How to Write a team Article


This is how you do it

Seven Things you must do....
1) Register if needed or write by clicking "add team news".
2) Add title
3) Use "ONLY" full story box for your text
4) Make sure HTML is "UNCHECKED"
5) Hit enter twice to skip a line between paragraphs
6) Choose your league category
7) Click "Add news"
Step 1, Click "Add team news" on the main page in the team articles section
Step 2, Name your article in the "article title" box.
you MUST write your entire article in the "Full Story" Box" Toggle Full Story to open it
Adding an image
Add an image by clicking your mouse where you want the image to be. (At the top of the actual article is best...not in the title anymore).
Then click "image" just below the full story box and choose the image for your team.
Choose your Category
Choose the category that matches the league for which you are writing the article. If you do not, the article will not post.
Make sure ''use HTML'' is UNCHECKED.
If it is checked it will make you use <p> to skip a line for text instead of simply hitting enter a couple times.
Finish your article and click "Add news".
If you need assistance, let me know.


1) Break up your article with spaces between paragraphs.
2) Stay on point. Don't write a 3 page article.  Keep it short and to the point.
3) Proof read before your post.


Quick tags change the look of your text and add images.

Insert Link [link=URL]Text[/link]
Insert Image [image=URL]
Insert List [list][*]Text1[*]Text2[/list]
Text Color [color=COLOR]Text[/color]
Text Size [size=SIZE]Text[/size]
Text Font [font=FONT]Text[/font]
Text Align [align=ALIGN]Text[/align]
Youtube embed [youtube]URL[/youtube]
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