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Packers Midseason Report
Halfway through the 2020 PFL season and the Packers find themselves in exactly the position they thought they would be at the start of the 2020 PFL season....right smack dab in the less than mediocre range of a 3-4 record. If not for some timely good luck (Saints and Seahawks games) and a 6 turnover performance by the Bengal offense, the Packers could very easily be 0-7. All in all a very frustrating season at the mid way point.

Coming out of the 2019 draft, the Packers had some hope, having drafted in the first couple of rounds for the first time in a long time under GM Gamble. We picked up HB Alvin Kamara who has been....meh....for the most part and often injured. SS Jabril Peppers has been the starting SS for the entire season so far and hasn't sucked. Late round pick up LG Jai Gibson has been holding down the starting LG spot and also hasn't completely sucked. Wr Ju Ju smith Schuster hasn't seen the field so it's rather hard to evaluate him at this point. With the playoffs a distant hope he will probably see more playing time as we play out the rest of the schedule.

The biggest disappointment so far has been QB Chester Vickers. The lefty acquired from the Titans in the offseason has all the attributes of a successful madden qb except for the fact that he's a lefty. This apparently makes him an idiot. Not only does he throw INT's at the worst possibile times but he has a terribile habit of throwing the ball to.....nobody.... He also takes a lot of sacks. In short it has been an unmitigated disaster and it looks like he will be traded in the offseason.

Once the pride of the Packer organization, the defense has been average at best this season. They have struggled in the red zone especially, giving up td's where in the past they would force fg attempts at worst and turnovers at best. The Packers have struggled to stop the run especially with the D line taking the majority of the blame.

Special teams haven't completely sucked.

So as the second half of the 2020 season looms ahead the Packers can see perhaps 2 more wins on the schedule, maybe 3 if they are lucky. That's assuming the injury bug doesn't hit us in which case it's very possibile that the Packers end up 3-13. That's it for now, we'll post a 2020 post mortem at the end of the season.
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Packers week 4
The detroit lions rolled into Lambeau field under new head coach Ryan Covault, looking for a win but it was the Packers defense, which aside from two weeks ago against the Bucs, has been playing very good football as of late. The rainy conditions made it more difficult for the Lions recievers to hang onto the ball but even more so with some savage hits, seperating the ball from the man intending to catch it.

It wasnt all about the defense though as the Packers passing game finally got back on track. Though not gaudy numbers by any stretch, given their recent problems, anything over 200 yards and north of 50% completion is certainly something to cheer about. Wr Dontrelle Inman had a particularily good game, coming down with several long receptions. The run game was its usual enemic self coming up just short of 100 yards between new HB Ferguson and old veteran Jackie Moon.

Newly acquired kicker Wagner continues to impress with a 2 for 2 day both from 45 plus away in terribile conditions.

Next week we face Hank and the always tough Redskins.
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Packers week 2
Hooper....Hooper...and once again....Hooper. This was the apparent mantra of the Bucs offensive coordinator in last nights PFL contest between the Packers and the Bucs. Unfourtunetly for the Packers, they rarely had the answers to stopping him. "We tried man at first but our Olb's were just too slow to run step for step with this guy. We switched to zone later in the game and that worked much better but by then it was too late" said coach Gamble during a clearly frustrating post game press conference. The Packers offense did not help the situation. The passing game, for 3 quarters anyway, was....well..awful. Geno Smith, conung off last weeks positive performance, threw a pick six deep in Packers territory which would turn out to be the difference in the game. Smith was later benched in favor of rookie Mon Wayne who proceeded to march the packers down the field late in the 4th resulting in the TD that would get the Packers within 5 points with just under 2 mins left. With 3 timeouts, the Pack looked to stop the bucs and get the ball back for a chance to win but Hooper struck again, this time by breaking a tackle and securing what should have been a game ending first down. I say should have been because, inexplicably, the bucs, rather than kneeling on it decided to continue to run plays and sure enough, their fullback put the ball on the ground with 40 seconds left, deep in Packers territory but the Packers couldnt come up with it.

Positives: Newly acquired K Wagner was 2 for 2. Rookie QB Mon Wayne went 4-8 with a TD. No picks.

Negatives: The offense.

Next week its off to LA to play the Rams. Rumors are circulating that Geno Smith will be benched in favor on rookie Wayne.
Forum Discussion (by Lightfoot on 06/08/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 562
Packers week 1

Major changes in Green Bay's roster left Packers fan's with very limited expectations for the coming season. But the offense over performed expectations and the Packers were able to pull out a 23-20 overtime victory over the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field Sat night.

Highlighted performers:

HB Jackie Moon: 98 yards rushing.

Mason Crosby: 3-3 on fg's including the game winner in overtime

Brad Shields: 4 catches for 72 yards 1 TD and the 42 yard leaping sideline grab that put us into FG range in overtime.

LOLB Steve Sherry: 72ovr LB generated 6 tackles with 1 TFL


Gave up 174 yards rushing. 1 demoralizing run in which their HB Rawls busted through a quarter D, broke several tackles and took it to the house for an 80 yard run.

