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SET TO TAKE ON MADDEN w/Online multiplayer franchise and more!
Coming to Steam for the PC this Spring, all other platforms by Fall'23

Interview with Maximum Football Development Director Micah Brown  l  More about Maximum Football'23  l  Check out this Review  l  Forum

Paydirt Football will be watching this title closely and we plan to promote it heavily if they keep their promises and include things that our community has had on their wish lists for decades.  Things like Online multiplayer, career franchise mode, coach mode, good gameplay and honesty. If we get these things, I have no doubt that Maximum football will succeed in a way we've not seen since the early days of Front Page Sports and other great titles from the past. Mr Brown, this game has a real chance to be great so let's do this!

Petition Modus Games to include these 3 features to Maximum Football 23
1) Coach-Mode. You call audibles, time outs, everything pre-snap ,but nothing after the snap of the football.
2) Online Franchise play.
3) Output for franchise stats.

Request they be added as soon as possible.




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