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Saints Start Season Off 1-1
As the first two weeks of the PFL 2021 season starts, the Saints to a decent start.. 1-1

Week 1:
Saints new GM kicks off against the Washington Redskins. As the Saints players studied film during the week, Jordan suggested to his group that we focus on trying to exploit the Redskins secondary as we believed we had to edge over them with our WRs matched up with there CBs. The first half was brutal for the Saints. We could not get any offense rolling. Jameis Winston was throwing some good passes but the defense was always side by side with the offense to either deflect the pass or cause WR to drop it. We entered the half down 7-3 so overall still in a good spot. As we head into the 2nd half the offense needed a shuffle. GM Goodman suggested we throw WR Tavon Austin in the lineup(which i thought i did at the beginning of the game but must of not click assign). We shifted WR Kamar Aiken to the #2 and Tavon slid in at #1... Jameis Winston was instantly impressed connecting with Austin 5 times in the 2nd half. As we moved into the 4th quarter the Saints trailed the Redskins by 11 points. As we opened up the 4th on a good possession Tavon Austin caught a TD pass in the back right corner of the endzone to cut the lead to 4. Halfway through the quarter both offenses were not getting anywhere when Deshaun Watson threw a timely INT around midfield with the saints only down 1. The Saints however could not capitalize on the INT and immediately went three and out..... Punter D'Vontrey Wilson gave our defense great chance to get the ball back quick pinning the Redskins at the 1 yard line.. The Redskins called some good running plays to catch the defense off guard and ran the rest of the clock out to win the game 14-13.... Overall our defense played great with our offense picking it up in the 2nd half. We liked out chances to win at the end we just could not capitalize on the redskins mistakes...

Week 2:
As the Saints headed into week 2, GM Goodman also analyzed the Giants tape and saw again we needed to ATTACK there CBs early and often, as we saw the liked to run alot of zone on 1st and 2nd down. GM Goodman also made an adjustment before the game to insert WR Tavon Austin into the starting lineup at #1 to make Jameis Winston feel more comfortable in the pocket with a reliable target. As we started the game on defense we played great creating an early three and out. After a few possessions the Saints QB Jameis Winston found WR Tavon Austin for a wide open TD along the back of the endzone to get the lead 10-0 at end of the first. The 2nd quarter both offense were just slugging away not letting either of the defense really slow them down ended in a 24-10 halftime lead. The Saints took control of the game early in the 2nd by running the ball over and over to try and eat at the clock.. Kamar Aiken kept beating the Giants secondary a lot throughout the game resulting in alot of big 40-50 yard passes to setup the saints TDs. As time dwindled down the Saints were very satisfied with there week 2 victory to move them to 1-1 on the year.. Defense came up big with 3 ints and 1 fumble on kickoff, as for the offense Tavon Austin found himself wide open in the endzone three times throughout the game helping out Jameis Winston not make forced passes. The Saints Host Division Rival Panthers next week and are eager to review the film and hit the practice field.

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Saints Win Season Opener
The Saints traveled across the Atlantic to take on the Minnesota Vikings who hosted the game from their new stadium in Manchester, England. A little jet-lagged and somewhat confused from driving on the wrong side of the road, the Saints put on a jolly good game for the rowdy British fans who came out in full force to cheer on their Vikings to the bitter end of a 30 to 17 defeat.

Saints running back, Bishop Sankey, who spent most of the first half of last season sidelined with an injury, showed why he was the Saints number 1 draft pick 2 seasons ago, running for a career high of 181 yards and scoring 3 TDs, nearly reaching his season total of 4 last year. A very impressive start for our young back that we hope continues for this and many seasons to come, Coach Dawson told reporters following the game.

In spite of multiple defensive adjustments, 3 Linebackers, 4 linebackers, run-blitzes, you name it, the Vikings just could not contain the Bishop.

The Saints drew first blood with one of three touchdown runs by Sankey following an impressive defensive stand that held the Vikings to 3 and out on their opening drive.

The Vikings looked to answer on their next drive, but a key sack kept them from reaching the end zone and they had to settle for a makeable 47 yard field goal attempt which, much to the dismay of the crowd sailed wide right.

The Vikings managed to keep the Saints out of the end zone for the rest of the first half, but could not keep veteran kicker Alex Henery from booting three 3-pointers through the uprights in the first half. The final FG came with no time left on the clock following a quick, and probably unexpected Saints drive with just 28 seconds to go in the first half. Saints TE Troy Niklas continued where he left off last season and grabbed two passes, one for 29 yards and another for 28 to put the Saints within Henery's range to end the first half and take a 16 to 0 lead into the locker room.

The Vikings came out of the locker room with a different team in the 2d half and kept the Saints from scoring in the 3d Quarter while getting on the scoreboard with a Matt Prater 50 yarder, who redeemed himself after missing the 47 yard FG earlier, making it 16 to 3 to end the 3d Quarter.

The Saints answered with another solid drive ending with a Sankey TD scamper off the right tackle giving them some breathing room, 23 to 3. Just as the Saints began to enjoy the breathing room, the Vikings answered almost immediately on their next possession with a 62 yard bomb to WR Eric Decker, making it 23 to 10. And, to make matters worse, the Saints gave the bloody ball right back following a fumble by Lamar Miller on the ensuing kickoff return. The Saints saw their lead and perhaps the game slipping away. But, a holding penalty and two sacks later kept the Vikings from capitalizing and forced them to punt.

Sankey would score his third touchdown of the evening 12 plays later, extending the lead to 20 with a score of 30 to 10. Disaster averted.

The Vikings made a valiant effort with a 46 yard TD pass to Andre Holmes to make it 30 to 17, but the lightening blitz package of the Saints who racked up a total of 5 sacks and caused several hurries, the clock, and the continued running prowess of the Bishop, kept the Vikings out of the end zone with the final score 30 to 17.

The Saints Blitz resulted in 5 sacks and several hurries of QB Osweiler who finished the game with 265 yards, 2 TD, and one interception.

Great game by Scotty "Dogboy" Gardiner, who is always a true professional, great play caller, and good sport throughout any game - win or lose.

The Saints take on Rookie Sensational Jameis Winston and the Falcons next week in what looks to be a very tough matchup as the Falcons put their #1 pick to the test against one of the PFL's most prolific blitzing defenses.

One down, 15 to go!
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Saints End Regular Season in a Shoot-Out
Bottom line up front:

12 seconds left on the clock. Saints trailing 39 to 41. 4th and 12 from the Bills 48, the 3d string QB under center due to injuries to both Da Hog and Dysert. The play comes in from the sideline - I Formation, 3WR set - Hawk in the Slot who hadn't caught a pass all night. Bills send the blitz. Hawk manages to get past single coverage and is wide open at the 8. QB Fales throws a bullet to him and Hawk falls forward for a yard. 1st and Goal to go on the Buffalo 7 yard line, 9 seconds left in the game. Saints call a time out to stop the clock with 7 seconds remaining in the game. Remembering their loss to the Dolphins when they tried one more play before kicking what would have been a game tying FG, only to fumble the ball into the hands of a Dolphin linebacker, the Saints sent out the FG team to attempt a game winning 24 yarder.

The clutch kick from the right hash-mark went up and straight over the top of the right goal post. It could have of been called either way - Good or wide right. Much to our surprise and excitement, the kick was GOOD! Saints pull off an upset over the former Superbowl Champion Bills winning 42 to 41.

A fitting end to a winning season for the unpredictable Saints who are heading to the playoffs for the first time in 4 seasons and first time under the leadership of Dave Dawson.

Great game by K-Dee. Nothing seemed to stop the bomb and the sure hands of his WRs. But it is difficult to overcome 3 lost fumbles and a couple of key penalties that reversed big gains. Win or lose it was fun to play in the snow.

Both teams were already in the playoffs and one might question the coaches' decisions to keep their starting QBs in the game, but this was a game of pride for both coaches and it was blood, guts, tooth and nails all game long as the lead changed hands 4 times.

Best of luck in the playoffs K-Dee.
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The Buc Stops Here

The PFL fined QB Da Hog $34.13 for changing his jersey name to something that would inspire his team to forget about all of the previous ass-whoopins levied upon them by their arch-rival Buccaneers and to Win Baby Win. And that's just what the underdog Saints did - in SuperDoom fashion, even though they played in Tampa, leading 31 to 0 before a last second FG by the Bucs ended the first half.

It's been a couple of days since my "Christmas Gift" as Coach Jim Hatzis called it after my 54 to 14 shellacking by the Lions back in Week 7, and I wasn't going to write an article, but decided not to let the moment pass without capturing some words for the record. Because, it may never happen again.

It was indeed a Christmas in July Gift where most everything I did worked and everything Rich did was filtered through Madden's evil, maniacal, sadistic twist of a how-much-more-pain-can-you-take grinder. Even Job might've lost his patience, but not Rich - he was a true sport through it all and to the bitter end. Thank you Rich for shaking my hand at mid-field after the game. Only the best have that type of honor and sportsmanship - something I have come to admire about you.

The first quarter was a back and forth battle with both teams testing the other team's approach. I think both of us missed scoring opportunities. I missed an easy FG and I think the Bucs threw one of their 4 interceptions - I truly don't remember - it was a blur and still is. Somehow I managed to score 31 unanswered points in the 2d Quarter before the Bucs put together a 2 minute drill to kick a FG before the half ended.

