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How good can Maximum Football Be?
That's a good question.

Do you remember when you first heard that Modus had bought the licensing rights to further develop Maximum Football and that the game would be available to play, free? And it would be loaded with customizable features and good graphics?
I do.

The problem with Delay after Delay

Get the game out on time. No more delays.  Delays cause your buying public to lose trust in your product.  Why? Because we've seen it too many times.  A game is announced with promises of greatness. A delay is announced.  Another delay is announced, and another.  Then, the "Go Fund Me" Plea! "If we can raise a half million dollars it's going to be great!,"  they say.  The money is raised.... then the game company disappears.  Or maybe the game is finally released, but it has none of the promised features, and the graphics look like they are right out of the early 2000s. You get the drift, right?

I'm sure you do.

So what does Modus need to do to really make the game great?

1). Stop with the delays. Invest the time and get it done.
2). Deliver the game with all the promised features.
3). Offer something more than the stale, often just a simple roster update that the Madden crew does each year. Do they think we don't notice? No, they just don't care. It's a big slap in the face to most of us.
4). Make the gameplay special. Make it appeal to all of the world's football gamers. Yes, there's a huge untapped crowd out there of gamers over 40. Then there's the stat and gameplay snobs. They can be any age. Go after them all - and don't underestimate the ability of the over forty crowd to take your product to new heights. This is not the 1980s. Men play sports games well into their 70s... and they actually have money to spend on their passion.

What are some of the "MUST HAVE" features?

1). True coach mode for one thing. You call the plays, audibles etc but can control nothing after the snap. This is something that the EA Dorks have ignored for a long time. How hard can it be? Change a 1 to a 0 in a couple of lines of code?
2). Gameplay. Make the plays being called and players involved in the play make a difference in the outcome of the play, not some AI flaw or little known trick.
3). Franchise mode for H2H, multiplayer online leagues.  This is a biggie. Continuing seasons with progression or regression of players, stat keeping with the ability to export html/excel.
4). Make running a league easy for the Commissioner. He should have total control over everything with the league he runs.  If he's a cheater, his league will fail. Problem solved. But why make it tough on the commissioner? He put in all the work. He deals with all the questioning, unappreciative team owners. Give him full control.
5). 3rd party utilities. These make a lot of the complaints go away. Give us, as the buying public, the ability to make utilities like we used to with Front Page Sports Football and even Madden up into the 2000s. .. A no brainer!

In Closing

Lend an ear to "all" of the community's recommendations. Good graphics, Good gameplay, Online Franchise, H2H play,True coach mode. Cross-play and 3rd party utilities.  Do these things and you'll be great! Hey, the joystick jockeys are great to get, but that crowd is in the age group of 12-35. The rest of us prefer the more mature, mental game style of coach-mode. And believe me.... the group of 40+ is huge, most of which have abandoned Madden and are still waiting for something better.

Are you listening, Modus?
We truly hope so

I invite all of you who are coach mode fans to let them know what you want at every opportunity.  You the squeaky wheel, a protest if you will, it seems to be the only way to get your point across these days and you don't even have to burn down a neighborhood to do it.  Imagine that.


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