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#7 Indianapolis Colts
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Colts Off-season
The Colts went into the off-season understanding that they major overhaul of the wide receiver positions and wanted to get younger on the offensive line. The defense remained for the most part unchanged. It was critical for us to make moves to get players that will help us move the ball on offense.


Move 1: We came to an agreement with the Chiefs that would send RE Hoard, MLB Williamson and FS Campbell in exchange for 1.1.

This was all about getting the best WR in the draft. It is what was lacking on this team last season. We had alot of old slow guys at the WR position and we were out too bring at least one play maker this off-season. We already had a backup and young MLB in Perry and we had another deal in place for a RE. So we felt as if we were mainly really going to need to replace the FS starter and we felt having the 1.1 we would be able to get the best player and fill the FS position later in the draft.

Move 2: We traded our 1.30 to the Cowboys in exchange for RE Mingo. This trade evolved mainly to replace RE Howard we just shipped to the Chiefs. It is a little weaker than Howard but we fill he will fit in our system just fine and we expect no less out of him than we did RE Hoard.

Move 3: We shipped TE Funchess to the Panthers in exchange the Panthers 3.32 pick. We wanted to acquire some later round draft picks because we felt the draft was deep enough in some of the positions we were looking at. We also was retooling the whole receiver core and he was expendable.

Move 4- We traded next years 2nd round pick for C Hroniss Grasu from the Ravens. Hroniss is still very young and will come in and be our rock at center position for many years to come. He is already an outstanding center and we will only improve the rest of his career.


QB- Sam Bradford- We got him pretty easily and he will run our offense this season. There is no doubt we do not have confidence in QB Manuel so we had to go get who we thought would be able to run our offense and we think Bradford will do a great job.

HB- Don Irvin- Mainly a depth pickup. The talent at the HB position fell off so fast if the starter went out and we wanted to add quality depth.

FB- Emil Igwenagu- We felt last season our FB under performed. We went out and grabbed a veteran FB with decent AWR and decent blocking skills. He will be critical in the run and passing game picking up the correct lineman/linebackers to help us run the ball or pass the ball.

WR- Derek Carswell- Mainly a depth pick here but we liked his size and speed is ok. His catch is low but he is still a very young player and could be developed.


1.1 WR Tyrell Wiliiams- The Colts felt they added the best receiver in the draft and a great play maker for many years to follow. Getting WR's and very good depth at this position was priority number one this off-season. He is a day one starter.

2.30- LG Trace Whitehead- We had him ranked as the 2nd best LG in the draft and was blessed he fell to 2.30. Our current LG is getting up there in age and we felt at 2.30 he was the BPA and he will be a day one starter.

3.30-SS- Ibraheim Campbell- We felt like he will be a great addition to the Colts secondary. He is a bit shorter than what i like historically but he will do just fine and add in some help in a rookie boost then he will really be very good we fill. He is another day one starter.

3.32- WR Andrew Hawkins- It was no surprise here because last season the Colts return game was dreadful and most time i would close my eyes on returns. We had way to many turnovers resulting from muffed punts or fumbles. This is why we drafted him at 3.32. This will be his main duty and that will be to return punts and kickoffs. He also already has great catch and will be used on occasion in the offense.

4.30- RG Patrick Ware- Has raw athletic ability that we are going to put to the use right away. We will develop him and we were a bit surprised he was still on the board at 4.30. He is a day one starter and will replace our veteran RG immediately.

5.30- WR Jaquan Pritchett- We love his size and again with a little help from a rookie boost he could be an X factor on offense. He will be a day one starter and we work with him in training camp to get him up to speed but we feel at 5.30 we got tremendous value here for this WR.


CB- Barry Simon- Just depth pickup here
CB- BW Webb- Just depth pickup here
TE- Freddie Gross- Just depth pickup here
RE Denico Autry- Just depth pickup here
LE Quinton Dial- Just depth pickup here
MLB- Lamar Andrew- Just depth pickup
DT Desmond Dockett- Just depth pickup


The Colts offensive line got alot younger. We now have each of these positions locked up for the next 8-10 years and feel they are very good lineman.

The WR depth has been reworked and we have the kind of players we like at this position. Two rookies will get the starts but we have some good veterans that will step in and play for us this season.

The HB position is still a question mark. We will see how the group performs this season but currently we know Gillislee will be the man starting and will mess around with the depth. We hope that HB Irvin can slid in at the #2 position but time will tell.

The TE position the Colts will go with youth and Kroft will get the starting nod over TE Bishop. We feel he needs the playing time to develop into a good TE.

So the offense will have many rookies playing so time will tell if it all pans out. We are going to be young, inexperienced on offense but I think these guys can make plays. Only time will tell as the season is vastly approaching but we feel real good going into the 2019 season on what this team can accomplish. It doesn't mean they will accomplish it but we will give it our best shot.
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At A Glance
GM Bojack
Head Coach C.Pagano
Offensive Coordinator R.Chudzinski
Defensive Coordinator T.Monachino
Special Teams T.McMahon
Salary $136.13M
Cap Penalty $1.19M
Cap Room $25.68M


AFC South
#7 Colts Colts 12-4-0 0.750 6-0
#21 Titans Titans 6-10-0 0.375 4-2
#29 Texans Texans 3-13-0 0.188 2-4
#31 Jaguars Jaguars 1-15-0 0.063 0-6

1 Thu vs Texans Texans #29
Won 38-26
2 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #31
Won 24-17
3 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #1
Lost 13-24
5 Mon at Lions Lions #25
Won 34-27
6 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #31
Won 30-3
7 Sun at Bengals Bengals #17
Won 20-17
8 Sun vs Bears Bears #5
Lost 9-20
9 Sun vs Bills Bills #18
Won 38-17
10 Mon vs Titans Titans #21
Won 28-24
11 Sun vs Browns Browns #15
Won 19-14
12 Sun vs Packers Packers #22
Won 28-9
13 Sun at Raiders Raiders #27
Won 41-7
14 Sun at Ravens Ravens #10
Lost 3-9
15 Sun at Texans Texans #29
Won 27-19
16 Sat at Vikings Vikings #8
Lost 0-23
17 Sun at Titans Titans #21
Won 34-7