The Saints returned to Earth in the 2d half and only managed to put up 3 points, but the Saints defense held the Bucs to just 10 points in the 3d quarter and used the clock as the 13th player to keep the Bucs from staging a comeback.

My apologies for the lackadaisical recap - suffice it to say, lots of Buc turnovers and thankfully the Saints were able to capitalize with each one, taking the lead in the NFC South for the first time in a long time and getting that Buccaneer monkey off their backs. Final Score: Saints 34, Bucs 13.

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Almost, but Almost Ain't Good Enough
To be honest, we felt a bit like shark bait coming into the game...

But, forcing a fumble on the opening kick-off inspired the team - even though we muffed the recovery. Yes, the Dolphins won the game 24 to 21. But, the real winners were the Saints who won respect of their fans by keeping the much better team off-balance and confused most of the game.

Were it not for another missed Field Goal by a sure-footed and reliable Henery and a Saints fumble on their last drive - A fumble that should've been reviewed by the booth with under 2 minutes but wasn't - even though the runner was clearly down - the Saints would have won. But would have, should have, could have is just a sob story waiting to be told.

Miami found paydirt twice with play-action passes that exploited a blitzing nickel - once in the first quarter and again in the 2d taking a 14 to 0 lead into the locker room. The Saints could find nothing against a very stingy defense and missed their only scoring attempt when Henery booted a 50 yarder wide right.

But the 2d half saw the Saints come out with a vengeance, moving the ball down the field in 5 plays to score with a long pass to Arrelious Benn who made a spectacular one arm, over the shoulder, no look catch to bring the Saints to within 7.

A couple of back and forth punts later and the Fins managed to punch a 48-yarder through to go up by 10; 17 to 7. The Saints controlled the tempo of the game, but could not score and had to punt on 4th and inches to end a drive that had the Dolpins on their heels (or dorsal fins). What should've been a 1st down catch by Benn was ruled short. Even the replay showed the sure handed receiver fall past the 1st down marker - but that's the way the Saints' luck had been all day - starting with a Dolphin fumble on the opening kickoff that was recovered by the Saints but slipped out from under the player into the arms of a Dolphin.

It's sad to say we stopped the run by holding Hyde to just 123 yards, but truly we did - he should've run for over 200. The Dolphins moved the ball at will and scored another TD, going up 24 to 7 - but that was the last time they would see the end-zone as the Saints mounted an impressive comeback out of a 4 WR 1 RB set that the Dolphins used against them to score their last TD of the game - A little taste of ye own poison as we like to say in the Big Easy... the Saints scored not once, but twice to pull to within 3 points.

Blitz, Blitz, Blitz - Did someone say

seemed to be the only answer we had to slow Hyde, disrupt the pass play and get the ball back with just over 2 minutes to play. Using their final timeout to stop the clock before the 2 minute warning (we lost our other 2 timeouts on challenges gone wrong). But there was enough time and the Dolphins were watching the NBA playoffs on the sidelines and not paying attention to a mounting Saints drive that was destined for the end-zone, the coach's mind already made up - no FG for a tie it was 7 or bust.

Well nothing is what we got after McCoy busted through the line, jumped over a linebacker and scampered down the sideline for the first down. After being tacked from behind, his knees and elbows clearly on the ground, he released the football. The refs, who were also watching the NBA playoffs, let the play go as a fumble. With 1:30 left in the game, the booth should've reviewed it and obviously give the ball back to the Saints so that they could continue their march to victory and reign triumphant over the visiting shark bait... but noooooooo, Madden Gods say they had enough of Saints good fortune... Dolphins ball, Dolphins game.

No, we're not bitter... :) We've grown accustomed to such luck. How does that old Hee Haw song go... "...If it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all... blue, despair, and agony on me..."

Great game Brett - it's not your fault you won.

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Saints Survive Round 2 of the Gauntlet

After a devastating 51 to 14 humiliation last week against the team whose name we shall no longer mention, the Saints Defense stepped up and denied 2 of 3 RedZone scoring opportunities by creating turnovers deep in their own territory and holding the high powered offense of the 49ers to just 13 points.

The 49er's started the game with a 5 WR pass play and set the tone of the game from the beginning - pass to set up the run. It was a defensive battle most of the game. The 9'ers scored first with a FG and the Saints answered with one of their own. It looked to be all tied at 3 going into the half, but the 9er's put together a fantastic quick drive with less than 30 seconds left to kick a FG and go up by 3 at the half.

The Saints answered on the first drive of the 2d half with a TD, catching the defense off guard on a 3d and inches, play action pass to a wide open Arrielious Benn streaking down the left side line for the TD.

Not to be out-done, the 49er's put together a scoring drive of their own on the success of 1st Down Play-Action passes that the defense could not stop and took back the lead 13 to 10.

The Saints kept to the running game, though the 9er's managed to stuff most of the runs for short gains or losses. The Saints defense kept them in the game by forcing one of 2 turnovers in the RedZone after impressive drives by the 49er's. Finally the Saints offense managed to put together a scoring drive with passes to their Book- Ends (Green and Niklas) and took back the lead for good 17 to 13.

The Saints defense held the 49er's in check the rest of the game and nearly went ahead by 10 after driving to within FG range, but the ever dependable Henery missed a makeable 50 yard'er wide left by an inch and gave the 49er's another shot to snatch victory away from the tiring Saints defense. And they nearly did it too, but once again the RedZone defense forced a fumble on a scoring drive. After an instant replay challenge, the ruling on the field stood and the Saints got the ball back with over 3 minutes to play.

Grind game on as the Saints used the clock to eat as much time as they could before having to punt the ball on a 4th and 2 situation after a penalty stopped the clock for the 9er's. The 9er's were getting the ball back with just under 3 minutes to play. Plenty of time yet again for the fast paced offense of the 9er's to score. But the 9er's decided to try and block the punt and ran into the kicker, giving the ball back to the Saints to grind the clock a little more and sending the 49er's coach into a fit of rage.

A few runs and a penalty that stopped the clock again, the Saints had to punt it away with just under 2 minutes left in the game. Now, instead of playing prevent defense, the Saints called multiple blitzing schemes to try and put pressure on the QB. Live by the Blitz / Die by the Blitz was the huddle chant. To the Saints' surprise the 9er's kept the ball on the ground running a hurry-up offense and gaining big chunks of yardage against the Dime blitz package defense that the Saints had on the field.

The hurry-up run was very effective but the Saints defense managed to audible out of blitz schemes and into zone coverage to respond to the run strategy without stopping the clock. With about 1:20 left in the game, 4th and 4, the blitz finally got to the QB who threw the ball at the feet of the open receiver, turning the ball over on downs.

The Saints managed NOT to fumble the ball back to the 49ers and held on to win 17 to 13 - holding the 9er's scoreless in the 4th quarter.

Great game El Guapo - In the words of the great Vince Lombardi - you didn't lose, you just ran out of time.

Forum Discussion (by Dawson on 06/05/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2151
Game One of the Gauntlet

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light...

We will not go gentle into the fight...

We look forward to the battle

Forum Discussion (by Dawson on 05/25/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 1845
Bad News, Good News
The bad news is the Saints were spanked by the Lions - 40 to 13.

The good news is we made 14 points on the Pick-em... :)

The Saints drew first blood and actually had the lead 3 - 0 early in the 1st Quarter.

We kept it close for that quarter, ending the first all tied 3 to 3.

And then The Best had his way and managed to gain yardage on every running play. I hate Best.

We put our offensive blinders on and basically bent over and let the Lions have their way with us.

Great game Jim. I didn't enjoy the ass-whoopin, but I did enjoy the game and playing against the Master.

No matter what we did, how many men covered receivers, plugged gaps, keyed on running backs -

you managed to complete the pass, gain the yards necessary, and move the ball at will.

Tavon Austin did manage to catch a pass and slip (yes actually slip) past the defender to get free
and score a lone TD
in the 4th Qtr. Too little, too late, but it was nice to see that end of the field and not turn it over at least once.

After that lone score, this is basically all we saw the rest of the game:

Great game Jim - I look forward to seeing you in the Super Bowl again this year
(assuming you can get past those Panthers).
Forum Discussion (by Dawson on 06/28/2014) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2413
Bad News, Good News, Great News
The bad news: It is a bye week (though that could be good in my case) and the week always drags by...

The good news: my team is guaranteed not to lose this week.

The Great news: I get to take on QB Jim Hatzis and his Detroit Lions on my return - can't wait!!
The Saints are fired up and ready to roll against one of the best coaches in the league.
A win here will be the highlight of our season, my career, and could lead to my retirement...
Just kidding. They will pry the controller from my cold dead fingers before I retire again.

So, in preparation for this big event, we're sewing a few extra voodoo dolls, one for Ryan Tannehill, one for Jahvid Best, and several more

replacing our cheerleaders with members of a coven from a Religious Order of Witchcraft,

spending practice sessions learning some black magic chants to add to our playbook

and painting a mental image of our opponents

Know this oh great one - you will get our best game! Sleep well till then.
Forum Discussion (by Dawson on 06/17/2014) Replies - 5 :: Views - 2862
A fitting end to a dismal season
The good news: The curse is over - the Saints win a game after a 7 game losing streak.

The bad news: It was the last game of a losing season.

With nothing but pride on the line, the Saints traveled to the frozen tundra to take on the Packers, also playing for pride. Both teams left everything on the field and the Saints, who nearly snatched defeat from the draws of victory, won it in OT 26 to 23, after giving up a 23 to 6 lead.

