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Samaje Perine Breaks Single Season TD Record with 26.
He Kept Pounding Razz

Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 09/21/2018) Replies - 2 :: Views - 580
Panthers Win Division
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 09/10/2018) Replies - 3 :: Views - 706
Panthers Maybe or Maybe Nots?!?!
Panther Nation Presents:

Our 2021 PFL Draftees

2.10 LG Derek Cain :

Left Guard was the main position of need and the Giants took the best LG in Lennox Hollings at 1.24 and the Raiders took the freakish LG Byron Stephens just a few picks later. We were praying for Derek Cain to somehow make it to 2.10 and he did just that. Cain isn't far off from Hollings and will come up a cheaper price and potential rookie boost. ( WIN )

2.20 MLB Renaldo Jeffries :

I will admit that this pick was a definite reach. All of the MLBs on our board were snatched early in the draft as they fit our 3-4 scheme, but since we also deploy a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense we needed a MLB to play the strong side. Enter Renaldo Jeffries, a very strong, very fast freakish MLB who is very raw. Training camp and playing time will make him a decent player with time. ( REACH/HOPE )

2.28 ROLB Brennan Scarlett :

All the DTs I wanted were scooped up early and I needed a ROLB for depth purposes. Brennan Scarlett was ripe for the taking so we sent the card in and confirmed our decision. Brennan is a decent LB with good speed/size and with a little luck can be a good LB with a little boost. That's why I love these 2nd round draft picks, cheap with more rewards then the risks.( DECENT DEPTH )

3.22 DT Barry Richardson :

Finally a DT is taken by us in this year's draft and he happens to be super athletic with big upside. His AWR could use some work but at this point in the draft you can't expect to have your cake and eat it to. Can't wait to see how this guy looks after a few training camps with those physicals. ( HOPEFUL WIN? )

4.20 QB Mike Pagel :

QB Mike Pagel, let's just hope he doesn't have to hit the field. ( YIKES )

-Thanks for reading-
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 05/14/2018) Replies - 3 :: Views - 678
The Crow Flies No More, Panthers Move On
The Panthers came in with one purpose, shut Isiah Crowell down and shut him down they did. Crowell only managed 38 yards for 2 ypc both his lowest of the season. Panthers decided to start their savvy veterans over their young guns as they were far better run defenders and deployed a 3-4 defense that they have used in situations but not extensively like today's game.

Still the Bears gave us fits on defense and with great play calling. Tyrod Taylor played well and kept them in the game until Tevin Coleman ripped off a long 43 yd touchdown run that would put us up for good.

Hats off to Lynch he played a great game and had an phenomenal season.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 10/17/2017) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1070
Panthers Offseason and Draft Hopefuls
Well the Panthers are a few moments removed from a Superbowl victory. Their former GM Mike K decided after a stellar year that he would take his talents to his favorite team the Dallas Cowboys. That opened up a vacancy that GM KD would immediately fill and start the process of Coaching his favorite NFL team.

The off-season began with the mindset of not raping the team and starting over like some GMs are hell bent on once they get the reins to a team. Our LB core have aged greatly and our CB core is getting long in the tooth as well. We wanted to make a few trades to replace those positions so we could make luxory picks in the upcoming draft.

First we went out and traded for HB Caz Palmer to add a power aspect to our run game behind our shifty franchise RB Tevin Coleman. Next we contacted the Colts in reference to their young receiving TE Devin Funchess. We dont need Funchess to start right away and his blocking isn't the greatest but I've seen those types do just enough blocking to be effective in the run game. It's one thing for sure, the Panthers TE core is very very fast and athletic.

Our WR core has a good mix of decent receivers opposite superstar WR Kevin White but we wanted to bring in a WR with better hands so we acquired WR Jermaine Kearse from the Cowboys as a deal sweetener for big trade we agreed to. Jermaine will add a smarter better hands compliment to White until we draft a younger better prospect in the next coming seasons.

