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#28 New York Jets
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Jets Draft Picks 2021
Draft Pick 1.13

CB Trevor Williams- 5'11" 191lbs Penn State (84 ovr)

We did not resign veteran CB Darrell Green this season which made it a priority to draft a CB. With the 13th pick, we selected CB Trevor Williams and we were happy to get him. Although not the fastest CB coming out of the draft, Williams has great acceleration (93 acc) to close on receivers. When he does close, Williams shows the great hands (71 cth) he has by coming up with interceptions. Williams will be starting opposite CB Chad Cotton, drafted 1.17 in 2017, who has been outstanding. Williams has many similar abilities to Cotton and we feel we have solidified our secondary with these two young talented corners.

Draft Pick 2.13

MLB Antonio Morrison- 6'1" 241lbs Florida (75 ovr)

Long time Jet and veteran MLB Kiko Alonso found a home known to many as the Black Hole or Raider Nation. Getting a MLB was a key in the second round. By the time we were ready to pick, 4 MLBs had already been selected. I feel we were lucky to get Morrison the way the MLBs were flying off the board. Although Morrison lacks the speed that other MLBs that were taken before him, Morrison showed, while playing for Florida, that he had great awareness (78 awr) on the field. His agility (82 agi) gave him the ability to shed blocks and make the one on one tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Morrison will be starting and playing alongside last years 3rd round draft pick Riley. As a rookie, Riley set the Jets rookie record for tackles for lossess (TFL) for the year, 17. We feel that Morrison could break that record this season.

Draft Pick 3.13

WR Trent Taylor- 5'8" 178lbs L.A. Tech (75 ovr)

At this round we were interested in getting a WR to fill the 4th receiver slot and KR/PR as well. Trent Taylor is the receiver we were looking for. The one thing that stands out is his incredible speed (95 spd). As they say, you can't teach speed. Taylor's speed makes up for his diminutive size (5'8"). His awareness (71 awr) on the field has shown why he is a weapon when it comes to kick returns and punt returns. As a 4th receiver, he will be going up against much slower corners, so Taylor should get plenty of opportunity to make a big catch.

Draft Pick 4.13

LOLB Ryan Carter- 6'2" 235lbs Michigan (75 ovr)

Last season we had 3 players who were injured for the entire season and we decided to draft quality back up players. Carter had some off field issues in Michigan that probably caused him to fall but we saw enough of him to know that he can be that player to step in should anything happen to our starting LOLB.

Draft Pick 5.13

HB Malcolm Brown- 5'11" 227lbs Texas (73 ovr)

Once again we were looking for a player to back up a starter. With all the injuries, half backs are always one hit away from an injury. We feel we can never have enough backs and we were glad to get Malcolm Brown. Brown has decent speed (88 spd) and acceleration (89 acc). The one knock on him in college was, for his size, he tried to dance around tackles instead of running through them which is the reason he has a low break tackle (68 btk). We hope through training camp and PFL Europe, he will improve in that area.
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At A Glance
GM Magic
Head Coach T.Bowles
Offensive Coordinator J.Marshall
Defensive Coordinator F.Bush
Special Teams K.Schottenheimer
Salary $131.14M
Cap Penalty $970K
Cap Room $10.89M


AFC East
#14 Bills Bills 8-8-0 0.500 4-2
#19 Patriots Patriots 8-8-0 0.500 4-2
#23 Dolphins Dolphins 6-10-0 0.375 2-4
#28 Jets Jets 4-12-0 0.250 2-4

1 Sun at Bills Bills #14
Won 21-14
2 Mon vs Chargers Chargers #20
Won 23-7
3 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Lost 31-33
4 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #19
Lost 13-23
5 Sun at Falcons Falcons #9
Lost 13-21
6 Sun at Titans Titans #5
Lost 7-27
8 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #23
Lost 23-38
9 Mon vs Panthers Panthers #1
Lost 14-29
10 Mon at Saints Saints #8
Lost 10-24
11 Sun vs Bills Bills #14
Won 30-27
12 Sun vs Colts Colts #4
Lost 13-19
13 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #23
Lost 27-29
14 Sun at Ravens Ravens #27
Won 31-20
15 Sat at Jaguars Jaguars #6
Lost 17-19
16 Sun at Patriots Patriots #19
Lost 21-24
17 Sat vs Texans Texans #18
Lost 13-34