Great game Bond. Nick Bond. I wish all of my games were like this one. It was fun from the coin toss. Only thing that would have been better is if we would have ended in a tie.

Best of luck to all the teams who made it to the playoffs or who are fighting this week for a spot. The rest of us will be plotting for the off-season and preparing for next one.
Forum Discussion (by Dawson on 02/20/2014) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1223
Saints Season Summary
Reggie Bush Is On The Run

New Orleans Saints Practice Facilities, Chilly Gentilly, LA-

Regular Season Summary:
The New Orleans Saints finished the regular season at 13-3, giving themselves a chance to make another run at the PFL title this season. The team stumbled down the stretch with all three losses coming in the second half of the season, but was able to regroup in time for the playoffs. The campaign was built on the contributions of defensive captain Jonathan Vilma and the Saints’ offensive trio of QB Colt Montana, RB Reggie Bush, and WR Devery Henderson. Vilma finished 3rd in tackles this year in the PFL with 129 and had 21 tackles for a loss, 7 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and 4 interceptions. Montana continued to shine as a rising star at quarterback in his second year, finishing statistically in the top four of all major passing categories and second overall in passer rating at 97.3. Reggie Bush added 1,581 yards rushing and eleven total touchdowns to the assault, and lead the league in yards from scrimmage. Devery Henderson had a career season with a league leading 1,861 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns.

The Saints coaching staff, known in some circles as a defensive-minded brain trust, relied on their potent offense and found enough solid contributors on defense to get stops when it counted. Head Coach Johnny “Mojo” Beaux explains, “Well… when we got here we saw that there was a reason for the offensive success. They had the horses. We just tweaked a few things and let ‘em run. Colt was born ready. Reggie just needed a few more touches to do his thing. Devery and the others just worked hard to improve. You got a great offensive line and some salty vets like Colston and Shockey…. We just had to let them all do their thing. Defensively, we did have to tighten up a few things here and there. We brought in some new guys and a new system. We feel like we have a solid group that we can count on now.”

The Post Season:

After enjoying a well-earned first round bye, the Saints faced Seattle in their first playoff match up. The Seahawks fielded a stingy defense, but were without their starting quarterback for the contest. Second year standout Bill Carpenter had suffered an injury and was not available to lead the Seahawks offense into the tournament. The Saints jumped out to an early advantage and put the pressure on backup, Sidney Dexter. Dexter performed well for the most part, but wasn’t able to match the Saints’ firepower. Montana finished with over 300 yards passing and Reggie Bush rushed for 166 yards. The Saints secured a 27-11 victory.

Philadelphia would be the Saints’ next opponent. The Eagles have developed one of the league’s top offenses recently, lead by former Saints’ superhero Drew Brees. Fans eagerly anticipated the showdown between two impressive offensive units. The Saints went into the game with their regular season loss to the Eagles fresh on their minds. What would they do differently? Coach Beaux recalls, “Well…we played it safe when we met the Eagles earlier in the year. We let Brees pick us apart and we just didn’t have that aggressive edge we needed to beat a great team. We weren’t gonna lose layin’ down this time. We went after ‘em on offense and we threw a bunch of pressure at Brees this time.” The tone-setter in this game came after the Saints had scored once and found themselves with a 4th and two inside the Eagles’ five yard line. Up 7-0, the Saints lined up to go for it. Montana connected with TE Jeremy Shockey to put the Saints up 14-0 and the Saints never looked back. An aggressive defensive game plan kept Brees from finding his comfort zone to orchestrate a comeback. The Saints closed the deal 34-9, holding the Eagles to 286 yards of total offense. The defense came up with four sacks on the day. Montana threw for 4 touchdowns and earned a passer rating of 140.6. Henderson had 186 yards receiving and a touchdown.

The Superbowl provided the Saints with an exciting match-up against another offensive powerhouse. The Denver Broncos had amassed some of the league’s most gaudy statistics during the regular season and were waiting to spoil the Saints’ hopes of a repeat. The Saints were aggressive on offense, despite obvious big-game jitters. Defensively, the Saints focused on preventing any big plays. Montana lead New Orleans to an early advantage, but an errant throw on the Saints’ following drive gave the Broncos a chance to even the score. The Saints held Denver to a field goal and followed with another scoring drive to pull ahead 14-3 as the first quarter came to an end. The Saints exploded in the second quarter with three more scores and pushed the lead to a comfortable margin by halftime. Fighting off several attempts by the Broncos to mount a late rally, the Saints finished strong 41-13. Montana accumulated 318 yards passing and 4 touchdowns. Colston had 7 catches for 95 yards. SS Danieal Manning had two interceptions. The New Orleans Saints: PFL Champions Again!

Coach Johnny “Mojo” Beaux offers his thoughts on the post season, “We feel honored and blessed to be champions. We think we have a pretty good coaching staff, but when you look at it...in terms of probability…its pretty unlikely that any team will repeat as champions in the PFL. There are just so many great coaches…it’s really tough to do. We had to take it one game at a time, as they say, and forget about the odds. We knew we had to be very aggressive offensively throughout the playoffs. We just sort of opened it up and let ‘er rip. We felt it was important to play with a lead and keep scoring in every game. Seattle is built to play with a lead and the other two, Philadelphia and Denver, can score in bunches… so we just kept attacking. Defensively, we added some pressure packages that helped us out. We were a little soft at times this year, so we wanted to smack ‘em in the mouth. We tried to amp it up on both sides of the ball for the post season.”

The Saints averaged 34 points a game in the post season, up from a league leading 27 in the regular season. The defense allowed an average of 11 points per game over three playoff games. The Saints averaged 461 yards of total offense and allowed only 285. Second year quarterback, Colt Montana passed for four touchdowns in both of the Saints’ final two games, a league high for playoff games since the restructuring three seasons ago.

Mariano Boudreaux
Contributing Writer

Forum Discussion (by Mojo Beaux on 09/23/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1383
Saints Win Again!
The Superbowl is over and the Saints defeated the Broncos to take their second title in a row. Good game, FRob. Saints got the early breaks and held on in the face of a potent Broncos offense. I know everyone is excited to move on to the off season. The draft class looks very solid. I will post more info about the game later for those who are interested.
Forum Discussion (by Mojo Beaux on 09/22/2012) Replies - 8 :: Views - 3589
New Orleans Saints Mid Season Report
Devery Henderson Has Been Running Wild as The Saints March On

New Orleans Saints Practice Facilities, Chilly Gentilly, LA-The Saints are still dizzy from their shootout victory over the New England Patriots last week. The game turned into a record-setting track meet, and the crowd on hand was turning their heads from side to side like they were watching a full-contact tennis match. We took an afternoon to see if we could bring the high-flying Saints back to earth for a quick state of the union assessment from one of the league’s only two undefeated teams.

Offensively, the Saints have been putting up league-leading numbers. The Black-and-Gold attack has been balanced, and capable of quick strikes. Second year quarterback, Colt Montana, is near the top of the league in passing yards while leading the league in touchdowns thrown and passer rating. Montana is feeling good about his production, but knows that he still has work to do if the Saints are going to have a chance at a repeat Superbowl performance, “I was a little worried….when a new staff comes in…you know. We were putting up some big numbers when I first got here. I wasn’t sure what we would be doing when the new staff came in late last season. We have been able to keep the momentum for the most part and are just trying to eliminate mistakes. I’m still getting the looks, but probably I am most excited about the passer rating. I need to get my completion and third down percentages up there, but when you have the highest passer rating….that’s something to be proud of…..that says a lot about our team.” Montana’s 116 passer rating and his 21 touchdowns have the Saints’ faithful excited about the future.

Montana’s favorite target, Devery Henderson, has been running wild. Henderson is closing in on one thousand receiving yards and has an astonishing 12 touchdown receptions with half a season left to play. He had only eight touchdown catches all of last season. Coach Johnny “Mojo” Beaux is enjoying Henderson’s breakout year, “He has really brought it all together this year. People think he is just fast and catches deep balls, but then they see us play and they understand…..he is making some really tough catches out there, and he uses his speed and quickness to get separation underneath. The deep balls make the highlights and they kind of jack the stats up….but even when he doesn’t get a break-away he makes plays that are the difference between winning and losing. We are all really happy for him.”

Another Saint who is coming on strong, Reggie Bush, is also looking to have a career season. While defenses are trying to keep up with Henderson, Bush has been able to find plenty of room to maneuver. Bush is on track to set personal bests in rushing yards and receiving touchdowns, and is currently near the top of the PFL in average per rush. Coach Beaux sees Reggie’s success as inevitable, “We gave him a chance to carry the load at the end of last season and it has just continued on from there. I think people were under the impression that he couldn’t get it done between the tackles, but that’s not an issue. He is doing everything we ask him to do.” Bush has an outside shot at the league rushing title and is still an important part of the Saints’ passing game.

Coach Beaux also gives offensive props to his “Big Uglies” on the offensive line, “They have really come together as a unit and done the dirty work. We have only given up eleven sacks all season and we are moving people around in the trenches. We want to be able to run the ball, and they are giving us the holes we need to do that. We have to protect the passer, and they are really getting that done as well.”

