REDI-SET Tweaks for realism

Mike (PFL comish) and I have had many discussions on gameplay and Madden AI workings. So this is REDI-SET's tweaks to put some of those things we discussed into action.

First of all, let me explain a little about ratings.  You think that a player's ratings go from 1-99 and that each point earned improves your player.  Not true. each point earned, let's say speed, is not even noticeable...not 2 pts, not 3, not 4.  Think of your attributes as 1-10, not 1-99 All that in between, let's say between 70 and 80 is like gaining XP for Everquest or WOW.  No real change takes place until you actually advance to the next level.  So consider your player as having 10 levels. 80 is better than 70.  90 is better than 80. An 82 speed WR will not out run an 80 speed CB. not on a hundred yard field. With that said, below are some attribute changes we've made to improve gameplay in the Actual REDI-SET franchise file.

REDI-SET views some player attributes as important for realistic gameplay.  Those attributes most noticed are....

All starting QBs have been given a minimum AWR rating of 80. The most important position in the game.

Starting OLBs, FS, SS, CBs have been boosted in both zone and man coverage. Everyone knows that especially man coverage is less than adequate.

1 WR and TE on each team had his run block increased, usually it was your WR and TE who had the best run block rating to begin with that received the boost, not necessarily a starter in this situation that was adjusted. Talk about creating strategy.  Is your opponent using a true FB in his lineup or is he using a backup WR or TE for their blocking ability?  You might wanna protect vs the run and you might want to scout your opponent to know his players for this reason. Or maybe he's putting those guys in to trick you?

FB blocking has been increased across the league.  Not many teams have a FB, but in the future, they will become more valuable as the drafts add new, boosted blocking talent at this position.

Rookie classes will be tweaked each year before the draft to reflect these requirements for realism.  Some of you may remember that this is what the PFL used to do to create good gameplay. With the change to Madden'19, this became more difficult, requiring more time and was dropped.  I am simply bringing back what we used to do.

These beginning adjustments only apply to your pro-set formation starters. They DO NOT apply to back ups. In other words.... your top 2 CBs will benefit from this but not your nickleback. Only starting outside LBs received a coverage boost. MLBs have not been boosted and are not as good in coverage

 It will be your responsibility to keep your young players properly trained.  You'll be given plenty of camp points to take care of it and besides...the rookie crop will always be adjusted to fall in line with REDI-SET guidelines before the draft and a complete viewing sheet of all rookie players, showing all rookie attributes will be made available each year for everyone to download.

Back to the basics, guys!  It's all about the gameplay and creating a fair and balanced opportunity for everyone to create a championship team.  Like I said.... Fair chance and equal ''opportunity''. It is up to you to build a winner by being a good coach/GM for your team!.

My goal as Commissioner of REDI-SET is the same as it was for the PFL more than 20 years ago....Get the perfect mix of slider settings and player attributes that can over-ride AI flaws to create realistic gameplay. And another thing.... I will create a place for team owners to post pointers. Let's get everyone on the same page and educated on AI flaws that might exist. Only then will every single team owner truly look forward to their game each week.

Training camp allotments
As you all know, You will improve your players solely from training camp points earned in the off season from team OVR and broadcasts.  We will be more liberal with awarded points than the PFL. We will also allow more than 2 points per attribute and 4 points added to your player depending on attributes and positions. I'll have this updated on the rules page in the coming days and certainly before season kickoff.

So obviously, a FB's OVR rating will be higher than normal because of the blocking boosts.  However, other attributes will be lessoned with the creation of FBs in the draft, such as speed and acc.  We want FBs to be valuable blockers but not good runners. Their usefulness will be blocking and short yardage gains with a few being good short yardage receivers out of the backfield..

Player OVRs in general

Since blocking and coverage attributes to certain positions are boosted for realistic play and to overcome AI flaws, You will have to get used to evaluating players a little differently. Baseline ratings for man/zone coverage is boosted, therefore, a player with 80 coverage skills might simply be a functional CB while an elite CB will need to be 90+ in that skill. This is something everyone should know since man coverage, mostly, does not work as well as it should. The combination of skill boosts and slider settings should give us more realistic gameplay for the seconday.