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Jets Draft Pick 2020
Draft Pick 1.16

HB Joe Mixon-6'1" 228lbs Oklahoma (81 ovr)

Veteran HB Gio Bernard found a new home in Cincy so priority number one was to get a half back. After Fournette, Mixon was second on our board. One word says it all about Mixon....SPEED! Mixon was the fastest HB coming out of the draft. He may be the fastest HB in the PFL. Along with his speed (98 spd) and acceleration (93 acc), he also can be a threat in the passing game, (77 cth). Mixon may be the most versatile back coming out of this draft. With Bryce Brown getting closer to regression, Mixon will be the #1 back soon and the beast of the AFC East.

Draft Pick 2.16

WR Curtis Samuel-5'11" 196lbs Ohio State (75 ovr)

Last season we drafted in the first round WR Malcom Mitchell (77 ovr) and all he did last season was set rookie Jet records for Yards (1,136), TDs (8), YAC (243) and longest catch (83). Samuel is a clone of Mitchell in height, weight and skills. In fact, he has slightly better speed (93 spd) and better acceleration (91 acc). We hope he can equal or better what Mitchell did last season. With Mitchell on one side and Samuel on the other, QB Dynamite throwing to them, the Jets will be flying high.

Draft Pick 3.16

MLB Duke Riley-6'1" 232lbs LSU (74 ovr)

Riley may not be as fast or as big as we like our middle line backers to be but Riley showed at the combines that he is one of the stronger linebackers (83 str) and has great knowledge of the position (76 awr). Training camp will help him improve and we feel he will learn a lot starting next to veteran MLB Alonso.

Draft Pick 4.16

TE Gerald Everett-6'3" 239lbs Alabama (71 ovr)

Everett will be our 3rd string TE. He has raw talent that in a few season after some training camp and PFL Europe, can get him to number 2 TE.

Draft Pick 5.16

SS Tedric Thompson-6'0" 204lbs Colorado (72 ovr)

Thompson will be backing up all pro Keanu Neal. Thompson has the height and size to be a physical SS but lacks great speed (85 spd). At this stage of the draft, we were looking for a solid back up.
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Jets Draft Pick 2019
Draft Pick 1.16

LOLB Desmond Woodson-6'4" 245lbs Texas(83 ovr)

11 year Jet veteran Wayne Odom, drafted in the 1st round of 2008, has been slowing down the past couple of years due to injuries and age (33). It was a priority to draft a LOLB this draft. At 6'4", Woodson has speed (spd 83), great acceleration (acc 84), excellent agility (agi 85) and great awareness (awr 81). We feel he is the perfect LOLB to take over the mantle from Odom. He will also book end last season Jet rookie sensation, ROLB Kyle Fackrell, who set the Jet rookie sack record, eclipsing Odom's record set in 2008. Woodson will have some lofty goals for this season but we feel his talent and a good teacher will get him there.

Draft pick 1.27

WR Malcolm Mitchell-5'11" 200lbs Georgia(77 ovr)

The most prolific offensive wide receiver in Jet history (758 rec./10,274 yds/33 TDs) was traded this off season to the Buccs. There is no way you can replace a receiver who had 92 receptions, 1267 yds and 8 TDs last season but we have to start somewhere and we feel Mitchell has the raw talent to be a great receiver. Although Mitchell is way shorter than Clausen, Mitchell showed at the combine his speed (spd 92) and agility (agi 91). At Georgia, Mitchell made some great catches but every now and then dropped a few easy ones due to lack of concentration. With some time at training camp, Mitchell will be ready to be our #2 wide receiver this season.

Draft pick 3.16

QB Kevin Anderson-6'2" 215lbs Fordham(78 ovr)

This draft class was not a good QB class but with veteran QB Rico Dynamite getting up in age (33) and possibly considering retirement, we realized we needed a QB now to groom. Picking in the 3rd round, we had Anderson top on our list for QB. Although he has a lot to learn, Anderson has a cannon for an arm (THP 96). The strongest in the draft. Throwing power is one thing you can not teach. We know he will need to work on his accuracy (THACC 80) but with training camp and sitting behind a veteran like Rico, we feel Anderson be a stud QB in the future.

