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Forum Discussion (by Wiggy on 12/21/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1389
Freeman loses game. Jags sad.
"We should have taken the points," Coach Jack Del Rio said. "We decided to try to get closer and should have taken the points or ran the ball. I take full responsibility. Enough said."
Forum Discussion (by JRob on 05/07/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1611
Jags steal one in Houston
Josh Freeman showed up to play today and let everyone know that the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the map in the AFC South. Conrad 'Dirty' Nash showed why he was the team's 1st round PFL draft choice playing all over the field, demonstrating his quickness and versatility. Jermichael Finley gave all the critics who wondered why he chose Jacksonville over other good teams an answer. The Jaguars defense held McFadden in check. He averaged less than 3 yards a carry on 23 attempts. The defensive line lead by Robert Quinn was at Houston QB Daniel Boone's kitchen all game and ate all of his lunch.

'We got to take this game, celebrate tonight, and then move on to next week. One game at a time. Do your job."
Forum Discussion (by JRob on 05/01/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1553
Quarter Carousel in Jacksonville

After having 3 different QB's under center last week, who will start this week in Jacksonville?

P.S. The entire team is available for trade. Will accept 7th round pick for every player in package deal or something. (Not really, I just wanted to join the club).
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 11/29/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1617
Vince Young?!

Vince Young was surprised as anyone.

Apparently the 31 year old player has earned a shot at revitalizing his career. Vince Young is at the top of the Jaguars QB Depth Chart heading into the season, as GM Scatback has promoted the QB in the hopes of confusing opponents with his dynamic threat.

Time will tell how it pans out, and if Vince Young can retain the starting job that he has lost at so many other clubs over the course of the last decade.
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 10/27/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1394
The Madden Gods Align - Jets move on in the playoffs

The Jags decided they would unveil their new defensive scheme for the playoffs! -drumroll-

Did pretty well.

Mark Sanchez was held to 2.43 YPA, 3 interceptions, and a 0.0 QB rating.

Also did pretty well against the run to keep it out of the equation, except for a single 96 yard run by Shonn Greene which involved breaking a bunch of tackles and running down the field.

Sadly, the Jags managed to muff a kick-off return which the Jets promptly returned for a TD. Although this was a pain in the buttocks, it wasn't insurmountable. As the Jags were about to cap off a drive down the field with a TD, their HB fumbles the ball on their 2 yard line on 1st down, the fullback and and o-line fall all over it and manage to push it around a bit, before Darrelle Revis picked up the fallen ball for a 95 yard TD recovery.

Jags: 10
Jags special teams fumble for Jets: 7
Jags offensive fumble recovery (on Jets 5) for Jets: 7
Jets: 7

I should probably feel robbed. But it happens to everyone, and I had no place in the playoffs. Magic know I wish him the best in the rest of the playoffs, it will make me feel like a champ if he can take home the superbowl :)
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 09/04/2012) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1537
Jags make the playoffs?!

Now to just see if we can beat the Jets, who cut us down earlier in this season.
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 09/02/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1279
Jags GM visits Buffalo Farm

The new Jaguar's GM, Scatback, secretly sent scouts to the local Buffalo farm. He decided that he was going to take a leaf out of Bill Belicheck's book and spy on his competition. He was astounded at the amazing notes and details that his spy's retrieved for him. So much so, that he immediately called a press conference:


"The Buffalo Bills, from what my scouts report, are extremely efficient at moving the ball.


Their QB throws as well as my two year old son tosses the roller balls at Chuck E Cheese.

If they were trying to mix up a recipe for success, they would purchase books from infomercials on 4 AM television.

Their GM, KD, wants to select Ryan Leaf with his first round pick this off-season.

The fact is, the backups of the Buffalo Bills play far better than their starters. It is a fact that when their GM said, and I quote: "The Bills are strongly considering sitting its starters for the next game against the Jags, though the Jags talk alot of trash, the Bills feel confident they can win with its Second String lol. " he was afraid of exposing his silly nanny starter squad to real men.

Jaguars eat Buffalo."
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 08/24/2012) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1844
I hate to cheer for people to lose...
Colts need to lose a single of their next two games in order to give the Jags a chance at taking the AFC South. In other news, there seemed to have been premonitions contained within new Jags GM Scatback's introduction to the league:

Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 08/21/2012) Replies - 5 :: Views - 2703
Jaguars GM visits McDonalds - Press Scrum

New GM Scatback on his acquisition of a new HB backup:
I visited McDonalds today, and saw the fattest running back that I have seen in well... ages. Lex Hilliard is a 240 lb HB, but when I asked him to run some drills at our facilities, he still clocked a strong showing on the 40 and cone drills. Because of his good mix of size, speed, and strength, the Jags have decided to clear out their third RB and put Lex Hilliard on their depth, to compete for second back, behind the esteemed Frank Gore.

On the teams first victory with the Colts:
It was a hard fought battle on both sides. We look forward to meeting the Colts again in a few weeks.