We really wanted to add a young CB that could come in and start while move one of our ageing CBs to the nickel. After many talks with our division rivals Tampa Bay Bucs we finally came to a trade agreement for their young CB Jalen Collins. Jalen has the height and speed we covet in our secondary, on top of that he's smart and still has lots of room to grow in training camp.

Lastly we arrived at the draft. We only had 3 draft picks, all in the 2nd rd and we had the mindset that whatever fell to us that we liked we would draft no matter if we were already set in that position. Here are our draft hopefuls that we secured in this offseason draft:

2.13 MLB Kirk Baird

2.31 OLB Onterrio Sylvester

2.32 CB Telvin Green

Kirk Baird was the best available MLB left on the board at 2.13 and we love his measurables and upside. His tackle ia a little low but he will improve that over the next few seasons and will be just fine.

When this pick arrived we were having to decide between LOLB Mark Scwartz and LOLB Onterrio Sylvester. We really liked Scwartz athleticism but he wasn't known as a smart player and he lacked tackling skill as well so we went with Onterrio who could actually start right away if need be, a good training camp will tell the tale.

Finally with our next pick of back to back picks we took the luxury of taking the tallest CB in the draft in Telvin Green. Telvin has good speed and agility for his height, but his lack of str, cth and tkl is why he slid so far in the draft. We were happy to take him and add him to a great stable of CBs with a chance to play across from Jalen Collins in the a few seasons.

*Panthers also added one UFA CB Juan Morton for good depth purposes. Morton has everything you like instead of good height but as long as he can provide good cover skills and solid depth we are pleased to have him.

Overall we are very pleased and feel we made necessary trades and moves to improve while shoring up some positions for the future. Defense is set, next draft we focus on better WR prospects, but you can never count out solid defensive players as well. Thanks for reading.
Forum Discussion (by Kenchaan on 05/20/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1750
Panthers Second Win Caused By Miracle Comeback In The 4th
Game started strong for us then saints came back then in the 4th quarter is where things got crazy. Great match overall.

Game Recap
1st quarter
Ends with only a field goal by our team

2nd quarter
rookie hb Caz Palmer lines up runs to the left tackler comes and Caz looks to be tacked breaks the tackle another tackler comes Caz breaks that tackle too he is in open field starts to run with some steam blocker blocks and incoming tackler he rushes all the way for a 80 yard td.

3rd quarter
HB Palmer rushes in for the td in the redzone
Saints make the touchdown

4th quarter madness
Saints kick a field goal and score another td to tie the game up
We try to make a comeback but get stopped and give the ball to the Saints with about 3 mins left.
Saints drive to the redzone. HB Miller scores with about 1:45 left they are up 7 points. At this point I am thinking that the Saints have it in the bag but we go for a pass throws a miracle to Levon Hampton who catches it near the left sideline and takes it 75 yard for the tying TD. Saints try to make the comeback to get the td to go ahead but CB Shareece White nabs the interception returning it for 30 yards. We go for the run to inch closer to field goal position but Palmer makes the td play. Saints try to muster up a all out pass attack in the end they fall short. We win in a miraculous way.

Player of the game has to be Rookie sensation Caz Palmer 20 attempts 166 yards 3 touchdowns longest rush 80 yards.
Forum Discussion (by Mike UMD on 07/01/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2198
Panthers First Win Caused by Defense and Special Teams
Finally there is a win for us and it was not an easy win nonetheless. Changes in the line up proved helpful. This match-up was a good one hard fought by both teams, Falcons had the better total offensive yards and time of possession, at time it felt like they had everything going for them and we were out of luck, but turnovers and special teams play were the key factors to our win.

Game Recap
1st half

Near the end of the first half Falcons had caused our team to punt and had possession of the ball, rather then running out the clock to go into halftime tied they chose to pass but things turned out differently as they planned our defense cause a fumble leading to DT Maurice Corrales recovery into scoring a defensive touchdown going into halftime. Score is 10-3

2nd half

Falcons quickly tied it up with a TD in the 3rd quarter. The Falcons kickoff but our special teams was ready to step up answering the TD with a kick return for a touchdown.

