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#25 Los Angeles Chargers
Chargers News Wire
Chargers Growing Pains
This season is off to a bad start but we are optimistic as we are facing growing pains this offseason was a time to revamp new defense is the lbs and a once in a lifetime type running back to build around we will adjust as each game goes on but the main focus is on feeding Fournett the rock. Its a slow process but we are getting there.
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Chargers Offseason Update
Offseason moves

Its been a long road to rebuild for our team and I feel as if this year is the year all that work


One key thing we noticed last season is that our OLBs were kind of weak and in order to beef it up we made 2 trades. First Trading QB T.J. Yates for ROLB Vic Beasley with the Bears and CB Darqueze Dennard for ROLB Anthony Barr who will be switched to LOLB with the Bills.

Free Agency

QB Colt Montana
We needed a solid replacement for Yates for a season or two. He is a proven qb who has alot of experience who will play a role in until Mahomes takes over.

C Alexander Marpett
We needed a solid C that could shore up the middle as sacks were the biggest problem we faced last season.

RG Stephen Schilling
We wanted to have a push this year so we got a proven lineman who could shore up that spot for at least a season


HB Leonard Fournette
We've tried many running backs through the past seasons but we never had a true franchise running back until Fournette we believe he is the guy who will

QB Patrick Mahomes
We needed a qb for the future but most of the qb were already gone in the first round Mahomes has the talent to start in a season or two but we have high hopes for him.

TE Jonnu Smith
We loved the speed of this kid with great hands a pure reviving te should compliment higbee and add to our vertical offense.

WR Cooper Kupp
We didn't need a wr but we like this guy real smart great size with a good rookie boost could be a viable WR he will be our #3 or #4 WR

RT Julien Davenport
He will be Terron Armstead's replacement when the time comes solid backup and potential future starter

DT Chris Wormley
We were going to pick him up in the 3rd round and we got lucky he fell to the 5th round slightly better than the players we have now will be starting until we find a viable DT.
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Chargers Startering Lineup and Analysis
A lot of new faces for this organization


QB T.J. Yates
Improved last season, this year we surrounded him with new players and hope he cliques with them and performs well this year.

HB Akeem Hunt
Our starter for the future drafted this year. We are hoping he makes a big impact to our run game this season.

FB C.J. Fiedorowicz
Solid season last year great transition from TE to FB. Hope he keeps blocking the way he does for our new running back.

LT Darick Moore
Hoping our 1st round pick of a lineman will live up to expectations since Marcus McNeil retired has a lot to live up to we hope he will be promising.

LG Leonard Tillman
Newly acquired from the packers hoping he blocks well for our offense

C Max Garcia
Returning to his 3rd season with the team hope he can continue to grow and improve.

RG J.J. Brown
We are hoping this rookie put up good blocking and helps protect Yates

RT Terron Armstead
Still a solid player

WR #1 Amari Cooper
Broke out again last year after his sophomore slump great quick receiver hoping he puts up stellar numbers again

WR #2 Chester Rogers
We have very high hopes for this rookie he came to us in the 2nd round and we believe that he is a day one starter expect him to breakout great talent right off the bat great size and hands.

WR #3 Corey Brown
Has been constantly improving every season puts up great numbers and will continue to grow at this time since we brought rogers in we are planning to play him as the slot receiver

TE Tyler Higbee
Great acquisition from the dolphins we scrapped our te core this season he has great size and good speed and we plan to play more te sets so expect things out of him.


LE Mario Edwards
Great starter for us put up good numbers each season hoping to get more sack out of him this year.

DT Matt Conrath
Newly acquired in the free agency hoping to utilize him as the NT

RE DeForest Buckner
Hoping that he has a great 2nd year and not fall into the dreaded sophomore slump.

LOLB Victor Hill
Acquired in a trade with the cheifs hope that he makes a difference in our line up.

MLB #1 Jon Bostic
MLB #2 Arthur Brown

ROLB Michael White

CB #1 Robert Alford
Got a lot of interceptions last season we are hoping he does what he does best againt this year.

