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#20 Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs News Wire
Chiefs lose another top receiver
No doubt about it, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. While the top 10 teams are dealing with one, two or insignificant short time injuries, the Chiefs get hit with their fourth major injury to this season's top receiver for us, Nelson Agholor. From game one we lost our best receiver in Usain Bolt to a season ending injury, the next week was the MLB that was the center piece of the trade for the overall # 1 pick, that was for only 12 weeks. The next injury was to the top TE, fortunately for only 8 weeks and counting.
Given all that, we have still managed to eek out a 7-6 record, which is significantly better than the last two seasons, albeit a very mediocre record. With the Raiders, Falcons and Bills left on the schedule, we can more than likely kiss even a .500 record goodbye.
While I realize the Chiefs are not the worst injury bug hit team, hopefully the injuries even out for the top guys next season.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 09/11/2017) Replies - 6 :: Views - 150

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At A Glance
GM Manloz
Head Coach A.Reid
Offensive Coordinator R.White
Defensive Coordinator B.Bratkowski
Special Teams D.Smith
Salary $153.6M
Cap Penalty $6.15M
Cap Room $3.25M

Chiefs Nelson Agholor WR 84 Out for season
Chiefs Usain Bolt WR 86 Out for season
Chiefs Steve Beauharnais MLB 73 8 weeks
Chiefs Daniel Sorensen FS 69 6 weeks

AFC West
#11 Broncos Broncos 10-6-0 0.625 4-2
#20 Chiefs Chiefs 9-7-0 0.563 6-0
#27 Raiders Raiders 4-12-0 0.250 2-4
#32 Chargers Chargers 0-16-0 0.000 0-6

1 Sun vs Jets Jets #14
Lost 31-38
2 Sun at Saints Saints #13
Lost 38-41
3 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 7-24
4 Sun at Broncos Broncos #11
Won 31-24
5 Sun vs Texans Texans #29
Won 28-0
7 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #11
Won 38-32
8 Sun at Chargers Chargers #32
Won 37-13
9 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #3
Lost 0-38
10 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #16
Won 41-27
11 Sun at Raiders Raiders #27
Won 24-22
12 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 0-33
13 Sun at Ravens Ravens #10
Lost 10-40
14 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #32
Won 42-12
15 Sun vs Raiders Raiders #27
Won 20-16
16 Sat vs Falcons Falcons #6
Lost 17-37
17 Sun at Bills Bills #18
Won 28-24