Falcons tie the game up again with a passing TD. We regain possession about 3 minutes left creating a drive that leads to a Rushing touchdown by Rookie Caz Palmer to take the lead at 50 seconds left. Falcons have the ball back and are able to march down the field with about 20 seconds left they go for the pass but CB LeRoy Sanchez makes the key interception to end the game taking it to the house for the touchdown.
Forum Discussion (by Mike UMD on 06/09/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1831
Panthers going a new direction
After a lackluster past 6 games going 0-6 its time to plan for the future and give the young guns a chance. Officially announcing that John Spence will officially be starting over Clausen at the QB position in attempts to plan for the future.
Forum Discussion (by Mike UMD on 05/30/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1449
I'm Back
Hey guys I'm back to PFL as the Panthers GM it feels great to come back after so many years and still see madden 08 league going strong :-).
Forum Discussion (by Mike UMD on 05/27/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2701
Whole Lotta Nada After 6-10: Words From the Panthers GM
OK, I know we really didn't shake things up too much after only the 2nd losing season for our Panthers in recent PFL history, and some of the changes that have made could be seen as questionable. And yes, I've heard my nickname of "Peppy Le [expletive] Pe-[expletive]Yew" from the Carolina faithful. Here is my post-draft State of the Panthers address to try to answer some of the concerns of our phenomenal fans, and hopefully I can talk them off of the edge a bit.

The transition into the new regime started out a little shaky. I brought in a radically different set of playbooks and philosophies that took a while to set in. The defense took a while to settle into the hybrid 3/4-4/3 defense, but when they did they were a force to be reckoned with (except for the week 16 game against the Saints). When the offense played consistently as a team and didn't cough the ball up, they were like a fine-tuned machine. We confounded defenses but shot ourselves in the foot with complacent mental lapses. I said last season, and still have the conviction, that we have a great team, therefore we didn't make very many moves. We did need to make a few unpopular moves though.

We got a steal with John Spence at the 9th overall pick. His athleticism is off the charts. He has to work on his accuracy, but we were fortunate that he was available. Is this a knock on Jimmy Clausen? Not at all. He is a great quarterback that, when he was on his game, was as good as a quarterback can be. Unfortunately, when he struggled, he struggled. He is still a great quarterback that has adapted to the unconventional offense that he is in and he'll be a great mentor to his eventual successor. A lot of times, the fate of the game was, unfairly, placed on Jimmy's shoulders. The run support wasn't very consistent. Which leads to the only real shake-up that we did in the off-season. The offensive backfield.

Don't get me wrong, Lomas Anderson, Tony Fiammetta, and John Stafford are good backs that have done some good things for our franchise. But they fumbled last season. A lot. At very inconvenient times. Not entirely their fault really, They, as well, were put outside of their comfort zones. I have no doubt that they will perform well for the team that they respectively land in, but I would be remiss as a GM if I didn't make drastic changes in our weakest area. We like the athleticism and versatility of last season's 5th round pick, Alfred Blue as our third-down back, and we think that John Fisher and Caz Palmer will fit in nicely with the way we play football.

Our next weakest spot was the only other place that we made changes, the defensive backfield. While we did well on reacting to plays and intercepting the ball, we gave up way too many catches. Although the off-season changes that we made were basically cosmetic (Cameron Norton deserved the opportunity to start, and we got a beast of a player for his replacement to back up Eric Reed; and we brought in a solid veteran backup to replace an unproved newbie), there is a lot of talent in the backfield and better planning on coverage schemes will hopefully be the solution.

Do we have great players in place? Absolutely. Was it a disappointing season in 2014? Most definitely. We didn't bring in a whole lot of new faces because we have a talented group of players that have the desire to succeed. We're very excited about the new talent that we have and are ready to take our place at the top of the PFL.
Forum Discussion (by Peppy on 03/30/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1832

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