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Hooper....Hooper...and once again....Hooper. This was the apparent mantra of the Bucs offensive coordinator in last nights PFL contest between the Packers and the Bucs. Unfourtunetly for the Packers, they rarely had the answers to stopping him. "We tried man at first but our Olb's were just too slow to run step for step with this guy. We switched to zone later in the game and that worked much better but by then it was too late" said coach Gamble during a clearly frustrating post game press conference. The Packers offense did not help the situation. The passing game, for 3 quarters anyway, was....well..awful. Geno Smith, conung off last weeks positive performance, threw a pick six deep in Packers territory which would turn out to be the difference in the game. Smith was later benched in favor of rookie Mon Wayne who proceeded to march the packers down the field late in the 4th resulting in the TD that would get the Packers within 5 points with just under 2 mins left. With 3 timeouts, the Pack looked to stop the bucs and get the ball back for a chance to win but Hooper struck again, this time by breaking a tackle and securing what should have been a game ending first down. I say should have been because, inexplicably, the bucs, rather than kneeling on it decided to continue to run plays and sure enough, their fullback put the ball on the ground with 40 seconds left, deep in Packers territory but the Packers couldnt come up with it.

Positives: Newly acquired K Wagner was 2 for 2. Rookie QB Mon Wayne went 4-8 with a TD. No picks.

Negatives: The offense.

Next week its off to LA to play the Rams. Rumors are circulating that Geno Smith will be benched in favor on rookie Wayne.
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Defensive Coordinator T.Howard
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Cap Room $28.32M

Packers Fletcher Cox DT 82 3 weeks
Packers Kurtis Drummond FS 73 1 week

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1 Sun vs Titans Titans #21
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Won 27-6
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16 Sat at Saints Saints #13
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Lost 6-27