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#1 Atlanta Falcons
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Falcons still rebuilding, but we're getting there
From The Ohio State
FS Malik Hooker
We had no plans of drafting a FS in the 1st round, but when the 2 players we thought would fall to us HB McCaffrey & ROLB Harris
were unceremoniously ripped from our grasp at 1.14 & 1.19 our pick became a search for best available.
In steps FS M Hooker, with the Falcons trading our FS away to clear Salary we were faced with starting a regressing Merton Perz
or Drafting a suitable replacement. We didnt expect him to be here at 1.20 with my own Mock having him go a little bit earlier,
but when he was sitting there and my pick came up it was a no brainer. Top talent at a big hole for a late 1st rounder is always a good pick

From Florida State University
HB Dalvin Cook
A lot of GM's passed on Cook im guessing for his less then adequate INJ & TGH and with DT Jonathan Allen going a few picks before
We had to again change our plan for the 2.8 pick. We were in need of a HB with a little more SPD than HB Washington and I think we achieved
that goal with a blindingly quick Cook. I know his INJ TGH could be a factor in how much he plays which is why the next pick was...........

From The University of Pittsburgh
HB James Conner
HB Conner was the backup plan in place in case we didnt get the HB we wanted in the 1st round, and since HB Cook has below average INJ TGH
we knew we might need someone to take over at a moments notice. HB Conner has everything we look for in a HB except SPD but we are hoping
that he can get a few points in the end of rookie season physicals to make him a solid all around HB for us. He will be backup to Cook but hell,
Our backup HB James last year still got almost 500 yards so we expect Conner to get more chances then James did to impress us.

From The University of Alabama
ROLB Tim Williams
We stated earlier that we had been hoping to grab the best ROLB in the draft with our 1st rounder, but grabbing the 2nd best at the
bottom of the 2nd round will work for us. Williams comes in with almost the same exact physicals that our ROLB had that we traded away,
and we get him at a cheaper price point then him.
ROLB Problem solved.

From Louisiana State University
C Ethan Pocic
We currently have a decent Center Ty Joyce but after having to grab a Injury replacement mid-season for 2 seasons in a row
because of season ending injuries we felt like it was time to move on. With the best Center still on the board we think we
made a smart move Dude is a MASSIVE HUMAN at 6'6'' 310lbs and should help with the 2 new HB's we brought in this year as well

Might update with the rest, just trying to give a perspective of how the draft went and the reasons behind the picks i made
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At A Glance
GM LottoMan
Head Coach D.Quinn
Offensive Coordinator R.Turner
Defensive Coordinator T.Schonert
Special Teams R.Chudzinski
Salary $129.31M
Cap Penalty $12.18M
Cap Room $11.51M


NFC South
#1 Falcons Falcons 13-3-0 0.813 6-0
#9 Panthers Panthers 10-6-0 0.625 3-3
#21 Saints Saints 6-10-0 0.375 2-4
#27 Buccaneers Buccaneers 6-10-0 0.375 1-5

1 Sun at Bears Bears #12
Won 19-16
2 Sun vs Packers Packers #13
Won 20-14
3 Sun at Lions Lions #25
Won 16-7
4 Sun vs Bills Bills #7
Lost 13-19
6 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #30
Won 31-9
7 Sun at Patriots Patriots #19
Won 24-13
8 Sun at Jets Jets #22
Won 24-3
9 Sun at Panthers Panthers #9
Won 17-6
10 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #4
Lost 14-20
11 Mon at Seahawks Seahawks #6
Lost 13-33
12 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #27
Won 27-19
13 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #14
Won 13-12
14 Thu vs Saints Saints #21
Won 31-16
15 Mon at Buccaneers Buccaneers #27
Won 34-10
16 Sun at Saints Saints #21
Won 24-22
17 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #9
Won 17-16