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#24 St. Louis Rams
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Injuries Taking its Toll on the Rams

Four starters are down and out for five plus weeks. Kiss goodbye any playoff hopes. The Rams are just not deep enough to survive this.
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 08/01/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 87
Bye Week Blues

Hello all,

Well 3-3...... Not bad.... Could be alot worse and with the injuries so far sustained it could, very well, be a long year. WR Walters and CB Holmes both starters and major pieces of both the offense and defense are out for 8 weeks. This is the second year in a row major parts of the team have been injuried. The Rams are not very deep on either side of the ball and these injuries plain hurt. So first a rookie review and then an overall offense and defense overview.

Rookie Review:

1.32 SS Keith McGill: He definitely stregthened the defense and has been instumental in making the Rams defense a top 10 unit. Only one catch allowed with 22 tackles.... Not bad.

2.7 C Kevin Dwight : Solidified the center of the OL.... 22 Pancakes and 1 sack.... Again not to shabby.

2.12 FB Keith Smith: Probable the reason why HB Drake has 598 yards this year with a 4 yard per carry average.... Keep up the good work.

2.19 QB Trevor Siemian: Has not played a whole lot.... 2 pass attemps and 2 incompletes.... He is still going to ride the pine.

3.14 RT Leslie Ingram: Super solid on the right. 35 pancakes and 1 sack..... Great pick up.

4.12 WR "OH"Tay Goodrich: Late round pick up that is going to get alot more playing time do to injuries to WR Walters.... 7 receptions for 81 yards so far and most of that was in 4 wr's sets. Let's see how he does in 2wr sets.

5.12 MLB Kirk Hendricks: Hasn't seen too much of the field because MLB Perryman is having a career year. Hopefully he will improve on his 6 tackles.


QB Moore is an interception machine and has single handlely lost games. WOW pretty brutal but the truth is the truth.... HB Drake has had a pretty good year with nearly 600 yards on the ground and has kept the Rams in games that should not have been even close.


Team effort all around... LE Bosa leads the team in sacks and the unit is a complete surprise to me. Ranked the 7th best defense in the league. It is funny how sometimes they play great together and other times they look like a mess left by a dog..... But all I ask is to keep the score close till the 4th quarter to allow the Madden Gods take over. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad but at least it's a 50-50 shot.

Looking forward to the rest of the year.... HAGO!!!
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 07/13/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 98
Rams' 2019 Draft Selections and Draft Insight

The Rams came to the draft needing a ton of players due to players aging and salary cap issues. The idea was to trade down and obtain as many picks as possible. Two trades allowed the Rams to go into the draft with 7 picks.

Pre-Draft Positions of Need
SS, HB, CB, DT, RT, FB, C, TE, ROLB and QB


1.32 SS Keith McGill: All 4 of my targeted first round HB are gone by 1.26 and I did not want to reach on any of the other HB at 1.32. So, time to shift gears!! I thought of taking a C here or a RT but decided to go with, in my opinion, the best SS in the draft. I watched him in the sims and he was all over the field making tackles and breaking up passes. McGill plugs a huge hole in the secondary and brings youth to the position after SS Berry was cut.

2.7 C Kevin Dwight Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!! Look who fell right into the Rams lap. I thought for sure he would be gone in the early 2nd. C Dwight fills huge hole on the OL. Rams are really happy to get this guy who was mocked in the top ten of the entire draft.

2.12 FB Keith Smith Last seasons FB's could not get the job done. They were blown up pass blocking and run blocking. I was thinking TE Doyle or WR Rogers but decided to go with FB Smith. He adds a blocking, pass receiving and a short yardage option that the Rams were missing last year.

2.19 QB Trevor Siemian My luxury pick! I thought of taking him at 2.12 but went with the FB need. There was a break in the draft and I was off to bed. I thought about all the players I could take and there were a lot with upsides and downsides but I always came back to QB Siemian. So, I pulled the trigger on, arguably, the best QB in the draft. In a couple years he will take over for QB Vickers at a very nice salary cap friendly price. Yeah!

3.14 RT Leslie Ingram At this position in the draft I felt like I needed to fill my RT spot. I really liked RT Al Murphy and was hoping he would fall a little more but he was selected at 3.7. Well RT Ingram was my second choice and he is still a starting option. He has all the attributes and is way better than anything the Rams started last year. So welcome to the Rams Mr. Ingram.

4.12 WR "OH"Tay Goodrich I was at work and unable to make any picks. I told my brother to draft me a TE or WR. WR it is! Yeah! I had targeted him pre-draft and figured he would fall into the 4th or 5th round. So right price for the talent.

5.12 MLB Kirk Hendricks I had my luxury pick already. So this was my "What the Hell" pick. He has garbage STR, INJ and TGH but he has great AWR, good SPD, AGI and ACC. Either way he's my back up MLB.