On bringing in new defensive lineman Will Tukuafu:
Tukuafu has some unique skillsets that are rarely seen in a defensive lineman, we would like to see how he works in our schemes.

On the upcoming game vs the Jets:
Rex Ryan is the sort of defensive coach that I idolize. That being said, I hope to have him cursing his ass off by the end of the game.

On how he feels about the future of QB Tom Brady:
He still has the hot hand, and it seems he may never lose it. I don't see any reason why we would ever not want Brady, as long as he is willing to keep playing, we will keep letting him play.
Forum Discussion (by Scatback on 07/01/2012) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1480
Jags M.I.A. on First Day of Draft
In a place where very little sounds rises above the rustling of papers, the clicking of keyboard keys, and the low roar of voices on cell phones, the absence of the Jacksonville Draft Crew blares loud and clear. At nearly every square inch there is business happening.

I say "nearly", because there is one desk that differs...

In fact there is no trace of the Jaguars management anywhere. Draft organizers are not certain they have even arrived in New York City. They don't need to be here today as they traded their first round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for quarter Josh Freeman, but no advance on-site preparation is getting done that we know of. All of this would be very disappointing to Jaguar fans if someone had not left a message behind.

Back in the locker room curious journalists can find a phone number. Apparently the media spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Jaguars is "Jenny."

Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 04/17/2012) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1611
Pending League Approval: Jags Acquire Brady's Successor
With a bold stroke of the pen the Jacksonville coaching staff believes the team has acquired the quarterback to step up when Tom Brady decides retirement is better than training camp. “We’ve had our eye on Josh Freeman for a while now and we’re thrilled he’s coming aboard,” said head coach Jack Del Rio. “We believe he has the tools to be successful in our system and will be a leader for many seasons.”

The Jaguars reportedly traded their First round draft pick, the #20 overall, for Josh Freeman. News out of Tampa was that Freeman grew disgruntled after being benched during the season and for several months has voiced his desire to be traded in the offseason. “I believe I have the ability to be a long term starter in the PFL. I’m really looking forward to studying the game as Tom Brady’s backup and performing when the team calls on me,” said Freeman.

Though the trade is pending league approval the Jacksonville front office felt it was prudent to hold the press conference before rumors begin flying. “If the league has a concern, we’ll get it worked out,” said GM Campbell.

Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 04/13/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 975
Jags: Jumped the First Big Hurdle, Ready for Next
To most fans and coaches, it looked like it was over at halftime. The bad news started before that though. After both coaches agreed to restart the game when there was rain, the weather did not get any clearer. “We were sure that the Steelers had the edge in the rain with that Defense of theirs,“ said coach Del Rio, “but we didn’t feel it was proper to ask them for another restart.”

Down 13-0 when they regrouped in the locker room, the coaches laid out a completely new game plan for their players. “We had to go aggressive and basically mirror what the Steelers offense was doing. If we are going to make the playoffs, it will be on Brady’s arm. So we opened up the book for him. Our first half game plan got a whole 2 rushing yards for us. The first half was a bust.”

The defensive squad changed their plan also to have a different point of origin for pressure on quarterback Roethlisberger. Mike Tice explained “Holding that offense to only 13 (points) was solid but we needed to find ways to completely cap them and allow our offense to catch up.” The adjustments did more to shake the confidence in the passing game and stifle the running game, but the most significant difference was an increase in dropped passes by Pittsburgh receivers. “I don’t know if it was the rain, or if they were scared, or if it was better coverage, but the bottom line is they short-circuited several of their drives by not catching the ball,” said Tice.

Most analysts agree that Jacksonville needs to win both of their remaining games to get into the playoffs. Half of that challenge is accomplished and Brady and the boys are back studying film, hoping to find the holes in the league-leading defense at Kansas City. Win and they’re IN, lose and they go on that fishin’ trip out west to start their offseason.

Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 03/06/2012) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1707
Quarterback-by-committee keeps the Jags treading water
In what some experts consider the most competitive division of PFL, the Jags have managed to stay competitive in the race by earning two wins out of the last three games after Tom Brady left early in the game against the Vikings, the first of the three.

The quarterback committee of Alex Smith and newly acquired Brady Quinn has struggled at times but did enough to help their team overall. They finished the three game stint with a combined 49% completion ratio, 399 yards, no touchdowns, and only 2 interceptions. What most disturbed the offensive coaching staff was the 9 sacks piled on the combination. “Although that is only 3 sacks per game average, those negative plays can tilt an uneasy game situation towards our opponents’ favor very quickly. We learned we had to begin calling plays that were more conservative with a variety of route options, but not too many options,” said coach Del Rio.

Brady’s return to the lineup coincides with the first match against division rival Indianapolis. Most observers believe there will be at least one Wild Card team from the AFC South, and a very slim chance that both Wild Card teams will be birthed from this division. “In the AFC, a 10-6 record should make the playoffs but a team that finishes 9-7 has less than a 50-50 shot,” said a source in the Jacksonville front office.

