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Colts prepare for 2021 season

After losing in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Broncos it became clear wht the Colts needed to do to thier roster if they wanted to have a chance at a SuperBowl run. I would not say that last season was a dissapointement but rather last season was a season to get younger at certain positions. It became apparent that we needed to upgrade our offense, especially at the wide reciever position. The goal in Indy has been and always will be to win the SuperBowl. As I enter year four here in Indianpolis I have great confidence in the moves that were made this past offseason and I feel it is the best roster from top to bottom I have put on the field.


WR Will Fuller- We reached a deal with the Cowboys to get this WR. It was an immediate upgrade. He alone will take alot of pressure off of WR WIlliams. WR Williams carried this team last year and his season is in the PFL record books but we understand that you cannot win with a one trick pony. Willer will start at WR2 on day one.

WR- Corey Brown- We reached a deal with the Chargers that send this WR to us. We like to run alot of 3wr sets. We didnt have that threat last year and over and over the course of our seaosn we would see this position make drops or errors is key situations. We are thrilled to see how the tandem of WR Williams, Fuller, Brown, and Hawkins can do when they are on the field.

HB- C.J. Prosise- We truly wanted someone we felt comfortable with and someone who would compliment HB Williams. Williams had a good rookie season and we look for him to improve but we run alot of spell back so this is a guy that brings alot to the table. He has the speed and has outstanding hands. We will utilize him for both and again he adds another offensive weapon to our stable.

QB Andrew Luck- UFA1- Had to bring him home. He never looked right in a Raiders uniform. It is undetermined if he will be our starter because we have a young guy who will be given the chance to lead this team. It will be determined before week one if Luck will start or be ready in case Kizer slumps or gets injured.


We selected MLB Tam Noduj at 4.25. We had our eyes on a FB...which ironically enough we were able to snag in UFA2. So it worked out very well. We run a hybrid of 3-4/4-3 and with his chances at a rookie boost it could make him into a solid MLB. We will pump some TC points into him but we were very happy with this selection.

4.30- We drafted P Riley Dixon. We left McAfee go in the offseason so we knew we needed to secure a punter ini the draft. NBothing special but he should be able to get the job done.

5.25- FS Jermaine Peters- With a good rookie boost he could actually be a solid player. If not then he is cheap depth at this position.

These are just some of our offseason notable additions. We are extremely excited for the 2021 PFL season and as I have stated before we feel this is the best roster from top to bottom that we have assembled. We also stayed young. All the players added have so many years left in their careers so we should be able to substain success for the long term. We have some tweaking to do to our offense but that will be addressed before week one with some scrimms. Time is of the essence to get these players plugged in and develop the chemistry that will be needed for a strong 2021 season. We addressed mainly offense this offseason because we feel our defense is already good enough to win now. We shall soon find out if the moves we made in the offseason will be good enough to take the throne that currently resides in Denver.
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GM Bojack
Head Coach C.Pagano
Offensive Coordinator R.Chudzinski
Defensive Coordinator T.Monachino
Special Teams T.McMahon
Salary $132.36M
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Cap Room $9.58M


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1 Thu at Texans Texans #18
Lost 10-13
2 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #2
Won 27-17
3 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #29
Won 21-10
4 Sun at 49ers 49ers #13
Won 17-16
5 Sun vs Titans Titans #5
Won 26-16
6 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #19
Lost 17-37
7 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #10
Won 20-14
8 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #6
Won 27-24
9 Sun at Titans Titans #5
Lost 10-22
11 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #6
Won 20-17
12 Sun at Jets Jets #28
Won 19-13
13 Sun vs Texans Texans #18
Won 12-10
14 Sun at Bills Bills #14
Won 12-10
15 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #23
Won 31-10
16 Sat at Broncos Broncos #11
Won 43-36
17 Sat vs Rams Rams #24
Won 26-24