CB #2 Darqueze Dennard
Had no interceptions last year and was kind of meh for us we hope that moving him to the #2 position will increase his productivity and lead to many interceptions.

CB #3 Thomas Golston
Finally we get to use this young player needs playtime so he can improve his game.

FS Terrence Brooks

SS Lucas Jordan
Decided to start this young player with playtime and growth should mature into a great player. We'll see how he does this season, hoping for the best.

Special Teams

K Josh Lambo

P O.J. Thomas

KR Thomas Lopez

PR Thomas Lopez
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The Future is Now
We had 5 picks total in the draft I think we had a successful draft

Draft recap

1.25 LT Darick Moore was a needed pick since LT Marcus McNeil had just retired will replace him

1.26 HB Akeem Hunt we needed a starting running back bad Hunt was there and we felt that he would be gone by 2.15 was a gut feeling pick, we've been through so many HBs and this might just be the one

2.15 WR Chester Rogers we feel as if this was our steal of the draft great size great catch great blocking ability should be a day 1 starter

3.19 RG J.J. Brown nice value pick in round 3 will start day 1

3.20 CB Thomas Lopez he was our reach player great speed great leaping ability only downside is short, and cannot catch
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Chargers Lightning Report #3 2018 season

2nd loss for the Chargers

We had a tough time this game game went every-which way

1st quarter Cheifs scored first. Then we threw one to Stuck with the run game and played a lot of 3 WR sets to mix things up. Finally near the end of the 1st HB Johnson was able to run it into the end-zone near the goal-line. Titans were able to make the field goal. Score is 7-3 at the end of the 1st.

2nd quarter could not do anything defensively cheifs scored 17 points TJ Yates gets knocked out for the game a tthis point

3rd quarter could not do anything either chiefs score 14 we knew we had to change things up and we went to our possession receiver sets starting rookie Ricardo Louis and Michael Ogden as the starting WRs

4th quarter Was a crazy quarter for us with our changed depth we started to play the pass game but ended up falling short made a crazy comeback and scored 21 points in the 4th but was not enough
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Chargers Lightning Report #2 2018 season

1st loss for the Chargers

Very tough loss for the chargers no offense happening at all defense was playing well just could not get the job done offensively.
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Chargers Lightning Report #1 2018 season

Things are looking up and up for the Chargers

As our organization stated previously this off-seasons emphasis was on getting the teams defense better and it has shown so far in 2 games we have held the opposing team to 0 touchdowns. The team finally feels like we have an defensive identity that we needed so badly have no regrets at all with all the moves we made during the off-season which includes moving on from LB Khalil Mack trading him for CB Darqueze Dennard this off-season.

Last week we lost HB John Gregg to injury for 11 weeks, we thought that this might hinder us in our offense, with a very think free agency market we needed to find a solution quick we worked out a few running backs to see if there maybe one that could be semi competitive and we found one in #30 HB Blake Johnson out of Marshall.

Last season WR Amari Cooper had what you would call a sophomore slump a terrible season, he has finally broken out of that slump and is poised to have a stellar season this year.

We stuck to the same plan as last weeks game stay true to our run focused game but we were faced with what kind of run game we would have with newly acquired HB Blake Johnson. We realized that he was a great counter runner so we used that to our advantage.

1st quarter very defensive both ways was able to make a drive but then missed a field goal. Stuck with the run game and played a lot of 3 WR sets to mix things up. Finally near the end of the 1st HB Johnson was able to run it into the end-zone near the goal-line. Titans were able to make the field goal. Score is 7-3 at the end of the 1st.

2nd quarter also very back and forth defense stepped it up to keep them in check both held to 1 field goal each. This quarter both teams had an interception each. score is 10-6 at the half.

3rd quarter Was able to put together a few good drives. Titans were able to make a drive and hit the field goal putting the score to 10-9. We knew that it was important to either get a field goal or get the touchdown. On about the Titans 35 yard line Yates throws a beautiful deep ball finding an open Amari Cooper for the touchdown bringing the score to a safe 17-9.

