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#3 Carolina Panthers
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Panthers Offseason and Draft Hopefuls
Well the Panthers are a few moments removed from a Superbowl victory. Their former GM Mike K decided after a stellar year that he would take his talents to his favorite team the Dallas Cowboys. That opened up a vacancy that GM KD would immediately fill and start the process of Coaching his favorite NFL team.

The off-season began with the mindset of not raping the team and starting over like some GMs are hell bent on once they get the reins to a team. Our LB core have aged greatly and our CB core is getting long in the tooth as well. We wanted to make a few trades to replace those positions so we could make luxory picks in the upcoming draft.

First we went out and traded for HB Caz Palmer to add a power aspect to our run game behind our shifty franchise RB Tevin Coleman. Next we contacted the Colts in reference to their young receiving TE Devin Funchess. We dont need Funchess to start right away and his blocking isn't the greatest but I've seen those types do just enough blocking to be effective in the run game. It's one thing for sure, the Panthers TE core is very very fast and athletic.

Our WR core has a good mix of decent receivers opposite superstar WR Kevin White but we wanted to bring in a WR with better hands so we acquired WR Jermaine Kearse from the Cowboys as a deal sweetener for big trade we agreed to. Jermaine will add a smarter better hands compliment to White until we draft a younger better prospect in the next coming seasons.

We really wanted to add a young CB that could come in and start while move one of our ageing CBs to the nickel. After many talks with our division rivals Tampa Bay Bucs we finally came to a trade agreement for their young CB Jalen Collins. Jalen has the height and speed we covet in our secondary, on top of that he's smart and still has lots of room to grow in training camp.

Lastly we arrived at the draft. We only had 3 draft picks, all in the 2nd rd and we had the mindset that whatever fell to us that we liked we would draft no matter if we were already set in that position. Here are our draft hopefuls that we secured in this offseason draft:

2.13 MLB Kirk Baird

2.31 OLB Onterrio Sylvester

2.32 CB Telvin Green

Kirk Baird was the best available MLB left on the board at 2.13 and we love his measurables and upside. His tackle ia a little low but he will improve that over the next few seasons and will be just fine.

When this pick arrived we were having to decide between LOLB Mark Scwartz and LOLB Onterrio Sylvester. We really liked Scwartz athleticism but he wasn't known as a smart player and he lacked tackling skill as well so we went with Onterrio who could actually start right away if need be, a good training camp will tell the tale.

Finally with our next pick of back to back picks we took the luxury of taking the tallest CB in the draft in Telvin Green. Telvin has good speed and agility for his height, but his lack of str, cth and tkl is why he slid so far in the draft. We were happy to take him and add him to a great stable of CBs with a chance to play across from Jalen Collins in the a few seasons.

*Panthers also added one UFA CB Juan Morton for good depth purposes. Morton has everything you like instead of good height but as long as he can provide good cover skills and solid depth we are pleased to have him.

Overall we are very pleased and feel we made necessary trades and moves to improve while shoring up some positions for the future. Defense is set, next draft we focus on better WR prospects, but you can never count out solid defensive players as well. Thanks for reading.
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GM Kenchaan
Head Coach R.Rivera
Offensive Coordinator M.Shula
Defensive Coordinator S.Wilks
Special Teams T.McGaughey
Salary $153.06M
Cap Penalty $9.43M
Cap Room $510K


NFC South
#3 Panthers Panthers 13-3-0 0.813 5-1
#6 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.625 2-4
#13 Saints Saints 9-7-0 0.563 1-5
#16 Buccaneers Buccaneers 8-8-0 0.500 4-2

1 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #16
Lost 19-24
2 Mon vs Redskins Redskins #28
Won 20-17
3 Sun at Falcons Falcons #6
Won 31-19
4 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #8
Won 24-19
5 Sun at Saints Saints #13
Won 27-24
7 Sun at Raiders Raiders #27
Won 27-17
8 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #6
Won 27-24
9 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #20
Won 38-0
10 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #32
Won 45-10
11 Sun vs Saints Saints #13
Won 27-19
12 Sun at Bears Bears #5
Lost 24-25
13 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #11
Won 6-3
14 Sun at Rams Rams #24
Lost 24-30
15 Sat vs Lions Lions #25
Won 36-0
16 Sat at Buccaneers Buccaneers #16
Won 13-10
17 Sun at Packers Packers #22
Won 27-6