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CONGRATS to the Saints.... Super Bowl XXXV Winners !!!!
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#8 New Orleans Saints
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Saints Start Season Off 1-1
As the first two weeks of the PFL 2021 season starts, the Saints to a decent start.. 1-1

Week 1:
Saints new GM kicks off against the Washington Redskins. As the Saints players studied film during the week, Jordan suggested to his group that we focus on trying to exploit the Redskins secondary as we believed we had to edge over them with our WRs matched up with there CBs. The first half was brutal for the Saints. We could not get any offense rolling. Jameis Winston was throwing some good passes but the defense was always side by side with the offense to either deflect the pass or cause WR to drop it. We entered the half down 7-3 so overall still in a good spot. As we head into the 2nd half the offense needed a shuffle. GM Goodman suggested we throw WR Tavon Austin in the lineup(which i thought i did at the beginning of the game but must of not click assign). We shifted WR Kamar Aiken to the #2 and Tavon slid in at #1... Jameis Winston was instantly impressed connecting with Austin 5 times in the 2nd half. As we moved into the 4th quarter the Saints trailed the Redskins by 11 points. As we opened up the 4th on a good possession Tavon Austin caught a TD pass in the back right corner of the endzone to cut the lead to 4. Halfway through the quarter both offenses were not getting anywhere when Deshaun Watson threw a timely INT around midfield with the saints only down 1. The Saints however could not capitalize on the INT and immediately went three and out..... Punter D'Vontrey Wilson gave our defense great chance to get the ball back quick pinning the Redskins at the 1 yard line.. The Redskins called some good running plays to catch the defense off guard and ran the rest of the clock out to win the game 14-13.... Overall our defense played great with our offense picking it up in the 2nd half. We liked out chances to win at the end we just could not capitalize on the redskins mistakes...

Week 2:
As the Saints headed into week 2, GM Goodman also analyzed the Giants tape and saw again we needed to ATTACK there CBs early and often, as we saw the liked to run alot of zone on 1st and 2nd down. GM Goodman also made an adjustment before the game to insert WR Tavon Austin into the starting lineup at #1 to make Jameis Winston feel more comfortable in the pocket with a reliable target. As we started the game on defense we played great creating an early three and out. After a few possessions the Saints QB Jameis Winston found WR Tavon Austin for a wide open TD along the back of the endzone to get the lead 10-0 at end of the first. The 2nd quarter both offense were just slugging away not letting either of the defense really slow them down ended in a 24-10 halftime lead. The Saints took control of the game early in the 2nd by running the ball over and over to try and eat at the clock.. Kamar Aiken kept beating the Giants secondary a lot throughout the game resulting in alot of big 40-50 yard passes to setup the saints TDs. As time dwindled down the Saints were very satisfied with there week 2 victory to move them to 1-1 on the year.. Defense came up big with 3 ints and 1 fumble on kickoff, as for the offense Tavon Austin found himself wide open in the endzone three times throughout the game helping out Jameis Winston not make forced passes. The Saints Host Division Rival Panthers next week and are eager to review the film and hit the practice field.

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At A Glance
GM Big Daddy
Head Coach S.Payton
Offensive Coordinator E.Mangini
Defensive Coordinator R.Thomas
Special Teams B.Ryan
Salary $127.88M
Cap Penalty $14.82M
Cap Room $300K


NFC South
#1 Panthers Panthers 15-1-0 0.938 5-1
#8 Saints Saints 10-6-0 0.625 4-2
#9 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.625 3-3
#31 Buccaneers Buccaneers 3-13-0 0.188 0-6

1 Sun at Redskins Redskins #22
Lost 13-14
2 Sun vs Giants Giants #25
Won 34-16
3 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #1
Won 24-21
4 Sun vs Packers Packers #16
Lost 7-26
5 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 35-21
6 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #23
Won 31-10
7 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #9
Won 25-19
8 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #31
Won 31-3
10 Mon vs Jets Jets #28
Won 24-10
11 Sun at Panthers Panthers #1
Lost 17-35
12 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #17
Lost 6-17
13 Sun vs Bills Bills #14
Won 17-0
14 Mon at Cowboys Cowboys #3
Lost 22-28
15 Sun at Patriots Patriots #19
Won 31-21
16 Sat at Falcons Falcons #9
Lost 14-21
17 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #29
Won 34-17