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season 42                                                                                       Email the Commissioner: Mike K

New Season: Week 6  
Have fun!
Enjoy the new season, our first using Madden'22

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One day, after Covid has gone away, (if they ever let it), we will try to do a get together. By knowing where everyone lives, we can make that location where it it most convenient for the most of us.

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This Week's Articles


Week 6: Game of the Week


Jeff 4-1 vs Paul 4-1
So far, all of our GOTWs have been hard to predict. They've all been close when taking a deeper look. This game is no exception.
The Browns Excel at offense. They rank #4 overall and a good defensive line in Madden'22 will keep your QB on the run. The Cardinals rank 25th in offense.
The Cardinals are also lagging behind in passing at26th in the league. Believe it or not, Baker Mayfield is out playing Kyler Murray; maybe because Chubb is hard to stop. You have to respect him.
When you look at who these teams have played, you'll see similarities as well. Their only loss is to teams that have winning records. So this game will be a measuring stick for them both, I guess. It may take a few more games to determine if these two teams are legit but for this game I am picking the Browns defense and Chubb to pull this one out, Browns win: 27-23


Week 4: Did you know?

Did you know that the Cleveland Browns have the highest rating in team OVR at 82? They have a great offensive line and running game with Chubb and Hunt. They are built to play from the lead. But if they fall too far behind, it could spell trouble for them.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Rams has the highest completion percentage at 76.6. However, his Quarterback rating is only 87.4, largely due to the fact that he has thrown 5 interceptions in his first three games. He is averaging just a tad over 200 yards per game. The Rams are currently 0-3.

Running back, Austin Ekeler of the Chargers is averaging 8.2 yards per carry. He's also had a longest run of 98 yards and has had five carries of 20+ yards.


Writing an article is easy.
All you have to do is email the text or link of your blog or video highlight and a short decription to:
paydirtfootball@yahoo.com we'll do the rest, including adding images and fixing typos. Topics can include, Game of the week, Game previews. interviews or anything pertaining to the league overall in some way. Keep your written articles for the main page of the PFL site to 300 words or less. Your articles can be one-timers or weekly. See? Eezy peezy! And our owners read them, too.


Week 4: Game of the Week


Mike:3-0 vs Pete: 2-1
The Colts have the advantage on offense. They rank 5th overall with 16th with passing and 4th rushing. Taylor is having success on the ground  and Fuller is killing opponents.
On defense it's the Dolphins who have the advantage. They rank #1 overall, 3rd vs the pass and 4th vs the run. Offensively, they can be stopped. They rank 21st overall.
So who wins? I think I have to give the advantage to the Dolphins. Pete does not lose too many games.
Dolphins win: 24-21


Week 2 Highlights


Highlight of the Week 2 game between the PFL Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks


Week 3: Game of the Week


Mike:2-0 vs Glen: 2-0
When you think of the Tennessee Titans you have to consider running back, Derrick Henry. He's a bruiser that can run right through your defense. Can the Colts stop him? I doubt it. But if they can't, they must stop QB, Tannehill from connecting with Julio Jones and A.J. Brown.
This may be an uphill battle for Indianapolis. While they have a top-notch runner with Taylor, they simply do not have the passing game to stay multi-dimensional. Their hope is to expose a mediocre defense. I just don't think they can keep up with the Titan offense. Neither team has key injuries. Titans win, 31-24


Week 3: Did you know?

Paydirt Football dot com and the PFL league have been in existence since the year 2000. The PFL started as a Madden 2000 online, coach mode league before moving to 2004, 2008, 2019 and now the 2022 version. It is currently in season 42, running two seasons per real-life calendar year. It has only had, to the best of my memory, five Commissioners in that time. All of them were good commissioners who simply got tired of the day to day grind of the job and passed it on to fresh talent.

Mike K is our current Commissioner and has been the active leader for about eight years. In spite of the good commissioners who preceded him, he is probably the best ...and I mean world wide. Give him your appreciation, always.

Before the PFL was the ECCFL, which was a Football Pro 95, 96, 97, and 98 league. It ran about eighteen seasons until the release of Football Pro '99 all but killed the FBPro community. If you look across the internet, there are still a few Football Pro leagues going strong. If you visit Paydirt's home page, you can find links to some of those leagues.


Week 2: Did you know?

Your practice options will determine your player endurance during games.  Always setting practices to "full pads" will tire your players for the next GAME. Adjust your practice intensity for both offense and defense. Keep an eye on each player's energy meter when selecting who will receive practice reps. If they are tiring, (meter not at 100%), your team to be sluggish and perform poorly. Some players may not be able to play at all..

Are you broadcasting your games? In doing so, you earn points to spend on improving your team. Using your controller overlay increases that benefit. It is ''highly'' recommended that you broadcast your games.

Watch out for the 'statue quarterback' Certain plays can cause your quarterback to freeze, or stop looking for a receiver option. This usually results in a sack. Your knowledge of Madden'22 plays and using a custom playbook is more important than ever now. Enjoy!


Week 2: Game of the Week


Close game: Herb Vs Andrez
These offenses were successful last week with both scoring more than thirty points. The 49ers have the #3 offense and they go up against the #3 defense this week in Philadelphia.
Garoppolio and Hurtz are playing well, each with a QB rating over 100. For the 49ers, RB Mostert ran for 103 yards. Sanders gained 107 for Philly.  It's no secret that Kittle is Garoppolo's main target and will continue to be for the season, but Devonta Smith (Eagles), caught 8 passes last week and can spread the field.
Defensive superiority is a wash with both sides having talent, but Philly had theirs on display in week 1 and the Eagles offensive line is the better of the two.
Pick goes to the Eagles winning, 31-21


Writing an article is easy.
All you have to do is email the text of your blog to: paydirtfootball@yahoo.com we'll do the rest, including adding images and fixing typos. Topics can include, Game of the week, Game previews. interviews or anything pertaining to the league overall in some way. Keep your articles (one time, or weekly), to 300 words or less. See? Eezy peezy! And our owners read them, too.


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