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It may be outdated now, but the Front Page Sports Football Pro series was the greatest PC football game ever created. Even by today's standards, with upgraded graphics and multiplayer connectivity, it would easily outshine Madden. Take note EA Sports programmers. This game series was the be all-end all.

Listed below are links to utilities, leagues and other things related to Football Pro. It is not dead or forgotten just yet.

Wanna play Football Pro head to head without the issues?
Use Parsec to simulate you being on the same PC as your opponent


VPNFL Page l VPNFL roster updates and tweaks.
Slashware l Football Pro Tools
EA Gelat l Utilities site




VPNFL l Creators and still using the VPNFL Roster ratings
AFL12 l 12 team Commissioner sim league
USAFL l Can't tell if this one is still active



Game Updates and Help l Get your patches and general info
File Repository l Lots of stuff
University of FBPro l Links to leagues, utilities and more
Football Idiot l Football Pro Forum topic
Download FBPro'98 l Free game downloads cannot be deemed safe by Paydirt Football

Another Download for '98 l Free game downloads cannot be deemed safe by Paydirt Football
A FBPro Discord Channel l Discussion point
FBPro Sounds l New sounds, tackles, audibles, etc...
Historic Teams for FBPro l All the teams you'll ever want


If you know of any Football Pro links, leagues etc that are not listed here, please send to paydirtfootball@yahoo.com




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