Gave up 1 long pass for a TD to Jermaine Jones.

Very close game throughout. Was a bit surprised that my running game was as effective as it was. Moon appears to still have some gas left in the tank. Only 3 drops which, for my WR's is also pretty good. Will have to find a way to work my TE's into the gameplan more. Defense played ok, not great. Gave up WAY too much rushing yardage but that doesnt concern me as long aas its between the 20's. Oline, consisting of mostly 70's ovr guys got me 135 yards rushing so very happy with that.

On to the surprising Bucs next week. After seeing them beat the Panthers, lets just say im concerned. :)
Forum Discussion (by Lightfoot on 05/28/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 290
Packers Season in Review

Another season in the books and the Packers are more than a little surprised to be sitting atop the NFC North. Did it with Defense all year long and more than my share of Madden help. Won 3 games, (Jags, Cowboys and Texans) on last second FG misses by the opposition or INT's ending potentially game winning drives. Only really had 4 complete games all season. Split with division rivals Minnesota and Detroit. Was able to sweep the Bears but both games were tough. Went 4-0 vs the AFC South but won by a total of 7 points in 3 of the games and beat the Colts by 10. Picked off the Panthers QB 5 times but still managed to lose by 3 on a last second field goal. Offense was a struggle all season long. Failed to have a 1000 yard rusher for the first time in my madden career. Leading rusher was Fisher for 750 yards. Was dead last in passing attempts and completions. Don't know if I led the league in drops but it sure seemed I did. HB Fisher was a fumble machine in rain games. In non rain games he didn't do too badly. CB's Davon House and Todd Griffin both picked off 8 passes on the season and were basically the saviors of the team. Ended up second in the league in takeaways trailing only the Steelers. Wound up in the top 10 total defense so happy about that. Don't know why the offense just never clicked but will definitely need a QB in the offseason as Geno Smith, despite his 96 ovr rating was just never able to find open recievers and made a ton of mind bogglingly bad throws. Drops by the WR's were a curse all season as well. Conrad Nash had 18 drops and I think 17 of em were on wide open streak passes or at least that's the way it seemed. Packers have a ton of speed at the wideout spotwith Nash at 97, Cooks at 95 and Andersen at 96 but none of them could seem to get open. TE Tyler Eifert led the team with 55 cathes and was our only solid offensive option all season long. Really happy with the LB corp this season. Kendricks and Bynes played well in the middle while aging vet Matthews played much better than I expected on the outside. Satisfied with our draft as ROLB rookie Myles Jack had a solid rookie season tallying 67 tackles and 5 sacks. LE rookie Shaq Lawson has 34 tackles 14 TFL's and 3 sacks. Overall I think this was honestly a 9 win team with a lot of help from madden allowing us to get to 13 wins. We will probably end up with the Vikings in the divisional and if we get past them the Panthers in the NFC Championship game. Maybe I'll pick him off 6 times this time and still lose??? :)
Forum Discussion (by Lightfoot on 04/08/2017) Replies - 3 :: Views - 606
Packers find a reason to believe
At the beginning of the season the packers were predicted to only win 3 games and the vikings 12. With one game left the packers are now in the drivers seat and not looking back. The win vs the lions the packers shocked the nation in a close battle to the end. Coach eli has done the impossible and goes undefeated in the division. "This is by far not the best team we've had, had to live off the waiver wire at the start of the season and hope for the best", coach eli said. The packers still need to beat the bears and there automatically in or have the lions just loose. There is defiantly a new hope in Green Bay.

To be continued.......
Forum Discussion (by New Hope on 02/10/2013) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1554
Arron Rodgers puts the team on his back, now 2-1
The Packers move to 2-1 after beating division rival Lions. There was a lot of speculation of how well the packers would do this year, would Rodgers stay healthy, can the Packers beat their division foes. So far the packers are 2-0 in division. In week 3 the packers showed why there so dangerous in the passing attack. Rodgers went 16-20 , 3tds, 0 sacks. So far rodgers has the discount double check going on 8). After the game though Coach Eli said the run game needs to improve with Jackie Moon. We cant always win with just Rodgers. Jackie moon has yet to live up to the first round pick of the 2008 draft. Next on the schedule is the always tough Vikes.

Forum Discussion (by New Hope on 11/13/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1037

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1 Sun vs Titans Titans #21
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5 Sun at Redskins Redskins #28
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6 Sun at Lions Lions #25
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7 Sun vs Jaguars Jaguars #31
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9 Sun at Texans Texans #29
Won 28-10
10 Sun at Bears Bears #5
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Lost 13-23
12 Sun at Colts Colts #7
Lost 9-28
13 Mon vs Bears Bears #5
Lost 10-19
14 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #6
Lost 10-24
15 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #8
Won 23-20
16 Sat at Saints Saints #13
Lost 16-31
17 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #3
Lost 6-27