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#32 Los Angeles Chargers
Chargers News Wire
Chargers Startering Lineup and Analysis
A lot of new faces for this organization


QB T.J. Yates
Improved last season, this year we surrounded him with new players and hope he cliques with them and performs well this year.

HB Akeem Hunt
Our starter for the future drafted this year. We are hoping he makes a big impact to our run game this season.

FB C.J. Fiedorowicz
Solid season last year great transition from TE to FB. Hope he keeps blocking the way he does for our new running back.

LT Darick Moore
Hoping our 1st round pick of a lineman will live up to expectations since Marcus McNeil retired has a lot to live up to we hope he will be promising.

LG Leonard Tillman
Newly acquired from the packers hoping he blocks well for our offense

C Max Garcia
Returning to his 3rd season with the team hope he can continue to grow and improve.

RG J.J. Brown
We are hoping this rookie put up good blocking and helps protect Yates

RT Terron Armstead
Still a solid player

WR #1 Amari Cooper
Broke out again last year after his sophomore slump great quick receiver hoping he puts up stellar numbers again

WR #2 Chester Rogers
We have very high hopes for this rookie he came to us in the 2nd round and we believe that he is a day one starter expect him to breakout great talent right off the bat great size and hands.

WR #3 Corey Brown
Has been constantly improving every season puts up great numbers and will continue to grow at this time since we brought rogers in we are planning to play him as the slot receiver

TE Tyler Higbee
Great acquisition from the dolphins we scrapped our te core this season he has great size and good speed and we plan to play more te sets so expect things out of him.


LE Mario Edwards
Great starter for us put up good numbers each season hoping to get more sack out of him this year.

DT Matt Conrath
Newly acquired in the free agency hoping to utilize him as the NT

RE DeForest Buckner
Hoping that he has a great 2nd year and not fall into the dreaded sophomore slump.

LOLB Victor Hill
Acquired in a trade with the cheifs hope that he makes a difference in our line up.

MLB #1 Jon Bostic
MLB #2 Arthur Brown

ROLB Michael White

CB #1 Robert Alford
Got a lot of interceptions last season we are hoping he does what he does best againt this year.

CB #2 Darqueze Dennard
Had no interceptions last year and was kind of meh for us we hope that moving him to the #2 position will increase his productivity and lead to many interceptions.

CB #3 Thomas Golston
Finally we get to use this young player needs playtime so he can improve his game.

FS Terrence Brooks

SS Lucas Jordan
Decided to start this young player with playtime and growth should mature into a great player. We'll see how he does this season, hoping for the best.

Special Teams

K Josh Lambo

P O.J. Thomas

KR Thomas Lopez

PR Thomas Lopez
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At A Glance
Head Coach A.Lynn
Offensive Coordinator B.Davis
Defensive Coordinator J.Gibbs
Special Teams D.Green
Salary $120.95M
Cap Penalty $14.96M
Cap Room $27.09M

Chargers Arthur Brown MLB 81 1 week

AFC West
#11 Broncos Broncos 10-6-0 0.625 4-2
#20 Chiefs Chiefs 9-7-0 0.563 6-0
#27 Raiders Raiders 4-12-0 0.250 2-4
#32 Chargers Chargers 0-16-0 0.000 0-6

1 Sun at Raiders Raiders #27
Lost 13-16
2 Sun vs Bills Bills #18
Lost 27-50
3 Sun at Browns Browns #15
Lost 14-26
4 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #31
Lost 10-37
5 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #11
Lost 23-31
7 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 24-33
8 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #20
Lost 13-37
9 Sun at Broncos Broncos #11
Lost 23-30
10 Sun at Panthers Panthers #3
Lost 10-45
11 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #16
Lost 7-61
12 Sun at Jets Jets #14
Lost 10-42
13 Sun vs Saints Saints #13
Lost 13-59
14 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #20
Lost 12-42
15 Sun at Falcons Falcons #6
Lost 3-23
16 Sat vs Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 16-26
17 Sun vs Raiders Raiders #27
Lost 29-37