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Season 41
PFL Articles Email the Commissioner: Mike K
Read the variety of PFL articles each week found only here on the website. See below. Updated for week 8: Tracey Hales NFC North w7 Review  - Today's line - Predictions

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A Madden'19 league. Moving to Madden'22 later this year. In it's 41st season, head to head, coach mode league,wo seasons
per real-life calendar year. apply for a team

 Week 8 Predictions
by gft2212
Game of the Week


dolphins by 5
Dolphins back for another GOTW comes out on top once again in the huge game.
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Today's Line


  buccs by 14
AT   broncos by 6
AT   panthers by 17
AT   cowboys by 5
AT   bears by 6
AT   packers by 9
AT   chiefs by 6
AT   colts by 12
AT   eagles by 7
AT   jets by 6
AT   bengals by 10
AT   seahawks by 12
on bye


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Video Game Highlights


Dolphins VS Patriots week 4


Cardinals VS Panthers

Week 5 in
by captain hindsight
Injury Report
by pete russo
Previous Articles: Injury Report the trash heap
Today's Line
NFC North
Week in Review
by tracey hales



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