Defensively, the Saints are finding a way to stay in close games. Jonathan Vilma continues to be a standout and is among league leaders in total tackles. He also has five sacks, ten tackles for loss, and two interceptions. He is the undisputed leader of the Saints’ defense. Vilma is enjoying his season and doesn’t mind being mentor to his many young defensive teammates, “I love the new guys, and all the young guys. They bring a lot of energy. Darnell (Griffin) is improving. He has had to play out of position some, but he is getting it done. Will Smith has been here as long as I have… he is getting it done. Porter, Robinson, Greer, Manning, and Hill… those guys are really making it tough on quarterbacks to find the endzone. Sapp, Kindle, Nixon, Brace, and Kemoeatu....or however he says his name…haha.. they are all bringin’ the wood. It’s a good unit out there. No weak links.” The Saints defense showed some chinks in its armor last week, but has remained among the league’s stingiest defenses in terms of points allowed.

Coach Beaux hopes that the Saints can continue to improve and is not willing to make any promises just yet, “Well, we have some tough games coming up. The post-season is a long ways off. We need to keep improving…there is plenty of work to do. There are a few of those games that we could have lost without a doubt. I guess we are happy that our guys have been able to pull out victories in all kinds of close games, but its not like we are blowing people out. I would like to see our defense be more aggressive at times, and I would like to see our passing game be a little more efficient. We are grinding it out and we hope to be there at the end, but it’s a long ways off…. A long way to go.”

For the uninitiated, that is coach speak for saying that things are going well but we don’t want to jinx it. The schedule doesn’t get any easier with this week’s game against the Cowboys and then upcoming games against three of the top five teams in the league. The injury bug is lurking in the shadows….waiting to bite. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, but the Saints seem to be headed in the right direction. The Saints should make the playoffs, but like everyone else…they will be just one game away from season’s end once the post season begins.

Mariano Boudreaux
Contributing Writer

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Pats @ Saints: WOW!
I just have to give it up for Wiggy. What an amazing game. Check out the stats. It was insane. Whoever had the ball last was going to win.

Great game, coach!
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Saints Finish Preparations, Head to Miami
Will Smith and the Saints are Ready For Action

New Orleans Saints Practice Facilities, Metairie, LA- The New Orleans Saints have extracted every ounce of glory from their PFL Superbowl Championship. They met The President, they got the rings, they were offered lucrative new endorsement deals, and they walked a little taller for the past few months. Now it all means nothing. As practices wrapped up today, the Saints left knowing that it is time to prove themselves all over again.

Last season’s campaign was anything but boring. A late season coaching change and several too-close-for-comfort victories had all New Orleans Saints’ fans sitting on the edge of their seats. The off season and pre-season have been relatively quiet by comparison. It is just the calm before the storm if you ask head coach, Johnny “Mojo” Beaux, “We have worked hard, but we didn’t need to make too many changes. We already had most of our playbooks installed and the players have been performing well for us since we arrived. We had to make the usual cap moves that teams have to make, but we have been happy with the players from day one. They have responded well to every challenge so far. We didn’t make much noise in the off season, but we are ready to knock some heads again now”

The Saints’ nucleus has remained intact for quite some time now, and the team will return every offensive starter from their recent playoff run. Quarterback Colt Montana enters his second year with high expectations, and running back Reggie Bush is finally starting to live up to his own hype. Colston, Henderson, and Shockey will be running the routes, and the returning offensive line is one of the most stable and solid units in the league. Of the core offensive rotation, only running back Ryan Grant and wide receiver Robert Meachum are no longer with the Saints. Both were part-time starters and significant contributors, but the voids they left seem to have been filled nicely by younger players. Running back Pierre Thomas should get more touches and an interesting rookie has been added to the running back mix. Rookie Germane Odrick has made an impression in camps and pre-season. Odrick weighs in at 244 pounds and looks to be stronger than any back the Saints have fielded since Duece McCallister retired. Wide receiver Tony Bishop was brought over from the Ravens to work at the number three spot in the receiver rotation. He is an imposing figure as well. Bishop is 6’6” and 248 pounds. He had 34 catches for 769 yards and two touchdowns last season as a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Saints’ defense returns most of its starters also, but will showcase a few new athletes. Key figures Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith are back, along with rookie sensation Darnell Griffin. Key losses include defensive end Da’Quan Bowers and linebacker Clint Ingram. Several newly acquired players will compete for playing time to fill the vacancies. Safety Danieal Manning, defensive end Vaughn Martin, and defensive tackle Ron Brace were signed as free agents. Linebackers Ricky Sapp and Sergio Kindle, along with defensive end Joe Nixon, were shipped in via trades. A slew of rookies will also attempt to make some noise on the defensive side of the ball, including 1st round pick Bobby Hamilton at linebacker. The defense appears to be a work in progress, and the focus seems to be on shutting down opponents’ running game.

Coach Beaux summarizes the off season moves, “We did have to let a few guys go. We always hate that. Guys that were a part of the run, you know? Great players and great guys…..Hate to see them go, but you have to keep moving forward. We added a couple of guys we had in Baltimore… Bishop and Kindle. We loved them in Baltimore and we love them here. Bishop is a big receiver, kind of a tweener. Kindle is a guy we see making lots of plays at linebacker. We added Manning at safety and Sapp at linebacker. We added some size on the defensive line… Martin, Brace, and Nixon should all see time. They bring some doughnuts to the party, you know? Big guys that we hope can add some toughness up front. We did well in the draft at 32, we think. Odrick has been something. He has been fun to watch. He can really make life difficult for defenders when he gets going. He’ll get some carries. Hamilton will get some time at linebacker……he is a tough one. We like the competition. It looks like its all coming together at the right time.”

The Saints won’t have a grace period. The PFL shows no mercy. Week one calls for a trip to Miami to face one of the strongest franchises in the league. The Saints’ faithful are hoping that it is coming together and are optimistic that there may be another trophy on the way. We should get a good look at things to come this weekend. Coach Beaux thinks it will be a war, “We know what’s up. They’re not scared of us, and that trophy doesn’t play the games. We gotta get down there and punch ‘em in the mouth. We gotta be ready ‘cause you can’t fall behind in this league. Every week is like the perfect storm. Anything can happen. This is a helluva way to start….we know it’s gonna be a battle… a war. I think we’re ready. Our guys are ready to make another run. Put on your helmet and fasten your seatbelt.”
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Superbowl Summary
The confetti and pyrotechnics will likely decorate Crescent City skies for many nights to come. The festivities are on par with the wildest of Mardi Gras memories. The Saints have overcome Bounty-gate, coaching changes, injuries, and every other obstacle in their path to ensure that the black-n-gold will shine a little brighter for the next 365 days.

The playoffs offered a series of bruising tests and the Superbowl was a heavyweight brawl, if not the scoring spectacle that some anticipated. Coach “Mojo” Beaux explained, “We came in knowing it would be a tough one. We knew we were in for a battle. We had to make several adjustments and take what they were giving us. We had to slow down Manning, too. That’s obvious. That was a big challenge for us today.”

The Saints didn’t get out of the gate well and the Colts were in rhythm early. Through the first quarter and a half it looked like the Saints might be in for a long day. The Colts were able to put seven on the board before anyone could blink with a rushing touchdown by Joseph Addai, and moved the ball well enough to find themselves in scoring position again in the second quarter when the Saints finally started to slow the horses. Adjustments by the Saints defense helped stop the bleeding as the Colts were held to a Kai Forbath field goal. Those three points would be the last scored by the Colts on this day.

Coach Beaux applauded his team’s defensive effort, “Our guys stuck it out. They stayed with it. We were down early and scrambling for answers, but our guys dug in their heels. We tried several different adjustments in the first quarter, but they were gashing us with the run. Manning was on track, too. It wasn’t looking good. We found something in the second quarter and our guys executed well from that point on. We finally got them in the right front and they made the plays.”

Saints’ defensive adjustments slowed the Colts’ running game and put Manning in more manageable situations. The Saints were able to generate enough pressure to keep Manning from getting comfortable. Manning finished 20 of 38 with no touchdowns. Three sacks and two interceptions by the Saints defense broke the continuity of the Indianapolis offense. Jonathan Vilma was the standout performer with eight tackles, one tackle for a loss, one sack, and one interception (all despite being sidelined with an injury for the entire fourth quarter).

The Saints’ offense recovered from a slow start and showed signs of life late in the second quarter. Coach Beaux summarizes, “We were able to clamp down on them defensively, but our offense was still struggling. We were hoping to hit them with the two minute drill at the end of the half. We decided to run it right at them and see if we could force some adjustments, then when we got inside of two minutes we went no huddle. Reggie was the key. He has been questioned. People have criticized him, but he showed it today. He showed that he can be that workhorse….that carry-the-load kind of back. Reggie ran strong at the end of the half and scored for us. He had 32 carries on the day for 112 yards. I think that says it all.” After the score, the Saints held the Colts in check to run out the half. They went to the break down by three points, 10-7.

The third period was a strategic battle royal. There were some big hits on both sides of the ball and every inch was earned. Neither team was able to put points on the board in the third quarter as both defenses were tightening up at opportune moments. Injuries began to mount on both sidelines. The Saints found themselves without the services of MLB Jonathan Vilma and CB Tracy Porter as they began the final period.

The fourth quarter belonged to the Saints. They were finally able to string together some gains and HB Ryan Grant capped a drive with a 43 yard run and a touchdown. The Saints took the lead 14-10 and a subsequent drive ended in a Garrett Hartley field goal to put the Saints up by seven, 17-10. There would be no more scoring, but the fireworks were just beginning. Two, yes….TWO, goal line stands in the final minutes of the fourth quarter would show what the Saints were made of and keep the Colts from pushing the game to overtime.