4th quarter We knew we had to step up the pressure on defense to ensure that the Titans would not be able make the touchdown and make a 2 point conversion to tie the game up. We were able to get one more field goal in to provide a better buffer score is 20-9. Titans make a few good drives to no avail crucial turning point at around 3 minutes left in the game Boone throws basically a game ending interception to SS Todd McClendon.

Notable stats from the game

HB Blake Johnson 108 yards 1 td
WR Amari Cooper 83 yards 1 td
SS Todd McClendon 4 tackles 1 int
CB Meir Payne 3 tackles 1 int

Rush Yards Allowed 65
Passing Yards Allowed 178

Player Spotlight HB Blake Johnson

We like HB Blake Johnson a lot has good work ethic can make the big plays when needed hard to take down gets a lot of extra yardage after the initial hit. In this game we noticed how great of a potential this young man has I think we hit a home-run on this one.

Was a good game all around Titans have a well built team it just was not their day it was our day.

Chargers Bolt OUT!!!!
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Chargers Win Season Opener
Off to a good start as we won our first game of the season. This season was all about beefing up the secondary by adding 2 stud cbs to the team and it had shown in this game with 5 interceptions total in the game.

First quarter was back and forth nothing really happened 2 interceptions for each team, no score.

Second quarter is where the action happened. 1st round pick Deforest Buckner made an 73 yard pick six early in the 2nd. Near the end of the quarter Yates connected with a 70 yard td to a struggling WR Amari Cooper. score is 17-0 at this point

Third quarter we felt like we could just start playing more of a run game since we were ahead. HB John Gregg went in for a td. Gregg got injured during this game and is out for 11 week will be a tough loss for us.

Fourth quarter nothing really much happened just played defense and ran the ball. Sealed the game with Meir Payne intercepting the game and then running the clock out.

With 2 player out for most of the season we will have our work cut out in the next few week but we are very optimistic about out team this season very happy with the direction its going.

Chargers OUT!
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Chargers 2018 Draft
1.17 RE DeForest Buckner
Height: 6'7" Weight: 291lbs Age:23
College: Oregon
At 1.17 we had a hard time choosing the right player it was either Buckner or a Oline we felt that there is always Oline in the draft so we went with Buckner, he is a solid day 1 starter great strength and athleticism great compliment to last years 1st round pick Le Mario Edwards.

4.28 HB Kelvin Taylor
Height: 5'10" Weight: 207lbs
Age: 22 College: Florida
We were looking for a hb that could develop into a quality speed back we belive that with time he could become the #2 hb. good size just needs time

5.5 WR Ricardo Louis
Height: 6'2" Weight: 215lbs
Age: 22 College: Auburn
Solid developmental player could make a great possession receiver in the future great size.

5.7 SS Lucas Jordan
Height: 6'0" Weight: 201lbs
Age: 24 College: Penn State
In my opinion Jordan is the diamond in the rough of our draft we could not believe that he was available this late in the draft could start in the next few season or even sooner

5.31 LOLB Tyrone Holmes
Height: 6'4" Weight: 250lbs
Age: 22 College: Montana
Very raw talent needs work but has good combination of speed and strength useful as an edge LB in the 3-4 defense.
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Chargers Offseason So Far
After an abysmal season last year the Chargers decided to try and go big and make some big moves first trading down from the #5 pick to #17 and #22 we knew that we had holes in coverage last season so we actively pursued Cornerback from other teams shipping off ROLB Khalil Mack as he did not fit our scheme for Rams CB Darqueze Dennard.

Traded HB Charcandric West for a 2nd round pick as we believe that HB John Gregg is our future.

Traded a 3rd for Jaguars ROLB Michael White to fit our scheme and replace Khalil Mack.

Traded a 2nd for Patriots FS Terrence Brooks to replace Glenn Plummer after next season and their 5th round

Traded #22 and a 4th round pick for Texans CB Meir Payne

Finally Traded a 2nd for Steelers HB Matt Asiata and a 5th round pick

In the first round of the draft we wanted to bolster more of the defense and went ahead and pick RE DeForest Buckner to compliment last years 1st round pick Mario Edwards we believe Bucker's size speed and strength will lead to giving the opponent a headache.

All in all I think we have made change for the better. Chargers Out
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