Draft pick 5.1

CB Brent Williams-6'1" 198lbs Virginia(72 ovr)

Starting the 5th round we saw there were some good but raw talented CBs available. Williams is one of the taller CBs in this draft class and at 6'1", Williams has good speed (spd 90) and a good jump (jmp 88). He will need to work on acceleration and agility and in time we feel Williams could be a starting CB.

Draft pick 5.16

CB Clarence Waller-5'9" 166lbs Kentucky(72 ovr)

Although we had picked a CB to start the 5th round, we feel you can never have enough CBs on the roster. Especially when the injury bug hits your secondary like it did last season. Waller is another raw talented CB who fell only because of his 5'9" size. Waller is even faster than Wiliams, (spd 91) and has excellent agility (agi 95). With time and training camp, Waller could improve and become a starter one day.
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Jets Draft Pick 2018
Draft Pick 1.24

SS Keanu Neal-6'0" 211lbs Florida(91 ovr)

10 year Jet veteran Chris Smith, who was drafted by the Jets, was released this off season. When Neal dropped down to us, we jumped at drafting him. He is simply put, a stud Saftey. Neal has good speed (spd 88) excellent acceleration (acc 93) and great agility (agi 94) in 6'0" frame. His hands is what stood out in the combines (cth 71). He is a complete package and he will be taking over the void left by Smith.

Draft Pick 2.24

ROLB Kyler Fackrell-6'5" 245lbs Utah State(76 ovr)

With Burnside losing a step, we felt we needed to draft a ROLB. Fackrell is one of the bigger outside linebackers coming out of the draft. Although not one of the fastest linebackers, he does have good awareness (awr 77) and good agility (agi 82) for a man his size. With training camp, we feel he will be ready to start for us this season.

Draft Pick 3.24

DT David Onyemata-6'4" 300lbs Marist(74 ovr)

At this round we were looking for players to fill in as backups. Onyemata is a young DT who for his size, has good speed (spd 75) and agility (agi 61). He has a good awareness of the position and we feel will be a good back up to DT Shelton.

Draft Pick 4.24

FS DeAndre Houston-Carso-6'1" 201lbs Will & Mary(76 ovr)

Another back up position we needed to fill. Houston-Carso is a free saftey who is raw but can improve through training camp. Maybe he will be able to start in the future but for now, he will play on special teams and back up FS Iloka.

Draft Pick 5.24

MLB Josh Forrest-6'3" 249lbs Kentucky(67 ovr)

We wanted to draft a MLB but didn't think it would be in round 5. Although Forrest has good size, he lacks the speed we look for. Maybe with training camp, Forrest will improve on some of his skills to become a sold back up MLB.
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Jets Draft Picks 2017
Draft Pick 1.17

CB Chad Cotton-5'11" 216lbs Kentucky(83 ovr)

In 2011, the Jets drafted CB D. Green in the 2nd Round, 11th Pick. Since 2008, no other CB has been drafted higher than him until this years #1 DP for the Jets. Chad Cotton, (83 ovr), was the 5th best CB on our board and by the time we were ready to pick, four other CBs had been taken. Although Cotton isn't over 6 feet tall or has blazing speed, over 91, Cotton showed at the combines he has incredible acceleration (96 acc) for closing speed and out of the break speed. His vertical (95 jmp) was one of the best in the entire combines and his catch was 4th best coming out of the draft (65 cth). Cotton immediately gives a boost to a secondary that struggled due to injury or aging corners that could not keep up with opponents wide outs. Cotton and Green will be the best starting CBs since Revis and Cromartie were Jets starters back in 2008. The Jets are excited about this young talented CB.

Draft Pick 2.19

RE Brent Nalen-6'7" 291lbs Oklahoma State(85 ovr)

We dropped down two spots due to a trade with the Colts which brought a young WR Devin Smith to the team. At the 19th pick of the second round, we had no idea what to expect. RE B. Nalen was a 1st rounder on our board, so imagine how we felt to get a 1st round talent in the mid second round. Although Holmes (83 ovr) has been starting for us since he was drafted in 2013 in the 3rd Round, we felt Nalen's (85 ovr) talent would a great addition to an already young studded D-line with 2014 1st Rounder LE K. Ealy and and 2016 1st Rounder DT D. Shelton. Nalen is without doubt a beast at right end. At 6'7" 291 lbs, Nalen has speed (75 spd), acceleration (79 acc) and strength (80 str) and in just a few seasons, can progress even past stud LE Ealy.