Coach Beaux’s enthusiasm cannot be contained, “Wow! That was incredible! Really….. It was. I thought we were headed to overtime. I knew we were. They had us backed up in the red zone with about two and a half minutes there…. Then they got it down to the one. Our guys didn’t back down. I mean…. It was fourth and goal on the one, and our guys held. Amazing! Then….we got pinned….I thought they had us for a safety. We had to punt from our one yard line….and here they come again. I’m thinking….You gotta be kidding me! How many chances can you give an offense like that? And we were without Vilma and Porter. We told our guys to strap ‘em up and do it again. They did. They came up big keepin’ ‘em out of the endzone again with less than a minute to go. Turnover on downs twice in under three minutes. You see that? Unbelievable! I wouldn’t doubt our guys, but that was unbelievable!” The Saints late-game defensive heroics short-circuited the Colts' offense and closed the door on any comeback hopes.

The Saints fans are rejoicing in a Superbowl triumph that will be remembered as a test of toughness. All of the gaudy numbers and records broken……………. All of the flash and all of the bang…………. All of the shock and awe…………. But it came down to big man on big man, hat on hat. This triumph will be remembered as a blue collar tour de force. Coach Beaux says it best, “We showed ‘em what we’re made of. We’re not just a finesse team. We can get down and dirty. People said we couldn’t do it. Well, we did it! People said we weren’t tough enough. Well, we Are! People said the bad press would break us down. Well we’re still together! People said that if we won the Superbowl, it would have an asterisk by it…..well bring it on, by God! We’ll take the ring AND the asterisk. Hell…we embrace it! It will help us tell the difference between this one and the rest of ‘em we plan to win in years to come! You hear that? Hear what they’re hollerin’? Go Saints! or Go to Hell! That’s what I’m feelin’ right now! Go Saints! Or Go to Hell!” Indeed.
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Saints Win! Saints Win!
Saints win Superbowl 17-10. Very tough game. Manloz called an excellent game and it was obviously a defensive chess match. I will post a summary when the adrenaline wears off.

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Saints to Superbowl
Well..... I have to say....when the game ended, it was about the worst I have ever felt after a win. Taking over a franchise just before the playoffs is awkward. As a coach and GM who didn't build this Saints team, and didn't earn the wins that secured a playoff spot.... it is difficult to feel deserving. There is also the trial-and-error matter of trying to get used to a new group of players. The experience is uncomfortable in some ways.

However... to be offered control of my beloved Saints in the finest of leagues is an honor. A coach/GM has to be thrilled to take control of his most-admired team, right? And to play in the playoffs is always invigorating. The PFL playoffs? Wow! A privilege. At the very least, I have to give it my best shot. It would be dishonorable to do anything less.

But then there is the matter of playing Len. I haven't mentioned this, but I remember Len from as far back as 2002. He was helpful and gracious then....and he continues to be one of the most respected members of the Madden community today. If I hadn't been playing Len, I certainly would have been cheering for him myself. Eliminating a highly regarded opponent with an inherited team was somehow less than satisfying.

The game was ugly. Turnovers. Incomplete passes. Three-and-outs. It was a defensive struggle to say the least. It was a tight battle and looked like it could go either way. Then the Cowboys' stud, Marion Barber, went down with an injury. That left the Saints with the upper hand. The Saints' famed passing attack never got on track, but an ungenerous defense kept the door open just long enough for a running assault to develop. Len called an excellent game defensively. His offense was also in gear before Barber was sidelined. The Saints squeaked by in this one to move on, 16-7. Jonathan Vilma spearheaded a defense that stood strong. Three field goals and a 4th quarter rushing touchdown by HB Ryan Grant were enough to close the deal.

Now... the really good news for Saints' fans: I have duked-it-out with two PFL playoff teams, and my newly acquired Saints are still standing. I am starting to feel just a little bit worthy. Also... No insult intended, but I don't feel conflicted at all about pounding either AFC representative. So onward we go...to the Superbowl! Thanks to Len for a great game. The Saints are looking forward to the final game of the season and are proud to be the NFC Champions. The journey has been unforeseen, but I can't argue with the destination.

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Saints Fight Off Tough Vikings Team to Advance
Excellent game by Dogboy and his workhorse, Adrian Peterson. The Saints got a couple of breaks in this one to hold on and advance.

Enjoyed the game and hope to see you again next season.

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WOW, OH WOW...Saints upset 49ers, Rookie leads way!
RB Ryan Grant bolts through the 49ers defense for a 26 yard touchdown run in one of best PFL games of the season.
"RB Ryan Grant bolts through the 49ers defense for a 26 yard touchdown run in one of best PFL games of the season."
Candlestick Park, CA - The Saints came into the game as the underdogs to a great 49ers team that had really run roughshot through the league. They had a little setback a couple of weeks ago but by far the best team in the NFC. The Saints rolled into the park with front-runner Rookie of the Year QB Colt Montana and his trio of WRs that love to play football. Both teams were looking to put their records on the mark and take control of their own destiny and this game - in a playoff atmosphere was just that, a semi-playoff game.

The 49ers jumped off to a 14-0 lead very quickly and the Saints looked dazed on the sidelines. How could it start off much more worst than that. The 49ers is a team who's thrives on capitalizing on mistakes of their opponents and going into a 14 point hole in the 1st quarter with eight minutes still in the quarter. General Manager Wayne Dupree who made the trip to the stadium on on pins and needles. "One thing I know about Colt, he's a fighter" stated GM Dupree. Montana led the team back from a 14 point deficit and ended the game throwing a 6 yard pass that turn into a 40 yard run for a TD with about :50 sec left in the game. Did you ever think that a team that went 2/9 in 3rd down conversions and also have 4 turnovers would defeat the best team in the NFC.....probably not.

Montana had the best game of his career throwing for 479 yards and 3 TDs against a tough 49ers defense. Again WR Devery Henderson brought his "A" game with 6 catches for 193 yards and 1 TD. WR Robert Meachem who's role has progressed during the season caught 3 passes for 129 yards and a TD. Former 49ers who won a championship with the Niners last year now back on the Saints caught 3 passes for 35 yards and a TD. But the day belonged to WR Danny Amendola who had four catches for 71 yards and the game winning TD catch.

Once again on Defense, rookie Darnell Griffin led the team in tackles with 9 including one sack, and one pass deflection. CB Malcolm Jenkins had 8 tackles while DT Sen'Derrick Marks had his number called many times agains the run game of Maurice Jones Drew who ran for his usual over 100 yards but his average (3.5) was below his season averge (4.03). Holding that RB from running up and down the field like a field mouse was the key. The Saints offensive line held back the quick LBs of the 49ers not allowing a sack between them. One sack was given up by FB Pierre Thomas however.

Even thought I am sleepy and have to get up in the morning, I was really pumped about this game. This team showed a lot
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Saints Rebound from Loss to beat Packers 44-27
Saints WR Robert Meachem lays out to snag a Montana thrown ball. Meachem had best day production wise for the Saints in the win.
"Saints WR Robert Meachem lays out to snag a Montana thrown ball. Meachem had best day production wise for the Saints in the win."
This game was a lot closer than the score would show but the Saints were able to exploed in the 2nd half for 24 points holding the Packers to only 6 breaking open a tight game and taking the win. The Saints defense once again came up big in this game stuffing the run and garnering interceptions through the air to seal the win. This had to be by far the best game defensive wise via the air than any other game we have played in the past. The Saints gave up 392 yards mostly due to the fact they had shut down the run and the WR tandem of Jernigan and Jennings were able to score in spots during the game. Keeping the Packers from an onslaught of scoring was the key. The Packers converted 4 of 14 3rd downs which was the tell tape of the game.

Rookie QB Colt Montana impressed once again throwing for three TDs and over 300 yards in the win. "I think I am getting a hang of this PFL pro game." stated Montana who has thrown 6 TDs and 2 interceptions in his last two games.

RB Ryan Grant rushed for 74 yards and gave way to rarely used Reggie Bush who emerged once again and paid dividends with two rushes for 42 yards and a TD. WR Robert Meachem had his best day as a Saint with 10 receptions for 161 yards and a TD. Not to be outdone, WR Devery Henderson had 1 catch in the game for 52 yards and a TD while up and coming TE Jimmy Graham had 2 catches for 35 yards and a TD.

Rookie LB Darnell Griffin who's been amazing the last few weeks had 4 tackles and 1 sack but most of all, a 102-yard interception ret for a TD. That could possibly be a record for a rookie LB in the PFL. Time will tell. The Saints in all played an efficient game with little to no mistakes. It was a .....great game on paper and on the field. GL 2 the Packers here on in.
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Saints fall the Panthers in overtime
Saints once again play it close this time losing to divison rival Panthers in overtime
"Saints once again play it close this time losing to divison rival Panthers in overtime"
It was a long game that didn't have enough time to get it done in regulation so it went to overtime where the Panthers pulled it out with 56 yard pass for the winning score.

Rookie QB Colt Montana played perfect throughout the game throwing for close to 300 yards and 3 TDs. Montana's command of the game today was almost surgerical. QB Marques Colston had his best game of the year as a Saint with 110 yards and 1 TD. WR Henderson also scored a TD along with TE Jimmy Graham.

