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Off Season League File 2022

See Admin updates on main page for weekly league file download


Season 9 Files

Season 9 Final Reg Season
Wildcard File Season 9
Division File Season 9
Championship Round Season 9
Season 9 Superbowl Denver vs Chicago


Season 8 League Files
Season 8 week 16 End of Season

Season 8 Super Bowl File
Season 8 Post Super Bowl file
Season 8 Encyclopedia
Season 8 Encyclopedia Team


Other Files
Latest Game Patch
Get Reported XBX files
Player Photo Packs from 1970s - 2012

Place your Encyclopedia files into your "dksports-data/football folder

Get Hamachi


HTML Article templates
Create professional looking articles for your Paydirt team

How to video

HTML Code to use for your article
Previews (for article writers covering all the games for that week).
Copy/paste raw code into Paydirt team/league news long story box.  --- use "check box" to use html in the team/league news

Single Game Article (for article writers writing about a single game).
Copy/paste raw code into Paydirt team/eague news long story box.  --- use "check box" to use html in the team/league news





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