If that is true, the Jags, who finish their schedule against the Steelers and the Chiefs, will need to win FIVE of their last SEVEN games. Therefore, they cannot afford to stumble against the Colts this week, or in two weeks when they pair up again.

Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 02/01/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 923
Surging 4-3 Jags May Suffer Significant Injury
The spirit of jubilation in the locker room after the close-as-nails overtime victory against the highly talented Minnesota Vikings was dampened by the anxiety of the unknown status of quarterback Tom Brady. He was knocked out of the game when he received a severe blow after releasing the ball early in the second quarter. The extent of the injury should be realized in the next few days. Brady has been the offensive catalyst that has kept the Jaguars in games when they have struggled to defensively contain their opponents' offenses. The club spent a compelling amount of time, energy, and resources to acquire him in the offseason in their hopes for a playoff bid.

Things went from very bad to worse when, while subbing for Tom Brady, quarterback Alex Smith was knocked out of the game for a drive and the Jaguars had to turn to their Punter, Adam Podlesh. "At that point it was obvious we were biding our time, handing the ball off to Gore, and hoping that Alex would return sooner rather than later," said coack Del Rio. "All season we knew we had a quarterback depth issue and the Vikings exposed that to the league. Anyone who watches this game tape will know they just need to knock out our starting quarterback and we will be almost dead in the water. Anyway, we're thrilled to be 4-3 at this point in the season."

Hours after the game the Jacksonville front office put in a bid for Unrestricted Free Agent quarterback Brady Quinn. After the papers get processed he'll arrive at the team facilities with the expectation to be the third-string quarterback, or, if the news is worse than expected, the team's backup.

The injury had many observers recalling an earlier moment of trepidation in Tom Brady's career:
Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 01/14/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 890
Frustrated Jags Head into BYE Week
“There’s no way to feel good about being a one-win team at this point,“ said coach Del Rio. “This is not how we anticipated this season to begin. These are pathetic results.”

After the team acquired quarterback Tom Brady many analysts picked the Jaguars for a wild card spot in their preseason prognostications. They were right in one aspect. Brady has proved to be everything the team needed and newcomer Frank Gore is a suitable replacement for former fan favorite Maurice Jones-Drew. The team has put plenty of points on the scoreboard.

The defense has set the team back. This season’s pattern has been some twisted concoction of a flex and big play defense that cannot get an opposing offense off the field. Add to that mixture a blown coverage or two. Lather, rinse, repeat.

“It’s been disgusting,” remarked cornerback Derek Cox. “We’ve been blowing too many assignments and that puts Brady and his guys at big disadvantage.” The point agrees with most observations as the Jags have been strong in each game until they allowed one or two back-breaking offensive plays. The leads vanished as the defense got embarrassed as if on cue.

The Jaguars enter their Bye week with a mind to make serious defensive adjustments. “We’re starting from scratch,” said the coach as he left the podium.
Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 12/14/2011) Replies - 0 :: Views - 872
The Jaguar’s Complete Home Makeover
Press release

With 10 trades executed this off-season many fans are left wondering “Who is on my team now?” Don’t stress out; here’s a quick breakdown of who you’ll be cheering for this season.
Last year I cheered for QB David Garrard…. This year I’m cheering for QB Tom Brady
Last year I cheered for HB Maurice Jones-Drew…. This year I’m cheering for HB Frank Gore
Last year I cheered for WR Mike Sims-Walker and WR Bernard Berrian… This year I’m cheering for WR Anquan Boldin and WR Chaz Schilens
Last year I cheered for RE Aaron Kampman…. This year I’m cheering for RE Robert Quinn
Last year I cheered for MLB Kirk Morrison… This year I’m cheering for MLB Jason Williams
Last year I cheered for CB Rashean Mathis…. This year I’m cheering for… for… for…. CB Leigh Bodden ? ? ?

Clearly a step down at Corner…
but there are plenty of reasons to buy your season tickets now and support your Jacksonville Jaguars!

Forum Discussion (by Burnt Bacon on 10/31/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1025

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1 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #10
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2 Sun at Patriots Patriots #19
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3 Sun vs Texans Texans #18
Won 27-0
5 Sun at Rams Rams #24
Won 31-14
6 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #15
Won 23-6
7 Sun at Titans Titans #5
Lost 20-28
8 Sun at Colts Colts #4
Lost 24-27
9 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #23
Won 27-21
10 Sun vs Bills Bills #14
Lost 16-20
11 Sun vs Colts Colts #4
Lost 17-20
12 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #30
Won 23-3
13 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #29
Won 34-13
14 Sun at Texans Texans #18
Won 13-3
15 Sat vs Jets Jets #28
Won 19-17
16 Sat vs 49ers 49ers #13
Won 34-17
17 Sun vs Titans Titans #5
Lost 10-25