The Saints defense that has been great all year was not able to stop anything today. No forced fumbles, no interceptions, nothing. The team almost looked different on the field today being not ready to play. Rookie LB Darnell Griffin again led the team in tackles with seven (7). Rookie LB Robert Diamond was 2nd on the team in tackles with six (6). Today's game the Saints who have been able to do great pressuring wasn't get to get to the young QBs of the Panthers frustrating the defense in the 2nd half.

Saints led mostly all stats before halftime but broke down in the 2nd half. QB Montana took the Saints down the field with under 2:00 left in the game and down 8 points. Connecting on passes, Montana then got the Saints into the end zone and then calmly led the team to the line and threw a 2-pt conversion to TE Jimmy Graham. It was a good game and the Panthers team lived up to the challenge in the Saints loss.
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Saints Defense Steps Up/Rallies Team to Victory
Rookie LB Darnell Griffin's hard play and determination helped the Saints outscore the Chargers 21-0 in second half of game to eek out a victory.
"Rookie LB Darnell Griffin's hard play and determination helped the Saints outscore the Chargers 21-0 in second half of game to eek out a victory."
It could be called Tale of Two Cities, or Crimson Tide but this is one for the ages in my humble opinion. Jerry and the Chargers came to town and this game turned out to be one of the best games that I have been a part of since 2004. Chargers scampered out to a 23-3 halftime lead and rookie Darnell Griffin and the rest of the defense then went to work. Causing turnovers and getting the ball back for the offense that went to old faithful in Pierre Thomas who score two touchdowns in the game.

"It was a hard fought game that I hope not to be part of too many more of them this year" said Coach Payton after the game. The Chargers were on point and dominated the 1st half collecting 3 interceptions of the rookie QB Colt Montana. Montana settled down after halftime and drove the ball down the field setting up a touchdown run by Thomas to make it 23-10. Chargers got the ball back and on a 3rd down play, fumbled the ball resulting in the Saints recovering it. Montana again got the Saints into position but it took a 4th down go-for-it call that resulted in another TD to make the game 23-17.

Coach Payton was asked during his hestitation, what was he thinking on the 4th down call. "I was thinking kick the field goal but the way the Chargers was playing on defense we would have had to score twice and at the time...listen, the Chargers defense deserves all the credit in the world for how they played all game. We didn't want to give them an inch so we had faith in our offense and went for it" said Payton. The Saints didn't score the go ahead TD until after 2:00 left in the 4th quarter.

Rookie Darnell Griffin has not hit the rookie wall yet and played well leading the defense in tackles with 8 tackles, 4 for a loss and 1 sack. Rookie Robert Diamond also had a great game staring the game as the top MLB but after halftime was moved back to his original spot allowing Vilma to secure the defensive calls. Both LB Clint Ingram and DE Bowers both had sacks in the game.

The Chargers outgained the Saints in total offense 334-310. Saints led the Chargers in rushing yards 79-69 while both teams struggle in the 3rd down conversion category with both registering under 36% in completion percentage.
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Saints Enter Bye Week with Luck and Promise
Saints rush to victory in 27-20 win over Vikings in hard fought game.
"The New Orleans Saints enter their bye week led by a rookie QB who has shown great efforts at various times during the 1st half of the season. QB Colt Montana has led the Saints to a 5-1 record atop the NFC South"

Rookie QB Colt Montana picked 1st in this year's draft was dealt to the wolves with the trading of Drew Brees earlier in the year. Some said it wasn't a smart choice, other scolded the Saints for trading away the superstar even though they were knee deep in cap issues from the previous general manager. The Saints organization pressed on and made a serious decision that affected not only the team but the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Young Montana has sufficed with leading the PFL in passing yards (1641). He also has passed for (8) touchdowns. Montana is 2nd in the league in completions with (99) and tied for first in passing attempts with (207). Rookie Montana has also been sacked 28 times which leads the league but his agility to get the ball out of his hands quickly makes him most dangerous on the run. The rushing game is led by RB Ryan Grant who leads the team with 576 yards (4.68 avg) on 123 attempts, and five touchdowns. WR Devery Henderson one of the league's best WRs even though he hasn't seen it in the attribute fields, leads his team with 451 yards recieving and 10 drops. "I am astonished that this #1 WR for the Saints has not progressed as he has in other leagues to a top flight WR but leading the league in yards last year and within the top 5 again this year without that much progression is a credit to his work ethic and will power to be the best at whatever he tries to do." stated Coach Sean Payton.

The offensive line has only given up 12 sacks to their credit which gives you a better understanding how Montana does his damage through the air. Top flight OL Jahri Evans who was asked for by many teams continues to show just how valuable he is with 39 pancakes and only 1 sack allowed. OL Jemon Bushrod also a most impressive job with 42 pancakes and 1 sack allowed. This line is doing a tremendous job and will only get better as the rookie continues to grow.

On defense, the "WOLFPACK" is led by veteran Jonathan Vilma who has 45 tackles, 8 for losses and two sacks including 2 interceptions. Rookie MLB Robert Diamond is 2nd on the team with 36 tackles, 7 for losses, one sack and 2 forced fumbles. Veteran Safety Adrian Wilson is 3rd on the team with 31 tackles and one interception while rookie Safety starter Ed Spielman has 30 tackles and two interceptions. LB Clint Ingram leads the team in sacks with 14 while his rookie counterpart is starting to find his own - Darnell Griffin wo has 23 tackles, 5 for losses and four sacks. Let's not forget DE Da'Quan Bowers who as that DE has 7 sacks to help lead the charge for the defense.

The kicking game is atrosious with Garrett Hartley only making 68.75% of his FGs, most of them within the 25 yard line which has much cause and concern and maybe a offense shift in policy with a lot more going for it based on not being able to trust the kicker within the 25 yard line. Future games will decide that policy however.

The Saints are ranked #2 in total offense in the PFL. They rank #4 in pass offense and #9 in rush offense. On defense, the Saints only buttery goodiness to speak is that they rank #7 in pass defense which is really great for the league. The Saints are 8th in scoring offense with a 23.3 average per game and 9th in scoring defense with 13.7 per game.

With so much promise, the 2nd half can only be as good or better than the first half. The city of New Orleans praise the young Saints in what they continue to do each game and in the community. Great Job Saints!
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Saints Get Tough Win over Vikings 27-20, Rush for 220 yds
Saints rush to victory in 27-20 win over Vikings in hard fought game.
"Saints rush to victory in 27-20 win over Vikings in hard fought game. RB Pierre Thomas (above) had a 57 yard TD burst in the game). This is one of those games that you suck up and play for keeps and we lucked out on top this time - LB Vilma"
Albeit it was a struggle but the Saints played a tough team in the Vikings from Minnesota. The young Saints stood their ground and toe-to-toe in a game that showed that both teams matched up well. Ryan Grant found his running game and a surprise star in Pierre Thomas showed the praying Saints that even though short-handed, a game can still be won with stars that we seldom look to.

Rookie QB Colt Montana played well in a game that could have been worse for him. He managed the game well and made timely throws and first downs when needed to standing tall in the pocket and delivering passes to his TE and WRs to keep the drives going. The Saints offense outgained the Vikings 386-333 yards. Most of those yards for both teams ended up in the rushing column with both teams rushing for over 200 yards (Saints 220, Vikings 200). The Saints young defense that had played well against the run the first part of the season ran into an offensive line that was built to destroy all others in the ground game.

Peterson ran around everyone to get his point across in the game but the Saints had the combination of Ryan Grant and Pierre Thomas who reached out and shared the load in breaking down the Vikings defense. The gamebreaker to PAYDIRT was when Thomas scampered for a 57 yard TD run which seemingly broke the game open.

On defense, rookie LB Robert Diamond led the team with 9 tackles (2 for losses). Veterans Safety Adrian Wilson and LB Jonathan Vilma chipped in 7 and 6 tackles respectively. LB Clint Ingram slowed for most of the game did register 2 sacks in the win. Rookie Ed Spielman hauled in another interception and rookie LB Darnell Griffin regisered 1 sack also.

Both team shut down the other in 3rd down conversions with the Saints converting 3 of 12 while the vikings converted 3 of 15. The Redzone report showed that the Saints scored everytime they got into the redzone (1 TD and 1 FG) while the Vikings were shutout in the redzone 0-2.

This was a unique game because of what happened to me last week. I will most happily say that both teams played professional and unique in their own way and major props to the Vikings win or lose. I have learned to find buddies again in this journey this year and Scotty is a serious fellow that should have major kudos. Thanks for playing bud and hopefully we will see each other again not too soon though. Look Ma....NDE
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The Dupree Girls shine at Nutcracker Recital
Young Dupree Girls Shine at Nutcracker Suite recital yesterday in Baltimore in front of packed house
"Young Dupree Girls Shine at Nutcracker Suite recital yesterday in Baltimore in front of packed house

Before a packed house, the Dupree girls danced with the rest of their dance company in front of a packed house (including both grandmothers, and grandfather). It was an amazing night! Even though I had to travel two hours to pick up my mom and then two hours back to the recital and then travel 2 hours to take mom and sister home and then travel 2 hours back home only to get up and travel 1.5 hours to work this morning.........you know I am tired........LOL but it was worth it. NOTE: I won't be speaking about my game this week with the Lions except for the Saints were beat. No bad beans here just keeping it clean.