Draft Pick 3.17

C Ron Finley-6'7" 323lbs Colorado(81 ovr)

Hard to believe there was still quality talent in the 3rd round but once again, the draft gods smiled upon us. We had Finley as the top Center in the draft. With this pick, we were happy to select Finley. Finley showed at the combines he has good pass blocking and run blocking skills and very agile for his 6'7" frame. The only negative on this young player is his strength (81 str). We hope after training camp, he will be able to build up more strength.

Draft 5.17

SS Chris Rivers-6'0" 216lbs Washington State(73 ovr)

Usually at this round it is slim pickings however we were in a need of a back up SS and Jones was available. Although not a lot of speed or acceleration, Jones was the best that was still available. He will also be on special teams as well.
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Jets Off-Season 2016
The Jets acquired the following players to the the team:

CB Devin McCourty-88 ovr 32 yrs old: We were in a need of upgrading our starting CB position with talent and veteran leadership. McCourty has both those things we were looking for in a starting CB. For many years, McCourty was a thorn in our sides when playing for the Patriots but now he will bring a boost to our secondary. McCourty has a knack for the ball and somehow always gets his hands on the ball whether by deflection or interception. We are happy to have him. McCourty will start opposite our young talented CB Green.

RE Adam Carriker-82 ovr 36 yrs old: We signed Carriker because we wanted to have a veteran RE backing up starter J. Holmes. Even with his best years behind him, Carriker still has the speed and strength to get a sack or two while disrupting plays in the backfield.

WR Ronald Johnson-80 ovr 32 yrs old: With the loss of Jock Sanders to free agency, we needed another speedy KR/PR. Even at age 32, Johnson still has incredible speed and acceleration needed to be an effective KR/PR. Johnson will also be an effective backup receiver should we need him due to any injuries to our starting wide outs.

LT Al Schroeder-79 ovr 31 yrs old: First year LT Bryan will be filling in humongous shoes left behind by future hall of famer D. Ferguson and we wanted a veteran presence in our backup LT. Schroeder has been mostly a career back up but we realize he is very talented player. Should Bryan struggle or get hurt, we know we have a very capable back up to step in.
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Jets Draft Picks 2016
Draft Pick 1.11

DT Danny Shelton-6'2" 339lbs Washington(89 ovr)

We were estatic to have Shelton fall into our laps at 11th pick. With his thick frame and powerful upper body, Shelton can dominate at the point of attack. He is a space-eater who is able to maintain good positioning against double teams. He comes to a defensive line that needed a serious upgrade especially at the DT spot. He will line up next to stud LE Kony Ealy (89 ovr), 2014 1st round draft pick. His talent will demand double teaming from offensive lines which will hopefully open up more opportuninty for LE Ealy and RE Holmes. We are happy to have Shelton on our team.

Draft Pick 2.11

LT Cedric Ogbuehi-6'5" 306lbs Texas A&M(83 ovr)

The great All-Pro LT Ferguson was picked up and signed by the Jaguars this season. Last years third round draft pick LT Lorenzo Bryan will start for us. So you ask why did we draft Ogbuehi? He showed at the combines he has great speed (70 spd), agility (73 agi) and strength (91 str) that really opened our eyes. He has the foot quickness and the ability to move easily in space. We will move him over to RT where he will start.

Draft Pick 3.11

P Bradley Pinion-6'5" 229lbs Clemson(94 ovr)

Punter Sam Koch's contract ended and he was released, so we were in the market for a new punter. There was not much out in free agency so we decided to draft a punter. First time for everything I guess. Well, if you have to draft a punter, you better get the top one. Pinion was the best in the draft. Pinion has a real big leg (93 pwr) and surprisingly good accurracy (90 acc) for a young punter. A punter with these skills can really be a weapon and help pin our opponents further back on their side of the field.

