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Has the NFL Backed Electronic Arts Into a Corner?
Or more likely, they did it to themselves

The latest news indicates that it is ''do or die'' for EA Sports and Madden NFL Football. Rumor has it that EA Sports may also drop their exclusive rights to NFL teams and players, their belief is they are too big to fail even if other companies gain access to NFL properties rights. Too big to fail? Not true.  No government bailouts for a video game company!

Regardless of if these rumors are true, it appears Madden 24 will have some things they've failed to give us in the past.  Here's what we have heard so far. Take it with a grain of salt, with the knowlege that we've been misled many times in the past.

Crossplay: Word is...Madden'24 will be cross play from PC to Play station to X Box. If true, this will certainly open things up when recruiting. Especially for the PC Leagues out there. PC leagues will have a much larger group to draw from to join their leagues.

Current Gen:
PC has always been the red-headed stepchild of EA Sports and has never received the "Next Gen" upgrades that other platforms have gotten. If true, Madden'24 will finally get this upgrade.

More Tools for the Commissioner: Well, why not? The Commissioner should have "FULL" control over the league. He is the leader. It is essentially his league. EA Sports has dropped the ball on this since 2008. Full commissioner control will prevent cheating. If by chance the cheater is the Commissioner, well, his league members will flee like rats from a sinking ship and find better leagues.

So how much of this will hold true? Your guess is as good as mine, but these options are sorely needed. But there are other things that are also important if EA does not want to lose their over 30 customer base.  What are they?

True Coach mode: Why is this still an issue? It is a simple code change to set up true coach mode where gamers cannot control anything after the snap. There is a large community of this style gamer out there and EA Sports has lost them since 2008. Here at Paydirt football, we are aware of just how large this community is and how difficult it is to get them to return without """TRUE""" Coach Mode.

Statue Quarterback: Present in the last 3 versions of Madden. The QB will just stand still and take the sack in a number of plays.  True coach mode may be the answer for this

In Closing: Sometimes it seems like EA Sports is run by 14 year olds with no understanding of the adult gaming world. They are the type gamer that runs out in Call of Duty, trying to get 5 kills per minute but instead getting killed 5 times per minute with no real sense of strategy or game planning.. If you ask me, I think EA leadership is broken and has been for a while. If there is an adult in the room, take charge... give instructions instead of taking them. Let's have some logic and mature leadership rather than adding more customization to tattoos, LOL, lest we forget the Sponge Bob debacle.


Big News For Maximum Football 23


Interview with Maximum Football Development Director Micah Brown
More about Maximum Football'23  l  Check out this Review  l  Forum  l  Dynamic WR Routes

Paydirt Football will be watching this title closely and we plan to promote it heavily if they keep their promises to include things that our community has had on their wish lists for decades.  Things like Online multiplayer, career franchise mode, coach mode, good gameplay and honesty. If we get these things, I have no doubt that Maximum football will succeed in a way we've not seen since the early days of Front Page Sports and other great titles from the past. Mr Brown, this game has a real chance to be great so let's do this!

Petition Modus Games to include these 3 features to Maximum Football 23 - Copy/paste to form
1) Coach-Mode. You call audibles, time outs, everything pre-snap ,but nothing after the snap of the football.
2) Online Franchise play.
3) Output for franchise stats.

Request they be added as soon as possible.



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