Both girls shined as they dance two numbers and looked tremendous. Sitting next to my mom, she seemed the most proud. She will be 86 tomorrow (Dec 20) so this was sort of a very good present. More pictures are on my facebook page along with video for those that have facebook - http://facebook.com/ronin09.

These and my son are my prized possession and they do me proud everytime they get up and say good morning. Cherish that if you have kids. Keep smiling at them and tell them no matter what you matter to me........they will return all your love when you get older.
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Saints bottle up Turner as Rookie Montana impresses again!
Michael Turner gets wrapped up for no gain in the Saints 27-6 win over Falcons. Saints begin season 4-0 under rookie QB Colt Montana surpisingly!
"Michael Turner gets wrapped up for no gain in the Saints 27-6 win over Falcons. Saints begin season 4-0 under rookie QB Colt Montana surpisingly!
Playing Mac's Falcons and against RB Michael Turner is no day in the park. As Turner goes, so goes the Falcons offense. This bruiser of a back is one of the toughest most successful back in the league it goes without saying to developing a run stopping plan against the Falcons for this week's division contest was a must.

The Saints defense has really stepped it up this year, actually even with the rookies, it's ahead of last year's pace. This year's team leads the league in sacks which has turned into a major focus from the pre-preason on. The constant pressure has been emplored an demanded by Defense Coordinator Greg Williams.

Game Notes: Rookie QB Colt Montana once again led the way throwing for 2 TDs with no interceptions (big key) maintaining a solid gameplan along the way in the win. RB Ryan Grant had a nice day running for 89 yards on 26 carries and scoring 1 TD. WR Devery Henderson playing like a man possessed (probably at not getting any type of progression after being the league's top WR by 300 hundred yards last year) has been opening it up like Christmas. "Henderson has been a super professional at not progressing from last year and has really stepped it up these last couple of games helping our rookie to settle into his job as a solid QB" stated Coach Payton. "With players like Devery, Marcus and Meach(em), they sorta make Colt's job a lot easier."

On defense, this game wasn't a regular super pressure sack'em game like previous games, this was a total effort to stop Turner at all costs, damn the back luck. LB Vilma (who was almost traded in the offseason) racked up a team leading 8 tackles and 2 interceptions. CB Tracy Porter came to play today with 7 tackles and 3 deflections. NOTE: CB Malcolm Jenkins only had 1 tackle for a loss but had 5 deflections which helped tremendously stiffle their passing attack early in the game.

Rookies LB Robert Diamond, Darnell Griffin and Paul Kates played well when they were called upon and Rookie Safety Ed Spielman played like he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Great job for this Saints team to begin the season 4-0. It wasn't something that we expected especially with a rookie QB but it's something welcomed.
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Saints show fortitude and defensive prowess in 24-17 win
Another week and another great pressuring defense led by De'Quan Bowers of the Saints continue to lead them to another victory
"Another week and another great pressuring defense led by De'Quan Bowers of the Saints continue to lead them to another victory
Once again, 2nd year DE Da'Quan Bowers had a great day on the field in gathering 3 sacks in disrupting the Bears offense. Bowers had 8 tackles (as a defensive end), 2 for losses and 3 sacks in the game directing the young up and coming defense of the Saints to a 24-17 very hard win.

The kicking game of the Saints missed two FGs in the game which made the game a lot closer then what was played but the Bears played great defense throughout the contest. In reading a few things about the Seahawks game against the Bears, we knew the Bears would try to come out running Forte much and often so the team was ready to stop the run at all cost. Results: Victory! Forte was held to 2.75 average in the rushing department, no long PAYDIRT runs and he was pretty much a non-factor during the game.

Rookie QB Montana had his first 300 yard game and threw 2 TDs in the win and showed that even though things are looking too great yet, things are starting to work itself out in the offense department. HB Ryan Grant ran across the goal line for a TD in the game gaining only 59 yards for the entire day. WR Henderson broke out in a huge way catching 5 balls for 140 yards and 1 TD.

On defense, LB Clint Ingram lined up on both sides of the ball and became a destructive force garnering 6 quarterback sacks, a high for his career for one game. "I wanted to do what I could to help my team win the game" stated Ingram. Rookie LB Darnell Griffin also had 4 tackles with 2 of them for losses.

It's been tough and things are starting to jell but we know that this team is still young with a mix of veterans here and there. Hopefully, the formula is a winning one down the line.
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Saints Pull Through, Rookie QB Montana leads team 2 17-3 win
Saints Had Bucs QB on the run all game long sacking Freeman QB six times in hard fought division win
"Saints Had Bucs QB on the run all game long sacking Freeman QB six times in hard fought division win
If we were men of crazy tall tales, this Game Recap would say that the Saints ran away with this game but that's not the facts. The Saints had rushing problems as well as the rest of the league in this game. RB Grant really couldn't get going but rookie Colt Montana did. Montana got game honors with 246 yards and 2 TD passes and most importantly, no interceptions. Montana commanded the game and shot passes in between defenders if there was any space at all. The Buccaneers came to play in this game showing a lot of looks trying to put the rookie QB in his place but Montana stood up and played well today.

For the 2nd straight week, rookie linebackers Robert Diamond and Darnell Griffin played solid helping to hold the Bucs under 100 yards for the game and playing great team defense in holding the Bucs to a little over 200 total offense yards.

Both teams had their trouble during the game and the Saints never got into the redzone but were able to cash it in for PAYDIRT. This tough game was one that the Saints need to claim as their trial by fire. They looked sluggesh all game long but they pulled it together for the win and in the end, that's the most important attribute.
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Personal Thanks for PFL Owners From Dupree
During this thankful Holiday season, I thought I would be seriously selfish if I didn't do this asap. I am going through some health changes and meeting with my doctor on Monday to see what's actually gone on. As older men and even younger men that play this game in a few leagues, it's imperative that we remember to get checked by our personal doctors so that we can remain a viable father and husband figure in our households.

Personally, I am going through spots where I can't feel my legs (left leg actually) reason for going to doctor on Monday, but we shall see so I am accepting prayers if you do that (smile).

As a time of reflection during this season, I would also like to personally give thanks to the following: (Mac, Hank, Booey, Wiggy, Manloz. BigBlack, DaHog and even Frob acutally) for their competition throughout the year also. I don't mean to slight anyone but I don't interact with everyone on a regular basis but these individuals are "GOLD" when it comes to Madden and advice. Sometimes we do not give credit to the people that really have done a great job in doing their jobs day in and day out. I should know, I am in government contracting and I know the feeling.......LOL.

I have known most of these individuals for the breath of my madden days and would lean on them for damn near anything and if you need a person to talk to just a shoulder to lean on for help with advice, run to these people........they have been through the fire and come out unscathed.

Thanks again!!
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Saints Rookies come to play in win over Raiders
Second Year DE Da'Quan Bowers stuffs QB Jason Campbell as part of his three sacks in Saints win over Raiders.
Second Year DE Da'Quan Bowers stuffs QB Jason Campbell as part of his three sacks in Saints win over Raiders. Saints defense chalked up 11 sacks against Raiders QBs in the game
Second Year DE Da'Quan Bowers stuffs QB Jason Campbell as part of his three sacks in Saints win over Raiders. The rookies of the New Orleans Saints showed promise and played on par with the veterans which resulted in a hard fought victory over the Oakland Raiders yesterday.

Rookie QB Colt Montana led the way by almost going error free and passing for close to 300 yards. Colt's best attribute was that instead of folding under pressure to the heavy pressure from the Raiders, he stood in the pocket and delievered some game saving passes that helped seal the win. NOTEABLE: Colt's first pass was a completion to Jeremy Shockey in the 1st quarter. Veteran RB Ryan Grant broke the game open in the 4th qurarter with a 61-yard scamper to reach PAYDIRT. Grant had a huge day shucking and dodging the blitz of the Raiders that led to a huge yards per carry avg (7.67).

Other contributors included veteran TE Jeremy Shocky who caught 7 passes for 133 yards. Offensive linemen Jermon Bushrod and "average" Jahri Evans who had 17 and 11 pancakes respectively. All in all, the offensive line gave up 1 sack during the contest which is a testament to their strength and commitment to protecting the QB.

The defense was led by veteran Adrian Wilson who had 12 tackles. Rookie MLB Robert Diamond had 10 tackles along with LB standout Jonathan vilma who had 10 tackles including 1 sack. Rookie Safety Ed Spielman had 7 tackles and a timely interception late in the game. Second year CB Patrick Robinson had 6 tackles including 3 sacks while Rookie LB Darnell Griffin had two sacks of his own. The ever consistent LB Clint Ingram had 3 sacks as the Saints defense bested the Raiders in the sack total with 13 of their own.

"Yeah they hit us from the start with super blitzing which threw us off our gameplan from the start." stated GM Dupree. "They kept doing it and doing it so much, we had to start hitting them back, probably resulting in QB Campbell being knocked out of the game." Someone told me a long time ago, blitzing teams do not like to be blitzed and it seemed that way later in the contest.