Draft Pick 4.11

K Justin Manton-6'3" 196lbs Louisville(88 ovr)

Many wondered why we would pick a kicker especially when we resigned Nick Folk, who has only missed 7 FGs in three seasons. Well, as much as we love Folk, he is 35 this season and even though he is very accurrate, he does not have a booming leg (90 pwr). On kickoffs, Folk has 12 touch backs in three seasons. Manton showed in college he has a very powerful leg (94 pwr) and we will use him this season on kickoffs. In a couple of seasons, with some progression, Manton will have the accurracy to go along with his power and he will take over all the kicking duties.
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Jets Off-Season 2015
The Jets acquired the following players to the team:

QB Chad Henne-82 ovr 33 yrs old: We lost back up Jermaine Walker and with Trent Edwards losing some skill due to age, we felt Henne had the tools to back up our starter. Although Henne is 33 yrs old, he still has a very strong arm (93 thp) and is quite accurate (89 tha). Should Rico suffer injury during the season, Henne will be able to step right in.

SS Eric Hagg-81 ovr 30 yrs old: Hagg was signed to back up our starter, Chris Smith. Hagg is similar in size and speed with Smith and being in the league for 8 seasons, Hagg will be able to adjust to our system quite easily.

DT Alan Branch-80 ovr 34 yrs old: Branch will be a veteran back up. He has played his entire career with the Steelers and maybe his best years are behind him but we feel that he will be a key veteran on our squad.

WR Jock Sanders-77 ovr 31 yrs old: Sanders was originally drafted by the Jets and was released after 2007 season. After spending several seasons with the Falcons, Sanders has returned to the Jets. He still has incredible speed along with acceleration and we feel he will make an excellent #2 KR next to #1 KR Dri Archer. You can never have enough speed demons when it comes to kick returns and punt returns.
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Jets Draft Picks 2015
Draft Pick 1.22

TE Larry Donnell-6'6" 265lbs Grambling State (79 ovr)

With veteran tight end and long time Jet, D. Keller moving on to free agency, it left a void at our#2 TE position. With T. Kelce off the board at 16, we were happy to select Larry Donnell. The first thing you notice is the size Donnell brings to the position. At 6'6", Donnell is the tallest receiver on the team. Not easily accomplished when you have 6'5" wide out on the same team. Although Donnell has tremendous size, he had shown at the combines that he has good agility (82 agi), good speed (80 spd) and acceleration (82 acc) along with great hands (79 cth). He will be a starter alongside our veteran TE DJ Wiliams and we have no doubt he will make an immediate impact for our team.

Draft Pick 2.22

WR Josh Parkman-5'10" 196lbs Florida State (85 ovr)

To be honest, Josh Parkman was not even on our draft board. I guess he wasn't on anyone's list either since he was dropping like a rock with no takers until our pick. How does a wide receiver who is an 85 ovr with 84 cth and a 85 awr not get picked in the first round? Simply put, if you stand 5'10" and have an 86 spd. However, we took a flyer on this kid because we are not drafting for a #1 or even a #2 receiver since we have top receivers in those positions but we figured he could make a great #3 receiver. At the combines he showed he has one of the best hands (84 cth) coming out of the draft, great awareness ( 85 awr) to run precise patterns and good acceleration when he makes his cuts (92 acc). With training camp and a possible rookie boost, Parkman could be a steal. We hope our scouts got this one right.

Draft Pick 3.22

LT Lorenzo Bryan-6'5" 323lbs Kent State (78 ovr)

With all-pro LT Ferguson getting up there with age, we figured it was a good idea to find a young tackle to fill those big shoes. Bryan definitely has the size to do that. Standing at 6'5" and weighing over 320 lbs, Bryan has tremendous strength (90 str) and amazing agility for his size (70 agi). Although a bit raw in his rbk and pbk skills, we feel through training camp and playing behind an all-pro like Ferguson that Bryan could step in as a starter as early as next season.

