn and i was sure i could do it but after a few games with him i can see hes a madden screw up )
Forum Discussion (by Space Monkey on 01/19/2016) Replies - 3 :: Views - 863

All Team News Stories

At A Glance
GM Space Monkey
Head Coach B.Arians
Offensive Coordinator T.Shea
Defensive Coordinator H.Ellard
Special Teams M.Duffner
Salary $101.61M
Cap Penalty $5.15M
Cap Room $56.24M


NFC West
#4 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.688 5-1
#12 49ers 49ers 9-7-0 0.563 3-3
#24 Rams Rams 6-10-0 0.375 3-3
#30 Cardinals Cardinals 2-14-0 0.125 1-5

1 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #12
Lost 17-20
2 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #4
Lost 15-42
3 Sun vs Jets Jets #14
Lost 3-34
4 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 17-27
5 Sun at 49ers 49ers #12
Lost 0-28
6 Sun at Rams Rams #24
Won 31-21
7 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #4
Lost 13-20
8 Sun at Redskins Redskins #28
Lost 13-17
10 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #2
Lost 9-16
11 Sun at Eagles Eagles #26
Lost 13-23
12 Sun vs Giants Giants #9
Lost 0-23
13 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #6
Lost 23-31
14 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 16-21
15 Sun at Bears Bears #5
Won 27-24
16 Sat at Bills Bills #18
Lost 32-38
17 Sun vs Rams Rams #24
Lost 14-26