GM Angel did a great job her first game in 2k8 as she told me. She will be a force to reckon with real soon, the AFC should fear her coming because the Raiders are coming!
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Saints Right Where they Want to Be
Saints looked solid in pre-preseason, let's hope that translate into wins for the regular season
Saints looked solid in pre-preseason, let's hope that translate into wins for the regular season. Without Drew Brees the challenge is great, however Rookie Sam Crosby is ready for that challenge.
The time has come and the season is almost upon us. The New Orleans Saints have withstood ticket sales drops in the off season to bring them back up to par after a strong pre-preseason against some solid defensive teams. Rookie QB Sam Crosby seemed to feel right at home with his trio of WRs that include Colston, Henderson and Meachem. The addition of RB Ryan Grant was a major plus and gives the Saints one of the most potent backfields in the league with their experience and will. RB Reggie Bush has been the topic of speculation whether or not he's gone after the season is over. "I don't want to talk about that right now, I just want to concentrate on the season at hand and let it all play out" stated Bush during Team Day at the SuperDome.

The defense welcomes a trio of rookies. Two of them who will start LB Darnell Griffin and FA picket Ed Spielman . Griffin has been one of the surprises during the pre-preseason games with this tenacity and speed while Spielman has played like he's been part of the secondary for years. Another super and welcome surprise is the play of LE Da'Quan Bowers. This mammoth of a man is 6'4, with 83 speed to get around the tackles when called upon. RE Will Smith seems to be rejuvenated with Bowers on the other side and had played with reckless abandon in the games he got to see action.

This Saints team might not win the division this year but they plan on being competitive. That's all a coach can ask is that his team remain competitive to have a fighting chance to win the game at the end. We don't know how things will play out but it sure should be fun.
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Saints happy with Second 1st rounder Darnell Griffin
ROLB Griffin will look to make the transition from college to pro immediately
ROLB Griffin will look to make the transition from college to pro immediately
The Saints are tickled pink with their 2nd 1st round draft pick ROLB Darnell Griffin. "We spoke to one of our friends before drafting this young man out of Colorado (also where Sam Crosby played ball), and the praises for this young man's work ethic never wavered or was muted." "He's all that and a bag of chips, standing at 6'3, 260 lbs with the speed of a Gazelle and the strength of Zeus" stated Coach Payton crying emotionally and that was being funny of course. Payton also stated that a talent like this needs to start immediately and continue to progress from week to week in our defensive system. Already dividends are paying off in a couple of scrimmages. The attack mode of this young man allow veteran Vilma to exact his beastness up the middle for more distracting terror on the high seas.

The Steelers and their fast LBs are the benchmark for the league, just not in age though. Hard to believe those old guys are playing at a top level but that's where the league needs to draw strength from. Get a couple of solid, well-rounded trouble-making LBs to reap the whirlwind on opposing quarterbacks.
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QB Sam Crosby selected #1 in PFL Draft
QB Sam Crosby drafted 1st Overall in PFL Draft
QB Sam Crosby drafted 1st Overall in PFL Draft
A New Era has begun in New Orleans when the Saints drafted Sam Crosby as their #1 pick in this year's draft. Sam joins an offense already in tact and ready to go. The acquisition of WR Marques Colston solidifies the experience surrounding this young man which should make it a lot easier for him to succeed early in his career. Bumps and Bruises will come but to learn from seasoned veterans are the best thing for his career.

PERSONAL-Born March 24, 1988 in Woodland, Calif. His hobbies include swimming, cliff jumping (into water), biking, rafting, most sports and music. His father (Dan) played collegiately at UC-Davis (fullback), and was named head coach at Colorado in December 2005.

A cousin (Jamie Hawkins) finished her career in women's basketball team at the University of Oregon in 2006; a grandfather (Bob Hokanson) was an accomplished basketball player at the University of North Dakota and passed up a chance to play with the Minneapolis Lakers to become a teacher. He is very active in both school and community work: he is the senior class treasurer and a member of Natural Helpers, a peer mediation group, he is a member of the campus ministry at school as well as Big Brothers & Sisters, he is on the leadership community for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and volunteered at a Boise soup kitchen with his mother (Misti). Destiny?

Including Pop Warner ball beginning in sixth grade through CU's 2007 season opener, his teams were 60-0 in games in which he started before he suffered his first defeat.
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WR Marques Colston returns home to help Offense
WR Marques Colston returns home to help Saints
WR Marques Colston returns home to help Saints
Superbowl starting WR Marques Colston has been traded back to his original team - the New Orleans Saints last night thus completing a solid acquisition transaction with the champs - 49ers.

"Listen, having Marques with us going forward is a huge plus on the offensive side of the ball" stated Coach Payton. "He allows Devry to open on one side of the field while his steady presence takes over on the other side. Colston is a pretty healthy specimen at 6'4, very good stamina and his injury level means he's a reliable factor in fortifying the air attack for the Saints.

The Saints offense is now complete without it's starting QB but the rookie should be very comfortable with what surrounds him at the Running back position, the WR position and most importantly, the offensive line which was held in tact from last year.

Offense is the key and has always been the key to any Duper GM'ed team stated the General Manager last night. We are happy to have MC back at home - a travesty removed him from the team last year and we really worked hard this off-season to bring him back......really worked hard!

"He's a productive WR with a great work ethic and we look for really good numbers from him during the season" said Dupree. "Oh he's going to help our young rookie QB in a huge way, we can't wait to see them hook up in some preseason ".
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Sedrick Ellis Released after Trade Falls Through

This week has been a roller coaster for DT Sedrick Ellis. In earlier trade talks with the 49ers this week, and the prematurely released yesterday (by fault of the team's GM) and then seemingly traded last night only have the deal fall through and then released today.......this young man's world has been turned upside down.

"Right now I don't know what I am supposed to do" stated Ellis during an interview in the locker room. "They told me that it was a mistake and then I was leaving and then I was to stay and now I am being released, what can you do?" he also said.

Ellis is a stable young starter that had one of the largest contracts in the PFL costing 11M for a 26 year old DT rated 86 OVR. He's good, very good but that salary and 45 injury level is a little too much to handle. Possible we can bring him back at a lower salary after the draft but we shall see.

The action of releasing Ellis with only a few hours left in the releasing period will allow the Saints to continue their rebuilding stage after the departed Drew Brees was moved.
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Saints begin talks with potential 1st pick in draft
Saints open early draft talks with QB Sam Crosby
Saints open early draft talks with QB Sam Crosby
Sam Crosby established all the major passing records in his CU career, most notably attempts (1,214), completions (667), yards (7,409), touchdown passes (60) and interceptions (41, 14 of which were on tipped balls); he was also second in total offense (7,250), first in touchdowns responsible for (67) and first in 200-yard passing games (21). He started 33 games at quarterback, tied for the third-most in CU annals (he was 13-20, the 13 wins tied him for 10th). He owned a 40-to-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio in the red zone (16-to-1 as a freshman, followed by 11-to-2, 7-to-2 and 6-to-1). He had solid numbers once reaching the opponent 40-yard line, completing 242-of-408 passes for 2,755 yards, with 53 touchdowns and 12 interceptions (153.0 rating). In his career, he had 203 throws hurried (19 intercepted, the rest incomplete); his passer rating was 115.8 overall, but 142.8 when not pressured. He is one of just two players along with Steve Vogel (1981-84) in CU history to start a game at quarterback in four different seasons.

ACADEMICS-He graduated with a degree in Humanities from Colorado in June 2011. He earned second-team Academic All-Big 12 honors as a senior in 2010. He owned a 3.53 grade point average in high school, as he was a member of the honor roll his freshman through senior years as well as earning all-Southern Idaho Conference Academic team honors as both a junior and senior in football and basketball.
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Drew Brews On Way Out?

It was a case of the numbers. The City of New Orleans never thought that they would have to see their starting QB leave due to salary issues but it's for the best. The New Orleans Saints today said good bye to one of it's favorite adopted sons in the way of Drew Brees. He was the consummate professional with a heart that filled the city of New Orleans. GM Wayne Dupree said at Brees' press conference if there anyway for use to keep this young man we would but things were done before we got here that shaped this team for years to come and we have to do what's best for the team and Drew.

"Trading Brees to the Eagles was something that came up the last few days and negotiations went well. Drew have solid WRs that he can throw to and while running their West Coast style offense and we really feel great that he's going to a team that has GM that will allow him to shine on the field as well as the community.

In the mode of madden, a few more moves will be made but this was the starch that keeps the shirt together. Hopefully we are able to get this cap issue settled in the next couple of years.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance
GM Big Daddy
Head Coach S.Payton
Offensive Coordinator E.Mangini
Defensive Coordinator R.Thomas
Special Teams B.Ryan
Salary $127.88M
Cap Penalty $14.82M
Cap Room $300K


NFC South
#1 Panthers Panthers 15-1-0 0.938 5-1
#8 Saints Saints 10-6-0 0.625 4-2
#9 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.625 3-3
#31 Buccaneers Buccaneers 3-13-0 0.188 0-6

1 Sun at Redskins Redskins #22
Lost 13-14
2 Sun vs Giants Giants #25
Won 34-16
3 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #1
Won 24-21
4 Sun vs Packers Packers #16
Lost 7-26
5 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 35-21
6 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #23
Won 31-10
7 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #9
Won 25-19
8 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 31-3
10 Mon vs Jets Jets #28
Won 24-10
11 Sun at Panthers Panthers #1
Lost 17-35
12 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #17
Lost 6-17
13 Sun vs Bills Bills #14
Won 17-0
14 Mon at Cowboys Cowboys #3
Lost 22-28
15 Sun at Patriots Patriots #19
Won 31-21
16 Sat at Falcons Falcons #9
Lost 14-21
17 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #29
Won 34-17