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CONGRATS to the Saints.... Super Bowl XXXV Winners !!!!
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#5 Indianapolis Colts
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Same song and dance
The Indianapolis Colts have been rather quiet this season when it has to media outlets and posting. Honestly there was not much to write about. The Colts started strong and ran away with the division. After bouncing Zeke and the Broncos from the playoffs they are once again setup with a showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Colts will again travel to Pittsburgh as they did last year. The game last season came down to the wire and the Colts missed a long field goal that would have won them the game. They get a shot at redemption this season and once again the stakes could not be any higher. Winner goes to the Superbowl.

Colts coach Goodman said his gameplan will come down to three things.
1. Get Mr. Hatzis drugged up before the game.
2. Cut the wiring to his controller right before our game.
3. He has already paid the electric company for the week.

If we can do these three things then we feel good about our chances....lol...

In all seriousness I look forward towards the game against Jim. I always do. They might not end the way I want them to end but they normally have come down to one possession games and I expect this game to be no different. This will mark the third year in a row that Coach Goodman has made it to the AFC Championship game. It's now is time to execute and send Steelers fans home in tears!
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GM Bojack
Head Coach C.Pagano
Offensive Coordinator R.Chudzinski
Defensive Coordinator T.Monachino
Special Teams T.McMahon
Salary $129.92M
Cap Penalty $14.05M
Cap Room $9.03M


AFC South
#5 Colts Colts 11-5-0 0.688 4-2
#17 Jaguars Jaguars 9-7-0 0.563 4-2
#11 Texans Texans 9-7-0 0.563 2-4
#15 Titans Titans 8-8-0 0.500 2-4

1 Sun at Rams Rams #24
Lost 10-20
2 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #29
Won 24-10
3 Sun vs Browns Browns #31
Won 24-10
4 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #6
Won 27-7
5 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #8
Won 23-3
6 Mon at Titans Titans #15
Won 47-6
7 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #17
Won 30-13
8 Sun at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 30-10
9 Sun at Texans Texans #11
Won 40-13
10 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #3
Lost 0-27
12 Sun vs Titans Titans #15
Won 10-3
13 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #17
Lost 13-16
14 Sun at Bills Bills #7
Lost 20-23
15 Thu vs Broncos Broncos #2
Won 23-19
16 Sat at Ravens Ravens #23
Won 12-9
17 Sun vs Texans Texans #11
Lost 16-29