Draft Pick 4.22

LE George Johnson-6'4" 263lbs Rutgers (77 ovr)

At this round we were looking for a backup LE and were surprised to see Johnson still around. At the combines, Johnson was one of the stronger DEs (85 str) in the draft and has good tackling ability (72 tak). Although not as quick as the other LEs drafted before him, we think he will be a good backup.

Draft Pick 5.22

RG Willie Tennell-6'2" 303lbs Maryland (78 ovr)

At this round you never know what will be available or what you can get but surprisingly RG Tennell was a good player to get at that round. Due to his shorter stature and below average strength (82 str), Tennell fell way down in the draft. However, Tennell displayed some uncanny agility for his size (71 agi) and with some traing camp along with a tour or two in the PFL Europe, Tennell could be a starter at RG or even slide over to Center. Only time will tell.
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Jets Mid Season Report
The Jets first half of the season has been a brutal schedule. Of the eight games, six have been against division opponents. In a tough AFC East Division, the Jets split with the Dolphins (8-1) and the Patriots (6-2) while beating the Bills (3-5) twice. The Jets emerge with a winning record and look to equal or better their record in the second half of the season even though it will not be an easy task.

Jets Division Record: 4-2
Jets Non Division Record: 1-1

Mid Season Stats:


AFC SEEDING: 6th Place

(per game)
Points Scored: 19.5 14th
Total Offense: 307.4 7th
Passing Offense: 205.6 7th
Rushing Offense: 101.8 21st
Points Allowed: 16.3 11th
Total Defense: 314.9 26th
Pass Defense: 222.6 28th
Rushing Defense: 92.3 13th
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Jets start season 1-1
The NY Jets start this season playing the first three games against division opponents and after the first two games, the Green Machine is 1-1.

Week 1 Patriots @ Jets: 20 - 10
The Jets opening game at home was a success against the Pats. The offense clicked right from the start of game and finished strong with a 20-10 win. QB Dynamite played very effective by throwing for 18-27 for 248yds, 1TD pass while RB Brown took up where he left of last season with an effective running game, amassing 86 yds on 18 attempts. RB Bernard chipped in with 29 yds and a rushing TD. The defense played well by coming up with defensive stops during the game.

Week 2 Dolphins @ Jets: 20 - 22
The Phins came to town and the Jets were unable to follow up a win with another win. It wasn't because the Jets lacked the will to try but more like the football found its way to the Fish. The game started for the Jets like last week with a first drive score but by the time the 4th Qtr cam around, the Jets were trailing by 6 pts. With less than 2 minutes in the game, QB Dynamite found TE Keller for a go ahead TD. Unfortunately, the usually reliable Jets defense was unable to keep the Phins to score a winning FG. A tough loss no doubt.

Coming up for week 3, Buffalo Bills come to town. Another tough game.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance
GM Magic
Head Coach T.Bowles
Offensive Coordinator J.Marshall
Defensive Coordinator F.Bush
Special Teams K.Schottenheimer
Salary $147.53M
Cap Penalty $4.36M
Cap Room $1.11M

Jets Kyler Fackrell ROLB 80 Out for season
Jets Dri Archer HB 70 Out for season
Jets Paul Dawson MLB 70 Out for season
Jets George Johnson LE 79 4 weeks
Jets Malcolm Mitchell WR 81 Doubtful
Jets DeAndre Houston-Carso FS 73 Doubtful

AFC East
#7 Bills Bills 7-3-0 0.700 2-0
#18 Jets Jets 5-5-0 0.500 2-3
#25 Patriots Patriots 3-6-0 0.333 0-1
#26 Dolphins Dolphins 3-7-0 0.300 1-1

1 Sun at Bills Bills #7
Lost 10-41
2 Sun at Raiders Raiders #22
Won 41-16
3 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #26
Lost 32-35
4 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #11
Won 32-19
5 Sun at Browns Browns #24
Won 31-20
6 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #25
Won 27-3
7 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 28-18
8 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 3-24
9 Thu vs Bills Bills #7
Lost 20-34
10 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #16
Lost 28-31
12 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10 N/P
13 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #27 N/P
14 Sun at Broncos Broncos #2 N/P
15 Sun at Saints Saints #20 N/P
16 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #13 N/P
17 Sun at Patriots Patriots #25 N/P