Post Draft Thoughts

I was surprised by a few picks in the first round and that 4 HB's were taken. I did not see that coming. I thought for sure one of those guys would be there at 1.32. I saw some reaches in the later rounds that left me scratching my head but that is how the draft rolls. I am overall happy with my selections because it's easy to draft best available when you need so much. Onward to UFA2 and the start of a new season.
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 05/20/2017) Replies - 1 :: Views - 236
Rams Rebuilding

GM Mike Russo immediately after the season held a press conference on the state of the Rams organization. He announced a multi-year rebuild that will focus on core positions. "The draft and free agency will be used to solidify depth at all positions and fix the team huge salary cap problem. All positions will be reviewed, prioritized and ranked based on need."

A quick look at the Rams organization shows salary cap issues, holes in the defensive line, defensive secondary, offensive line, running back, receiver, tight-end and quarter back. Just to name a few.

GM Russo stated, " You can not win games if you can not run the ball between the tackles and you definitely can not win games if you can not stop teams from running the ball between the tackles." The Rams this year were horrible on both sides of the ball.

"No ones job is safe!" was GM Russo's final statement to the press.
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 04/09/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 306
Rams Starting HB placed on IR

Rams' HB James Carter sustained an injury in Coach Russo's first game and was immediately placed on the IR list. To fill the hole at RB the Rams picked up rookie running back Keenan Reynolds...But that's not it for injuries...

LOLB Neville Hewitt also sustained a 4 week injury.

All Coach Russo could say was "When it rains it pours!"
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 03/03/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 256
New Coach/General Manager In for the Rams......

Rams' ownership decides to change coaching staff and the team's direction. Mike Russo has taken over for the Rams in a stunning mid-season coaching change. As the team introduced coach Russo, ownership stated that they were just unhappy with the way the team was being run. Coach Russo said his immediate goal is to keep the Rams on the good side of .500 and hopefully a playoff birth. Coach Russo was silent regarding all of the current personnel issues and stated his focus is on this season.
Forum Discussion (by Soup Can on 03/03/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 374
Forum Discussion (by Swis on 03/19/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 703
Rams Find a Way to Lose Again
The Rams, playing their normal tight defense second half, kept it tight all the way until falling apart again in the second half.
Among the first half highlights was WR Mickens, the best WR left on the roster after WR Stephens injury, was knoked out of the game returning the opening kick off. The first half featured 4 drops by the remaining receivers, but the real highlight came after the Ram offense stalled near midfield, the punter place the ball inside the 5 yard line, only to have the ball hit the Rams player, who was there to catch the ball and down it, got hit in the head for a touch back. The Giant's coach Baba called a good patient game, bidding his time until the Rams fell apart on their own to win by a comfortable margin.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 01/26/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 422
The Lambs Throw 8 interceptions
This QB is getting ridiculous, got 4 drops counted along with the 8 ints, unreal. To make things worse, the dbs showed why they are the worse pass defending (HA!!) team.
Cards coach took advantage of a weak team and won big, called all the right plays when he needed them.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 12/29/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 875
The Rams QBs show their true colors
After another pitiful performance, with Vickers starting every game 0-5, and throwing interceptions, The Lambs turned to QB Heyward to really show what ineptitude is all about. The receivers did their best to have as many drops of catcheable balls as possible. As it's the norm here, HB Carter is the only bright spot in a badly chosen and coached team.
Even the kicker has joined in the ineptitude averaging at least 2 misses per game. The defense played as well as it could, but it can put up only with so many minutes on the field, they lived on the field this game, the offense managed to keep the ball for less than 16 minutes.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 12/10/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 949

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At A Glance
GM Soup Can
Head Coach S.McVay
Offensive Coordinator T.Cottrell
Defensive Coordinator M.Carthon
Special Teams B.Petrino
Salary $133.52M
Cap Penalty $7.86M
Cap Room $21.62M

Rams Denzel Perryman MLB 77 Questionable

NFC West
#5 Seahawks Seahawks 9-5-0 0.643 5-1
#18 49ers 49ers 7-7-0 0.500 2-3
#24 Rams Rams 5-9-0 0.357 2-2
#29 Cardinals Cardinals 2-13-0 0.133 1-4

1 Sun at Eagles Eagles #25
Won 14-9
2 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #18
Won 24-13
3 Mon at Packers Packers #21
Lost 10-13
4 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #5
Won 13-6
5 Sun vs Jets Jets #8
Lost 7-24
6 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #29
Lost 21-31
8 Sun at Bills Bills #15
Won 35-31
9 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #16
Lost 20-23
10 Sun vs Giants Giants #10
Lost 10-23
11 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #1
Lost 3-26
12 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #5
Lost 13-41
13 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 17-27
14 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #3
Won 30-24
15 Mon at Redskins Redskins #27
Lost 7-17
16 Sat at 49ers 49ers #18 N/P
17 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #29 N/P