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Our 2021 PFL Draftees

2.10 LG Derek Cain :

Left Guard was the main position of need and the Giants took the best LG in Lennox Hollings at 1.24 and the Raiders took the freakish LG Byron Stephens just a few picks later. We were praying for Derek Cain to somehow make it to 2.10 and he did just that. Cain isn't far off from Hollings and will come up a cheaper price and potential rookie boost. ( WIN )

2.20 MLB Renaldo Jeffries :

I will admit that this pick was a definite reach. All of the MLBs on our board were snatched early in the draft as they fit our 3-4 scheme, but since we also deploy a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense we needed a MLB to play the strong side. Enter Renaldo Jeffries, a very strong, very fast freakish MLB who is very raw. Training camp and playing time will make him a decent player with time. ( REACH/HOPE )

2.28 ROLB Brennan Scarlett :

All the DTs I wanted were scooped up early and I needed a ROLB for depth purposes. Brennan Scarlett was ripe for the taking so we sent the card in and confirmed our decision. Brennan is a decent LB with good speed/size and with a little luck can be a good LB with a little boost. That's why I love these 2nd round draft picks, cheap with more rewards then the risks.( DECENT DEPTH )

3.22 DT Barry Richardson :

Finally a DT is taken by us in this year's draft and he happens to be super athletic with big upside. His AWR could use some work but at this point in the draft you can't expect to have your cake and eat it to. Can't wait to see how this guy looks after a few training camps with those physicals. ( HOPEFUL WIN? )

4.20 QB Mike Pagel :

QB Mike Pagel, let's just hope he doesn't have to hit the field. ( YIKES )

-Thanks for reading-
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At A Glance
GM Kenchaan
Head Coach R.Rivera
Offensive Coordinator M.Shula
Defensive Coordinator S.Wilks
Special Teams T.McGaughey
Salary $142.74M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $260K


NFC South
#1 Panthers Panthers 15-1-0 0.938 5-1
#8 Saints Saints 10-6-0 0.625 4-2
#9 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.625 3-3
#31 Buccaneers Buccaneers 3-13-0 0.188 0-6

1 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 54-24
2 Sun at Eagles Eagles #17
Won 29-6
3 Sun at Saints Saints #8
Lost 21-24
4 Mon vs Cowboys Cowboys #3
Won 24-16
6 Sun at Giants Giants #25
Won 48-14
7 Sun at Bills Bills #14
Won 44-10
8 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #26
Won 36-26
9 Mon at Jets Jets #28
Won 29-14
10 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #10
Won 28-0
11 Sun vs Saints Saints #8
Won 35-17
12 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #19
Won 23-6
13 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #9
Won 31-0
14 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 27-3
15 Sun at Falcons Falcons #9
Won 27-3
16 Mon vs Redskins Redskins #22
Won 24-7
17 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #23
Won 14-10