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Bye Week Blues

Hello all,

Well 3-3...... Not bad.... Could be alot worse and with the injuries so far sustained it could, very well, be a long year. WR Walters and CB Holmes both starters and major pieces of both the offense and defense are out for 8 weeks. This is the second year in a row major parts of the team have been injuried. The Rams are not very deep on either side of the ball and these injuries plain hurt. So first a rookie review and then an overall offense and defense overview.

Rookie Review:

1.32 SS Keith McGill: He definitely stregthened the defense and has been instumental in making the Rams defense a top 10 unit. Only one catch allowed with 22 tackles.... Not bad.

2.7 C Kevin Dwight : Solidified the center of the OL.... 22 Pancakes and 1 sack.... Again not to shabby.

2.12 FB Keith Smith: Probable the reason why HB Drake has 598 yards this year with a 4 yard per carry average.... Keep up the good work.

2.19 QB Trevor Siemian: Has not played a whole lot.... 2 pass attemps and 2 incompletes.... He is still going to ride the pine.

3.14 RT Leslie Ingram: Super solid on the right. 35 pancakes and 1 sack..... Great pick up.

4.12 WR "OH"Tay Goodrich: Late round pick up that is going to get alot more playing time do to injuries to WR Walters.... 7 receptions for 81 yards so far and most of that was in 4 wr's sets. Let's see how he does in 2wr sets.

5.12 MLB Kirk Hendricks: Hasn't seen too much of the field because MLB Perryman is having a career year. Hopefully he will improve on his 6 tackles.


QB Moore is an interception machine and has single handlely lost games. WOW pretty brutal but the truth is the truth.... HB Drake has had a pretty good year with nearly 600 yards on the ground and has kept the Rams in games that should not have been even close.


Team effort all around... LE Bosa leads the team in sacks and the unit is a complete surprise to me. Ranked the 7th best defense in the league. It is funny how sometimes they play great together and other times they look like a mess left by a dog..... But all I ask is to keep the score close till the 4th quarter to allow the Madden Gods take over. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad but at least it's a 50-50 shot.

Looking forward to the rest of the year.... HAGO!!!
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At A Glance
GM Soup Can
Head Coach S.McVay
Offensive Coordinator T.Cottrell
Defensive Coordinator M.Carthon
Special Teams B.Petrino
Salary $133.52M
Cap Penalty $7.86M
Cap Room $21.62M

Rams Dylan Cole MLB 80 Out for season
Rams Kevin King CB 74 1 week

NFC West
#4 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.688 5-1
#12 49ers 49ers 9-7-0 0.563 3-3
#24 Rams Rams 6-10-0 0.375 3-3
#30 Cardinals Cardinals 2-14-0 0.125 1-5

1 Sun at Eagles Eagles #26
Won 14-9
2 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #12
Won 24-13
3 Mon at Packers Packers #22
Lost 10-13
4 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #4
Won 13-6
5 Sun vs Jets Jets #14
Lost 7-24
6 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #30
Lost 21-31
8 Sun at Bills Bills #18
Won 35-31
9 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #19
Lost 20-23
10 Sun vs Giants Giants #9
Lost 10-23
11 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #2
Lost 3-26
12 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #4
Lost 13-41
13 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 17-27
14 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #3
Won 30-24
15 Mon at Redskins Redskins #28
Lost 7-17
16 Sat at 49ers 49ers #12
Lost 7-30
17 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #30
Won 26-14