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Week 8 Predictions


Stars will shine?
Dallas is in a battle to win the NFC East and compete for a championship, despite an offense and defense that rank very close to the middle of the league.  Green Bay, on the other hand, is competing for a top draft pick despite having best point differential of any 1 win or less team.  Guess what I am saying is that while Dallas is the favorite, I would not be tempted to bet the house on this one.  Still giving the nod to Dallas, as Green Bay is minus a receiving corp.  Dallas 28 - Green Bay 17
Mediocrity can kill you
Let me say from personal experience; that Steeler front 7 is as good as any you will see.  Pittsburgh main issues is they will only play as well as their QB does, and Kenny Pickett behind a middling OL is not recipe for offensive success.  The Rams D is both good and deep, and that is not a way to remedy the offense for the Steelers.  Any game that Pickett plays over his head means Pittsburgh can win, but predicting it is not for the feign of heart.  Pittsburgh 21 - Los Angeles (N) 27
How do you tame a Lion
That is actually a very misleading headline, as the Lions have not exactly been wrecking havoc on the NFC; likewise, their feline brethren has been quite successful with their defensive prowess.  While some of their success might be credited to the schedule makers, I don't think that Detroit has tools at the skill positions to compete with a more than capable lineup to shut the Lions down.  Cincinnati 31 - Detroit 10
Classic battle in a classic division
In the NFL as well as the PSAFL, the NFC East presents some iconic matchups, though the records probably wouldn't indicate it.  Andy has struggled offensively so far with the Commanders, where Bill has pushed the pedal to the metal in getting the most out of his offense so far.  On paper, I think this could be a solid game, but I think Philly is more where they want to be at this moment. Washington 24 - Philadelphia 27
Tiebreaker of the week
Both Miami and Houston are fringe playoff teams that may be looking at this Week 8 matchup for their ticket to the playoffs.  While Miami has the better point differential this season so far, the one statistical item is that Houston has the advantage of having 2 vertical safeties for a bit.  Rudy might be able to take advantage of that small tidbit and possibly overcome that previous scoring differential this week and get the all-important tie-breaker.  Miami 21 - Houston 24
Can the Champs close the gap
One of the better matchups in the AFC is for the AFC East, where last year's champion Bills are a game behind the Colts.  While the Colts have what appears on paper to be the easier matchup (more on that later on), the Bills should be in a fairly entertaining game that they need to prevent a 2 game gap for the division lead, especially with Indy holding the H2H.  Tennessee matches up very well with Buffalo, and I am just getting a feeling that this could be a game where Bob might be in a battle at the end.  In an upset special...  Buffalo 21 - Tennessee 24
The Eye of the ....errr....Panther?
Having a mediocre defense has its own sense of risks; for one, it means that your offense gets less time on the field, where your best asset (Trevor Lawrence) doesn't play as much; it also means playing from behind, where your best asset can get exposed to pressure due to a middling OL.  It makes for a rough go, and while the Saints can have a surgent game from the offense, it isn't something to be predicted.  Carolina is a fringe playoff team, and are just a minor run away from making the post season.  New Orleans 17 - Carolina 24
The Chargers are in Charge
Let me go on the record and say that the Jags are a team where the arrow is pointing up, and have so far milked their cow for all she has to give.  I think Eric has a solid playoff team in LAA, and will be there at the end as a playoff team (though if you don't make it, that Week 1 game will be your Waterloo, pun intended).  There is going to be alot of fatigue that comes to play for the rest of the Jags season, but that will be off-set by a addition of offensive talent next off-season and better days will be ahead.  Los Angeles (A) 31 - Jacksonville 14
so this won't be for the division title, as the Rams see to be in charge there, but these two teams appear to be worthy of rivalry status going forward.  San Francisco has over-achieved a bit, but Shaw is a tough out in any game he plays.  Meanwhile Don has built a good young team that will be dangerous in the playoffs, and is also well coached.  I am giving the edge to Seattle, but only the tip of the nose, and I can see this LAN, SF and SEA rivalry being one that lasts for years (with no disrespect pointed at a very good Minnesota squad, but might be 1 year behind the guys in front of them.  San Francisco 23 - Seattle 24
Colts just keep galloping on
Indianapolis just has a very good squad, and is coached very well; in short, they will be a tough out come playoff time.  If it gives New England any source of solace, they may very well end up with the best last-placed team in the league; having to go through that sausage factory the AFC East is (it is close between the East and the AFC Central for that honor), tut in predicting this game, I think the Colts continue their drive and can wrap things up if they win the rematch with the Bills in Week 16.  Indianapolis 28 - New England 21
Can the Vikings continue their crusade?
The Vikings have recovered at least a bit from their slow start, and are solidly in the race for the playoffs; meanwhile the Browns threw it all against the wall for a title this year and have 2 losses that they were certainly not expecting.  For the record....Cleveland will be one of the tough teams come playoff time; the question is where Minnesota will be.  On paper, the Vikings aren't on par with Cleveland, so I have to go with Cleveland against a tough Law-led squad.  Cleveland 28 - Minnesota 21
How does one go against the Bears?
A game where Calvin and the Bears are in the conversation usually result talks about the high-flying Bears, but in the PSAFL, the roles are reversed, as Tampa looks to make a repeat appearance in the Super Bowl over the hides of the skinned predator.  Tampa has a 2 game lead at the this point in the season, and appear to be set to make a run come playoff time, the Bears have some rebuilding to do.  I think in the years to come, TB and Chicago will be close games in both leagues, but this one should be fairly solid for the Bucs.  Chicago 14 - Tampa Bay 21
GOTW Part Deux
Both of these teams entered this season with visions of the Super Bowl and both of these teams have that vision well in their control; Kansas City is in 1st place again, and have played well on both sides of the ball.  Meanwhile, the Giants are in a tight battle for the NFC East, and figure to be in the mix through the end of the season.  In this matchup, I have to give the edge to the Chiefs at the two most important positions IMHO; QB, where Mahomes can carry a team any given week, and the secondary, where KC may very well have the best duo of CB's in the league.  Kansas City 31 - New York (N) 24
The Battle of the Rebuilding
Baltimore got their first win last week, while the Raiders are showing another win in their column, but this should be a good game.  Both teams have QB's that don't overwhelm at this point, though the weapons on Las Vegas are far superior to what the Ravens have at this point.  If the Raiders offense clicks with their QB's, it won't be all that close, as the Ravens are weak in the secondary.  I know the folly of picking my own team, so in that spirit...  Baltimore 17 - Las Vegas 21


Posted on 02 Jul 2024 by Joe - Arizona


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